Fate Heals

Fate Heals Fate has forced me down a twisted path When I think it can t get any worse it reminds me that it can pushing me into a thick thorny maze and leaves deep irrevocable scars My will to fight has take

  • Title: Fate Heals
  • Author: Tina Saxon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fate has forced me down a twisted path When I think it can t get any worse, it reminds me that it can, pushing me into a thick, thorny maze and leaves deep, irrevocable scars My will to fight has taken hit after hit, that burnt out fire leaving only embers to scorch those closest to me My fears and demons rage inside me, destroying everything including the man who lovFate has forced me down a twisted path When I think it can t get any worse, it reminds me that it can, pushing me into a thick, thorny maze and leaves deep, irrevocable scars My will to fight has taken hit after hit, that burnt out fire leaving only embers to scorch those closest to me My fears and demons rage inside me, destroying everything including the man who loves me than anything A hidden surprise and new danger brings Aiden back into my life, and he s just as cocky and gorgeous as when we first met My body jolts back to life the second we lock eyes, but I m not ready for those sparks to fly Can we put aside our feelings and work together to find a killer before it s too late Will Fate allow me enough time to heal and glue back the pieces of my life before it decides I need excitement No matter what it throws my way, I ll survive Right Disclaimer Novel is for 18 years old as it contains violence and graphic sexual content There are possible trigger points in this book.

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    1. Let me start of by saying that you have to read Fate Hates first to be able to grasp the complete story. Otherwise you will be lost and believe me, that is not something you want to be ;-)Like the last sentence in the Prologue read, " Today, I'm just trying to survive", well that's how I felt when reading the continuation of Aiden and Addison's story. Be warned that there were some things that happened to Addison that were hard to read and I had to put the book down and regroup myself. Addison's [...]

    2. Oh wellAfter almost 90% of the book was dedicated to the process of healing and coping with the gruesome vile humiliation and devastation of a woman's body ( aka the main female character being kidnapped and tortured) and when she finally gets on the right track, mentally, physically and emotionally with the man she loves and who loves her back, it ends in such a cliffy that has knocked me of my feete what in the actual fuck?!It makes no senseWhere did that come from and why?!I guess we'll find [...]

    3. 4.5 stars"Maybe instead of hating you, fate is helping you heal."Fate Heals picks up right were Fate Hates left us. It's a quick paced start into this book which makes your heart ache, breaks your soul and put tears into your eyes. What Addison has to endure during her capture is soul breaking and I admire her bravery working through her recovery. Furthermore I admire how Aiden handles her rejection. He's got the patience of a saint and proves his deep love to Addison over and over again."Time w [...]

    4. Fate Heals is the second book in the Twist of Fate series, so indeed I'll nag and say, that you MUST read Fate Hates first! Now I really LOVED book 1, as it exploded out of the gate, but this story was taken up to new levels of awesome. It starts right back up where Book 1 ended, and it was heartbreaking to say the least. Addison is broken into pieces, to the point of not wanting to see her love, Aiden. Which has her heart in pieces, not to mention Aiden isn't doing too well with it either. New [...]

    5. Alpha male Aiden takes on alpha female Addison in this story of overcoming the curve balls life throws their way. I could not put this book down. The story draws you in. Love this book-can't wait to read number three!

    6. Dear Tina Saxon,You’re my new favorite author. Seriously, can this series get any better?My little summary (trying really hard not to spoil any shit):Just when Addison thinks that it cannot get any worse. Hhaha! Fate just slap her and prove her wrong. She went through every shitty scenario that could ever cross my mind. With more suspense in her life, and more danger; Can Aiden be enough for her through her these unfortunate events? Will fate allow them to find their way back to each other?Guy [...]

    7. Another amazing book by Tina Saxon!!! This book had so much happening that I couldn't put it down! I love how despite everything thing that Addison & Aiden have been through, they are still strong characters! I loved getting to see more of the secondary characters and how they all interact! I can't wait to see where their stories go as well! This book has it all (suspense, romance, with a few dark moments!) Tina wrote this book with another crazy ending that left me hanging and begging for a [...]

    8. I started reading this book as soon as I had finished the first book in this trilogy! The first book was left at quite the cliff-hanger, so I couldn't wait to continue the characters story! After reading this book, I can say that I loved it just as much as the first book! This book did have a different feel to it than what the first book did, and it was definitely a bit of a darker read! There was also a particular scene near the beginning that I did find difficult to read! The plot was also dev [...]

    9. Another thrilling and intense read from Tina Saxon.This story continues on from Fate Hates, Saxons book one in the Twist of Fate trilogy.If your after flowers and chocolates, this book isn't for youe only way I can describe it isBeautifully Broken!!From the moment you start reading Saxon takes you on a journey of heartache, suspense, romance and drama that will eat away at your soul and leave you in tears. This book enhances every emotion you ever felt from Fate Hates and doubles it.Addison endu [...]

    10. This is the 2nd book in this amazing trilogy, and I never thought I would say it, but if possible, this one is even better than the 1st. Addison and Aiden have been through so much, yet they are still strong, and I loved the banter with all of the characters. This story has suspense, drama, and plenty of romance, and I was captivated from the very beginning. Wow, what an ending!! I cannot wait to read the next book!

