New Leash on Life

New Leash on Life Former attorney and current dog whisperer Shane Kilcannon doesn t like to lose At anything So when he messes up his chance with a beautiful stranger whose confident smile and haunted eyes intrigue him

  • Title: New Leash on Life
  • Author: Roxanne St. Claire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • Former attorney and current dog whisperer Shane Kilcannon doesn t like to lose At anything So when he messes up his chance with a beautiful stranger whose confident smile and haunted eyes intrigue him than any woman he s ever met, he s ready to snarl like one of his beloved pit bulls But Shane s work with the wildest and wariest of his family s rescue dogs has taugFormer attorney and current dog whisperer Shane Kilcannon doesn t like to lose At anything So when he messes up his chance with a beautiful stranger whose confident smile and haunted eyes intrigue him than any woman he s ever met, he s ready to snarl like one of his beloved pit bulls But Shane s work with the wildest and wariest of his family s rescue dogs has taught him patience and persistence When his father asks him to work alongside Chloe, helping to convince the locals to support her groundbreaking tourism plans, he agrees as long as she is willing to help him by giving a temporary home to one misunderstood dog.Chloe Somerset has built a reputation in the tourism industry as someone with big ideas that put little places on the map, and she s confident she can do the same for Bitter Bark, North Carolina All she has to do is convince one small town to change its name, open her germophobic heart to a dog with a penchant for face licking, and avoid the landmines of local politics when her plans divide the townspeople But none of that is as scary as the feeling of falling hard for a handsome charmer who whispers all the right things and tempts Chloe to forget a lifetime of hard lessons Shane might be the best trainer in the family, with an instinct for how to get through to the creatures who need care the most, but he s met his match with Chloe and it ll take every trick he knows to teach her to fall in love.

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    1. Chloe Somerset has come to Bitter Bark, NC at the request of her Aunt Blanche, who is the mayor of the town. She has asked Chloe to come up with something that would make Bitter Bark a fun and new travel destination. After Chloe's first meeting she walks around the town trying to get ideas and stops in at the Bitter Bark Bar. There she meets Shane, a dirty, attractive man that she ends up kissing and feeling more sparks than she thought she would! After the way Chloe's mom was, she does not like [...]

    2. Former attorney Shane Kilcannon trains therapy dogs at his family-owned canine training and rescue facility. He is fondly known around his hometown as a dog whisperer. Shane jumps at the chance to take his father’s place on the Tourism Advisory Committee just to see a certain woman again. Chloe Somerset’s distaste for disorder and dirt challenges him to break through her aversions. He convinces Chloe to temporarily house a Staffordshire Terrier to better promote her idea for the town. Shane [...]

    3. Another wonderful story that tugged at my heartstrings, New Leash on Life by Roxanne St.Claire. Again a perfect title for this wonderful and emotional story, but it doesn’t quite describe what you might expect. This is the second book in her Dogfather series but each book is a stand long read. This is Shane Kilcannon and Chloe Somerset’s story. Shane is the second eldest and a lawyer who has become a dog trainer and advocate for pit bulls. He tries to inform the public that the dogs are lova [...]

    4. New Leash on Life is the second book in Roxanne St. Claire's wonderful new Dogfather series. I loved that Shane Kilcannon was the second sibling to get his story. Shane Kilcannon and Chloe Somerset are pretty much as different as night and day. He works as a dog trainer, and doesn't care about getting dirty on the job. Chloe is a marketing expert who seriously hates to have a hair out of place. However, those differences made me absolutely love them as a couple long before they actually became o [...]

    5. Roxanne St. Claire has written another heartwarming story centered around Waterford Farms, a canine training and rescue facility run by the Kilcannon family. Shane Kilcannon gave up practicing as an attorney to come home and join the family business. He has a soft spot in his heart for Staffordshire Terriers and spends most of his day training and playing with the dogs on the farm.Chloe Somerset has been asked by her aunt to help raise the awareness of the town of Bitter Bark as a tourist attrac [...]

    6. Let me start out by saying how much I loved this book!!! Shane is one of the Kilcannon's that run the Waterford Farm and trains the dogs. Since his mother's death 3 years prior, he has been all about the hook ups, not the forever kind of love. Losing his mom was hard enough and he hasn't quite gotten over it. Enter ChloeChloe is called to Bitter Bark, NC to help her aunt (the mayor) put Bitter Bark on the map and start making money for the town. The town needed some desperate help. In need of a [...]

