The Case of the Clobbered Cad

The Case of the Clobbered Cad Inspired by the famous Girl Detective the members of the Olentangy Heights Girls Detective Society affectionately known as the Nosy Parkers spent their formative years studying criminology codes

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  • Title: The Case of the Clobbered Cad
  • Author: Debra E. Marvin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Inspired by the famous Girl Detective, the members of the Olentangy Heights Girls Detective Society, affectionately known as the Nosy Parkers, spent their formative years studying criminology, codes, and capers Unfortunately, opportunities to put their unique skills to work were thin on the ground in the post war boom of their little corner of suburbia and they eventuallInspired by the famous Girl Detective, the members of the Olentangy Heights Girls Detective Society, affectionately known as the Nosy Parkers, spent their formative years studying criminology, codes, and capers Unfortunately, opportunities to put their unique skills to work were thin on the ground in the post war boom of their little corner of suburbia and they eventually grew up to pursue sensible careers Until Heather Munro s youthful devotion to The Girl Detective led to a passion for digging around in history Now pursuing her Master s Degree in Celtic Studies, Heather must balance exploring Edinburgh with her determination to excel in her all male classes at the University Unfortunately, on her first night working in the Archives room, she discovers the dead body of a visiting professor, the same would be lothario she d hoped never to see again As clues come to light, it s clear someone hopes to frame Heather for the murder Besides her quirky landlady, whom can she trust How can she clear her name The police and the American Consul have plenty of suspects, but only two seem to have both motive and opportunity Heather and the quiet Scottish historian she longs to trust.

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    1. I'm gobsmacked over how utterly delicious this book is. (And also that the author used gobsmacked in a sentence in the story!) My inner girl sleuth is doing tailspins and loop-de-loos and I'm still grinning like a Cheshire Cat over how much of a campy fun read this was.If you are looking for something Nancy Drewish for grown-ups look no further. The Nosy Parker Mystery series is definitely going to satisfy. And seriously, can you get any more retro than this title? Clobbered Cad -- snicker.It's [...]

    2. This is an incredibly fun, fun read!! The intrigue, the mystery, the suspense, the delightful, but sometimes quirky characters, the setting, and the secrets all combined to keep me on the edge of my seat, trying to solve who the murderer was. But there were constantly reasons to NOT rule out just about everybody, and reasons to suspect each one. Then there is the adorable Mrs. K, whom I hope will be in another story. The story has great truths about forgiveness, especially of one’s ownself, wa [...]

    3. 4.5 stars Not only do I get my Nancy Drew fix, but we also get to go to SCOTLAND!!! Men in kilts. Feisty landladies. Red phone booths. Wellies. Afternoon tea. History around every corner. Scotland Yard. I’m giddy! Gobsmacked, even. And the mystery is so well-written, full of twists and turns and delicious little tidbits filtered in at the perfect moment. Heather and her marvelous landlady, Mrs. K, are a dynamic duo to be sure, and Heather’s two suitors (the clobbered cad, notwithstanding) ar [...]

    4. This was a very entertaining murder mystery like Nancy Drew, Miss Marple, and Agatha Christie.The roller- coaster suspense kept my eyes glued to the page along with the engaging characters, the intriguing story line, and the beautiful scenery of Scotland.I recommend this book to those that like cozy mysteries.An arc was given to me by the author. My opinions are 100% my own.

    5. See full review at: joyofreadingweb.wordpressThe Case of the Clobbered Cad is such an exciting, page-turning mystery! You don’t have to read very far into the story for the Cad to be Clobbered. With many twists and turns, this story will keep you guessing right to the end! This is the first book I’ve read from Debra Marvin, and I foresee many more books of Debra’s in my future.What first captured my attention is the setting of the story. Edinburgh, Scotland, 1956. For many years now I have [...]

    6. The Case of the Clobbered Cad is a thoroughly enjoyable cozy in a great setting. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of 1956 Edinburgh with Heather as she is trying so hard to settle into her new graduate (or, as they'd say around there, post-graduate) program. She, and we, know that she has to be extra good at it to be accorded any respect, as virtually the only woman in the department. So we can understand the double problem presented by the presence of a professor on whom she developed a crush on the [...]

    7. If you’re after a cozy mystery to curl up with for a couple of hours, look no further. Heather Munro has you covered! It may be a while since the days of the Olentangy Heights Girls’ Detective Society, but she hasn’t lost her curiosity or her desire to solve a mystery; particularly when it could save her from being arrested!Heather is only recently arrived in Edinburgh at the opening of this story, fresh from a crossing of the Atlantic where she met charming and charismatic fiction author, [...]

