Captive of the Corsairs

Captive of the Corsairs Bluestocking Sophia Green s future is uncertain Orphaned as a child and raised by the wealthy Cappleman family she has become the companion to her attractive younger cousin Laura while harboring to

  • Title: Captive of the Corsairs
  • Author: Elizabeth Ellen Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bluestocking Sophia Green s future is uncertain Orphaned as a child and raised by the wealthy Cappleman family, she has become the companion to her attractive younger cousin, Laura, while harboring to her breast an unrequited love for Laura s diffident brother.Sea captain Kit Hardacre s past is a mystery even to him Kidnapped by Barbary Coast pirates at the age of 10,Bluestocking Sophia Green s future is uncertain Orphaned as a child and raised by the wealthy Cappleman family, she has become the companion to her attractive younger cousin, Laura, while harboring to her breast an unrequited love for Laura s diffident brother.Sea captain Kit Hardacre s past is a mystery even to him Kidnapped by Barbary Coast pirates at the age of 10, he does not remember his parents or even his real name All he recalls are things he would rather forget.When Laura s reputation is threatened by a scandal, Sophia suggests weathering the storm in Sicily with their elderly uncle, a prominent archaeologist.Their passage to Palermo is aboard Hardacre s ship, but the Calliope, like its captain, is not all it seems Both have only one mission to rid the world of the evil pirate slaver Kaddouri or die in the attempt.Initially disdainful of the captain s devil may care attitude, Sophia can t deny a growing attraction And Kit begins to see in her a woman who could help him forget the horrors of his past.Sophia allows herself to be drawn into the shallows of Kit s world, but when the naive misjudgment of her cousins sees Laura abducted, Sophia is dragged into dangerous depths that could cost her life or her sanity in a living hell.

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    1. I've become quite a fan of Elizabeth Ellen Carter in recent years. She has a talent for combining adventure in far flung places with smouldering romance. Plus, her stories are all set within an historical era and locale that I've usually never come across before, making each adventure an enlightening experience all round. Each of her novels has a serious issue at its core and she orbits the story around it to perfection. Meticulously researched yet never overly laden with detail, her novels are [...]

    2. This book surprised me, but not in a good way. I was taken off guard by the direction in which the plot developed. It disturbed me and I didn't necessarily want to read something about (view spoiler)[ sexual slavery or unwilling harem members (hide spoiler)]. I definitely wouldn't have chosen to read this book had I known about the heavy subject matter. I will instead review the other aspects of this book, namely writing style and character development. The writing wasn't bad and there were cert [...]

    3. Captive Of The Corsairs, book one in Elizabeth Ellen Carter's Heart of the Corsairs series, is an absolutely riveting read. Set largely in the Mediterranean during the regency period, this story kept me on the edge of my chair throughout and had me dreaming about Kit and Sophia after I'd finished. Ms Carter clearly loves her history, and her meticulous research is evident throughout this story, but I think it is her characters who really drew me in. Sophia and Kit are beautifully rounded, comple [...]

    4. Look closely at the book cover.  That is, look behind the couple.  The backdrop takes the reader into the wiles of the Mediterranean, discovering the Barbary Coast with its exotic mosques, and its perils of the time for the unsuspecting. A beautiful, enticing cover for an equally riveting read!I’ve read one other book by this author, Dark Heart, about two months ago.  The cover also drew me in.  The story dealt with the injustices in the hands of the greedy.  It has a much darker tone tha [...]

    5. The scourge of the Mediterranean - Islam.This book really pissed me off. Not because of the writing, editing, or storyline. All of that was really great. The problem I have, at the risk of sounding like a bigot, is the IDEOLOGY that is Islam. This book deals with slavery, more specifically the Islamic slave trade, and the trauma it inflicted on it's victims. The characters are obviously fictitious, but the historical reality of it is very accurate. There was a nod at the American Navy, the means [...]

    6. This is a different sort of book for me , but so glad i went with my instincts .The story is about Sofia who is brought up in a convent , then removed from there to take care of her cousins Samuel,who she falls for and Laura who she becomes more of a sister to.They all take a trip on a ship to foreign parts ,meeting the captain of the ship Kit ,hes had a very troubled life, being kidnapped as a child and forced into service and prostitution , he escapes to buy his own ship, and with a very loyal [...]

    7. Exciting new voiceWho does not like brave, tormented hero's and loyal, steadfast heroines?Add to that high sea adventures, pirates and evil men set in the 18th century mideast and you have a marvellous page turner. The authors knowledge of detail made this a great and satisfying read.

    8. Sophia Green has been invisible most of her life orphaned as a young child, she's become a companion to her attractive cousin Laura. She holds a secret longing and does all in her power to show Samuel her feelings for him, she tries to be indispensable. When Laura is caught in a compromising situation Sophia suggests travelling to Sicily with their uncle until the scandal has passed.Christopher-Kit-Hardacre abducted by Barbary pirates at the age of 10 he doesn't remember his roots. When Sophia a [...]

    9. Captivating!I just loved the story of bluestocking spinster Sophia Green and Captain Kit Hardacre! The plot was terrific -filled with pirates, harems, antiquities, intrigue, and English society all tied together in a thoroughly engrossing tale. The locations described in the story were fascinating and the additional characters were well written and colorful. I am curious to know what the future holds for Laura. This is the first book I have read by this author and I will definitely be looking fo [...]

    10. A Dark, Brooding Captain, a very accomplished Lady-with a crush on another-meet and life is not the same. Sophia is the orphaned cousin of Laura and Samuel. After a disastrous evening at the ball, Sophia suggest that they leave in order for the scandalous actions of Laura to quieten. Sophia believes that Samuel will declare his love, as she and Laura board the ship-but no, Captain Hardacre is a very damaged soul. His interactions with Sophia open both their eyes to love and to the betrayal of ot [...]

    11. Great bookIt was a really good romance . But I celebrant into much about the war on and on.I also felt there was a book missing like a who l e story about kit before now but I did enjoy the book

    12. Love HealsI enjoyed reading this book. It dealt with things that happened to Kit when he was a young boy. Then there is Sophia She was being raised in a convent after the death of her parents. Sophia was taken from the convent and lived with her cousins. This is a great book and so much happens that to understand the lives of the people it should be read. I don't think any one would be disappointed!!

    13. OkayThe story could be so much better. The plot is decent, but the characters lack depth. The writing is uneven and the storytelling is rather clumsy at times. I did enjoy the little history and geographical additions, but too much can be boring. Descriptions of scenery and architecture were good. But description of life in captivity are stilted and lacking. The character Kit was hard to understand. His early years of abuse in captivity are added here and there, and his tormented mind as well as [...]

    14. What’s not to love about a dashing sea Captain? He is confident, suave, debonair and oh-so-sexy! Read full review in the 2017 December issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    15. CaptivatingSlow to start then develop well good characters was disappointed not to see a book about Laura Timeline was not clearly stated

    16. CaptiveA great book that I didn't want to put down. It was very intense at times, but in the end a wonderful story of love and loyalty.

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