The Flaw in All Magic

The Flaw in All Magic In a city that runs on magic it takes a man with none to solve an impossible murder In a world of elves and dwarves and sprites and mages Tane Carver is a human with no gift but his wits Which to b

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  • Title: The Flaw in All Magic
  • Author: Ben S. Dobson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a city that runs on magic, it takes a man with none to solve an impossible murder In a world of elves and dwarves and sprites and mages, Tane Carver is a human with no gift but his wits Which, to be fair, did get him into the world s most prestigious university of magical technology For a while Until his lack of magic was discovered And then it all came crashing doIn a city that runs on magic, it takes a man with none to solve an impossible murder In a world of elves and dwarves and sprites and mages, Tane Carver is a human with no gift but his wits Which, to be fair, did get him into the world s most prestigious university of magical technology For a while Until his lack of magic was discovered And then it all came crashing down But when a student is murdered on campus behind unbreakable wards, Tane gets a second chance Solving an impossible crime should be easy for the man who fooled the university s best mages for years Except he s not counting on the head constable being an old flame who isn t so fond of him any Or on Kadka, the half crazy half orc who insists she s his partner whether he likes it or not Not to mention the masked mage who keeps trying to kill him Now, Tane s survival depends on the one truth that has never failed him The flaw in all magic that those who have it prefer to ignore the mage Outsmart the mage, and you outsmart the spell And outsmarting mages is what Tane does best Look for book 2, The Emperor s Mask, coming soon

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    1. I think I found this by looking through the steampunk category on . It's more magepunk than steampunk, with magically driven engines and an airship lifted partly by spells; a steampunkish/dieselpunkish feel to the setting, but with lots of magic-as-technology and an assortment of fantasy races (elves, dwarves, gnomes, orcs, goblins, and so forth). Because this is pretty close to what I often write myself, I read it with great interest. Because it's extremely well done, I also read it with great [...]

    2. Good, old-fashioned fantasy adventure w/mystery investigationI enjoyed this, even if I did feel the wish to Gibbs-slap Tane a few times — he learned no lesson from how much hurt & anger he caused Ree before, and still tries to "protect" both of the very different but very capable females in his orbit from letting them make their own decisions to be involved! Still, I liked all the meant-to-be-likable characters, and enjoyed the plot. It even has an airship, with what was to me an obvious b [...]

    3. Predictable FunDobson's book is oddly light and humorous, despite the gruesome murder and genocidal conspiracy.Like any decent mystery, the tale is twisted but littered with clues. And like any good mystery, there are enough clues to solve it. Unfortunately, I had it worked out by the third mark; the story was good enough to keep me going, with solid characters drawn from classic archetypes, and the world building I have come to expect from a part of The Gamers production team.A solid fantasy my [...]

    4. Sort of a light magic-detective story.The plot is that the main character isn't actually magical, but competes with mages due to being extra smart. The problem these stories tend to run into is that if the main character gets plot-induced stupidity it's extra disappointing.This was okay. I'll probably get the next one.

    5. The Flaw in All Fantasy BooksWhenever an author writes a book in a fantasy world, especially one where people have magical abilities, they feel the need to give there main character these powers, and I am happy to say that The Flaw in All Magic is a welcome exception.Tane Carver, is a quick witted ex-student of a magic university. Why and ex-student? Well that's because he doesn't have any magic, despite having been one of there best student for four years. The book follows him and a half-orc na [...]

    6. Find the FlawTane Carver was one of the top students in the University of Magic. That is until he revealed that he had no magic and that those without magic could understand it. The University, being embarrassed naturally expelled him even though he bested the other students in spellcraft. Tane has a brilliant intellect and has proven ability to see flaws in spells, so he is brought back to the University to help solve the impossible murder of one of the students. Not allowed to investigate the [...]

    7. I really enjoyed the intense world building and the mix of fantasy races all co-mingling in one world. The magic was interesting, the characters well drawn and the actions and resolution well plotted. I did dislike the "prologue" 1st chapter and wished not to have this start with the 'kill this person' chapter (Yes, I really, really hate this in mystery books). But once past that chapter, the world building and characters drew me in. I was also a little distracted that the major 'kill' spell was [...]

