Nickel: Fallen Lords M.C.

Nickel Fallen Lords M C Karmen s life has been anything but easy After growing up without anyone who loved her she finally has the quiet simple life she s always wanted At least it was simple until she gave into Nickel a m

  • Title: Nickel: Fallen Lords M.C.
  • Author: Winter Travers Jennifer Severino
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Karmen s life has been anything but easy After growing up without anyone who loved her, she finally has the quiet simple life she s always wanted At least it was simple until she gave into Nickel, a member of the local MC, who had been chasing her for months Will Nickel be everything Karmen has wanted, or will her past come back to haunt her, ruining everything FulKarmen s life has been anything but easy After growing up without anyone who loved her, she finally has the quiet simple life she s always wanted At least it was simple until she gave into Nickel, a member of the local MC, who had been chasing her for months Will Nickel be everything Karmen has wanted, or will her past come back to haunt her, ruining everything Full Synopsis Coming Soon

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    1. Loved, loved, loved Nickel! He was a great hero. He did everything right in my book.Karmen was a pain in the ass. At first, I thought she was the type of heroine I lovesweet, shy and awkward. And while she was all those things, after a while her self-deprecation and doubts just grated on my nerves. She was constantly trying to push Nickel away because she couldn't see what he saw in her. I was ready to take her and shake the shit out of her. Everything he did showed her he was all about her. I m [...]

    2. *** Review Nickel: Fallen Lords M.C on La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books ***lajerseychikareadsindiebooks.b*** I received this book by the author in exchanged for an honest review, thank you so much to Winter Travers for the opportunity to read and review Nickel (Fallen Lords M.C. Series, Book 1)! ***This is actually the first time I have read a book by Winter Travers and it won't be my last, I really like and enjoy Nickel a lot, I didn't love it per say. But I thoroughly like and enjoy it a lot [...]

    3. Badass biker hero meets his dream girl and pursues her for a year. I didn’t notice any mention of ow so I would assume Hero was celibate since he met the heroine. I liked the writing and the story better than Loving Lo (Winter Travers’ more popular MC book).

    4. Nickel was the first book in Winter Travers Fallen Lord’s MC series.Nickel was a patched member of the Fallen Lord’s MC. He was close to his grandmother who was in a nursing home. He lusted after his grandmother’s nurse, Karmen, for a year until she finally agreed to go out with him. Nickel was a typical gorgeous, protective and confident alpha that wasn’t afraid to ask for or take what he wanted.Karmen had very few people in life who she counted on. Her mom left her young, her dad was i [...]

    5. 3.75Low angst, hot, fun, sweet MC romance. Great hero who knew what he wanted and a sweet heroine. Definitely want to read more of this series.(view spoiler)[The reason I didn't quiet give it 4 stars is because with regards to the conflict/suspense part of the book I like it when the hero saves the day and not a random stranger. The romance part was really good but that part of the storyline was a little bit of a let down (hide spoiler)]HEA (view spoiler)[HEA but I think we will get some updates [...]

    6. "Sweet and innocent meets ruthless and wild."I've been wanting to read this author for a while. I've got several of her books waiting on my kindle, but I decided to start with Nickel since it was the beginning of her new Fallen Lords MC series. Yeah, I admit I'm addicted to MC Romance, I can't resist a badass biker. Karmen is a sweet likable character who tends to spend too much time in her own head. After getting to know her, I can totally understand her tendency to compartmentalize everything [...]

    7. Title: NickelAuthor: Winter TraversGenre: Contemporary Romance**RECEIVED ARC FOR HONEST REVIEW**Let me preface my review by saying I have loved Winter Travers works since the first time I began reading her books. Nickel is no different. I did enjoy it. ButOkay, the book really was in need of better proofing. I know we all make grammatical mistakes. We misspell words, leave words out, add an extra word, and so on. When I have to constantly stop and re-read a sentence to see if the sentence is how [...]

