Busted (Wellington Guys #1)

Busted Wellington Guys This is an alternate cover edition for B H Q HO Daniel finds than he ever expected while helping a photographer friend with a last minute calendar shoot When he meets Jamie every assumption he ever

  • Title: Busted (Wellington Guys #1)
  • Author: Sofia Grey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B01H41Q0HO Daniel finds than he ever expected while helping a photographer friend with a last minute calendar shoot When he meets Jamie, every assumption he ever made about himself is busted Daniel s straight His legion of ex girlfriends would testify to the hunky personal trainer being fiercely hetero, so why does the idea ofThis is an alternate cover edition for B01H41Q0HO Daniel finds than he ever expected while helping a photographer friend with a last minute calendar shoot When he meets Jamie, every assumption he ever made about himself is busted Daniel s straight His legion of ex girlfriends would testify to the hunky personal trainer being fiercely hetero, so why does the idea of kissing Jamie feel so absolutely right This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story Dear Author,C mon, he said.Please It s not as if it s hard work.You know I d always do it for you if you needed my help.Please I really need an assistant.So now here I am Trussed up on display All those things I said I d never do Well, at least what I always told myself I would never do I just liked looking at this kind of thing I didn t really want to participate Did I Well if that s the case, why am I turned on than I ve ever been in my life And why do I feel as if I ve finally come home Especially with the way that super sexy guy is looking at me.Photo Description A young man, naked from the waist up, is bound by handcuffs and chains His face is hidden in shadow, but he looks relaxed and passive Another man stands behind him, one hand on his chest, the other dipping into the waistband of his jeans The lighting is harsh, against a dark background.This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

    One thought on “Busted (Wellington Guys #1)”

    1. I was cruising along enjoying this fluffy GFY. The sexual tension was all kinds of yummy as womanizer Daniel got hot and bothered for a man for the first time. Dan is sure Jamie is straight too, and is embarrassed by the naughty thoughts he's having about cocks. That damn photo shoot, featuring Dan slicked and chained with two model twinks rubbing up against him, sets the whole thing into motion, and now Dan can't get Jamie out of his head. So, yeah, that was sexy and easy and fun, with a delici [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsThere really isn't much to say about this one.I think this was my first Love's Landscape read. Most MM readers are probably familiar with the concept. I liked the overall premise of this one. Daniel helps his photographer friend with a gay photo shoot and meets Jamie in the process. Daniel and Jamie were attracted to each other, Jamie being gay and Daniel being straightor so he thought. I am a sucker for GFY. The sexual tension between Daniel and Jamie was definitely hot. But I would ha [...]

    3. This was well on it's way to being a 5 star read. It had everything I love in a story, hot chemistry, likable characters, it was well written. Well, it had ALMOST everything I love in a story, but after lots of sexual tension and one really hot blow job, the scene cut to the morning after, and skipped ALL the gay for you first time sex stuff. First time bottoming, first time giving a blow job, frotting, all that was totally skipped with just a vague recollection the next morning. So yeah, I regr [...]

    4. Ok, normally the picture prompt would have been one I avoid, I am a wuss and don't read the D/s ish books out there, but I like to use these events to broaden my horizonsa little.Turns out, I shouldn't have even worried about it, totally Mandy-safe.This cute GFY story had a great best friend, an interesting set-up, lots of sexual tension and a dog.I didn't mind the fade to black and off-page sex either. So another LL winner for me.

    5. *** 3.5 Stars ***If not for the totally bullshit fade to black on Dan and Jamie's first time together (not to mention the fact that it was Dan's maiden voyage on HMS Butt Sex!), this would have been a 4 star read for me. I really enjoyed the build-up as Dan slowly came to some very personal realizations, as well as the chemistry between Dan and Jamie. The coming out scene and the epilogue seemed rushed and - dare I suggest?! - unnecessary, but both were sweet in their own ways. However A severe [...]

    6. 3.5 starsNow, as few of my friends here know, I am always one to support little-to-no-sex-scenes or even off-page sex. Simply because after reading so many STORIES (I think the number 2500 has passed long time ago) in the course of 6+ years, I'm not always get excited about it.BUT, I will have to agree that the lack of the 'de-virginization' of Dan in this cute GFY story makes me a bit disappointed. The thing is, I think Dan and Jamie have great chemistry. The photo-shoot scene itself is HOT and [...]

    7. A cute and sexy story with minimal angst.Although I'm not very familiar with the kiwi setting, I loved the chemistry between Jamie and Dan.The sexual tension was really palpable that it made up for the lack of on-page roll in the hay. Originally 3 stars but I added another one because the author had the brilliance to focus on the MC's insecurities about starting a relationship which made it very relate-able. Great story overall!

    8. I really liked this one. This left me with the warm fuzzies. Although, I did feel the epilogue was completely unnecessary. Tricksy little epilogueses, always ruining shit. I’m just going to ignore its very short existence (just like I'm ignoring that fade to black trickery), and this is definitely going into the rereads pile. I thought it was short, sweet, and pretty damn hot (although, it could have been hotter). 4 Stars

    9. Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!

    10. Great story. I loved the characters and I loved the plot line. It's always a sign of a good read when you get to the end and are disappointed there's not any more. Always a sign of good characterisation when you are left needing to know more about them: what happens next? How did they get to the point in the epilogue? Throughout the story I never felt I was bombarded with information about the characters yet I know a great deal about them. Clever story telling.

    11. This short story was worth reading.It didn't have much fuss.Straight,sexy and really hot MC Dan helps his friend with a photo shoot and models in some shots.While shooting he sees Jamie and Bang the attraction is so intense they seek each other out and as they say rest is history.I really liked it and wouldn't have mind if it was a bit longer.Sofia Grey please write another book about Jamie and Dan.This one left me wanting for more.

