Cirque Du Soleil: The Spark: Igniting the Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All

Cirque Du Soleil The Spark Igniting the Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All Creativity and innovation are widely recognized as essential to success in business and so many aspects of our lives For over two decades Cirque du Soleil has been a world renowned laboratory of cre

  • Title: Cirque Du Soleil: The Spark: Igniting the Creative Fire That Lives Within Us All
  • Author: John U. Bacon Lyn Heward
  • ISBN: 9780385516518
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Creativity and innovation are widely recognized as essential to success in business, and so many aspects of our lives For over two decades, Cirque du Soleil has been a world renowned laboratory of creativity, enthralling audiences around the world by fusing dazzling acrobatics, staging and choreography, and music, along with beautiful costumes and technical effects to insCreativity and innovation are widely recognized as essential to success in business, and so many aspects of our lives For over two decades, Cirque du Soleil has been a world renowned laboratory of creativity, enthralling audiences around the world by fusing dazzling acrobatics, staging and choreography, and music, along with beautiful costumes and technical effects to inspire and create magical, almost otherworldly theatrical experiences In The Spark, Cirque s former president of creative content, Lyn Heward, invites readers inside the world and ideas of Cirque du Soleil through the story of an ordinary man searching for meaning in his work and life Like so many other people in their careers, sports agent Frank Castle has lost the passion he once had for his job But a chance encounter with an inspiring Cirque du Soleil director takes him inside Cirque du Soleil to meet the artists, directors, designers, and technicians who create, shape, and perform in their acclaimed shows As the story unfolds, the artists reveal surprising secrets about the sparks that ignite their creativity from the pressure of deadlines and the exhilaration that comes from risking it all, to the chance encounters and everyday occurrences that have changed the way they live and work As Frank comes to discover, every one of us is creative wherever we work or whatever our job title is but it s up to us to tap into that powerful force As The Spark makes clear, there is no single formula for creative success each of us must unlock the power of our imagination in our own way An inspiring tale that draws on behind the scenes stories from the most creative people in entertainment as well as some out of this world Cirque du Soleil magic, The Spark is an unparalleled guide on how to make creativity a part of everything you do Lyn Heward is the former President and COO of Cirque du Soleil s Creative Content Division and is currently acting as executive producer for a variety of special projects John U Bacon, a veteran journalist and public speaker, has won numerous national writing awards and is the author of three books.

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    1. If you've ever been to a Cirque du Soleil show, you can tell their performers are unusual human beings who infuse an ecstatic passion to the audience, not only because of their stunts but -most importantly- because of the passion they emanate. Is there something that we can learn from them in order to lead more creative lives and enlighten others with joie-de-vivre? Well, there is. And a lot.In order to live fully, you need to take risks: you have to trust that real feats come from taking leaps [...]

    2. Thoughts about how to challenge yourself every day to keep yourself motivated and loving what you do (making your career your calling). Presented in a novel format about a sports agent looking for ways to bring back the joy to his work. He ends up going to the Cirque du Soleil headquarters and working with many of the people responsible for the shows. Each person brings a new perspective, such as how to learn not to be afraid of success, how tighter deadlines can sometimes lead to more creative [...]

    3. What I enjoyed: A glimpse behind the scenes of how Cirque du Soleil works and what goes into their creative process. While nothing new was presented in regards to creativity, it was a good reminder of how deadlines and other restrictions can be a good thing, be open and honest, and be childlike when creating.What I disliked: The conversations came off as preachy and didn't sound at all like how people really talk. Sometimes it felt like a hard push to advertise Cirque, which the book didn't need [...]

    4. A little book that helps us re-ignite that tiny spark inside every one of us :)For those who feel stagnant in their daily lives and works, or for those who are simply big fans of Cirque du Soleil, i recommend this book. I happened to be both, but i give only 3 stars for this book. Actually i want to rate this 4 stars, but i hate the cover designhahahawell, not something i expect from a book that bear the name Cirque du Soleil on it, in my opinion :p

    5. Not a bad little book. There were a few moments where I felt a little twinkle of inspiration. Unfortunately, however, they were short-lived, and in the end I couldn't get over the self-congratulatory tone of the whole thing. I'll admit - Cirque is pretty cool. But I've heard Lyn Heward speak, so I can't say I was terribly surprised to find out who the heroine of this story was. In the end, it's a very quick read, and it wasn't too bad. But I can't give it more than 3 starsI just can't.

    6. liked it just enough to pass the 2-star mark. reads like a self-help book. interesting to learn about cirque du soleil. mildly inspiring passages. not worth it unless you are slightly desperate for inspiration.

    7. This book starts off as though the author is trying to hard. The dramatization of his story telling lessens up the further I read. I just remembered; Its sister Jenny's book. I need to get it back to her.

    8. what an inspiring blueprint for a creative life!I enjoyed reading about the behind the scenes at Cirque de Soleil.Would have appreciated pictures!

    9. Two stars may be harsher than I intend. If I judged by the number of times I stopped to re-read a powerful sentence, then the short and impactful book would garner loftier praise. Unfortunately, I felt that much of the inspiration that is communicated in the book gets lost in the premise. 

Although the coupling of the "Big Idea" of the book with the fringe mystery and depth of Cirque Du Soleil is a fantastic pairing for story-telling, I actually found the story unbelievable, droll, and a li [...]

    10. AMAZING. Fantastic book that pushes you to find and create a job that you love. Very clever of them to use Cirque de Soleil as a platform to explain these concepts. I loved this.

    11. A feel good short read sure to leave you feeling inspired.A feel good short read sure to leave you feeling inspired. This read will surely pull you out of your rut.

