Experiments & Observations On Electricity (Notable American Authors Series)

Experiments Observations On Electricity Notable American Authors Series None

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  • Title: Experiments & Observations On Electricity (Notable American Authors Series)
  • Author: Benjamin Franklin
  • ISBN: 9780781228886
  • Page: 224
  • Format: None
  • None

    One thought on “Experiments & Observations On Electricity (Notable American Authors Series)”

    1. This is more a collection of letters than a single, unified book about electricity. It was interesting to read about what types of experiments Benjamin Franklin and others were doing in order to discover how electricity works. This isn't really an attention-grabbing page turner to someone who has grown up immersed in using electricity for so many things in daily life. However, it did make me realize how much I take for granted that we have such a clear understanding of electricity so as to safel [...]

    2. So I got to read this book from the library where I used to work, the edition I checked out was from the early 1800s. There's something freakin cool about reading about these wonderful discoveries and experiments in a book that old. Incidentally, they also had a first edition from 1752, that I got to gently look through- with gloves on.

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