    11. Omg what an endingThis is such a good series. I love the characters, storyline and the banter. I cannot wait till the next book. I definitely recommend this series

    12. I recieved this book for my honest opinion and it blew me away the storyline just kept me on the edge of my seat! Wow book 2 began where book 1 left off! Holy cow aiden and Addison Just have the worst luck will these two have luck have their side? I loved reading this book and all the drama and chaos and meeting new characters and old ones! And a old person returns to aidens life that might bring chaos to Addison and aiden! My emotions are in check!!!

    13. First, let me start by saying you MUST read Fate Hates before trying to read Fate Heals. If not, you will be seriously lost!Can Addie survive being kidnapped and abused? Even if she does, will she ever be the same? Can Aiden and Addie work through the fate that brought them together? I am giving Fate Heals 5 stars! I have loved Aiden and Addie since Fate Hates, and the addition to Lexi to this book was fantastic. I think despite a horrible tragedy, fate put her in the path of someone who needed [...]

    14. Wow! This book had me going through every emotion! I don't want to say too much and give anything away because I seriously think you should just go in blind to truly expereience it! But I will say that it was even better than the first book and I didn't think that would be possible! I love all the secondary characters and can't wait to see what happens next! I have questions that need answers! August can't get here fast enough! I need book 3!

    15. Will Aiden and Addison ever catch a break? This was the question I kept finding myself asking as I read this advanced reader copy of Fate Heals. This book was filled with so much love and struggle and I found myself sad when it ended. I wanted more! So many questions left; what happens next? Will they ever find that happiness they each want? Will they become a family with Lexie by their side? She is such a cute young girl! It's funny because I can picture each of the characters in my mind and, m [...]

    16. AMAZING book! Tina did it again! I couldn't put it down. I love this world that Tina has created and I can't wait for book 3!!!

    17. Just when I thought the first book couldn't be beat, the second book just threw me into a whirlwind! You will be saying "just one more chapter before bed", and guess what, the next thing you know, it's 2 in the morning and you still can't put it down. This book will have you laughing and crying and thinking what else can possibly happen to Addison and Aiden? Haven't they been through enough? If these two can make it through the first two books, they can make it through anything! I am dying for t [...]

    18. The trilogy "Twist of fate" by Tina Saxon was a nice read. But it had too many hiccups for me to give it more than 3 stars. The idea and the storyline were very interesting. But at times it looked too construed to be real fate. The characters also started out very interesting.At times the books dragged, with not very interesting interludes. May it be suspense, humour or relationship problems. There were many boring parts. Which could have been easily avoided. The characters also had their ups an [...]

    19. This is the second book in this series and it starts right off from where book one ended. I love when a writer does that. This one starts with Addison missing and Aiden in the hospital once again. This one was just as good as the first one . It takes you on the journey that is Addison and Aiden. It takes you through them fighting to overcome and beat fate. I absolutely loved the added addition in this book of Lexi the little girl that Addison takes care of. That little girl not only heals her bu [...]

    20. The second book of the series steps up the action and intrigue and a little angel takes over wrapping everyone around her little fingers. As Addison heals so does she assist with the healing of another. Not such a hater of fate these days Addison is no longer someone I want to choke but someone I can embrace and watch grow. There is plenty of action and fun times by this group and a stronger storyline to keep you engaged. This author has great style and successfully breathes life into this trilo [...]

    21. oh lord this series is so good, left me in book withdrawl, i hope that baby is not Aidens,, they need happiness and jesse is crazy i hope they get a happy ending and i so hope dna turns out that is not his child, just a drama plot to keep the story going i hope they get happiness marriage a child so Lexi has someone if you have not read this i highly suggest you do it is a good series i was scrolling on my kindle looking for a book to download and read this description and downloaded it i cant [...]

    22. Well written. Not for the light at heart. There are some tough situations the h faces and has to overcome. Ms. Saxon’s writing is wonderful, she takes her time with the character working through real life horrors. It’s real and not overly dramatic. I love the chemistry between the H & h. Their wonderful friends are fun and supportive. Amazing.My one pet peeve is some of the timing was off. I thought the incident happens in the fall, but three weeks later it’s January. What a difficult [...]

    23. Don't get me wrong.I read Book 1 and liked it, so of course I had to read Book 2. Book 2 is good, don't get me wrong, but it seemed a little "strained" towards the end. I had a hard to time connecting with the storyline. It felt like random streams trying to blend. The Sydney love triangle, Katie/Jaxson scenario??? Then the author throws Jessie in on the last page? I doubt I'll be continuing with this series. I was quite honestly bored by the end.

    24. Amazing story Best I have read this year!!! I love Lexi Adorable!!! There are things that happen that I did not see coming Some I suspected and others I did not. I love how Aiden and Addie are together (and apart) and Max, Love him He needs a story ♥ The story continues and I am so glad it isn't over yet, I am not ready.

    25. oh man i think i liked this one even more then the first which i didn't think would be possible to be honest this one had so many heartbreaking moments the feelings the emotions all of it was truly amazing the writing by this author is spectacular i felt as if i was a part of their story with them not just reading it i loved it and im glad i got to review it

    26. As with book 1, I was hooked and couldn’t put it downI love the relationship between Addie and Aiden; and their interactions with their friends The hits keep coming and as with book 1, the cliffy ending was a total shock that I didn’t see coming

    27. Definite readAddison and Aiden's story just keeps getting better. Although this book has had major twists and turns it leaves you with an ultimate cliffhanger that keeps you wanting more. Excellent read you don't want to miss it!

    28. Loved it!This is the first book I've read by this author and it most certainly won't be the last. I've just found my new favourite author and book boyfriend. I loved the characters and the atory line.

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