    7. Book 2 in the Dogfather series starts out with Chloe Somerset coming to town to help out her Aunt Blanche who is the Mayor. The town needs a makeover to bring in the tourists. Her name change idea is brilliant for some people. Others not so much. Shane Kilcannon is a lawyer and one of the family dog whisperers. He's attracted to Chloe from the first time he meets her but he's not a love em and keep em type of guy. Doesn't meet he doesn't want to be a love em for right now type of guy. He's got a [...]

    8. This second book in the series is a hit. Shane is the member of the Kilcannon family featured in this book. He gave up his life as a lawyer to come back and work with the family in their dog training/rescue facility. His passion is changing the world's perception of dogs clumped in the group of pit bulls. That is until Chloe comes to town. He's got some passionate feelings for the uptight, gotta be super clean woman who has come to help her aunt save the town of Bitter Bark by creating new inter [...]

    9. New Leash on Life will take you through every possible emotion as you eagerly devour every word on every page. Chloe is a person who likes everything in its place, and everything neat and tidy as a result of how she grew up. The last thing she wants in her life is a dog, or a man. She's about to get both and soon she won't be able to imagine her life without them both.When Shane runs into Chloe in town by chance he goes out of his way to make sure that chance meeting isn't their last encounteror [...]

    10. New Leash on Life is such a perfect title for this book. Not only does it shed light on what great animals Staffordshire Terriers can be and why they should be given a chance to find loving homes, it also shows two people growing and learning about themselves to the point that they are not only willing to give each other a chance, but more importantly give themselves a chance at a new life filled with love and happiness. It’s hard not to fall in love with Daisy, the dog that brings Shane and C [...]

    11. Chloe Somerset has come to town to help her aunt, the mayor of Bitter Bark. She wants her to come up with ideas to attract tourists to the town. Shane Kilcannon, ex lawyer, is now working for Waterford Farms, an elite canine rescue and training facility. Shane's Father has asked him to work with Chloe. Shane agrees, but there are conditions.This is a delightful romance with a dash of humor thrown in. This is the 2nd book in the series. I highly recommend the first but this book could be read on [...]

    12. See full review at HarlequinJunkieRoxanne St. Claire never fails to make me swoon over her heroes and want to befriend her heroines. And that was especially true while reading New Leash on Life. Not only did we have a stellar romance here, but there was drama with the local townsfolk, and of course a beautiful rescue dog who saved the day and warmed my heart.Shane and Chloe ended up being a super fun couple, both of whom had some demons/issues from their past to deal with, but who were absolutel [...]

    13. This book is definitely a winner. It is the 2nd in the Dogfather series and is Shane and Chloe's story. I love the entire Kilcannon family and their dynamics; it is so nice to find a family that can work together and be so supportive. Shane is still dealing with the death of his mother and being thrown together with Chloe is just what he needs.He pushes her beyond her germaphobic boundaries in such a good way. All the rescue dogs are great and to highlight the Staffordshire Terrier and the Pit B [...]

    14. Ms. St. Claire has a triple threat on her hands. Sexy hero, feisty heroine and adorable scene stealing cuddlers make for a tasty and endearing treasure. A mischievous dog and a sleepy little town have a bit of matchmaking on the agenda. New Leash On Life is a combination of cute and tempting. Shane is a wet dream come to life. Easy on the eyes, fatal to the heart. His sensitive side shines through with every rescue dog he saves. Chloe craves love but repeatedly experiences heartache. When work l [...]

    15. It was fun to read this book. I loved seeing Chloe go from a germaphobe who was a bit stuck up to being someone who fell in love for dogs and realized that dirt has it's place in a person's life. As much as I liked seeing Chloe fall for Shane, her falling for Daisy was even better. The story line with the town and what to do to get tourist was slightly interesting. I liked Chloe's idea, thought it was a unique idea that had the potential to bring lots of people to town. I was glad to see how thi [...]

    16. 4.5 starsThis is such a fantastic and sweet book! I loved everything about it. The main couple, Chloe and Shane are the sweetest thing together; it touched me how he dealt with Chloe's obsession with cleanliness, almost a germphobia. Also, it was endearing how Chloe started loosening up and I admired her ideas to develop tourism in the small town of Bitter Bark.As happened with book 1, the star in this book is from the four-legged variety, Daisy, a lovely and sweet dog that melted my heart. Oh, [...]

    17. Chloe has come to Bitter Bark to help her aunt get the tourism up. While trying to think of a good idea she meets Shane and with his help comes up with a name change and a big idea. Shane only knows Chloe’s first name and that she is from Miami, yet he can’t get her out of his head. When his father starts trying to get his brother on the tourism council, Shane takes the opportunity to see Chloe again. Not everyone in town is happy with Chloe’s idea, but Shane thinks a good way to change pe [...]