    8. As a huge lover of MC romances Nickel ticked all the boxes for me. Nickel is the hot alpha biker who has been chasing Karmen, the quiet, reserved and shy nurse from the nursing home his grandmother is at for the past year. Once Karmen takes the biggest leap of her life and gives this outlaw a chance her life takes a whole different turn. This first book in this series will have you falling in love with not only Karmen and Nickel but all the men of the Fallen Lords MC. Their story has just the ri [...]

    9. this is a cute little love story. not too much angst. an insecure female who comes into her own because of the love, support and protectiveness of her big bad biker. very easy read, very fast paced

    10. ☆☆☆☆1/2~LynziMan oh man!!I don't read nearly enough MCs and this one has me wanting to go an on MC binge. I think I just might do that.Karmen didn't have much in life, much less a life she was happy with. Once she was old enough to be on her own, she did what she had to do to make sure she was in control. She made sure she had stability and lived her life how she wanted. She had a job she loved and a best friend she couldn't live without. And a man, is never something she wanted or would [...]

    11. ****I was given an ARC for an honest review****Those of us that have read way back to the Devils Knights series fell in love with Winter then. Her next M.C. series is the Fallen Lords M.C. What I really am hopeful of with this series is the future characters in the next books to this first one about Nickel, Sergeant-at-Arms. Nickel has ambition and ideas to make come true, except he's missing a piece. Sadly this tough biker man needs some down time with his crazy never ending schedule. With his [...]

    12. 4.5 StarsI Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookThis author's books I have loved from the first book and every book since then. This one was no different.Karmen Handel had a crappy childhood. Her mother left and her father is in prison. She then had to go live with her grandmother who was not the most affectionate person. So she grew up thinking she wasn't anything special and kept everyone out. The only person she let in was her best friend Nikki.Now she works at an old age home and her life [...]

    13. Love everything that Winter Travers writs she just creates stories that will be a page turner and draw you right in and not stop till you are completely done and wanting more . Karmen is a great heroine she's shy but once she lets her freak flag fly she becomes hilarious and I love her relationship with her bestie its perfect cant wait to read her story . Nickel is awesome adored everything about his gruffly/ alpha self . They were made for one another they just fit and make each other see thems [...]

    14. Nickel is a member of the Fallen Lords MC , they are a bunch of lady loving ,licker drinking ,Rowdy SOB's and cross them or their families and they're ruthless , but all Nickel seems to want is one chance in the sack with the nurse taking care of his loved one. Once he gets to know Karmen and realizes she's in imminent danger will he stick around for just her safety or a chance at real love ?I loved the first book in the Fallen Lord's series . Nickel was the total Biker package of major hotness [...]

    15. Winter Travers creates such fantastic alpha men!!Nickel is no exception !! Nickel is the Sergeant at Arms for the Fallen Lords MC. He knows what he wants and he goes after it!! He wants Karmen. Karmen is a shy, quiet and lonely girl. Not having many friends due to trust issues. Karmen is also Nickel's grandmothers nurse. After a year Nickel loses his patience and finally asks Karmen out. Karmen does not give in easily. The whole trust thing comes into affect. Karmen has issues and self doubt tha [...]

    16. This is my first Winter travers book yes i'm a newbie but Nickels book make me question what have I been thinking that I have never read a Winter Travers book before. Nickel is everything any women could want truth be told I want him. He's protective, confident, and down right sinful looking. He's a member of the Fallen Lord MC's and is use to getting what he wants, and right now all he wants is his Grandmothers nurse Karmen.Karmen has a hard time trusting people ever since her mother left her, [...]

    17. I come across this author for the first time and wanted to dive in to see how this one goes. Reading more MC novels lately these characters caught my eye. I wanted to see what Nickel was all about with her on my radar also. Karmen is a bit different than most you read in this role but she does have his eye. I find though he is the one that sinks into me getting me in deep to his story. His heart is huge but he is a man that is all that too. He does have to be persistent with curiosity getting th [...]