    8. For fans of Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, or cozy mysteries in general, The Case of The Clobbered Cad is a treat! Main character, Heather Munro is on the case of the murder of the much hated celebrity archaeologist/author/professor Jack Winters. There is no lack of suspects; everyone seems to have a motive and opportunity. And the police, though completely in control of the investigation, seem to have preconceived notions of just whodunit! It takes Heather, with a little help from her landlady, t [...]

    9. "It didn't make any sense. Nothing made any sense." It's only her first night on the job, and masters student Heather Munro has found a dead body in the archives room; worse still, she knows the man; an American professor visiting Edinburgh University as a guest lecturer, but there's more to the story. Much, much more. Fearing that she is already a suspect, Heather confides in her landlady and two other young history professors to discover evidence surrounding the murder of the handsome, flirtat [...]

    10. This was my first cozy mystery, and I had no idea what to expect. I was surprised at how fast we were thrown into the mystery at the beginning of the book, but it certainly kept the action coming. I loved Mrs. Kintyre, Heather's landlady. I felt like her character served a lot of purpose by providing a colorful sidekick and sounding board for Heather. Despite the book description mentioning Heather's childhood spent solving mysteries in her own hometown, there was very little if any connection d [...]

    11. I absolutely loved the Title of this book and it fit so perfectly!This is a delightful extension of the members of the "Olentangy Heights Girls' Detective Society" series. This has a lot of adventure and a touch of romance. Fast-paced, but slightly predictable, there were enough twists to keep the reader unsure of the outcome.The only thing I felt lacking was a stronger ending. For this reason I give it Four and a Half Stars*This book was gifted me with no expectations for a positive review. Thi [...]

    12. If you love mysteries, you will thoroughly enjoy Debra E. Marvin’s book The Case of the Clobbered Cad. The story is set in Edinburgh, Scotland during the 1950's, and it follows the academic career of Heather Munro. She has arrived in Scotland to pursue a history degree, but in the process falls into a bit of a tragedy. A professor at her university gets murdered, and Heather becomes one of the main suspects—along with several other individuals within her circle. Dealing with this man’s dea [...]

    13. Girl detective Nancy Drew was my first introduction to suspense and mystery novels and I have been a fan since reading The Secret of the Old Clock. Debra E. Marvin has written a book that reminded me why I loved these books so much. The black silhouette of a young woman holding a magnifying glass on the cover of The Case of the Clobbered Cad was the first indication that I was in for a treat and my introduction to Heather Munroe in the first chapter convinced me that I needed to keep reading. He [...]

    14. Reading “The Case of the Clobbered Cad”, from author Debra E. Marvin, is a fun trip back to the 1950’s, and it includes all of the elements of those great black & white mystery movies from that era. With its appealing heroine, quick pace, beautifully detailed story line, and of course, the “Whodunnit” at the heart of the tale, this is a real treat for mystery lovers. Settle in for a while with a pot of tea and some “biscuits”—you’ll enjoy the story so much that you will rea [...]

    15. Aye what a tangled web we weave, or dig ourselves into, when we play with the hearts of men and women. The intelligent and attractive Miss Heather Monro is headed off to Edinburgh, Scotland as a grad student. She is looking forward to the excitement and romance of this trip.She gets a little of the "romance" on the ship delivering her, as she develops a small and soon cured "crush" on an American celebrity visiting professor. She did not know the same professor would be teaching at her universit [...]

    16. What a well written novel. The talk, the setting, the situations – all seemed realistic to the location and time period of the story. The research that Ms. Marvin put into this novel was evident in every page. Aside from that, the mystery was great and I found myself diving in head first to finding the killer. In fact, I’m not who wanted it more, me or Heather. The way that the clues were given was genius. I had my theories of course, as will you. But here’s the thing, just when you are go [...]

    17. The Case of the Clobbered Cad by Debra E Marvin is a wonderful, fun, exciting, mystery that keeps you guessing to the end. I really enjoyed reading this book and couldn't put it down.Heather Munro finds herself in Scotland going to the University for her degree in Celtic History. She thinks she has gotten the ideal job when she lands the position in the Archives room of the University oh boy if only she knew.  Her first night on the job is not what she expected. When she steps out of the room a [...]

    18. What could be more fun than experiencing a cozy murder mystery in one of my favourite countriesScotland! This was a fun, fast-paced murder mystery that had many suspects. Unfortunately, for Heather Munro, she was one of them! Just newly arrived from the United States to pursue her Masters Degree in Celtic Studies at the University of Edinburgh in 1956, she is to start work in the evening with the Archaeology Department monitoring the archives to help defray costs. However, during her first eveni [...]