    18. I found this book so much better than the 1st. The dialogue, story flow, character and relationship development/growth was very well done. I was especially appreciative at how the author incorporated "pit bull education" into the theme - using it not only as a chance to educate her audience about the misinformation about the breed, but also tying it with the theme of the story. Brilliant.I enjoyed the little mystery thrown in and the only other thing I have to say is if there were an actual plac [...]

    19. Wow! I am loving this series and book 2 is just as good as book 1. Being a dog lover, I really enjoy the dog characters. I love the Kilcannon family relationship, the heartache and barriers that Chloe and Shane worked through to get to their happily ever after. Great story!!

    20. I am thoroughly enjoying this series. I like Shane and Chloe as individuals and as a couple, but I must admit Daisy was my favorite character. I eagerly await Liam and Andi and Jag's story.

    21. I am really liking this series. The Kilcannon family is so likeable and the dogs are great. Shane is having a hard time dealing with his mom's death. When he runs into Cloe, he is immediately intrigued. Cloe feels an instant attraction to Shane, but she doesn't stay in one place long enough for a relationship. As they get to know each other, they both are changing their minds on a few things. Will it be enough for her to stay in Bitter Bark?

    22. Reviewed at Romance Is AgelessI absolutely love The Dogfather series – and this is only the second book, we’ve a lot to go yet. New Leash on Life is a delightful romance, but don’t be fooled by the “romance” part of this sentence. Shane and Chloe’s romance has so much depth and delving into some truly serious issues that this story goes way beyond a fun, lighthearted romance. I believe that once you finish their story you’ll have a change of heart toward some preconceived ideas abo [...]

    23. I was so excited to dig into the second book in The Dogfather series, New Leash On Life taking us back into the lives of the always entertaining Kilcannon Clan and featuring the quaint little town of Bitter Bark, North Carolina, with some interesting characters of their own.I wasn't sure who was more of the heroine - Chloe Somerset or Daisy, the beloved Staffie. They both steal your heart in this book! There's also so much to love about the former corporate attorney, Shane Kilcannon, and second [...]

    24. I enjoyed reading this second book in Roxanne St. Claire's new The Dogfather series. Her voice rings through, and it was easy to get into the stories. I am a big fan of Ms. St. Claire, and she is an auto buy for me. After reading the first book, Sit, Stay, Beg, I was hooked. I fell in love with the Kilcannon family, and all they get up to.It is in the first book, we first meet Shane, and I was very intrigued. Ever the playboy, who seems to not want a connection with any woman in a serious relati [...]

    25. Roxanne St. Clair delivers another amazing book in the Dogfather Series. I loved every minute of the book. The strong characters are so memorable they feel like family. WOW! Is all I can say about the changes in the main characters throughout the book. There are so many bittersweet and poignant moments in the book. The story is about Shane Kilcannon, the second oldest child. He is a lawyer turned dog trainer. Shane is left changed by the death of his mother, three years ago. Enter Chloe Somerset [...]

    26. 3.5 The Dogfather series is about a family and their business of dog training facility and rescue. I felt in love with it at book 1 and I still want to read more, but I admit that book 2 didn't have the same entertaining qualities than the predecessor. Not because the characters weren't as lovable, but a lacking in the plot department. I don't want drama at all cost, and I usually prefer when there's not too much but I think different stakes would have enhanced my interest. Chloe's disdain for f [...]

    27. Dogs can change your LifeShane Kilcannon, dog trainer extraordinaire and part-time attorney for his family's dog training & rescue facility. He is outwardly brash, arrogant and sexy. He loves dogs and Pit Bulls specifically. And it is that love of dogs along with his competitive nature that draws him to Chloe Somerset. Chloe is neurotic, a bit OCD and a germaphobe. But her heart is in the right place as she tries to find how to make Bitter Bark a tourist mecca. She's a tourism consultant and [...]

    28. I love this series. Can't wait to read them all.Retired veterinarian and widower DanielKilcannon (The Dogfather) convinces hischildren (hotshot attorney, dot com CEO,veterinarian, dog groomer, and military dog trainer) to bring their skillshome to the family farm - turned into a dog training rescue facility. Hewants to see each find the lifetime love he treasured with their mother.Without too much meddling.St. Claire tells heartwarming family stories of the Kilcannon clan’s searchfor true love [...]

    29. I am loving this series and this book is a great addition! Being an animal lover and owner of 3 rescues myself, this series hits me right in the heart. The stories are well written with incredible characters that having you cheering and sighing all the way through. I must admit that I myself had a lot of preconceived notions about pitbulls that this book shed new light on.This is Shane Kilcannon's story. Shane is a former attorney who has returned home to work in the family dog shelter. He's bee [...]

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