    12. Nice read, I had a few minor problems with the GFY in the middle of the story, but the very nice HEA made easily up for that.

    13. 3.5 stars rounded upDan, a mature student and gym instructor, is talked into helping his best friend Nick out at a photoshoot - as both dogsbody and model. There he meets Jamie, who is representing the firm who are sponsoring the shoot. Whilst Dan gets worked up during the modelling session, it's less to do with the two gay guys and the baby oil and more to do with Jamie. Afterwards he tries to go out with a girl, but it does nothing for him. When the pair meet up again sparks fly and Dan decide [...]

    14. Steamy GFY that's slow and easy.Doing a stand in, Dan finds out something about himself he never knew. “Is he hot for you or for me?” He stroked one finger over my zipper, and I shuddered, my cock straining against his touchSexy times guaranteed with hot bodies in a photo shoot, a gym and against a wall. Some misunderstandings and a bit of awkwardness provide the the non-angsty conflict for one guy learning a whole lot more than just his university classes.Favorite quote:Since we’d first b [...]

    15. I adore gfy stories. Adore. I realize how improbable it is, but in my opinion all romance could fit into the fantasy genre, so why not go as fantastical as possible?This story pushed the bounds of probable as far as I think it's possible to go. Womanizer David meets Jamie at a photo shoot and instantly starts lusting after him. Then with very little thought (let alone angst) tracks him down. They have (fade to black! aargh!) sex on their first gay date. And then David comes out to his friend.So [...]

    16. Two hot sexy guys and instant lust. Yummy. Loved how both guys had their insecurities. Epilogue was too short and jumped forward too fast. Hot BJ but I did not get to be a voyeur of the penetration sex. Not allowed. Sofia Gray's writing was good and her characters alive. Now take this short story and fill in the missing action. I want to be there as lust turns to love and families are informed. The topic picture was not anywhere near as hot as the one being used as the cover.

    17. This was very good and the chemistry was HOT! It was a short, steamy Gay-For-You novella that I couldn't put down until finished. It's always sad that some of these short stories end up being so good that you want a full length book. I think the author did a great job in creating this story from that inspiring picture.

    18. EEEE I loved this! I always love me a good GFY story, and this was funny, hot, serious without being TOO serious and angsty, and just fun! Really loved Dan and he and Jamie together were just yummmmm. Thank you for a great story, I could read more about these two for sure!

    19. Cute and funny GFY with excellent smouldering chemistry. My only complaint was the same as most other reviewers, the off page sex scene. The author had done such a good job rachetting up the sexual tension in the warehouse scene that I'm sure she could have pulled it off.

    20. From the "he obi-wan'd" me to the panic over chains, this was sweet, fluffy and adorable. I'd have loved to have had the first time sex on page but his was a minor thing

    21. I did like this story of Dan who after being “Obi Wan’d” by his best friend ends up helping at Nick’s photo shoot, dragging equipment and then becoming a model. It is during the latter that Dan starts having very hot thoughts towards Jamie McKenna, the representative for the magazine, and about being bound for him and being touched by him, yep a him. After much confusion and obsessing over this fact, and Jamie, he decides to find out if he will still feel that way in a different setting. [...]

    22. Busted was written for the M/M Romance Group’s 2014 Love’s Landscapes event. It’s about the growing relationship between Daniel Boisseau and Jamie McKenna and told in first person through the eyes of Daniel.This is a fluffy, feel good, gay-for-you story. It starts with Daniel doing a favor for his best friend Nick, who’s a photographer. Dan thinks all he needs to do is help set up lights like he usually does. But Nick wants him as a model for a calendar shoot that includes gay models. D [...]

    23. When Daniel agrees to pose for his friend's calendar, he's okay with the fact that it features gay men, even though he isn't one. But meeting Jamie whose company is supervising the calendar production causes something inside him to twist and he is shocked to find that he is attracted to him, and it seems to be mutual. What's a straight guy to do when faced with something new and exciting?I loved this story! Both characters were handsome, friendly and charming men. Daniel can't quite believe that [...]

    24. Dan is pulled into helping his roommate/best friend with one of his photography gigs. Dan didn’t know that would be the day his life would be turned upside down. He never been attracted to a male before, but that changes when he sees Jamie. Dan is thrown through a loop when he sets his eyes on Jamie, he wasn’t just a good-looking guy, but he turned him on. He isn’t sure how to go about this new revelation. Dan thinks it might just be because of the shoot he was in, but he knew it was a lie [...]

    25. This started off so strong! The photo shoot was hot. Daniel coming to terms with finding himself attracted to a guy was well done and when they finally get together. Wow. But then it went downhill from there for me. Then the last third of the story was super rushed. It felt like the author ran out of time and had to rush to finish, so she didn't get to spend as much time on the last part as she did on the first part. (view spoiler)[There was fade to black first time with a guy sex. WTF!! That's [...]

    26. A short read by my word it was hot as Hell! Dan is helping out his room mate photographer by doing a bit of modelling where he is introduced to Jamie who represents the company commissioning the photo shoot. Dan is 'straight' and presumes Jamie is too but can't deny his attraction to the other man. He finds himself looking for Jamie and discovers the other man has been trying to locate him too. When they get together, the chemistry is off the charts and well, just wow!! So well written, it has l [...]

    27. У меня сложилось впечатление, что когда автор только расписалась, ее резко дернули и сказали: "Все! Лимит слов исчерпан". И вместо того, чтобы переписать уже готовый текст и ускорить события, она свернула все в эпилог из пары скомканных обзацев.Кроме того, ночь была "прокруче [...]

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