    19. If the cover doesn't 'get you' check it out anyway. I am somewhat of a cover junkie. If it doesn't click for me I probably won't pick it up. This one is different. You can't judge a book by it's cover. I read the synopsis (huge surpriseI usually don't) and I thought to myself 'well dawng' I wish I had read book 1. I loved the idea of the teens girl sleuths that grew up and to pursue sensible careers.So what happened to the group in book 1 The Counterfeit Clue.I have it on my list. This is a seri [...]

    20. Optimistic Heather Munro has unfortunately found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she is targeted as the prime suspect in the death of a distinguished American guest professor at the Scottish university where she is studying. Police deem that Heather has the motive as a possible party in a love triangle with the professor and the means since she was the only known employee in the Archives room with access to the murder weapon. With the help of her savvy landlady, Mrs. Kintyre, a [...]

    21. GOOD MORNING AND FRIDAY IS A COMING!Okay, I hope you are having a great week. Mine has been crazy andthat is okay because I’m a little crazy too. For example, yesterday I wastyping this review, had it finished and went to save it and it disappearedinto cyber space or wherever things go when you can’t find them. So,there ya go but you know what I’ll rewrite the review and life will go on.“The Case of The Clobbered Cad” reminds me of my youth when I readThe Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. I lo [...]

    22. I received this book from the author and was in no way influenced to provide a favorable review. All opinions are my own.In this wonderful cozy mystery by Debra E. Marvin, the heroine, Heather Munro has traveled across the pond to study at Edinburgh, Scotland. She barely starts her classes when she is faced with a dead body! She is compelled to solve the crime -- Nancy Drew style-- with the help of her trusted, but quirky landlady and two young professors from the University, even after being wa [...]

    23. There were so many elements that I love featured in this book, an inquisitive girl detective, the beautiful setting of Scotland, a look at college life, interesting characters, and an intriguing mystery that left me guessing until the end. All of this combined into an exciting and fun cozy mystery that I couldn't put down. Mrs. Kintyre was my favorite character. Mrs. K and Heather were quite the entertaining crime-solving duo. The murder victim wasn't very well liked, so there were quite a few s [...]

    24. A charming, cozy murder mystery set in 1950s Scotland.Action from the first chapter to the end. Twists and turns. I was definitely surprised at the end.Fun characters! Heather is down-to-earth, just what you'd expect of a girl in her position.How unfortunate that she made the mistake of getting to close to that professor.And then, he happens to be killed so close to her office, on her very first day of work?What a strange coincidence! Or was it?Was someone framing her?You will want to read this [...]

    25. The Case of the Clobbered Cad is a delightful cozy mystery set in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1956. Debra E. Marvin has chosen the perfect setting for her book, and her realistic and endearing characters are perfectly drawn for the story. I absolutely adored Mrs. Kintyre, Heather's spunky, mystery-solving sidekick. She added life and spirit to the tale. Any story set in Scotland captures my attention immediately, and the mystery kept me guessing to the end. I look forward to more books in this series [...]

    26. Quirky characters. Intrigue. Espionage. Faith in God. Author Debra Marvin put it all into this book!I truly did love the characters; especially Mrs. K. (Read it to find out who she is!) They are all lovable, realistic people who will pull you in as you follow them around Scotland, trying to figure out who done it.Full of surprises, I loved this cozy mystery and it grabbed me right from the start. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

    27. I always enjoy any book set in Scotland and appreciated the Edinburgh setting. The main protagonist, Heather, was an interesting character who didn't always use wisdom! The Case of the Clobbered Cad was a cute mystery. I received an advance reader e-book from the author. This is my honest opinion.

    28. I was intrigued with the theme of this mystery. It was right up my sleuthing heart's alley. And it was amazing! I was transported back in time to a classic mystery that made me want more of this from the author. I sure hope she decides to write more mysteries like this! Full Review: bibliophileviews/book-revi

    29. Oh my word, this was such a delightful read! I was swept away the moment I started it. It was just charming! I know, how can a “murder mystery” be charming, right? But just read “The Case of the Clobbered Cad” yourself and find out!This book has a darling cover, and a fantastic setting. 1956 Scotland – yes please! Main character, Heather Munro, is American spending time in Scotland as she studies. But she doesn’t find time for boredom – right off starts her in the midst of a murder [...]

    30. What a story!This is a edge of your seat, want to keep reading, suspenseful, mystery, love story and more. A new author to add to my list. Already secured another book.

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