Daring Adventures: Volume 1

Daring Adventures Volume Read along for three all new adventures about Sabine Rey and Padm

  • Title: Daring Adventures: Volume 1
  • Author: Emma Carlson Berne
  • ISBN: 9781368011228
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Read along for three all new adventures about Sabine, Rey, and Padm

    One thought on “Daring Adventures: Volume 1”

    1. Ok I know these are supposed to be aimed at younger readers, but who cares?!? These enhance my Star Wars experience. Rey’s story especially fits in perfectly in-between the movie scenes. I show how hard and dangerous life on Jakku can be. Never a dull moment. I also like how it show her tapping into hidden reserves by “concentrating”. This was my favorite story of the bunch.Next Sabine and a familiar ally from the Rebels series in an all out action shootout.Then Padme asks a young Ashoka f [...]

    2. This was my bedtime story last night.The Rey story and the Padme/Ahsoka story were based on already-aired episodes of the show, but the Sabine story was new! I enjoyed the Sabine one the most, but the other two were more fleshed out, and the Padme/Ahsoka story especially had some nice moments.Decent writing but not the first book I'd grab to read aloud to kids.

    3. A cute little read focusing on some of the ladies of Star Wars and their heroics.Two of the three stories were featured as part of the animated Forces of Destiny series, but there are a few tidbits that flesh out the story a bit more. The Sabine story is new, and it nicely featured Hera and Sabine's old friend Ketsu Onyo as well to incorporate a few more female heroes.I also liked that the context of the stories was a tea party of sorts with Maz; the interludes with her between the chapters were [...]

    4. This series is a recap of sorts of select stories from the Forces of Destiny animated shorts. They include extra framing content in the form of comments from Maz Kanada and illustrations of the various characters. Berne ads a little extra story framing and internal monologue for the characters.This story also has a Sabine adventure that hasn't been shown yet. A nice companion book for fans of the animated series

    5. A delightful read for younger kids, it retells in three parts the stories from four of the Forces of Destiny episodes: Rey's "Sands of Jakku" and "BB-8 Bandits"; Sabine's "Newest Recruit" which hasn't aired yet; and Padmé/Ahsoka's "The Imposter Inside".Every chapter is being told by Maz Kanata, as if she was in the middle of a tea session with you, and describes in great detail the episode plus a few details and moments that we don't get to see in the series.The book is enhanced by a few illust [...]

    6. Intermediate reader chapter book retelling/rehashing the Forces of Destiny animated shorts. The first and last sections are the Rey and Padmé episodes ("Sands of Jakku", "BB-8 Bandits", and "The Imposter Inside"). The middle section focuses on Sabine and her as-yet-unreleased episode, “Newest Recruit”. My favorite part of the book is the interludes with Maz, the storyteller. Maz speaks to the reader and serves them tea over a bright campfire in the woods. They're short but absolutely wonder [...]

    7. This book is geared towards the younger reader. However I think this book could be enjoyed by anyone. It is good light reading. It was a fun book that went into a little more detail of the adventures of the gals in the star wars world. Right now the focus in on the good side. If you have seen the little series by the same name then you know exactly what this about. I being a big fan of the Star Wars universe bought it just for fun. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the other stories that a [...]

    8. This book, targeted toward young girls, features three short stories featuring some of the heroines from the Star Wars universe: Rei, Sabine, and Padme. The reading level is elementary, and it has some wonderful illustrations that make it appealing to younger female readers. Rei's story features an adventure with BB-8 after finding him on Jakku and the struggle to keep the highly sought-after droid safe. We learn a little bit more about Sabine and a past friend of hers that she is trying to draw [...]

    9. I definitely enjoyed reading these stories before watching the show. They're so awesome, they would've been my favorite to read when I was 10. I still loved reading this and I know other young female Star Wars fans will enjoy it too.

    10. Great Kid's Star Wars bookThis is a great Star Wars book for kids. My seven year old daughter enjoyed it more than the cartoons.

    11. Seen the seriesIf you've seen the series of shorts on the YouTube Star Wars page then you'll enjoy reading these stories since they're based on these shorts.

    12. Star Wars Forces of Destiny4.5/5 stars Omg these were too cute.ReyThe Sands of Jakku4/5 stars I was already familiar with this story considering I've seen the episodes of the show that correlate with it. It's cute to see Rey's bonding time with BB-8 and the struggles of life on Jakku and it fits well into the canon of the movie.SabineThe Newest Recruit 5/5 stars Okay so I seen that this story was new, I'm not too familiar with Sabine so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was hella gay! I shipped h [...]

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