    18. 4.5 stars!!! Winter, Winter, Winter you lyric gangster you. You just BOOM blew my mind. This was a great and perfect start to a new MC series. It has it all , smoking hot male, sexy female, drama, tension, sex, more drama, climax and HAPPY ever after! And then the peek into the next books and OMG , I need that book like now! No really now woman!! But this was a fantastic read, and a great start to another mind blown series from Winter Travers. Reviewed by GypsyBelle

    19. This is my first book I have read by Winter Travers and it wont be my last. Karmen is a nurse and meets Nickel at the Nursing Home where she works. He has been visiting his grandmother for a year now and trys to get Karmen to see him. But Karmen is shy and reserved. Finally, Nickel asks her to join him at an event and she says yes. Nickel is a sweet, alpha male who helps Karmen out of her shell and through his love gives her the courage to open up and be herself. I love the funny banter between [...]

    20. Ohhhhhh I love me a good MC Romance book. This one did not disappoint. From the first sentence in the book I was hooked. Nickel and Karmen are so hard to not love together. Karmen, shy, reserved, with her head down and hard working, and Nickelt so much.LOL This book is a great case of opposites attract. The author has her craft down to fine science, and she doesn't disappoint with this book. Told in alternating views.

    21. Not my favorite book by Travers. There isn't too much haracter development for the hero (Nickel) of the story. We need more backstory and why he does the things he does in this story to connect to him. I also found that there were just too much advanced in this arc. As in there were so many grammar and spelling mishaps that I honestly had to stop to figure out some things. Overall I did enjoy the plot and the heroine. And I also look forward to reading more about these MC.I received an arc of th [...]

    22. Arc from author. Book 1 in this hot new mc romance series. This book is perfect if you don't usually read mc romance books. This one leave out some of the gritty side that other mc books do. But it has great alpha bikers that are tough but are protective an real men like all the author's leading men. Nickel and Karma doesn't look like the perfect couple but they work and makes for a great book. Looking forward to seeing what comes next with this series

    23. I didn't expect it to be so good. I thought that the h was going to fight her feelings for the H until the end, but it wasn't like that. If you like biker's books, read it.

    24. Liked:- no cheating- no ow/om drama- bossy alpha hero- hero knows what he wants and doesn't take no for an answer - protective hero- hero is rough but loving and soft when it comes to the heroine - heroine gets pregnant and they're both happy about itDidn't like:- heroine has no self esteem-> I was really annoyed sometimes because there were always the same discussions about how he could have every woman and that he's too good for her and that she's a nobody. blahh blahhh - no real epilogue : [...]

    25. Just wow! I love Karmen and Nickel!! Opposites do attract but they don't always make sense! Quick wit, bantering between the two and an attraction that sizzles. Loved every word. Can't wait for the next book.

    26. While I really enjoyed Winter Travers' other series, I really was feeling a little nostalgic thinking back to where it all began, the Devil's Knights series. I mean, who didn't love Lo and Meg, right? I really wanted that magic back. I love Winter's writing style and funniness. And I really liked Nickel, although, for some reason, I was expecting it to be a little more twisted and dramatic. So I am sad to say that I liked it, but didn't love it.We have Nickel, Seargent-At-Arms (I think) of the F [...]

    27. 4.5 StarsKarmen has a wall around herself that is miles high in sky and made up of pain and disillusionment. Her pain started at an early age with a mother that didn’t want her and a father that, even at her young age, she had to care for. Then her life took another turn down the disappointment highway when her father was involved in a drunk driving accident that killed a family and ended up in jail. This decision landed her directly into the lap of her grandmother that didn’t want the respo [...]

    28. Holy smokes, once again Winter Travers has written another freaking fantastic book. I didn't think she could write another MC series after giving us the Devil Knights, but she sure proved me wrong with the Fallen Lords. Nickel is Karmen and Nickel's story and it gets going right from the very beginning. I enjoyed reading every single page of Nickel, I started as soon as I got it and I couldn't put my kindle down until I hit the very last page and I didn't want the story to freaking end. Karmen i [...]

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