Snowbound When Stoneybrook is paralyzed by a massive blizzard Dawn and her mother get stranded at the airport Jessi is snowed in at her dance school and Kristy s boyfriend gets stuck overnight at her house C

  • Title: Snowbound
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780590449632
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Stoneybrook is paralyzed by a massive blizzard, Dawn and her mother get stranded at the airport, Jessi is snowed in at her dance school, and Kristy s boyfriend gets stuck overnight at her house Claudia, Mary Anne and Mallory are all baby sitting, but no one has heard from Stacey could she be trapped somewhere on the way back from the mall

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    1. this super special has a place in my heart, probably because there's really not much plot to it. a snowstorm is predicted for stonybrook, but the weathercasters have been predicting snow for weeks & not a flake has descended on our fair town, where parents permit 13-year-olds to raise their children. so no one believes the storm predictions. this is preposterous enough. stonybrook is supposedly in connecticut. i live in boston, just a little bit north. when huge snowstorms are predicted here [...]

    2. True Confession: I still read this book once every couple of years, usually while we are getting slammed with a huge snowstorm. I love it. Thankfully, after almost five years of marriage, my husband is pretty used to finding random kids books lying around the house and only makes fun of me a tiny bit. They're like snacking on rice krispie treats or putting extra marshmallows in your hot cocoa; a completely comforting guilty pleasure.

    3. I got this book for myself as a stocking stuffer, as we've been having a white Christmas, and I have fond memories of reading this book (it was my favorite Super Special when I was young). It's so fun to see what everybody is doing at the time of the blizzard Kristy has a date with Bart, Claudia is at the Perkinses', Mary Anne and Mallory are at the Pikes' baby-sitting, Stacey is off to the mall with her mom to get a perm, Dawn and her mom are off to the airport to pick up Jeff, and Jessi is at [...]

    4. note: this is one of my all-time favorite baby-sitters club books. for some context of how many times I've read it, check out what my copy looks like:the local news sources in stoneybrook have been forecasting snow for weeks, but no snow has fallen. so when a huge blizzard (over 2 feet fallen) hits a couple days before the stoneybrook middle school winter dance, nobody expects it. all of the bsc members get stranded or stuck in weird, uncomfortable, or potentially scary positions. the framing de [...]

    5. As I was sitting in my apartment during the bomb cyclone of '18, I couldn't help but think back to reading this book as a wee child living near the beaches of Los Angeles. I haven't read this book for at least fifteen years, but I vividly remember certain parts of it, like them eating ice cream after the power goes out so that it doesn't melt and Logan cross-country skiing over to give Mary-Anne a hand. Having now been snowed in a number of times this book is much less charming and romantically [...]

    6. I didn't love this book as a kid but I loved rereading it as an adult. It seemed particularly appropriate to read it last night as there was horrible wind and rain and hail, to the extent that I could feel it through my windows! So I was snuggled up in bed with a zillion layers and this book. We didn't have any snow (but I live right on the coast, literally, I can walk to the beach in 20 minutes) but I did feel a sort of connection to the BSC girls while reading this book. For once, the girls di [...]

    7. This was the first Super Special I read when I was younger, so it has a special place in my heart. I think that as a child I was fascinated by that amount of snow (living in Queensland, Australia probably didn't help, considering this usually means Christmas is stinking hot), plus reading now as an adult unfortunately coincided with the recent spate of wild weather we are having here - wild, howling winds and heaps of rain! So it felt a little creepy reading it.It's kinda funny reading it becaus [...]

    8. Honestly, I've been wanting to reread one of my favorite BSC books for awhile, but wanted to wait until December. Not a bad read all these years later! At times I did want to shout, "Stop your whining and worrying! You're thirteen! Calm down!" Stacy was the only one in real dire straits. I always wanted an excuse to eat all the ice cream in a power outage like Mallory and Mary Anne. And I can't decide if being stuck at an airport like Dawn and her mother would be better or worse these days. All [...]

    9. 3.5 starsThis one was on the verge of being boring but then it pulled out the fun and outrageous in the end. It starts out with Kristy being super annoying, writing the Stoneybrook newspaper about the blizzard they had and offering to sell them the Baby-Sitters Club's story as an article. She's all "your story was good but mine is better" and "by the way, do you need a baby-sitter?" And she basically spoils the whole story for us, by listing what happened to everyone during the blizzard. THEN we [...]

