10,000 Dresses

Dresses Every night Bailey dreams about magical dresses dresses made of crystals and rainbows dresses made of flowers dresses made of windows Unfortunately when Bailey s awake no one wants to hear about

  • Title: 10,000 Dresses
  • Author: Marcus Ewert Rex Ray
  • ISBN: 9781583228500
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every night, Bailey dreams about magical dresses dresses made of crystals and rainbows, dresses made of flowers, dresses made of windows Unfortunately, when Bailey s awake, no one wants to hear about these beautiful dreams Quite the contrary You re a BOY Mother and Father tell Bailey You shouldn t be thinking about dresses at all Then Bailey meets Laurel, an oldeEvery night, Bailey dreams about magical dresses dresses made of crystals and rainbows, dresses made of flowers, dresses made of windows Unfortunately, when Bailey s awake, no one wants to hear about these beautiful dreams Quite the contrary You re a BOY Mother and Father tell Bailey You shouldn t be thinking about dresses at all Then Bailey meets Laurel, an older girl who is touched and inspired by Bailey s imagination and courage In friendship, the two of them begin making dresses together And Bailey becomes the girl she always dreamed she d be This gorgeous picture book a modern fairy tale about becoming the person you feel you are inside will delight people of all ages.

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    1. For all intents and purposes Cookie magazine is not the kind of publication I read regularly (in that I make less that $250,000 a year). However, a year or so ago this periodical carried a story I hadn't really heard before. It was a true story of two parents trying to figure out how to deal with their young son. The boy liked wearing dresses, and pretty much preferred to wear them all the time. They didn't mind it in the home, but when he wanted to start wearing dresses to school the parental u [...]

    2. Alex said the same thing I did after reading this, which was, like, 'What- that's it?' We both had to calm ourselves down and remind ourselves that this is a picture book for children, which is hard when you're used to trans stuff being the province of complicated theory and stately literary explorations (puke) and Felicity Huffman movies (puke puke, except for the 'shoplifting a frog' joke).But it is a picture book! For little kids! I'm pretty stoked that I live in a world where this book exist [...]

    3. I bought this for my niece. She loves fashion and dresses. She loves the beautiful and amazing pictures of dresses in this book. She had questions about why a boy wanted to wear them. I think she's still puzzling it all out. She still asks to read this book from time to time. I feel the subject is handled very well. Great book.

    4. 10,000 Dresses is a story about a transgender child who was born a boy, but identifies himself as a girl. The overall plot is about how she wakes up from her dreams and goes on to tell her parents about the many dresses that she saw, but evidently every time, they tell her to stop talking about them because she’s a boy. The story is beautifully written and is interesting enough for children to get them thinking. The language is written in a way where the situation of the story is told realisti [...]

    5. 10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert is about a child named Bailey who was born a boy but sees herself as a girl and has plans to be a dress designer. Bailey's family doesn't want to talk about dresses or the fact that he sees himself as a she. If he'll just shut up and put up the problem will go away. Except it doesn't and fortunately for Bailey's sake, there is a dress designer down the street who is willing to support her dreams.It's a book that was on my wishlist and I probably heard about it from [...]

    6. In this odd book a boy who keeps dreaming about dresses tells each one of his family members about it, only to have them make fun of him and tell him that dresses are not for boys. Finally, however, he meets an older girl who helps him actually make the dresses he dreams about. I think this book might be confusing for kids who don't understand that Bailey is transgender. Bailey's family all refer to him as a boy, and he looks like a boy. Yet the narrator of the story calls him a she. I understan [...]

    7. 10,000 dresses tries just a bit too hard and, while it may be reflective of some families, showcases far more disrespect and hate than it does the love and understanding it's supposed to convey. It's not that the book doesn't bring smiles and warmth, it's that it's far too thin and there's a pretty uneven balance. I think it'll leave kids feeling more confused and not do much to further acceptance. Really disappointed in this one. :(

    8. Pioneering children's book dealing with Trans issues. Bailey dreams of magical dresses, but her family says that boys don't wear dresses.I went to a reading for the book last night, and there were a couple of teachers who say they are getting great response from kids from the book.Beautiful art by Rex Ray, who has done a lot of book design and also art for David Bowie projects.

    9. I loved this book so much when I read it because, it gave a realistic approach to how some children feel when they come out. In many cases people will not be accepting at first or make fun of you but if you keep being who you are things will turn out for the best because you're being authentic. I am in awe of Marcus Ewert, because he created a beautiful book, showcasing a boy who wanted to wear dresses and did so even if those around him didn't think it was okay. Ewert gave hope to little boys a [...]

    10. I have mixed emotions about this incredibly short book (took all of 30 seconds to read) because I can't identify the intended audience. The simplicity and sparseness of the story would appeal to the small child who is unable to read yet or who is just learning to read. And it can be a good way to introduce this topic to children to help them learn about diversity and adversity. I can't see this itty bitty story appealing to the older child who might be struggling with gender identity and accepta [...]

    11. 10,000 Dress by Marcus Ewert, illustrated by Rex Ray, published 2008.Realistic fiction.Picture book.Grades K-3.Found as a Stonewall Honor Book and a finalist for the Lambda Literary Awards. No review found.Bailey is a girl who dreams of beautiful dresses she'd like to wear every night. However, when she tries to tell her family about these dresses, they insist that she's a boy and shouldn't want to wear dresses. Bailey faces the struggle of finding someone who recognizes her as a girl until she [...]

    12. Grade: Middle school to high schoolSubject: Social Emotional, feelingsA boy named Bailey dreams about a variety of dresses. He tells his family about the dreams he has and asks for a dress, but his family members do not understand his need to have a dress as an appropriate one. “You are a boy!” Is their response to Bailey and undeterred each night he has a new dream about a dress. Later he finds himself walking towards a house and in it is an older girl who knows how to sow, but doesn’t ha [...]

