One thought on “Memories of Amnesia”

  1. As our organ of primary understanding and the seat of our self-awareness, the brain holds a special place in the pantheon of the body, and not just its literal special place in the bony bowl at the top of our spines. The brain’s illnesses pose potentially unresolvable paradoxes about the nature of identity and about the accuracy of our understanding of the world. Memories of Amnesia, a novel of brain damage and its effects, by neuropathologist Lawrence Shainberg, addresses issues of mind and b [...]

  2. A surprisingly good, if dense, short read. Shainberg creates a terrifying world where nothing is right or believable, yet the narrator is utterly convinced of everything he tells the reader. A good philosophical romp that should take you an afternoon.

  3. Unmemorable. :)Not really - great book covering the crazy reflexiveness of being suffering from a neurological disease while being a neurosurgeon.

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