Checkmate Every leap of faith is a judgment call Kelly s leap took her far from the home she loved and hated Freed from the tentacles of her dead mother s life destroying choices she bravely takes on New York

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  • Title: Checkmate
  • Author: Suzanne Halliday
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Every leap of faith is a judgment call Kelly s leap took her far from the home she loved and hated Freed from the tentacles of her dead mother s life destroying choices, she bravely takes on New York City Unfortunately, it didn t take long for the walls to close in and test her in ways she never dreamed Matty, on the other hand, burst from his introverted shell like Every leap of faith is a judgment call Kelly s leap took her far from the home she loved and hated Freed from the tentacles of her dead mother s life destroying choices, she bravely takes on New York City Unfortunately, it didn t take long for the walls to close in and test her in ways she never dreamed Matty, on the other hand, burst from his introverted shell like a torpedo and reveled in everything the city offered an endlessly curious, four year old boy He took the idea of a surprise big brother in his stride too and was over the moon with joy about the family being created right before his eyes Their leap of faith also impacted Liam Ashforth and his fianc e, Rhiann Baron Wilde In one fell swoop the starchy, uptight businessman had a grown up sister who wasn t at all impressed with his nonsense and a little brother who thought he walked on air And poor Rhiann she was left in the middle juggling Liam s reaction, Kelly s confusion, Matty s exuberance and Roman s surprising behavior But what about Roman Driving at full speed off a cliff and free falling into a life changing love wasn t what he had in mind when Kelly Anne James tumbled into his path But that s what happened And if that wasn t enough, a critical situation from his complicated past that sat quietly simmering on a back burner was starting to boil Soon, he d have to bring his old life into the present and introduce the two Into this mix steps the enigmatic Domineau Rivera Described by Kelly as an ian warrior wearing a shoulder holster, she brings a new and surprising perspective on Roman s past Team Justice has a female member Who knew If you thought how this story began was interesting just wait until you see where it s going

    One thought on “Checkmate”

    1. Did Bishop's Pawn leave you clamoring for more? Did you need to know what happened in Roman, Kelly and Matty's story? I certainly did. And Suzanne Halliday heard us and gave us Checkmate, a novella that follow them in New York as they get to know Liam and Rhiann. As with any Halliday story, it has Alpha men, strong and independent women with snark and in this one a cuteness factor of 4 year old Matty who knows more than the adults that family is made of people who love one another not necessaril [...]

    2. Family Comes First!!!Kelly was trying to adjust to her new life while Matty acted like he'd always lived in NYC. He loved having a big brother and learning news things each day. Domineau was assigned to look after Kelly and Matty. Despite not liking the changes in her life, Kelly couldn't live somewhere Roman wasn't cause she loved that man to pieces and vice versa.Liam and Rhiann were preparing for their wedding, the latter was disappointed when Kelly backed out of being her bridesmaid even tho [...]

    3. Great!I love roman and Kelly! I've read the whole series and they just keep getting better, I can't wait for the rest of their story!

    4. O.M.G. I can not get enough of Suzanne Halliday!! From the Justice Brothers/Family Justice Series to the Wilde Women series, and now this? I'm beyond giddy! A follow-up novella to Bishop's Pawn, Checkmate continues the story of Roman, Kelly and Matty. You can't help but just fall in love with all of them!! Kelly is adjusting to city life, Matty is adjusting to his newly found extended family. And Roman? Well, he is as hot and alpha as ever. Those love scenes are just delicious. But now, his past [...]

    5. For everyone who wanted more Roman, Kelly and Matty! this is it.Checkmate is the perfect Novell to follow Bishops Pawn. You get to see how Kelly, Roman and Matty are growing as a family. Liam is learning a lot being a big brother, but he and Rhiann are loving it. There were so many surprises in here I didn't want it to end! Loved all the snarky banter. Some oh so hot and steamy sexy times. A must read!! You will love it!!

    6. Checkmate was a fantastic follow up novella to Bishop's Pawn by Suzanne Halliday. This novella kept me hooked and consumed through every phenomenal word, and it had me loving every part that I got to experience with these characters. After having fallen so in love with these characters in Bishop's Pawn it was so great to be back with these characters and to see what they were up to. It was also great to see how they connected into Suzanne's other books, and that has me even more excited to catch [...]

    7. Hummmm baby hummmm!This delicious treat from Suzanne Halliday kept me riveted and smiling the entire way from the beginning to the end. A virtual page turner on the continuation of Roman and Kelly's relationship. The drooling from all those very lusty scenes were amazing and fun! Next time I'll need a bigger napkin. Lol! As a US Army female Veteran I'm beyond excited about the story of Domineau and possibly this Rafe guy?!!! Did I mention Matty's story continues to grow and blossom as a child's [...]

    8. I finally see where this one crosses more with Justice. I feel like there is so much we are missing with why Roman needs to hide Kelly and Matty in AZ. I hope we get the full scoop in the next book. I also want to know more about the woman body guard, Domineau. Sounds like there is a story there, one with a bad romance with a guy in the group. I loved Matty and Liam talking, about being a groomsman, the secret Rhianna had with the candy and then about Roman being dad. I also loved it when Matty [...]

    9. wow, i rarely rate a novella 5 stars but this was easyeat read, really whet my appetite for the next Kelly & Roman's story. loved everything about this story really well written, wonderful characters, beautiful romancehave had the Justice & Wilde books on my tbr list for a while and now wish i had gotten to them sooner. will be getting to them this week so i am ready for the next in the Justice family.

    10. Bad, Reallly BadDo not waste a second of your precious time attempting to read this clap trap. It is so very awful. I cannot for the life of me even imagine why it exists. Run away very fast. Save yourself!!!

    11. Swooning I loved this book! Liam and his baby brother bonding is absolutely beautiful! Of course I love all the alpha men including young Master James. Rhiann is hilarious I Flove her! Kiki aww she's just a beautiful pixie.

    12. Loved the quick story of these two, taking you up to the book everlasting. Liam and Rhiann just add to the read. One click.

    13. CheckmateI said it after I read Bishops Pawn and it's even truer now, I love Kelly and Roman, they are a great match

    14. Suzanne does it again!Suzanne does it again! Thank God June is only a few weeks away! What a great teaser for the next Justice book! Pure genius!!!

    15. Love everything about these books and series. I get hooked from the first page and can’t stop until the last. Great series and book

    16. Cute ReadJust what was needed to be able to see further into the life of Roman and Kelly and how they've adjusted to her new life n New York.

    17. Is it June yet?I fell in love with Suzanne's stories when she first started writing! And each story keeps getting better!The main themes are always love, honor, trust, hope and faith! To follow along as each couple finds each other and learns to love and cope with situations. I love how everything builds, ups, downs, laughter and tears. I cannot wait to read the next story!

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