Dreaming of Venice

Dreaming of Venice Find love friendship and prosecco in the magical city of Venice Life is tough for Penny A dead end job in a London caf a boyfriend in Australia what could go wrong and an art career going nowhere B

  • Title: Dreaming of Venice
  • Author: T.A. Williams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Find love, friendship and prosecco in the magical city of Venice Life is tough for Penny A dead end job in a London caf , a boyfriend in Australia what could go wrong and an art career going nowhere But then Penny is approached with an extraordinary proposition.It isn t going to be easy but, if she can pull it off, she will turn her life around and at long last see Find love, friendship and prosecco in the magical city of Venice Life is tough for Penny A dead end job in a London caf , a boyfriend in Australia what could go wrong and an art career going nowhere But then Penny is approached with an extraordinary proposition.It isn t going to be easy but, if she can pull it off, she will turn her life around and at long last see the fulfilment of her dream to visit Venice And, just maybe, find true happiness with the handsome man of her dreams.But can dreams come true An unputdownable feel good story perfect for fans of Mandy Baggot, Holly Martin and Tilly Tennant Praise for T A Williams The characters in the story really make it exceptional Natalie is a brilliant protagonist and I absolutely adored her journey to self discovery to find her new identity BooksandBookends Wow This is contemporary romance at its best The writing is exquisite And the plot is brilliantly clever, captivating, and delightful with a little bit of drama, love, loss, and of course romance WhatsBetterThanBooks The characters are all brilliantly written, the storyline flows extremely well throughout, and I loved every bit of it Fiona Wilson 10 reviewer UK T A Williams has that gorgeous way of writing a feel good story he s absolutely backed up that men can write chick lit Reviewed The Book Top 1000 Reviewer

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    1. 5☆+  Mesmerising story of Rags to Riches I absolutely loved Dreaming of Venice.It was simply enchanting and captivating.Right from the very first page I was mesmerized by Trevor's beautifully descriptive writing.He has a way of taking me captive and holding my attention drawing me into each and every page.The opening Prologue is a real heroic story. Heart in your mouth, blood pumping scene!Penny jumps in front of a moving train to save a baby in a pram as it hurled over the tracks. She just m [...]

    2. Once upon a time, there was a girl called Penny. She worked in a cafe that mainly sold all day breakfasts, she hopes to make it as an artist, and every night she dreams of Venice where she would one day love to visit. By a sheer fluke, Penny meets her fairy godmother, Caroline, who can offer Penny her wildest dreams, in exchange for a bit of work, that may make life confusing for a while. Penny is intrigued and so tempted that Venice could be within her reach she agrees, and that turns into the [...]

    3. I have said before Trevor is one of my favourite ‘feel-good’ authors so it comes as no surprise that I immediately leapt to read this ARC. While the cover is divine from a newbie readers viewpoint, I would read a book covered in brown paper by Trevor because you know it’s the contents within that make it magical and this story is no exception.It begins dramatically, Penny Lane (yes, Beatles fans!) performs a brave rescue and from there her mundane life as a waitress and budding artist star [...]

    4. This is another delightful story, one that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend you read the book, rather than reading my review as the book is so much better!This is reminiscent of those rags to riches fairy stories from childhood but with a very contemporary twist - and the heroine has no wicked step-relations! It is a story of a young lady who is working hard, striving to better herself, dreaming of visiting Venice, but everything seems to be going wrong for her until a stranger arrives [...]

    5. Lighthearted, humorous and magically romantic!This is a charming story that highlights that no matter how challenging life might seem at times things always seem to work out and reminds us that sometimes dreams do come true.The characters are sweet, supportive, dependable and quirky. The prose is expressive and polished. And the plot is an enchanting mix of drama, emotion, entertaining mishaps, loss, love; as well as an insightful view into the City of Venice, including the food, the culture, th [...]

    6. You won't be able to put down this adorable, Cinderella-esque tale about a girl who goes from rags to riches and meets her prince! Penny Lane (yes, like the Beatles' song) works in London café, was just dumped by her boyfriend who is now working in Australia, and is trying to get her art career off the ground. Everything changes for her when she rescues a child from getting hit by a train, and she gets her 15 minutes of fame. She is approached by a lady with an extraordinary proposition: pose [...]