    12. One Minute Manager for the ARTSThis book is the One Minute Manager for the arts. It hits on all the creative buzz words to make you feel better, but is rather old hat for the creative minds. The tale lost me in the middle when it bogged down with the training and tried to ham fist the message between acrobatics and clown makeup. By the end, I was so disinterested and skipping around that the end really lost its punch. I didn't care about an agent that wanted to find his passion again. I wanted h [...]

    13. This book is fantastic. It reminds you how you can have creativity on the job, no matter what that job is. It made me excited about what I do.Memorable Quotes:Cross-pollination - drawing upon as many outside influences as possible from almost every field. Work as hard as you expect your students to - We are so determined to stay in our comfort zones that we learn to live with disappointment, as long as it's familiar and safe.Our fears hold us back, make us fall short of our goals. Only by taking [...]

    14. I picked this book up after watching Zarkana at the Aria hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Although not their most intense show, it was still pretty damn good. I left wanting to learn more about the production and the process of creating these incredible shows.It is a well-written book that starts off with high energy, positive quotes, and interesting characters. Feeding off all that energy, the writer begins to question his own career and lull he has gotten to in life. It's actually more of a self [...]

    15. Last year, I went to a gym management conference in San Fran. One of the keynote speakers was Lyn Heward. And though I don't remember the details of what she talked about, I remember that she was phenomenal. So when we were in Vegas and wandering the Ká gift shop after the show and I saw her book, I knew I had to buy it. Besides, knowing that I was going back into the job market (blech), I figured I could do with some good inspiration. This book has some good inspiration, but I must confess to [...]

    16. Recomendo esta narrativa que leva o leitor direto aos bastidores desta incrível “instituição” chamada “Cirque du Soleil”. Não tive a oportunidade de assistir o espetáculo do Cirque ao vivo, mas é um “to do” na minha lista “obrigatórios”. Ganhei esse livro do meu irmão há um tempo atrás e só agora resolvi devorá-lo, comigo funciona muito a “hora certa para ler” as obras, não é possível extrair o melhor de cada obra se a leitura for “empurrada ou por garganta a [...]

    17. This was a perfect book to read right after Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us; in a way it was a case study of the type of organization that Drive suggests we need more of. Cirque values creativity, innovation, and collaboration above all else, and those are almost exactly what Dan Pink advocates for in Drive.At first, I found the writing style somewhat Hokey. It's sort of a mix between an autobiography and a novel, a fictionalized non-fiction story. But as the book went on I k [...]

    18. Fictionalized story of a sports agent who decides he needs to rethink how he's doing business after seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance. Think "Jerry Maguire" but instead of writing a mission statement, this agent joins the circus. The story goes through the different people he meets in his month of training and touring with the company, where he is shown how they operate. Our agent takes this new learning back and changes his job. It was nice and short and lightweight. Not much of surprise he [...]

    19. I really liked this business management leadership title. I think that Lyn Heward did a great job of drawing you into the story while also conveying the principles of inspiration, enthusiasm, and a sincere joy of life and your job. I loved reading about the behind the scenes parts of Cirque du Soleil. Hearing about how the performances are created and how they keep all of their employees continually motivated was great for driving my creativity and inspiring me to reach further in my career. Thi [...]

    20. Well-written; excellent and clear points; shows why and how the author changed over time; a quick read. After seeing my very first Cirque Du Soleil, Amaluna, in Montreal, I was completely blown away by how brilliant the show was and how sad that I knew nothing about the Cirque experience. While on vacation, I ran to the local bookstore the next day, like a druggie looking for a fix, needing to know more. I found, with the help of a clerk, The Spark, buried in the Business section, only one copy [...]

    21. Great story about how a man finds his passion again after a chance encounter with the Cirque Du Soleil. I am a huge fan of Cirque Du Soleil and I loved this book because it embraces what I love about them and gave me an insider look to operations. I had read a book on the costumes of the show and that gave me some insight to the details they commit to but this enhanced that knowledge. If you are in a rut, this would be a good book to read.

    22. I think the reviews are a bit harsh for this fun little read. My opinion is that the book accomplished exactly what it set out to do. I have been in jobs or situations I didn't find personally inspiring, so I totally understood the author's growth process. He found something that gave him a renewed sense of purpose, and he applied the mental skills he learned. It's not a deep read at all, but it is a book that leaves you with a good feeling.

    23. A good book that approached the heart to drive home some often forgotten things that are simple but powerful. Much akin to books like "Who Moved My Cheese" or "Peaks and Valleys". It is a worthwhile read- and even more so for those who enjoy the Cirque Du Soleil experience. The light reading makes it easy to get through but the lack of depth in delivery does not mean it will not lead to some depth in reflection.

    24. I watched "KA" and "O" this Christmas with my aunt. We both love them and found they are too amazing. Behind these amazing shows, we do not know what energize them and how to keep their passion every night to entertain the audiences. From "the Spark", I am inspired by the inputs from everyone in the company. The shows keep flashing back in my mind which reminds me their efforts in the show.

    25. Short, sweet and inspiring! This book was especially magical because I am in love with Cirque du Soleil, about whose inner workings you get to explore by journeying with the main character. Through learning the attitudes of Cirque's passionate employees, the book exposes its definite fit in the self-help/motivational genre, but for those who love Cirque, some of that passion might just rub off.

    26. The Spark is a behind the scenes view into Cirque du Soleil, and how an outside sports agent was able to get a look, and be drawn in, by the creativity and passion of the staff and performers. How the sports agent was changed by his time with the performers could be inspiring to some, or simply very interesting to any admirers of the Cirque du Soleil.

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