The Elven Prince’s Kiss

The Elven Prince s Kiss All a man had to do to catch my eye was fight well After the beautiful performance Victor had just given I d be a puddle for days They always told me that being a female half dwarf I wouldn t amoun

  • Title: The Elven Prince’s Kiss
  • Author: Abella Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All a man had to do to catch my eye was fight well After the beautiful performance Victor had just given, I d be a puddle for days They always told me that, being a female half dwarf, I wouldn t amount to anything But I proved them wrong I m now a high ranked member of the Protective Guild I was hired to escort the elven Princess Charlotte and her brother Victor to herAll a man had to do to catch my eye was fight well After the beautiful performance Victor had just given, I d be a puddle for days They always told me that, being a female half dwarf, I wouldn t amount to anything But I proved them wrong I m now a high ranked member of the Protective Guild I was hired to escort the elven Princess Charlotte and her brother Victor to her wedding I thought that the worst part of the job would be to drive the Guild s old Hummer I couldn t have been wrong Before I know it, we re under attack by rogue elves, trolls and, worst, my own traitorous emotions Emotions involving Victor I must be crazy He s a typical elf snooty and arrogant And beautiful, graceful and strong Could I be the princess in my own fairytale Of course not I m busy enough trying to survive and protect Charlotte Plus, nothing can happen between a half dwarf and an elf, especially when that elf is a prince Or is there a way after all This is a 61 page stand alone urban fantasy story with magic, fairy, and action elements It has an HEA, so no cliff hangers This is a HOT story with mature themes and language For 18 readers only.

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    1. Title: The Elven Prince's KissAuthor: Abella Ward➦This isn’t my usual type of paranormal book. I haven't read a book from this author, but you might just see me picking up another one of her books very soon. I love the action & the characters are well developed… the storyline flows nicely throughout this read➦This book had touch of everything in it romance & humor, excitement & drama, & of course suspense. ➦If you are into stories about trolls, elves and dwarfs then thi [...]

    2. ARC . HOT SEXY YUMMY ALPHA PRINCE AND HOT SEXY FEISTY SASSY MOUTH WOMANThis story take place in Canada , Eloise Brimirdottir and her partner Owen Blainnson are dwarves from the Guild for protection . They are hired by Prince Victor Raindrop of Elven and his sister , Princess Charlotte Raindrop to Manitoba in couple of days . She's pregnant . She is to marry Prince Thomas Flowerpetal. The royalty is elves. Eloise is half dwarf half elve. Owen is full quintessential dwarf . All of traveling in a H [...]

    3. Eloise is a half-dwarf and she and her partner Owen, a full dwarf, have been hired to escort an Elf Princess from Raindrop to Flowerpetal where she will marry an Elf Prince. When Eloise and Own arrive to pick up the princess, they meet her brother Victor and he says that he is going to accompany them. Eloise thinks Victor is a jerk, until she sees him fighting when they are attacked and then she thinks he is just gorgeous. Parts of this story are laugh out loud funny and parts are filled with su [...]

    4. I freely chose to review this ARC, and I loved it, but wanted more. I liked Eloise Brimidotter from the start and her odd name was amusing! Eloise was given to The Guild when she was just a child as her dad wanted her to be accepted and become a member. She often cried herself to sleep as the other girls thought she was either too tall, a half breed, too short, or she couldn't blend end with the others to become invisible. As a grownup, she hired Owen, a full Dwarf with only one arm as her partn [...]

    5. I thought the story sounded interesting and was not disappointed. This story has elves, dwarfs, trolls, and full of action. I liked the different take on Elves. This story starts out straightforward as Eloise is a half dwarf who with Owen her partner at the Guild are hired to escort Princess Charlotte and her brother Price Victor to another Elven town for Princess Charlotte wedding. Of course something goes wrong and Eloise and Victor get separated and have to try and save the day. I thought for [...]

    6. Gah! That was so damn painful to read in so many ways! Not only was the story wayyyy too rushed but I couldn't enjoy the writing style either, it was just too painful. I mean, I did finish the book but I just couldn't enjoy it as it seemed like it was trying to be so many things in such a short number of pages which truely ruined what could have been a great story. If it wasn't for kindle unlimited I would have found myself to be sad to say that I actually paid what this was.

    7. The variety of creatureselves, dwarfs, trolls. me captivated from the start. Eloise and her partner have been hired by Elven Prince Victor to provide security for the pregnant Princess Charlotte on her journey to meet her betrothed. Learning about the differing characteristics, culture and beliefs of the various creatures was enthralling. The journey was filled with intense suspense, exciting action and a surprising element of romance. Great entertainment! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced read [...]

    8. I enjoyed the story. There is plenty of action and adventure and a good romance too. I liked that she is strong and doesn't expect or want someone to take care of her. She is not afraid to prove herself. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

    9. This was a book with a little bit of everything. Action, suspense, drama, family dynamics, friendship, humor, magic and some steamy heat. A wild ride with elves, dwarves and trolls. Sometimes the old ways and traditions aren't always the best way - We have to clear the path for the best way that works for us. A great fast read that I enjoyed. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of the book.

    10. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and was not disappointed. The story of the elven prince Victor and the half-dwarf girl Eloise is one that any fantasy lover will enjoy. It was full of action and surprises. Get caught up in the thrill of this amazing story. You will be glad you did.