    13. I wanted to enjoy this book more than I did because it's not a common topic in literature for young children. I appreciate that Ewert does not try to wrap up a complicated topic with a big group hug at the end, yet he does give the young transgendered protagonist a supportive life line. The prose was good at times and a little cliche at others.The artwork was not particularly appealing to me. Bailey's imagination via dreams is interesting and I'm sure s/he'd give fashion people something to thin [...]

    14. While very clearly an "issues" text, I would read this with individual children and/or with children who are experiencing the hardships Bailey does. In my opinion, this book would be difficult as a read-aloud for a larger group of children, as many young children have limited or no concept of what it means to be transgender. They may be confused by the mixed pronouns (Bailey's self identification versus her family's imposed language), and while the book is ABSOLUTELY appropriate for young childr [...]

    15. 10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert is about a little boy named Bailey. Bailey is not like the other boys in his life. He wakes up every name from having amazing dreams about all kinds of dresses. Dresses made of flowers, dresses made of windows. When he wakes up no one wants to hear about his dreams, they tell him "you're a boy Bailey" and boys aren't suppose to wear dresses. This is until he meets Laurel. Will Laurel help Bailey be who he really wants to be?This is an amazing and inspiration pictur [...]

    16. I love the idea and intention of this book, and I think it is a good introduction into the importance of using the identifying pronouns as requested (rather than correcting/forcing children in one direction) and perception around that. It also sends a great and beautiful message that sometimes our greatest allies and supporters are outside of the immediate family. However, I really wish it didn't play so strongly into stereotypes and the gender either-or binary and rather focused on the fluidity [...]

    17. I think this is an important book because it opens a window into the world of a transgendered child and provides a rare mirror in which other transgendered children can see themselves. It would be a catalyst for initiating a possibly difficult but important conversation in classrooms and families. The author contrasts Bailey's self-image with the way others see Bailey through the use of language:Bailey uses "she" and "her" in self-reference, whereas other family members (mother, father and broth [...]

    18. 4.5I round up because the world needs more such books. It is realistic, see the reactions of the parents and, especially, of the brother. And also because Bailey finds help and understanding with a stranger, which is probably true for many trans people. It is a good book not only for trans kids, but also for boys who like to wear dresses and girls who don't like to wear them. I loved the fact that the author uses from the beginning the pronoun Bailey would use for herself. I liked also the artwo [...]

    19. King Library, Ground Floor, IMC, Juv Easy | PZ7.E94717 Aaj 2008Amy Thornley read this book at the 2010 Women's Read-In.

    20. Marcus Ewert's 10,000 Dresses is about a young girl named Bailey who dreamed about some very creative dresses she wanted to have. She approached her mother and asked if the mother could help her make a dress out of crystals. The mother responded aghast that Bailey was a boy and that boys do not wear dresses. Bailey responded that she did not feel like a boy. After dreaming about a dress made of flowers, Bailey approached her father and asked if he could grow her a dress like that. Her father was [...]

    21. I absolutely loved this story and cannot wait to share it with a small group. Bailey, dreams of beautiful and intricate dresses each night. She tries telling her parents about the dresses, but they remind her that she was born a boy. "You're a boy. Boy's don't wear dresses". Throughout the story, Bailey continued to dream, and tell her mother, father, and brother about these magical dresses. The ending was heartwarming, but I do not want to spoil the story for you! I'm quite impressed with this [...]

    22. "You dream about dresses, Bailey? That's gross. You're a boy." If you like that quote, then this is the book for you. This quote is followed by a threat to physically assault the main character. I started out giving this book two stars, then changed to one star while writing this review. One star for the parents that shame and disregard their child's feelings. It's nice that there's a book for transgendered children, but I feel like the message of this story is that your parents and family won't [...]

    23. I LOVE THIS. I want this book out there for kids and adults to get some of the view-point of a child dealing with gender-conflicts. This book primarily pokes at issues with the family calling out the transgender kid, but I think it also brings up the issue of limitations in gender-expression. I have known little cis boys to love dresses and still love being a boy. Who says boys can't love dresses? And who says you have to be the gender your parents and doctors decided on likely prior to even bei [...]

    24. In 10,000 Dresses Bailey loves dresses. The only problem is that her mom and dad say she is a boy and only girls wear dresses. Even Bailey's older brother doesn't understand why Bailey likes dresses, but Bailey dreams of so many different kinds of dresses. Bailey makes a friend who finally understands her. This book can help students see the gender stereotypes that are around and how we can ignore them.

    25. "10,000 Dresses" is a fiction story about a young boy, Bailey, who is transgender, who considers himself a girl. The plot of the story is basically Bailey dreams of wearing different dresses, and wakes up to tell each individual of his family, but aren't supportive and tell him that he is a boy can not wear dresses. The story problem is that Bailey wants to express himself by wearing dresses, even though he is a boy, but his parents do not accept him that way. The solution of the story is that B [...]

    26. The artwork was just not as appealing as I would have liked it to be but telling the story with the main character's family where they were (in the garden, on the field) when approached about them wanting to wear dresses did tell a wonderful story. It's when she finds someone who doesn't think it odd/weird to wear dresses that she feels legitimized and has thousands of ideas for pretty dresses. Succinct story with a point and a voice.

    27. 10,000 Dresses is a children’s picture book about a little boy who identifies as a girl. She wants to wear dresses and dreams about all the beautiful dresses she could wear. However, her mother and father don’t approve as they tell her she is a boy and boys don’t wear dresses. Eventually, Bailey meets a lady who wants to make a dress and they do so together. The book had a good underlying message and dealt with the topic of transgender children, which often isn't discussed.

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