    8. Fresh and Lively An excellent action story, well crafted and edited. The main characters are not just engaging, they’re a pair you’d enjoy having a drink with, even if you paid for the round. The magic system is new (which is great to see) and thoughtfully designed (which makes it even better). The action is nonstop and the world creation and history are real gems. The plot might be ever so slightly thin, but as a medium to introduce the characters and world it does a very good job indeed. A [...]

    9. BenS DobsonI just finished The Flaw In All Magic, hurray, it had a unique plotline,story which Wasn't a typical "coming of age fantasy magjc novel!" Interesting flawed characters who were well thought out and depicted reasonably . They were not only interesting but humorous in their interactions. The author has created a believable steampunk world where magic exists but is not the only thing important in the world. I'd enjoy reading more about these characters and their world. A trilogy would've [...]

    10. A place all magical creature exist and live together in one country totally peak my interest and with main character magic less but clever guy get it more interesting. The book and the plot is great but its predictable, I already know who is the culprit was the moment the culprit was introduced so mysterious part bummed me! The way magic was explain can be confusing but still not a bother to keep reading. The relationship between Carver and Kadka is very fun, it reminds me of Shawn and Gus from [...]

    11. A 3-star is averageMany of the books I have bothered to date have 4 or more stars. That is because I very much enjoyed. I say that not to insult this book but to set a proper scale. The writing was serviceable, the characters were fun, the pacing was good. It was a good book, plan and simple.

    12. Almost a great book I love the characters in The Flaw in All Magic. And the plot is actually pretty good. My complaint lies with the pacing. It just felt dreadfully slow in spots. But just when I thought I'd put it down, things would pick up. And I love the characters. So I find myself eagerly awaiting the next installment.

    13. Great series in the makingMy kind of fantasy action. Does NOT need a 'For mature audiences only' warning'. Dobson has a knack for surprising and intriguing adventure. Thus book introduces a strange and imaginative magic, too. Looking forward to "The Emporer's Mask".

    14. An Excellent murder mysterywrapped up in spells. The characters are fun, the pace is good, no noticeable proofing errors. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It reads quickly, but it still felt worth it.I will buy or pre-order the next book. So glad I found this one.

    15. It's a solid enough mystery that you don't need to be deeply into fantasy to enjoy it, but it's got more than enough fantasy to satisfy that appetite too. A solid story built around the engineering of magic. Hints of Sherlock Holmes and just a sprinkling of Harry Dresden.

    16. I loved the premise, but it never really got nerdy enough for me. also MC a bit of a jerk lacking in social skills. very readable fantasy adventure tho, I've saved this author so I can read the sequel when it comes out.

    17. Good startI thought the writing and character building was very interesting. I like that a non-magical lead could grab and keep my attention. Waiting with anticipation for the sequel!

    18. The non magical solution.An interesting outing with a team of non mages working to solve a magical mystery. Good magic system, solid characters and understandable political motives keep the story moving.

    19. Fully enjoyable journeyImmersed. I like a good detective novel, more so when there is depth of character and breadth of take. Well spun and a fine read. Not what I expected in a very good way.

    20. Fun read.Enjoyable characters and hard to put down. The two main characters make a great team. Looking forward to reading the next book!

    21. this was a good read, quick and fun. I liked the characters and the setting it will be interesting to see how they growth

    22. Really well thought out and developed world. Urban High Fantasy I like the mix of magic and tech. A bit short. Wait for the 2nd book on audio.

    23. Very enjoyable romp set in a high fantasy world with some Steampunk pretentions. Not one, not two, but three strong female characters, and a snarky "PI in spite of himself" MC.

    24. Non stop funQuite a page turner. An enjoyable adventure. Good character interactions with a murder mystery and magic. Where's the next one?

    25. 3.75 StarsPretty decent story, and an interesting world. Writing was solid but unspectacular. Good enough that I will read the next one at some point.

    26. Page turning goodnessIn a cross between a detective story and fantasy tropes, Tane Carver was a relatable character who guided the tour to his world of conflicts.

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