    11. ARC - I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!Eloise was a firecracker.On a mission to deliver princess Charlotte to her intended, they are ambushed by trolls.Also, she is totally being seduced by prince Victor.Is there a future for a half-dward + a elven ?The prince think so. He is besotted w/ Eloise.He is already calling his wife-to-be. LOLThese two belong together.

    12. Well written and exciting. A world of elves, trolls and so much more. A different read for me. I loved it. It was fun, enjoyable, suspenseful, hot in spots and I couldn't put it down. I recommend it. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

    13. I haven't read a book from this author yet that I didn't love, so of course when given the chance to read an ARC of this book I took it! I loved it! It's a quick, fun read I truly enjoyed reading. The characters are colorful and unique (elves, trolls, dwarfs). The story has humor, excitement and romance. I can't wait to read the next book from Abella Ward!I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving this review. This is my honest opinion.

    14. This book was great. It was fast paced and I never put it down. I only have one problem with the book. It wasn't long enough. The characters were a blast. I voluntarily read this ARC book.

    15. I liked this book I don't usually read this type of book but it was good and interesting if you like stories about trolls, elves and dwarfs then you will like it. I would recommend this book if your looking for a quick read it didn't take me long to read it and I'm hoping there is going to be another follow on book, would I by this book, yes I would. I had this book free for a honest review, I hadn't read a book by this author before so it was a nice change.

    16. This was a great book! Caught you at the beginning and made you want to keep reading about them when you got to the end. Hope there will be more books with these characters!

    17. I don't usually read this genre of book but I was pleasantly surprised.If you like Lord of the Rings with hot sex then this is for you.

    18. Good book, story flowed nicely and the characters were very likeable. I voluntarily read this book in return for an honest review.

    19. Eloise and her partner, Owen, were hired to escort Prince Victor Raindrop's sister, Princess Charlotte Raindrop, to Flowerpetal for her wedding. When they arrive to pick her up, Victor informs them that he is going also. Events happen, fights brake out and Victor and Eloise wind up in bed together.When I volunteered to read this ARC, it looked interesting. You have elves, dwarves and trolls. Eloise is half dwarf half human and Prince Victor is an elf. The elves are almost Amish like in their bel [...]

    20. Eloise and her partner Owen are the top pair of Dwarf protectors for hire. They are both unusual since she is half dwarf and half human and he is male dwarf missing an arm. They are so good that few people can afford to hire them so money is getting short. Then they get a gig transporting an Elven princess to her wedding and providing protection. When they arrive, they get a few surprises. They are escorting the princess and her brother and the princess is heavily pregnant. They also were told t [...]

    21. Wasn't kind of my kind of book I guess. The elf prince and princess who is his sister hired a dwarf and his partner dwarf and half human to protect them. But of course the prince was to beg her and she wasn't sure that's what she wanted but she didn't think he was awfully sexy when he took off his cape and only had on his pants and no shirt. She just didn't like the way they lived which is everything had to be made by them nothing for technology no cars no nothing. The book was short it was diff [...]

    22. This is basically a short story for me and believe me when I say that the rating is because when you hover over the stars, 2 will tell you that you felt it was "ok". That was how the book was for me. I went into it curious because of the blurb but then I realized that the book ends at 4%. Then the rest is made up of other books. I didn't read the other books because that's not what is advertised in the blurb.Aside from that, I fully believe that if this story was fleshed out more, it would be aw [...]

    23. Eloise is a half dwarf who is hired to transport an elf princess and her brother. Along the way they run into some obstacles, a kidnapping and a hard to ignore attraction between them. The world this story is set in seemed interesting and I would have preferred to know more about it. The two main characters were ok but kind of blah considering they were both rebelling against societal norms. The worst part of this though was when they had sex immediately after hanging out in a mud pit. Try to sh [...]

    24. Another great quick read by Abella. This time we meet an Elven Prince and a half Dwarf. Eloise is hired to escort the elven princess to her husband to be family. When she arrives for the job the prince Victor tells her he is coming with them. It should be a straight forward job, but things go amiss and they find themselves in trouble. In the very short time that Victor and Eloise know each other a bond starts to form. The book has a HEA. I received this book as an arc and I am leaving my review [...]

    25. I read the ARC of this book and here is my honest review. This book is a romance about a Elven prince and a Human/Dwarf arm for hire. She is hired to bring his sister to her new husband but on the road they run into trouble. It´s a short story and the character build is short but by reading on you come to know them. They both want a different live than they are living now and will find that live in each other arms in the end but not without a lot of gunshots, disliking each other and some hot s [...]

    26. I voluntarily review an ARC of the book. It was my first urban fantasy eventhough I've read a lot of paranormal romance. It was a light quick read. It lacked depth & was too vanilla to my taste. The part that I enjoyed was the combat which was well described & full of action.

    27. I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the unique storyline and world created. I will be looking for more from this author as I want to find out more about the characters and where she takes them.

    28. Way too muchThis was actually a collection of books, not just the cover story one. Which was the best of the bunch. It was pretty good, the others, not so much. Way too predictable and mostly just a jump into bed. Not what I was ex poo expecting.

    29. A very cute short story. A quick romance, not to much action. For being a short story everything was a little rushed, but it really didn't hurt the read. If you only have a couple of hours to read this would be the book. I received a arc copy for my honest review.

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