The Indomitable Miss Elizabeth

The Indomitable Miss Elizabeth Two determined women One murder No eyewitnesses Lady Catherine has come to Meryton When a devastating secret is revealed putting Elizabeth Bennet s future happiness and the loyalty of the man she lov

  • Title: The Indomitable Miss Elizabeth
  • Author: Jennifer Joy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two determined women One murder No eyewitnesses Lady Catherine has come to Meryton When a devastating secret is revealed, putting Elizabeth Bennet s future happiness and the loyalty of the man she loves in the balance, her hopes for a Happily Ever After are dashed to pieces Threats are made and family obligations are enforced, leading to an event no one could foresee.Two determined women One murder No eyewitnesses Lady Catherine has come to Meryton When a devastating secret is revealed, putting Elizabeth Bennet s future happiness and the loyalty of the man she loves in the balance, her hopes for a Happily Ever After are dashed to pieces Threats are made and family obligations are enforced, leading to an event no one could foresee Another murder in Meryton Fitzwilliam Darcy is determined than ever to win Elizabeth s love no matter what obstacles their families place between them When a matron is found murdered in the midst of a militia parade, he soon discovers the strength of the woman s enemies and their closeness to Elizabeth Can Darcy protect her when she is determined to bring the murderer to justice With a killer on the loose and their hearts on the line, can Darcy and Elizabeth work together to solve another mystery while fighting for each other Or will the pressure break them apart forever Bestselling author, Jennifer Joy, brings you The Indomitable Miss Elizabeth, the second standalone novel in the A Meryton Mystery romance series If you like falling in love with characters as they fall for each other while uncovering shocking secrets, then you ll love this mystery romance Read The Indomitable Miss Elizabeth today to satisfy your craving for a fast paced mystery interwoven with a heartwarming, sweet romance

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    1. 4.5 rounded up to 5 starsI enjoyed this mystery even better than the first in this series. Ms. Joy does a wonderful job of meshing the Darcy/Elizabeth romance (and the Bingley/Jane romance) along with a murder mystery. The events in this story do follow sequentially after the previous book, though it can be read as a standalone. You may not fully appreciate the various references to what has previously happened, but they're not that important in order to follow and enjoy this entertaining story. [...]

    2. 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars.In this second of Jennifer Joy's mysteries, a matron well known in the Meryton Society, is found murdered. It seems to be the author's Modus Operandi to never leave a clue as to who the murderer might be. Even in knowing this from her first mystery and selecting the person in my mind who might fit this descriptionI was wrong. So good luck if you think you might have intuitive strength in solving crimes such as this.Elizabeth and Darcy have not yet entered into an [...]

    3. This is book two in the Meryton Mysteries series. I believe you MUST read the first book to keep from being completely, utterly, totally confused. I read the first book in October of 2016 and I was fairly confused until I recalled the details of that story. There are just enough changes to make you scratch your head frequently. I think the author should have included a brief synopsis of Book 1 in the beginning. It is sort of like watching The Empire strikes back before Star Wars: A New Hope. Her [...]

    4. Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary. ~GandhiOne of Meryton’s most prominent married women has been murdered. All signs point to only one suspect – Lady Catherine De Bourgh.But there must be other possibilities! Elizabeth Bennet is determined to discover the culprit.So many questions to answer:1. A regular gathering of some village ladies seems odd. What do these townspeople have in common with the Bingley sisters? And what is the significance of LAMB?2 [...]

    5. Shocking! Another murder in Meryton! I can just see this being flashed across the front page of a newspaper if one existed in Meryton! The victim never saw it coming and there are no witnesses! This was a fast paced tightly woven tale with more than one mystery involved. Lady Catherine has also arrived in Meryton with her daughter, Anne, with the sole intent of getting Mr. Darcy to marry her! But why come all the way to Meryton? What dire circumstances would push Lady Catherine to this point? Mi [...]

    6. Great mystery and romanceI loved Meryton Mystery Book 2 as much as Book 1. The plot is excellent, and the original characters are very well developed. I was proud of myself that I have guessed the identities of both the victim and the murderer correctly, as well as the nature of Anne's illness (no spoilers, you have to read it yourself.) The clues are there. ODC wouldn't be themselves without their fair amount of misunderstandings and stubbornness. But as usual, they managed to move past them an [...]

    7. A Murder MysteryI don't want to give anything away, therefore, I'm just going to say that it kept me in suspense to the very end.An overall, engaging read.Nancy Peterson did well with the narration as usual.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."

    8. I loved certain additional characters in this second book of the series but there was little dramatic tension for me and the villain was obvious. The lack of distress by the family of the murder victim was also off-putting.

