Sidewalk Circus

Sidewalk Circus This delightful book will fascinate children and help them to see their world with new eyes SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL starred review Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Step right up and witness an asto

  • Title: Sidewalk Circus
  • Author: Paul Fleischman Kevin Hawkes
  • ISBN: 9780763627959
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • This delightful book will fascinate children and help them to see their world with new eyes SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL starred review Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls Step right up and witness an astounding assemblage of tightrope walkers, strong men, sword swallowers, and clowns The Garibaldi Circus is coming soon, but for those with clear eyes, the performers mayThis delightful book will fascinate children and help them to see their world with new eyes SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL starred review Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls Step right up and witness an astounding assemblage of tightrope walkers, strong men, sword swallowers, and clowns The Garibaldi Circus is coming soon, but for those with clear eyes, the performers may already be in the ring So get ready to sharpen your vision and look very closely a show like you ve never seen is about to begin The creators of WESLANDIA are back in the spotlight with a spectacular, wordless picture book that shows the transformative power of imagination.

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    1. To see this week's wordless picture books, please visit -readrantrockandroll/2017/This picture story begins in the city streets with regular everyday people going about their day while observing others around them. The Garibaldi Circus will soon be coming to the city, but what’s really happening in the shadows might be more interesting than you think. Children will notice that our ordinary lives are more interesting than we think and all we need to do is pay attention to what’s happening aro [...]

    2. A theme that I saw throughout this nearly-wordless picturebook was that imagination is powerful and a gift. I think that having a younger girl seeing the city street in a playful imaginative way was a purposeful nod to the gift that children have that we as adults don't always see the magic in things around us the way they do. I think there was probably some cultural relevance to city life too.

    3. Sidewalk Circus/ Paul Fleischman/ 2004Genre: fiction, worldlessFormat: picture bookPlot Summary: A young girl watches as the activities across the street from her bus stop become a circus.Considerations: no red flagsReview Citation:School Library Journal; Jul2004, Vol. 50 Issue 7,p75-75,1pSelection Source: NovelistRecommended age: 4-10

    4. LOVED. The last of the three wordless picture books I've read. There are so many wonderful details you can catch on each reread, and so many different interpretations. Great for my students, and as an adult, so wonderful to be so immersed back into an imagination that many of us have lost by now.

    5. A standalone picture book for children that will make you see things from a different perspective.My TakeThis is very clever! Fleischman and Hawkes sucker you right in with the promise of the circus coming to town…and then tease with that sly comment about the performers perhaps being here already, as they slide you into the old city neighborhood of skateboarders, window washers, guys doing construction, deliverymen, cooks…all the everyday people in the neighborhood.Admittedly Fleischman/Haw [...]

    6. This wordless picture book is great for intuitive readers! It allows the child to think critically and predict the story line

    7. As she waits for the bus, a child uses her imagination to transform the everyday occurrences happening around her into a wild circus performance in this colorful and detailed wordless picture book.

    8. This is a wordless book that serves as a useful tool to allow students to create their own storyline and develop critical thinking. This is useful for all age groups. In this story, the town is preparing for a circus; however, the illustrator casts shadows off of ordinary people that portrays them as circus performers.

    9. This book is beautifully done, and tells a marvelous and almost-unending story with almost no text whatsoever. To clarify, there is some text incorporated into the posters and marquee signs within the illustrations, but there is no additional text. I would argue that there is still a story to be told even without these incorporated-into-the-illustrations snippets of text, though they do add an enormous amount to the story.In this book, one recurring character is posting signs all around a partic [...]

    10. Author: Paul Fleischman Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes Genre: fictional wordless picture book Publication Info:Candlewick Press (2004) Reading Level: Ages 4-8; emergent, early-earlyTopic/Theme: circus, imagination, creativity Issues Addressed: imagination and creativity could make normal everyday life into an amazing sightSocial Issues: depicts the "city living" culture, typical jobs found in the citiesClassroom Uses: independent reading. I could also use this to spark children's imagination to illus [...]

    11. Sidewalk Circus by Paul Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes is a wordless story about a perceived circus on the sidewalk. The story begins with a theater announcement about the “World Renowned Garibaldi Circus!” An unknown young girl sees this sign and a man handing out flyers to promote the circus. While waiting for the bus, the young girl perceives ordinary acts of those around her to be that of the circus. For example, she watches a construction worker carry a can of supplies in each hand while w [...]

    12. This has been my favorite book I have read/looked at thus far for this class. I was able to follow the story easily without words and I think that says a lot about a book. This allows the book to be left to interpretation for the children and allows them to draw inferences and form their own opinions about what is going on.This story tells of a town setting up and preparing for a circus, while all the while there is actually a chaotic town creating a circus of its own. For example, while the man [...]

    13. When trying to pick a wordless book to "read" I thought that as an adult I would have a hard time interpreting what the author wanted to get across. Once finishing "Sidewalk Circus" by Paul Fleischman I was amazed at how cute the story was. In this book a character is posting a sign about a circus that was coming to town while a child sat across the street on a bus bench. Through out the story we see a little girls point of view of the circus in her town through every day people and shadows. The [...]

    14. This is an interesting book for readers to read. There is no word inside this picture book, but there are many amazing scenes appear in this picture book. This picture book is painted by children's eyesight. Thus, the target audience for this book is children and parents. These all things appear in people's daily life, but there is no people care about these details. The author uses this book to mention parents to have a creative eyes to find interesting pictures in people's daily life with thei [...]