    7. The setting for reading this novel was perfect. I was on a cruise ship in the Western Carribean and I decided that Dreaming of Venice could be the perfect addition to my vacation. Sadly, I haven’t enjoyed this book as much as I would have liked.I enjoyed the storyline, it was light and well written. I also loved having a glimpse into the artistic inspiration of Penny. T.A. Williams is able to bring a fresh sense of humor throughout the story that is quite enjoyable. Let me do a quick summary o [...]

    8. Firstly, can we just take a look at this cover How stunningly striking is it? As soon I saw the cover I knew I wanted to jump on to that gondola and sail up the Grand Canal while reading this book. Secondly, I am ashamed to say this is the first book I’ve ever read by this author but as soon as I finished Dreaming of Venice, I went and downloaded Williams’s back catalogue of books and can’t wait to jump into each and every one of them!The story is written around a delightful character name [...]

    9. I loved this book. It was everything I imagined it to be. Lovely feel good summer read. Nice characters and a storyline that was interesting and fun to follow. Definitely love this author

    10. I was lucky enough to read an early version of this story last year after being asked by the author. He was unsure as to whether people would still like a book which wasn't part of his 'What Happens In' series. On reading it I was able to assure him that people would love it regardless. I did give some feedback and I was delighted to discover he has taken that and improved what I thought was an already perfect story.Reading this again I was instantly drawn into the story, even though I knew what [...]

    11. I really wanted to love this book. The cover is beautiful and with a title like 'Dreaming of Venice', it makes you believe that this is where most of the book is going to be set. I really enjoyed To Rome, With Love which is another novel by T.A. Williams so with all the good reviews of this book I thought that I was going to really enjoy this as well.Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the storyline and it is like nothing I have read before. The story follows Penny and her quest to earn more money a [...]

    12. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressOmg, that prologue!!!!! I assumed at the start that ‘Dreaming of Venice’, based on the cover, was going to be a bit candyfloss; soft natured & sweet. How wrong was I! I’ll say it again, omg that prologue!!!!What an unbelievable way to begin a novel! Williams certainly knows how to reel his readers in, that’s for sure! I think my heart went in my mouth whilst also forgetting to breathe for the duration of the prologue, n [...]

    13. The Blurb :Find love, friendship and prosecco – in the magical city of VeniceLife is tough for Penny. A dead end job in a London café, a boyfriend in Australia (what could go wrong?) and an art career going nowhere. But then Penny is approached with an extraordinary proposition.It isn’t going to be easy but, if she can pull it off, she will turn her life around and at long last see the fulfilment of her dream – to visit Venice. And, just maybe, find true happiness with the handsome man of [...]

    14. I would like to thank NetGalley and Canelo for the ARC of "Dreaming of Venice" by T.A. Williams for my honest review.The genres of this story are Women's Fiction and Romance.This is such a good feel book, and I find the author's descriptions of Venice are enticing and amazing. I can picture the canals, the hotels, the Renaissance feel of the architecture. I also have images of Gondola Rides and Canal tours. I wish I could purchase a ticket and travel to Venice right now! I like the way that the [...]

    15. Oh my goodness! THIS cover! Amazing! The colors are TO DIE FOR! I can honestly say that if this is what Venice truly looks like I will be visiting very soon!The concept behind this story is so creative! I love the mystery and the intrigue! The dynamic between the characters is at a whole different level.Penny was basically living life day to day and felt like her life was going no where. Then one day she was approached with an offer that she couldn't refuse. The money was amazing and with her bi [...]

    16. Penny is waitressing in a cafe whist dreaming of seeing Venice one day. When an unexpected opportunity comes her way - we see Venice through her eyes and the glamour part of her opportunity. I loved every page of this book and it really made we want to go to Venice one day. I loved the characters and the way we got to know them better over the course of the book. You really felt part of the story.I have loved all of TA Williams previous books- I love his writing style and the fact that you can e [...]

