Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not When Grace Danner finds out her great aunt has passed away leaving her a flower shop in Ireland she is anxious to get it off her hands as quickly as possible Her career with the most prestigious adve

  • Title: Forget Me Not
  • Author: Kris Bryant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Grace Danner finds out her great aunt has passed away leaving her a flower shop in Ireland, she is anxious to get it off her hands as quickly as possible Her career with the most prestigious advertising firm in Dallas has her busy six days a week, and she doesn t have time to step away from her life to handle her aunt s estate She plans a quick trip to sign papers aWhen Grace Danner finds out her great aunt has passed away leaving her a flower shop in Ireland, she is anxious to get it off her hands as quickly as possible Her career with the most prestigious advertising firm in Dallas has her busy six days a week, and she doesn t have time to step away from her life to handle her aunt s estate She plans a quick trip to sign papers and save family heirlooms, hoping to return home before the end of the week She meets real estate agent Kerry Mulligan who was consigned to the property quite by accident Their relationship starts off rocky, and as much as Grace wants to get to know the red haired Irish beauty in the short time she is there, Kerry is nothing but business Can Grace break through Kerry s icy disposition and open her up to a quick affair Even if Grace manages to seduce Kerry, can she return unscathed to the life she left in Dallas

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    1. This was a perfectly nice romance, but not anything more than that. I like Bryant as an author very much, but this book is my least favorite of hers. There was just something there that stopped me from connecting to the characters, the setting and the story.The story itself, is not anything new. A woman inherits property from a relative. She goes there to sell it, but finds herself in love with the place and the people. Unfortunately, I have read this story quite a few times, just different sett [...]

    2. Grace Danner a marketing executive from Dallas heads to Ireland to complete the sale of her great-aunt’s flower shop. Only meeting the aunt a handful of times she was left everything in the will. Grace arrives in Ireland to find a thriving business, an adorable rooftop apartment and a whole lot of amazing acquaintances. Grace is all work so even taking a week off to head across the pond is a hardship.Kerry Mulligan is Grace’s real estate agent. This fiery redhead will gladly take the commiss [...]

    3. Sweet romance based mainly in Ireland between Kerry, an Irish real estate agent, and Grace, an advertising firm executive who inherits a flower shop in Ireland. All the elements of a typical romance novel are present: tricky first encounter, breathtaking chemistry, hot steamy sex and beautiful romance. It is a bit predictable but it just hits the right note all the way. You get what it says on the tin.However, as an Irish resident for almost a decade (and married to an Irish "lassie"), my only c [...]

    4. I gave this 3.5 stars mainly because it is a very sweet romance but the story has been done in some way before. The idea wasn't new. I will say that this my first book by Bryant, but it won't be my last. She has an interesting and fluid writing style and her story telling is excellent.The book is basically about Grace who has inherited her aunts shop and flat. She travels from her home in Dallas Texas to Ireland to settle her aunts affairs and sell the business. Enter estate agent Kerry who near [...]

    5. This book has been just ok for me. I found something missing. I don't know if is in the chemistry between Kerry and Grace, not entirely good on my opinion. Or maybe because there are some points not completely solved in the storyline o hastily ended. Then when the sexual relationship begins, the rest of the matters fade away. Kerry is suddenly not busy at all. I have found the secondary characters vague and unsignificant in the story. In short, I think that it is a book for just to pass the time [...]

    6. This book is so aptly named because i won’t be forgetting this novel anytime soon.Grace has inherited her aunts flower shop in Ireland. The only problem with that is that Grace lives in the US. Grace arrives in Ireland to sort out her aunt’s affairs, sell the shop and flaunts with the idea that she can have a holiday romance with a local. Grace just doesn’t expect to fall in love with Ireland and one of its Irish lasses…The main protagonists Grace and Kerry are meant to be together from [...]

    7. *The copy provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books in exchange for an honest review*Grace has a job that's very important to her; as a matter of fact, it's so important that it's consumed most of her time, if not all. Surely even thinking about moving to Ireland and working in the flower shop she all of a sudden inherited from her great aunt is out of the question. She has a career in Dallas, God damn it! Kerry, on the other hand, is very happy where she is - working for the Mulligan Group, [...]

    8. When I think of the color green, I almost always think of Ireland (okay, maybe not). I do believe this is the first story I have read which is so deliciously Irish. As I read, I learned, which in my opinion is fantastic and one of the reasons I enjoy reading so much. I learned about the landscape, people, and of course the food. Due to the descriptors, I was quickly caught up and interested in what would happen to not only the main characters but family members and friends. Grace Danner, who am [...]

    9. *ARC provided by NetGalley in return for a fair review. I've enjoyed Kris Bryant's other stories, but this one didn't grab me. It's a nice romance, but nothing happens that you can't see coming from miles away. I honestly knew how the book would end before I finished the first chapter. The characters are likeable enough, but because it's told in first person you really only get a clear picture of Grace, I'd have preferred more of an idea of where Kerry was coming from. There's very little tensio [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book but wouldn't say it was one of Bryant's best. I liked Grace she was a character I enjoyed reading about. Kerry was more someone I had to warm up to and found her reasons to not like Grace at the start and the way she treated her to be maybe slightly over the top.I found the relationship to be more so focused on the sex. And I will say the sex was hot. But I felt it was unclear to me as to what made these two the forever after couple. The pace of the book was good and found it [...]

