Nothing Left to Burn

Nothing Left to Burn A dark riveting YA contemporary novel that follows sixteen year old Audrey as she navigates a tumultuous and all consuming relationship while reckoning with her family s evacuation from the path of

  • Title: Nothing Left to Burn
  • Author: Heather Ezell
  • ISBN: 9780448494265
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A dark, riveting YA contemporary novel that follows sixteen year old Audrey as she navigates a tumultuous and all consuming relationship, while reckoning with her family s evacuation from the path of a deadly wildfire.The autumn morning after sixteen year old Audrey Harper loses her virginity, she wakes to a loud, persistent knocking at her front door Waiting for her areA dark, riveting YA contemporary novel that follows sixteen year old Audrey as she navigates a tumultuous and all consuming relationship, while reckoning with her family s evacuation from the path of a deadly wildfire.The autumn morning after sixteen year old Audrey Harper loses her virginity, she wakes to a loud, persistent knocking at her front door Waiting for her are two firemen, there to let her know that the moment she s been dreading has arrived the enormous wildfire sweeping through Orange County, California, is now dangerously close to her idyllic gated community of Coto de Caza, and it s time to evacuate.Over the course of the next twenty four hours, as Audrey wrestles with the possibility of losing her family home, she also recalls her early, easy summer days with Brooks, the charming, passionate, but troubled volunteer firefighter who enchants Audrey and who is just as enthralled by her But as secrets from Brooks s dark past come to light, Audrey can t help but wonder if there s danger in the pull she feels both toward this boy and toward the fire burning in the distance.

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    1. um, ok heather go off!!!this book is wildinreview to come?????? (no question yes a review will be coming)thank u to penguin first to read 4 the arc <3

    2. Heather Ezell's thrilling debut novel, Nothing Left to Burn, is one of that will make you stop and think for a long time after you finish reading. When I first started reading this I had no idea what to expect (okay yes that is a small lie I did read the blurb so in that aspect I new exactly what the main gist of the story was) but before I realized it I was already halfway though. This novel is the perfect coming of age story. It has humor, mystery, tension, and classic teen moments. It has the [...]

    3. Couldn't put this one down. This book is dark and compelling and chilling, lingering yet compleeeeeeetely intense, with the most beautiful prose—if any/all of this sounds like your thing, please put this book on your TBR and/or preorder it! (Also, I highly recommend going in blind to this one—I read the Kirkus review after reading the book, and while it's a good review, it's somewhat spoilery!)

    4. *I received an ARC of this from the publisher - thanks so much to Penguin for sending me over a copy but it didn't change my opinion of the book at all!!Okay, 2018 needs to simmer down because I’ve read 3 2018 debuts in a row and they have all be ridiculously well written, and if this keeps going, I’m so unprepared for this goodness.This book was a twisty, dark tale full of complexity, depth, and a lot of twists and turns. I’m going to warn you – this book is quite emotional and it’s a [...]

    5. You can find more of my reviews at Forever 17 Books.Nothing Left to Burn is a novel that captured me. A story about being swept away in young love, the cost of secrets, and survival when faced with the flames aiming to consume you.The story is told in alternating chapters as we follow Audrey being evacuated from her home in the wake of a wildfire threatening her neighborhood and the hours that follow along with chapters that provide a backstory on her relationship with the new boy in town, Brook [...]

    6. my review can be found on my blog as well!---At the time I'm writing this review, it's 11:00 PM on a Wednesday night.I've spent the entire day reading this book. I'm going to spend the entire night thinking about this book and how it made me feel, how it's making me feel.As a general rule, I try to stay away from contemporaries that don't have a happy ending, or something like that. Gritty novels make me feel things and I don't really like the feelings I get. I classify this as a gritty novel. W [...]

    7. Nothing Left to Burn is one of those novels that left me staring at the wall in front of me when I got to the words, The End. I blazed like the fire in this story through chapter after chapter, finishing it in only two sittings.What just happened? That’s what I was asking myself while trying to adequately round up my thoughts on Heather’s stunning debut. This novel is paced beautifully, with this undercurrent hum of discomfort and tension, and then sparked by moments of humor and perfect tee [...]

    8. I just finished this and WOW. It's mind bending, exquisitely written and perfectly paced, and just overall unbelievable. Audrey is a rich, flawed character dating Brooks who'swellI won't spoil anything. All I will say is that Brooks is one of the most incredibly unique characters I have read in YA in a LONG TIME. This book was unpredictable, and a thrill ride. I couldn't catch my breath. I loved the setting as well. I learned so much about the OC than TV ever taught me. Not to mention fire, and [...]

    9. This is one of the handful of manuscripts I fell head over heels in love with while a literary intern reading queries, partials, and fulls. A must read. Cannot wait to read the published version!

    10. Nothing Left to Burn is one of the best YA novels I’ve read in a while. Often literary novels that explore serious issues like mental illness, unhealthy relationships, and first love can be a bit “quiet,” without a high stakes premise, but this novel has all the suspense of a thriller, with a structure that kept me flipping pages, upset that I had to leave for work because I needed to read “just one more chapter…” The narrative moves back and forth between a fire that is raging throu [...]

    11. Oh man, this book. It was supposed to be something I read when I needed a break from writing. I told myself I'd read a chapter here and a chapter there, during stints of writer's block. Except this book sucked me in SO quickly, and then never let go. It had so much feelingI was right there with Audrey for the highs and the lows, and I caredright from the get-go, I cared so much about Audrey and Brooks, and their story. I loved the relationships with friends and family that felt so authentic and [...]