    15. It is always enlightening to tell a story through images rather than words. That is exactly what Paul Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes have done. This story is remarkably well done. The sidewalk circus truly is just that, a child is watching the sidewalk while she waiting for the bus and everything she sees going on with the people on the other side of the street are like circus acts as if she is at a circus herself. The shadows of all the people show their circus side of what is actually occurring. [...]

    16. This book is so much fun! Who needs to go to the circus when real life provides just as much excitement, thrills, and chills as the sidewalk circus? A wordless picture book, Sidewalk Circus is packed with action. The reader will sit on the edge of his or her seat with the main character as a world of excitement passes by the sidewalk. Readers and their parents will enjoy pointing at all the action and will likely find something new on every page each time they open the book. Great for all ages. [...]

    17. Although this book has no words (except for those on signs), this book is a page turner! This book focuses on how a child uses their imagination and views the world. A little girl, who looks to be the main character, is walking down the sidewalk when she sees that a circus is coming. As she sits on a bench, she is enthused when she sees a circus going on around her that includes people doing their normal day-to-day jobs. For instance, a chef inside a restaurant who is flipping pancakes turns int [...]

    18. Sidewalk Circus by Paul Fleischman and Kevin Hawkes is a wordless book about a circus coming to town. The illustrations are seen through a child's perspective who is sitting on a bench in the city. The shadows of the people are what represents the different characters of the circus. The child is seeing a circus in everyday life while observing people at work. The man carrying meet into the butcher shop is seen as the strongman and the man on the ladder is seen as the man walking on stilts. The w [...]

    19. Sidewalk Circus by Paul Fleishchman and Kevin Hawkes is a wordless picture book that children kindergarten through second or third grade might enjoy.The story begins by showing a billboard that proclaimed the Garibaldi Circus would be coming to town. As the story progresses, people gather outside of the theater on a park bench and witness the people of the town perform various jobs that resemble circus acts. For example, the newspaper salesman looks like a ring leader, the painter looks like a t [...]

    20. This is a story rich in detail. Vivid colors and detailed acrylic illustrations saturate this book from its wrap around cover to the double-page spread design that makes up the inside pages. The motif style end-pages carry elements of the story as well. They feature the silhouettes of commonly known circus acts, which become the cast-shadows of everyday people throughout the story. Who is the main character? She’s a girl just waiting for the bus. Seems pretty normal, right? It would be if not [...]

    21. This wordless picture book is about how everyday events can be just as magical as the circus. There are actually some words used in the story on billboard and poster throughout the book, but reading them is not necessary to get the idea of the book. Kevin Hawkes did an amazing job with the illustrations of this book, they really do capture the story of daily life events that seem just like a circus. I love how the colorful pictures match up with each other, displaying all the different acts that [...]

    22. This wordless picture book stands out for the cleverness and wit of its illustrations, which draw parallels between the actions of everyday people on a crowded street, and the circus performers advertised on posters and a prominent marquee. A little girl waiting at the bus stop watches the people and imagines them in corresponding circus performer roles: the deliveryman hefting a giant package onto his back casts the shadow of a circus strongman—right next to a poster advertising the circus’ [...]

    23. The signs around town say the circus is coming soon, but through the eyes of a small girl, the circus may already be there. The full bleed pages of illustration make the reader find the story within the illustrations as subtle clues allow the reader to see the story in a different way. The signs on the buildings display “Goliath the Strongman” and the “Stilt Walkers” as part of the circus group, but if the reader looks real close at the shadows, “Goliath the Strongman” and the “Sti [...]

    24. In this creative wordless picture book, the reader is placed in the shoes of an audience member of an everyday circus show that is life. The full bleed pictures captures everyday life and makes the monotonous day seem out of this world by slightly changing the perspective of the reader. The first detail that the author uses to alter the perspective of the reader is his use of shadows throughout the artwork. The characters are carrying out everyday tasks but their shadows reveal an imaginative co [...]

    25. In this wordless picture book, Fleicshman and Hawkes reinvent how everyday events can take on fantastic, comedic, and daring elements, all of which are reminiscent of the circus. They wonderfully and creatively match up all the comedy of errors happening to ordinary workers with the advertisements and promotions for the circus. This allows all the details in the book to add up to the well-rounded presentation of the topic. For example, the man with the wagon putting up posters finds himself doin [...]

    26. When the circus comes to town it always bring excitement and magic. Towns scurry to get all of the preparations together and try their best to make sure everything is perfect. Signs go up, and everyone is buzzing with anticipation. In "Sidewalk Circus" the days leading up the circus are wonderfully illustrated. Even though there are no words in this story, the plot is easy to follow along. The illustrations are very well done. They are colorful and full of life. There was great attention to deta [...]

    27. The book talks about a girl named Samantha who was shocked to hear that a circus was coming to town by the display that said the Garibaldi Circus, but didn't realize that the display on the side showed coming soon. Samantha saw different people perform different acts from the sidewalk as she was astounded to see the amazing acts that those people were doing. The man holding the two buckets of paint while on a balance beam and the female chef flopping pancakes in her café got Samantha all excite [...]

    28. Sidewalk Circus by Paul Fleischman is a wordless picture book circus. However, this story is not about a normal circus you would imagine, it is the story of a seeming circus on the sidewalk from the view of a girl. A young girl sees the mention of the circus and a man handing out flyers. While waiting for the bus, the young girl perceives ordinary acts of those around her to be that of the circus. Through the numerous and humorous facial expressions of the girl and pictorial clues, it is obvious [...]

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