Red Hot

Red Hot Red Hot That s the profile title we re going with Newly out firefighter Red has a pretty average life a job he loves supportive friends big dreams and a little trouble finding a roommate That is u

  • Title: Red Hot
  • Author: Sean Ashcroft
  • ISBN: 9781544715179
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Red Hot That s the profile title we re going with Newly out firefighter Red has a pretty average life a job he loves, supportive friends, big dreams, and a little trouble finding a roommate That is, until he rescues a slightly odd computer nerd from his burning apartment building.Andy isn t just any computer nerd He s the computer nerd who single handedly built the u Red Hot That s the profile title we re going with Newly out firefighter Red has a pretty average life a job he loves, supportive friends, big dreams, and a little trouble finding a roommate That is, until he rescues a slightly odd computer nerd from his burning apartment building.Andy isn t just any computer nerd He s the computer nerd who single handedly built the up and coming dating app, M4M Until now, Red s been afraid to put himself out there but with Andy as his new roommate, he s not going to have any choice Andy needs a test case, someone to prove his matching algorithms can find anyone the perfect partner.When he discovers that Red s never been on a date before, Andy makes him his pet project he s going to find Red the man of his dreams, whatever it takes.The only problem is that Andy is the man of Red s dreams, and Red can t bring himself to face the embarrassment of telling him after all, Andy isn t interested, right Little does Red know that Andy s been thinking the same thing If only his algorithms agreedRed Hot is a standalone gay romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger It does, however, contain several terrible jokes, stress induced baking, a string of weird dates, explicit sex scenes, and a Dalmatian called Spot.

    One thought on “Red Hot”

    1. This story was well-written, but the harping on and on about how neither MC thought that the other MC was, or ever could be, attracted to them Lord, that was soooo exhausting and repetitive. The sexy bits were definitely worth a read, but not sure those would justify picking this one up, if I had to do it all over again.All things considered, I'd rate this one at around 2.75 stars.------------------------------------------------This story is free with Kindle Unlimited membership.

    2. The MCs had the same last name. I wonder if that was intentional. If it was intentional I found it odd that it wasn't ever acknowledged. When Red finally tells Andy his real full name there wasn't even a reaction to his last name.

    3. Bad. I almost feel asleep during the sexy times. Say what? Boring sex? Yes, people! Booooringgggg! And totally lacking of feelings. It felt clinical. I didn't know if Red was getting a rectal exam or was having sex with Andy. I was reading it and wondering why on earth is Red enjoying this?The characters couldn't be any more one dimensional if they tried the dialogue was flat, immature and absurd. That is, when they bothered to talk, because half the book was spent with silly miscommunication.I [...]

    4. *ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review*3.5 starsAnnouncement: we are talking about firefighters. Did you understand? What could be sexier than a firefighter? A RED hot firefighter! Another sweet story with a happy ending. I SO love Sean's stories!

    5. While I liked each hero, they each felt more like sketches to me than fully developed characters and the conflict to their romance got a bit tiresome. I loved the set up and who each man is but I needed more time of them being together as such different people to make this book work for me.I will read more by this author thought because despite all of that I enjoyed the book.

    6. This book redefines slow. Even the beginning, when Andy is being rescued from a burning building, was a tad boring. He is coughing, convinced that his life is over, then a hulking firefighter tosses Andy over a shoulder and carries him out to safety. That sounds so excitingbuth.Red is a firefighter who rescues Andy from certain demise in the burning inferno that was his apartment. He happens to also be recently out and looking for a roommate. Andy is an app designer who now finds himself homeles [...]

    7. Fireman and a Nerd!!!This was a fantastic story. Two friends fall for each other against the odds. HUMANITY WINS AGAIN! Yea! Recommended. Like the idea s they have. Mesh well.

    8. An enjoyable story but it didn't grab me the same as Manny Makes Three. Some parts dragged a little.3.5 stars, 4 for GR

    9. this was sweet and yummy. and hot and very typical i enjoy a good HEA though so it worked for me i really loved the characters and the slow burn and the writing was superb as always. i am glad i got to review it

    10. DNF’d at 81%. I literally just read the book Cocky by the same author and I cannot believe this is the same author. I actually have a conspiracy theory that is just buying up a bunch of stories cheap and publishing them under the name Sean Ashcroft. What brought me to that conclusion? This book. It sucked compared to Cocky. The dialogue was juvenile, the sex…ugh I would rather not. The turmoil about liking your roommate, turned friend, turned BFF turned love of your life was ridiculous. Did [...]

    11. RED HOT!! The storyline was strong and the characters were well developed and amazing. Andy finds himself being carried out of his apartment building by Red, a firefighter, as his home is being engulfed with flames. Andy finds himself homeless and Red is looking for a roommate. Either fate or coincidence has brought the two together a second time as the two agree to room together. Andy is still trying to get over a breakup from a year ago. Red has just come out of the closet 6 months ago, never [...]

    12. An Ok ReadI have a couple of Sean's books in my digital library at the moment. I find his writing refreshing. This story in particular however, is not going to go down as one of my favorites in the MM category. Thereason being, i couldn't feel the connection between the two characters. They were just two people who lived together. There was no exclusive passion. It took me longer than usual to finish this story because i kept waiting for the moment that special connection would take place and it [...]

    13. Red is a firefighter, who saved Andy’s life after his apartment caught fire. He just came out six months ago and he is still nervous about dating a guy.Andy is a computer nerd, who developed a dating app, but has no luck himself in that department. He is comfortable with his sexuality, but not with his looks and appeal to other men. Even more so after his recent breakup.Andy and Red are attracted toward each other from the moment they meet, but they are hesitant to act on it. Red is just too s [...]

    14. Red Hot and SexyLove this how numbers need to be thrown out and just do what is natural Red and Andy did just that seeing how Andy learn that being a perfectionist isn't always a good thing and Andy saw that and knowing how it could effect him later on so understanding what was at stake says a lot and he held on to Red and now they get a happy ending

    15. This was a nice read, but I didn't feel like the characters were fully fleshed out and their internal monologues doubting their feelings etc got a bit repetitive. Sean Ashcroft can write sweet romances though and I do enjoy them, I just want a little more development.

    16. Not bad, though slightly boring at the end. The last 30 pages or so mostly felt like unnecessary fillers.It started well, and although the out come was obvious from the very first paragraph the way from the start point to almost the beginning of the expected result was fun and entertaining, then unexplained events, (view spoiler)[ How would Andy know where red was when the building collapsed and why was he there? (hide spoiler)] and a lot of extra fillers ruined the ending, which is a pity. It c [...]

    17. 31/2 rounded up to 4★I am sorry to say that this story just didn't do it for me. It was cute but it dragged in places and I found myself skipping narration spots and even some sex scenes. It was a cute premise though.

    18. I love a good fireman story and this one was great. I thought Andy and Red were likable MCs. The story was fast-paced and interesting. I would recommend this book.

    19. Well doneA sweet little romantic story about two men who meet at the right moment. Red and Andy are wonderfully developed. The story is tightly written.

    20. Red HotSlow burning short love story. Totally adorable too.No angst, just a 100% sweet ride and a beautiful HEA ending.Actually, make that a 97%Will read this again ^^

    21. A hot fireman and a genius computer nerd thrown together by unforeseen circumstances – what's not to like? What can go wrong?Apparently everything…. There was no connection, no plot to speak of and the writing was far from engaging. This book made me fall asleep on several occasions – it was that boring. So move along to a better book, nothing to see or miss here.

    22. AwesomeI loved this book! It was funny and sweet and I thought it was amazing all around. I love all of the little jokes and how happy they are! It's so sweet!!

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