    12. WOW.Just like the fire threatening Audrey's home quickly spirals out of control and becomes all-consuming, so too does the tension in this book! Full of beautiful writing, smartly rendered characters and complicated relationships- emphasizing truly just how complex and messy life is (Audrey's feelings toward ballet are a great example)- this is a book that will elevate your heart rate and stay with you for a long time after you've finished.*Side note: I'd totally be BFFs with Grace.

    13. Full review to be posted soon on my blog at chaptersafterchapters.wordpressThis is one of those books that you can't put down. The characters are wonderful and the book's plot is great. We read in Audrey's point of view as she spends the next 24 hours knowing she might lose her home and so much more. As her point of view goes from her present to flashbacking to the beginning of the summer with Brooks. She thinks back to the simpler days when she meets Brooks, a quiet charming young boy with a sa [...]

    14. As a native Californian, I'm very familiar with the danger of wildfires: their power, unpredictability, and ultimately, their indifference to suffering. In Nothing Left to Burn, Heather Ezell does a fantastic job of exploring the breakdown of a relationship against the backdrop of a devastating wildfire. As the narrative jumps back and forth in time, we get to see Audrey and her boyfriend, Brooks, at various stages of their relationship. I liked how the author dropped breadcrumbs throughout the [...]

    15. ***Thanks to First to Read for providing me a complimentary copy of NOTHING LEFT TO BURN by Heather Ezell in exchange for my honest review.***3 STARSLeft alone overnight, sixteen-year-old Audrey must evacuate her home when California wildfires threaten her neighborhood. Among her concerns, her boyfriend Brooks, a volunteer firefighter. The next eighteen hours will have Audrey evaluating all of her relationships.Heather Ezell’s debut showed a lot of promise for her writing career with eloquent [...]

    16. What struck me beyond the beautiful writing and clever storytelling in this book was Audrey Harper, our narrator and main character. Audrey is every teen girl in the sense that she's lost, looking for her "thing," and when a beautiful broken boy takes interest in her, she gets swept up in his sad, intense world, forsaking so much of herself for him. He becomes her thing. For a while, without really knowing it, Audrey becomes "that girl." The one who vanishes from healthy friendships for an unhea [...]

    17. ****3.5 Stars****Audrey Harper has just turned sixteen and nothing is going the way she wants it to. She is forced to evacuate her family home due to a raging wildfire and her boyfriend, Brooks, is tasked with being one of the volunteer firefighters to fight it. As the story unfolds, you learn more about Audrey and Brooks, their relationship and the fire that threatens not only them but their neighborhood. It wasn't that I liked this book, I did (and to be honest the more I think about it the mo [...]

    18. I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!What first drew me to the book was that it took place in Orange County, California. A place I'm familiar with. I loved that it took places from that county, real places (such as Fashion Island, Balboa Island, and the Spectrum) and put them in the book instead of making a fictional version of the county.I wasn't really a fan of the Brooks character. He felt too needy and whiny, and rea [...]

    19. "When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire"NOTHING LEFT TO BURN is a gorgeously written gut-punch of a novel, and readers are in for a wild ride come March. I was hooked by the deep emotional resonance of Audrey's relationships right away: the intense, complicated romance with her first boyfriend Brooks and her tender, supportive bond with little sister Maya. The compressed, one-day timeline is both built out and teased suspensefully forward by interstitial chapters tha [...]

    20. NOTHING LEFT TO BURN is an absolute powerhouse of a novel, and an exceptional 2018 YA debut.I received the ARC for this book as part of the Electric 18s ARC tour, and I'm so glad I signed up for it. Heather's writing is lyrical, evocative, and poignant. The stakes couldn't be higher, the setting is lush and eerie in its contrasts of untamed wilderness and comfortable suburbia, and the story itself is deeply disturbing on so many levels. I haven't been this unsettled by a book in a while, and it [...]

    21. This book was not what I expected to be. It started off quiet and unassuming, but became a fire of its own. The characters are compelling, particularly Audrey who is complex and makes mistakes and has to figure out how to fix them. Then you have the plot which seems straight forward enough until all the pieces fall together. I devoured this and I believe once you get into the thick of the story, it'll be hard to stop yourself. Don't let the cover or the synopsis fool you. This is a dark and addi [...]

    22. Reading this book was like running down a steep hill. At first I felt I was in control and then suddenly everything was moving so fast I couldn't stop.The writing is simply stunning. The imagery and symbolism of the fire and the trees took my breath away. Rarely have I seen an unhealthy relationship depicted in such a real way.This book is full of so many secrets and layers, I don't want to give anything away. Suffice to say, I highly recommend NOTHING LEFT TO BURN.

    23. Moments ago, I finished this stunning debut and the only coherent thoughts I have are "Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW." What a gorgeous, evocative, bold, and heart-pounding debut. I am so blown away, I'm kind of at a loss for words.I know it's still 2017, but I am confident that NOTHING LEFT TO BURN will one of my top books of 2018.

    24. Haunting, evocative, fast-paced and heartbreaking, this flash fire of a book never takes the easy way out. The characters are vividly drawn--complex and imperfect--and the author handles the timeline in a creative, unusual way that kept me second-guessing myself until the last page. Nothing Left to Burn is a beautiful, disturbing novel . . . dark, yes, but ultimately hopeful.

    25. I read an ARC of this book last fall and was totally unprepared for how much the story would absorb me. The plot is dark and nail-bitting—would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a high stakes contemporary read.

    26. Heather Ezell has written a stunning book. Her prose is both lovely and gutting, and as the fire grew larger and larger, I found myself reading faster and faster. A fantastic debut.

    27. Between the beautiful writing and the constant high level of tension, I found it hard to put this book down! Heartbreaking and gorgeous in equal measure.

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