Death Note

Death Note All volumes of Death Note in one monstrously large edition This hefty omnibus combines all pages of the megahit thriller into a single massive tome presented in a beautiful silver slipcase A

  • Title: Death Note
  • Author: Tsugumi Ohba Takeshi Obata
  • ISBN: 9781421597713
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • All 12 volumes of Death Note in one monstrously large edition This hefty omnibus combines all 2,400 pages of the megahit thriller into a single massive tome, presented in a beautiful silver slipcase A perfect collectible conversation piece and a must have for Death Note fans Also contains an epilogue chapter never before seen in English Light Yagami is an ace student witAll 12 volumes of Death Note in one monstrously large edition This hefty omnibus combines all 2,400 pages of the megahit thriller into a single massive tome, presented in a beautiful silver slipcase A perfect collectible conversation piece and a must have for Death Note fans Also contains an epilogue chapter never before seen in English Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects and he s bored out of his mind But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil But when criminals begin dropping dead, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer With L hot on his heels, will Light lose sight of his noble goal or his life

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    1. Death Note is a masterwork that eventually will become a classic in the manga/anime industry, it already did in my opinion.This is my first ever manga review on and probably will be my last unless a special edition like this comes out again in the future. I know it’s stated in my profile that I will not review any manga I’ve read because of the sheer amount of volumes manga usually has and the ridiculous amount of manga I’ve read (including reread, it has reached at least 2000 volumes) bu [...]

    2. Brilliant. Ingenious. Masterpiece.So says one who has just been exposed to manga for the very first time through this ever-popular title; one so famous that I've heard of it long before this mammoth 2,400-page all-in-edition was ever released. As this is my first-ever manga, I can't draw upon experience in this genre to provide a meaningful benchmark. However, manga or novel, one reads for the storytelling and its characters. In both aspects, Death Note excels beyond any shadow of a doubt. Kira, [...]

    3. Death Note is a fantastic 5/5 series, but I want to make some details about this specific edition clear to potential buyersIS IS NOT A BOXSET. It is a single paperback book that has all 2400 pages of the manga, including "a never before printed in English epilogue". It's obviously really thick (and really heavy), but it is also actually quite short (in terms of height; Not page length). It is the shortest book out of my entire manga and graphic novel collection. Even my authentic Japanese import [...]

    4. Holy crap I did it! I finished this series! It had some low points. The Business Executive arc was painful to get through but after that I really enjoyed this entire series. It was intense and thought provoking. I had a blast going back and forth from wanting which character to win and not win.I'm not going to be able to post the notes I took here because there's just too much stuff I wrote. So what I'm going to do is I marked the halfway point in my notes. So I'll make a Part 1 and 2 tumblr pos [...]

    5. Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba is a masterpiece of a book, containing amazing illustrations and plot. It is a amazing book with intense action in a unique way instead of violence we get mind games, It builds its story by character development and suspense. It also touches on philosophical views and different views of justice from both sides point of view, and darker topics. It is written as if you are an observer and their is no defined good or evil. The main character is Light Yagami, a high school [...]

    6. This edition of the manga is surprisingly readable, even though its smaller in page size but thick in terms of width. Gorgeous presentation and style.Death Note, for me, transcends its genre. It isn't a manga, necessarily, it is an amazing story of good, evil, detection and superiority complexes; the cat and mouse between L and Light is something that has not ever been done as well, nor will be; these characters are so riveting and likable, even the completely evil ones, making this story one of [...]

    7. Death note is an amazing anime and manga but I wish to talk about this edition of the manga. The all in one edition contains all of the volumes +a bonus chapter in one giant paperback. The pages are very thin but the book is still heavy and huge. It is fairly short and you can fit it in a backpack.Now is it good? The book stayed in good condition and only the corner has very slightly curved out. Keep in mind I carried this book to school everyday and it did bump a lot. If you keep it at home, it [...]

    8. A few months ago, some friends introduced me to the Death Note anime, and I immediately fell in love. Remembering the adage that the book is almost always better than the movie/TV show, I bought this all-in-one edition, and it did not disappoint! I won't reiterate the plot summaries provided by other reviewers, but suffice it to say that Death Note's fascinating premise, numerous plot twists, and intriguing characters will have you hooked from the first panel.This edition is definitely the way t [...]

    9. Amazing, intense read! If you are a fan of the Death note anime, you'll love the manga. This is, after all, the original story of Death Note. It's more extensive, more detailed, and has a different ending than the anime. If you haven't watched the anime (you really should), you'll still love this book. It's a monstrous 2400 pages and needs a bit of patience, but keeps a healthy pace and the reader hooked for the most part. The characters themselves are trying to outthink each other, so I can onl [...]

    10. 4.5just as much of a wild ride and mind twister aa when I watched the anime. And also just as thought provoking and dark.I simply love this story and it is obviuos that the writer does have a great mind.Definitely a rec for everyone who hasn't read our watched it yet.The big bundle however is not to most comfy way to read it. I don't care a lot about it, but think it's worth mentioning nonetheless.

    11. Even though i fell into a reading slump i still got so much enjoyment from this. This is my introduction into manga and i loved it so much. The characters, world and the story are incredible and i am so glad that i have read this. I also liked how it made me questions society and think of my opinion if i was to be placed in this world.

    12. I made sure that I read this sitting up with it resting on a pillow or lapdesk. This thing is a wristbreaker. Good way to read the story in one nice long volume. Overly verbose at times, it is still enjoyable. 4.25

    13. First time reading Death Note. This was seriously exhausting as hell. BUT, it was amazing, and worth every page.

    14. I loved that I was able to read the whole story in one shot! The pages are a bit thin since it was over 2,000 pages but I thought that it was super cool!

    15. I am fully intending to review Death Note, and am reserving this space for when I feel I can write a review that will amount to more than just an excited little squeak.

    16. Wow. I really don't know what to say about it. This was one of the best reads i've ever had. This one was just amazing. In many ways. This manga is different than others. Instead of different stories connecting into 1 continuous story, It's 1 big and epic story. Now the story is pretty simple in the beginning. Then after the first volume. It start's to get more complex. And by the end it's a massive and complex story that you really can't stop reading! Now i've heard people call this the "War an [...]

    17. This was so good! Yes it was very heavy (It's 3 and a half pounds) and I would suggest the other editions. But the spine on the edition never cracked and the cover is still perfect. Very high quality and it looks nice on my bookshelf. As for the story it makes me think of the crime shows on TV. I also loved that I couldn't guess what wad going to happen next. Overall amazing

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