    11. So workaholic Dallas girl, Grace inherits a flower shop in Ireland. Grace decides to fly to Ireland and hire hot Irish real estate agent, Kerry. Planning selling the flower shop quickly and returning to her all consuming job in Dallas. Kerry of course makes this very difficult. I have to say after reading this one, I am a little bit in love with Kerry. This was five stars from start to finish for me. This isn't one you want to miss.

    12. Grace Danner from America meets Kerry Mulligan in Ireland when she comes there to settle her great aunts estate. Initially, sparks fly between the two women. Beautiful descriptions of the countryside. Felt like I was there.Very sweet love story. I couldn't put it down. Also, a big plus, I only found 3 typos in the whole book.

    13. The use of first person narration here made the story feel so one sided that I could barely remember the two characters names. They were hardly ever used. And while I liked the two characters, it's hard to feel connected to them if you don't know their names. The ending was also a bit abrupt. Predictable, but abrupt.

    14. What a breath of fresh Irish air! I love everything about Forget Me Not by Kris Bryant. I adored this romantic love story starring the young work-a-holic Grace Danner from Dallas and Kerry Mulligan, the sexy redhead realtor from Ireland. I loved getting to know everything about these two women, their families, their individual struggles, their dreams, and watching their relationship develop and become seriously and comedically entwined. Set on the beautiful Emerald Isle, this love story brings b [...]

    15. An honest review thanks to NetGalley. This book was absolutely amazing, I immediately connected with Grace and felt immersed into this book through every turn. The culture of Ireland and Kerry brought this book to life. I was unable to put this book down, the chemistry between the characters was insane, and you will not be disappointed as you start on Grace's journey.

    16. Abso-freakin-awesome. This book has all the feels. Super sweet story that makes my heart happy. Kris Bryant has this romance stuff down.

    17. I really liked the concept of the story but I was kind of left disappointed with it. It seemed to be repetitive a lot and I didn't feel the characters connect. I felt like there was nothing really there and they didn't really like each other and all of a sudden they got involved. Towards the end there were just too many sex scenes just put in there and it felt like they were there as a filler kind of. It also has a lot of American/ Texan stereotypes that were kind of annoying.

    18. Netgalley Sweet love story well told. Why have I not read anything by this author before.I liked how this book managed to convey a clear sense of place. Very likable characters all around. No unnecessary drama, characters behaving maturely. I always appreciate that.The only thing that is really off is the size of the flower store. I'm guessing conversion error from feet to meters. Also, the use of handy for cell phones in Ireland threw me. I thought that was a German thing.

    19. 3.5 starsThis story is told in first person, present tense. Had I known that prior to requesting a copy I likely wouldn’t have done so. The style of narration seems to be one of an acquired taste, a taste I’m still learning to palate. The fact the heroine had to tell me when she was speaking 280+ times drove me to distraction. I’m sure those two little words, ‘I say’, were supposed to fade-to-black but they became more and more glaring as I read on.Despite my dislike for the narrative, [...]

    20. Texan Grace is bequeathed a flower shop in a small town in Ireland by her aunt. On her arrival she meets Kerry, the hot-tempered estate agent. They're both great characters. Grace is a workaholic with little interest in life beyond work. Kerry is a reluctant estate agent and would rather be on a farm.Understandably their relationship is tenuous at best in the beginning but the chemistry is palpable.The descriptions of Ireland and the people were a pleasure to read and easy for me to relate to be [...]

    21. Kris Bryant's books work for me on every level and Forget Me Not is no exception. This beautiful love story made my heart race and was every bit the happy ending that I desired. Bryant's use of emotional and physical descriptors compliments her solid narrative. Forget Me Not is a perfect choice for lovers of contemporary romance.

    22. Loved the setting of Ireland and the scenery was described beautifully. I have never been to Ireland but it sounds amazing! Lots of steamy love scenes in this one, almost to the point that there is no advancing of the story.

    23. When Grace's Great Aunt dies, she leaves her flower shop in Ireland to her. Grace travels to Ireland with the intention of selling the shop quickly and get back to her 70 hour a week job in advertising, her friends and her condo. But the people she meets there, particularly the fiery Kerry, begin to change her mind about what's really important in life. This is written in first person and because of this I couldn't escape from the often arrogant and narrow minded thoughts from the main character [...]

    24. Actual Rating: 2.5 This is your typical, run-of-the-mill book; you know what will happen before you even begin. I wanted something light and entertaining, so the book suited my mood. I live in Ireland, so I just had to read it. Unfortunately, the author settled for a stereotypical depiction of Ireland. Bryant mentioned so many towns and destinations around Dublin that I am very familiar with without describing their beauty or charm. I felt that the author was just including destinations that wer [...]

    25. This is the first book by this author I have read - and it will not be the last. It was well written with excellent scenes of Ireland (all correct I hope). The main couple were likeable, and the support characters in Ireland were just the right amount of background to support them. I found this book the right recipe for the coming winter in Australia - rug up and enjoy and wonderful romance.

    26. I rec'd an ARC from NetGalley/Bold Stroke Books in exchange for an honest review. No synopsis necessary. Mainly set in Ireland, which is beautifully described, this is an erotic romance with comedy between American Grace and Irish Kerry. As usual, Ms. Bryant does not disappoint. 4 stars.

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