    9. After clearing his name of Wickham's murder in the first novel, Darcy and Elizabeth still have a long way to go before their happily ever after. The story begins with Mrs. Bennett and her five daughters shopping in Meryton. Lizzy meets Darcy as he enters the town, and perpetual matchmaker Mrs. Bennett convinces Darcy to escort Lizzy home. Lizzy hasn't seen Darcy in over two weeks and things are still uncertain between them. While Lizzy hasn't allowed herself to give her whole heart to Darcy, she [...]

    10. A continuation of The Honourable Mr. Darcy, this mystery revolves around the murder of someone very close to Elizabeth, someone whom Lady Catherine threatened the day before the militia parade. Darcy must help Elizabeth through her grief and to solve the mystery before Elizabeth's life is again endangered by a murderer in Meryton. I really enjoyed this second mystery in the series. I had read the first one before this summer, but the second volume of this series was new to me and very intriguing [...]

    11. A Fun ReadI enjoyed this second installment in the Meryton Mystery series. When another resident of the Meryton area is killed, there are lots of suspects, including Lady Catherine and Mrs. Lucas. Mr. Darcy has reasons for wanting the killer to be found and brought to justice. In the mean time, he and Lizzy struggle to understand one another. In the midst of the stress of trying to solve the murder, can they see eye to eye? This was a great story which was hard to put down. I recommend it!

    12. First off, I received this book for free in return for my unbiased review.This was the first book in the series for me, and I was not sure if I would like this. Thankfully I was shocked at how much I really loved it.Classic with a twist everything was so interesting. it grows on you and takes you to another world, its fun and mysterious, with a style that is at once familiar and yet all its own.I would give this a try.

    13. Another exciting romance/mysteryThis is another fine, enjoyable Pride and Prejudice variation with more romance, more mystery and more of Elizabeth and Darcy.Yes, there's another gruesome murder with too many suspects and not enough clues. Why were there no witnesses to the murder when so many people were nearby, and what is the meaning of the mysterious LAMB Club? What was the murder weapon and where is it now? All is made clear in The Indomitable Miss Elizabeth.16

    14. An engaging and highly enjoyable story! The slightly different character slants of the Bennett ( and D'Arcy ) family members are well worked out, as they were in the first story of the series. It was beneficial to have read that book previously, as the appearance of some characters was not fully explained in this one. The mystery and love story are nicely combined and keep the attention throughout. Definitely a recommended read and I am looking forward to reading the next books in the series.

    15. As good as the first bookAnother interesting murder mystery in Meryton. The victim surprised me.i actually expected it to be Lady Catherine dead on the floor but, alas, it's not to be! Plenty of twists in this murder along with gingerbread that helps identity the killer. And Darcy learns to not assume he knows what Elizabeth is thinking!

    16. Not bad, but not as good as the first in the series. Not my favorite portrayal of Elizabeth, and definitely a few eye rolls in the romance and the missing the obvious departments. I continue to like Mr. Tanner's character.

    17. Nicely doneA perfect mate to the original book the mystery just deep enough to keep you guessing . Elizabeth stubborn and Mr. Darcy proud and Mrs. Bennett the less said the better .

    18. Delightful!There were some twists and turns that took me by surprise, and I wasn't sure I'd like (A death of a beloved character). But as I continued reading, I laughed and gasped and then I couldn't put it down. It's truly delightful.

    19. Another great read from Jennifer Joy.Her mysteries are a delight. Darcy and Elizabeth as crime solvers may be hard to imagine, but it has been done before. Jennifer Joy has a light, pleasing touch in her writing. Warning, it is shocking who is murdered.

    20. P&P And Agatha Christie Book2Another superb murder mystery in Agatha Christie style. The Darcy Elizabeth romance is an added bonus. Though Elizabeth's constant doubts and misinterpretation of Darcy did get a little tiring by the end of the book

    21. I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much as the first in the series. Interesting mystery, but Elizabeth was a real pill through most of the book. She was irritated with Mr. Darcy because he was trying to help her?!?! Give me a break!

    22. AudiobookCan't begin to express how entertaining this audiobook was, fantastic narrative that made this story just flow.

    23. Enjoyed it Enjoyed the first book and immediately purchased and read both this and the third book. Have reread the series too

    24. Enjoyable, but not as good as the first.Elizabeth seemed too emotionally unstable, what does Darcy need to do to prove his love. But it was still a fun read with a happy ending.

    25. ContinuationWhen one enjoys people or a story then more is wanted. These bring back the characters but they have changed and grown.😁😁

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