    17. Advertised as a feel-good-read, the young woman at the center of this story goes on a fairy tale sort of adventure and is rewarded with a fairy tale ending. Her journey is picaresque, with twists and turns in her path to romance and financial security. She deals with various different romantic interests: men from her past, some in her present, and some in her dreams about Venice.Dreaming of Venice is an accurate title since the English protagonist doesn't actually get to Venice until the end of [...]

    18. Penny lives in a room in a rat infested house and life is not treating her well. An act of bravery leads to a different set of experiences altogether.I don’t know if it is because I’d just read a couple of very intense books when I picked up Dreaming of Venice, but it was the perfect read for me, feeling akin to eating a refreshing sorbet after a heavy meal. Unashamedly women’s fiction, Dreaming of Venice has an assured touch that transports the reader away from the cares of the world into [...]

    19. A DreamT A Williams has a notorious habit of ending his books too soon. Or perhaps I enjoy them too much that I'd much rather they never end. It's a good thing he's written quite so many- one of his books is never nearly enough!This book was a classic 'from rags to riches tale' but princess and the pauper style. I love this kind of story. Penny is an artist but not yet discovered so currently she works at a café. She looks like Olivia- practically identical, if her hair wasn't in such a terribl [...]

    20. Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesA fantastic tale of rags to riches this novel will swoop you away in a story of romance and friendship. I zipped through this book and was enchanted by the characters, as I have come to expect from T.A.Williams.Penny is a realistically drawn character for her profession- it’s not an easy life being an undiscovered artist and she’s just putting one step in front of the other until she’s “discovered” by Caroline when she rescues a baby on a train platf [...]

    21. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley. This is my review. I’m very interested in history, and with this novel being located in London and eventually Venice, I was intrigued from the get-go. This novel was fun, and very dream-like. Penny, a regular girl does something heroic at the beginning of this novel. From the exposure of this she is offered an opportunity of a lifetime. This opportunity comes with many perks, drama and best of all friendship and love. This novel was very quic [...]

    22. I always enjoy T A Williams' books and not only because all of those I've read have featured a loveable Labrador! Dreaming of Venice was a good, light, holiday read. I liked the main characters, particularly Penny, and the unusual storyline. I LOVE Venice so, for me, the setting for the second half of the book was perfect. The city was well captured (Murano is my favourite of the small islands too) and it made me want to go on another visit. An enjoyable read set in the most fascinating of citie [...]

    23. Realistic? No.Charming? Yes!I quite enjoyed this story. I liked that the reason Penny was covering for Olivia wasn't anything untoward and didn't cause any serious problems in her life about deceit. And don't we all hope for that 'love at first sight' miracle so we can avoid dating all those duds.The ending was a bit abrupt for me. I find it a bit annoying when the relationship magically comes together on the last page of a book and we're meant to assume there's a happily ever after. I need proo [...]

    24. * I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*I loved this book! It was cute and heartfelt! My favorite of corse was the ending !!!! I really enjoyed this book. I was hesitant because it took me a while to really get into the book, that being said once I did I ate it up. Before I knew it I was on the last page. The enjoyed the characters penny and watching the story unfold as well as all the side characters we got to meet. Can we just say though that ending. sh [...]

    25. A wonderful read. This book captured me from the start. And why not, it is set in the city of love.A story of following your heart, and the hardest thing, is believing in yourself. Who knows what may happen when you learn to let go. And this story brings it all to life. It was very well written as the story swept you along, and as you read, you hope for the quintessential, happy ever after ending.T.A. Williams proves a man can write a good love story.

    26. A very enjoyable easy read. Great for summer My 2nd TA Williams book and again very enjoyable. A great easy read for summer holidays. Recommended . Pleasant characters and a good story line.

    27. Perfect holiday readSuspend belief while lying on a beach and you will enjoy this book. The plot is far fetched but the characters grow on you after a while.

    28. Thank you to Netgalley, Canelo and TA Williams for allowing to read this book in exchange for an honest review. I didn’t really get this book and it was kind of an unbelievable situation to be in. Is there someone else in the world (or actually in the same city) that can take your place and step into your life with just a new hairdo and a fresh set of nails and no one notice? I did the love authors telling descriptive hand when it came to Venice. Wow, it really made me want to visit there!

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