    10. When I was in 5th grade, I was sick enough to warrant a week off from school. My dad bought me the BSC #5 to keep me busy, and that was my introduction to this world. I was a huge fan for many years. Eventually I outgrew them and gave the books away to the daughter of one of my mother's coworkers. A few years later, Ann M. Martin showed up in town to do a book signing. It was one of those where anyone wanting a signature had to buy one of the books for sale at the store, so I picked up this one, [...]

    11. I always liked to read this particular super special in the winter, for obvious reasons. It's light, it's fun, and there's no insane plot point (like winning the lottery, a school trip anywhere, or anything else like that). It's just the girls getting snowed in in various places, some of which are more dire than the others. Claudia is alone with the Perkins girls (but right across the street from her own house), Stacey is trapped in the car with her mother, Bart is stuck at Kristy's house, Mary [...]

    12. I first read this in sixth grade. Now, as an adult, I can't imagine leaving my toddler alone with a 13 or 14 year old. Not happening. This book would be good for modern kids to read to get a glimpse of what life was like before cell phones were common. We freak out when someone doesn't check in on social media or text back right away, but 20+ years ago you wouldn't have any way of getting a hold of someone stranded on the side of the road. Also, I really feel this book proves Kristy isn't (or do [...]

    13. An enormous and very sudden snowstorm traps all of the baby-sitters. Stacey is stuck in a car with her mother for awhile (but they are rescued by strangers). Mary Anne and Mallory are trapped in the Pike house with a dwindling food supply when the parents, on an all-day trip to New York City, are prevented from returning home overnight. (Logan skis over with provisions.) Claudia stays with the Perkins girls in a similar situation. Dawn and her mother end up staying overnight at the airport when [...]

    14. The baby sitters have unexpected adventures when a blizzard hits Stoneybrook. Hoping to record their experiences for a newspaper article they write down their various escapades.Things I remember from reading this as a kid:My mom bought me this book the winter we lived in Illinois. I remember reading it while driving from Chicago to Ann Arbor to spend Christmas with friends and being really, really paranoid that we were going to be stranded in the car like Stacey was in the book.Quint gets direct [...]

    15. This was always my absolute favorite BSC book growing up. I'm not sure why, since there is really no plot besides a snowstorm, but I reread it every single Christmas (and probably several times throughout the year, too). I was fascinated by the idea of a blizzard like this, maybe because I've always lived in Texas and never experienced snow at all until I was an adult and went to Colorado on vacation. Whatever the case may be, this book has always held a special place in my heart. It took me age [...]

    16. Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading!! Great stories about friendship and life lessons. The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends. Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.Awesome books that girls will love! And the [...]

    17. When I saw this book at my local Goodwill, nostalgia made me pick it up. The fun adventures the girls got into reminded me why these books were so popular. Also, reading this as an adult made me realize the wonderful diversity Martin includes in her characters- different races, social classes, family diversity, etc. Martin tackles adoption, divorce, combined families, social issues, and daily teen anxieties all in one book without being overly preachy.

    18. I don't really remember this one possibly because I've lived through a few snowstorms myself? One has to ask - what WAS Stacey doing at the mall during a blizzard of such proportions? If she was just shopping for designer clothes, she deserves whatever she got.

    19. I literally read this book 10 times when I was younger. When I saw the opportunity to read it again for free on my kindle I took it. Obviously, the story didn't have quite the same appeal now reading it as an adult. But I could still see why I liked it so much when I was younger.

    20. I'm not even going to try to put a date to when I read this. I had to be ten or so at the oldest. I read scores of the BSC books, but this is the only one I really remember and could search for. I highly recommend the series for any reader starting in on chapter books.

    21. In which a huge snowstorm hits the 'Brook. Stace gets trapped in the car. STFUDawn gets stuck at the airport. MA and Mel-ry are stuck with the Spike beasts, and Caludia is with the Perfect Perkinses. Oh and Jessi is stuck at dance school and Bart is trapped at K.Ron's. Poor Bart. Another fave.

    22. The first of the super specials I did not read as a child, and so it holds no nostalgia and only WTF for me.

    23. Growing up in Australia, the idea of a major snow storm was very exciting.This is as great as I remembered.

    24. I have returned to my middle school years. I read through this quickly of course. The BSC are all stranded during a blizzard. It tells of their adventures.

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