The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away Everyone has one An ex you still think about The one who makes you ask what if Fifteen years have passed since Stella and George last saw each other But something makes Stella click yes to the invite

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  • Title: The One That Got Away
  • Author: Annabel Kantaria
  • ISBN: 9781848455122
  • Page: 103
  • Format: None
  • Everyone has one An ex you still think about The one who makes you ask what if Fifteen years have passed since Stella and George last saw each other But something makes Stella click yes to the invite to her school reunion There s still a spark between them, and although their relationship ended badly, they begin an affair But once someone gets you back, sometimesEveryone has one An ex you still think about The one who makes you ask what if Fifteen years have passed since Stella and George last saw each other But something makes Stella click yes to the invite to her school reunion There s still a spark between them, and although their relationship ended badly, they begin an affair But once someone gets you back, sometimes they re never going to let you go again

    One thought on “The One That Got Away”

    1. Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.This one left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s well-written, well-edited and well-presented, and it does feature a story line that basically forces the reader to keep on turning page after page to see what happens next. But on the other hand, it’s nothing new. In fact, it’s basically Gone Girl, repackaged to fit a British audience. So it’ll probably sell a lot of copies and become a critical [...]

    2. "The One That Got Away" is a quick, throw-away read in the style of "Gone Girl" and "Before I go to Sleep." The blurb on the back of the book suggests that this is a novel about two people, who reunite after they attend their 15 year school reunion. Whilst they were students, they were a couple, but their relationship ended badly. They feel a spark between them still, and so begin an affair. But one of them does not want to let go again. In some ways, this is a fair description of the synopsis, [...]

    3. It could have been a compelling read had there not been so many cliches around the plot.The book started off with a bang!Stella and George, who were a couple back in the school days, meet at a school reunion and instantly hit it off. Both are incredibly successful in their respective careers - George being the king of the advertising agency whereas Stella being the queen of the catering business. George, despite being married to a wonderful woman, Ness, begins an extramarital affair with Stella. [...]

    4. I was given an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and independent review. Stella and George, childhood friends then romantically involved as young adults meet up again (against her better judgment) after 15 years following a school reunion. Their relationship is up and down but I don't want to give any spoilers away. The characters are complex but very well written. I started off disliking George but ended up feeling sorry for him. Sometimes everything is not what it seems!I couldn't p [...]

    5. Very cleverI really enjoyed this book. Had me gripped from the first page right through to the end. A very clever, manipulative, captivating story. Really great thriller in my eyes!!!

    6. An unsettling psychological thriller with a few flawsStella and George used to be lovers back when they were teenagers but haven’t seen each other or spoken in the 15 years since. Both have been extremely successful in their careers and George is happily married, but when the two meet at a school reunion, sparks fly and they begin an affair. After a while, their relationship develops and the two start a life together. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems, and what might seem like the p [...]

    7. My husband received an early copy of this book so I thought I would read and post a short review. I really enjoyed this book for many reasons. It was well written, fast paced, engaging and easy to read. Each chapter left you wanting to immediately start the next (always a good sign in my opinion!), so before you knew it you'd raced through the book. The storyline its self was different to your usual divorce/re-marry/boy-meets-girl/difficult background story. I wouldn't necessarily call it a thri [...]

    8. “Utterly compelling” says Judy Finnegan.“A clever, tense thriller” declares Heat magazine.If only.George and Stella were best friends from a very early age; went to school together, looked out for each other, did everything together. As teenagers the friendship became sexual if not romantic. The inevitable happened, Stella became pregnant, George did a runner. Fifteen years later, at a school reunion, which Stella attends reluctantly, they meet again. They are both successful people, Geo [...]

    9. A very easy read, perfect for beside the pool on holiday. Character driven psychological novel this was well delivered and kept the reader interested and ready to read on all the way through. I did guess the outcome so it was pretty predictable but nevertheless it was still enjoyable. The three main characters were well developed with each having their own secrets and as the book progressed their true traits were revealed. Stella and George were childhood sweethearts and to all intents and purpo [...]

    10. "I'm a damaged woman who has knowledge and power."I've been in a bit of a thriller slump recently; reading a lot of mysteries that are only OK. Unfortunately, The One That Got Away falls into this category. A lot of people have been saying how clever it is, and the concept is I suppose, if a little cliche now, but I don't think it stands out amongst other 'clever' thrillers, like The Girl Before and Gone Girl, though it is clearly trying to follow in those footsteps.The writing let The One That [...]

    11. Note: This book was received from the publisher in return for an honest reviewThe One That Got Away tells the story of Stella and George. The two of them had been in a relationship during school before a bad break up had the two of them go in different directions, now meeting for the first time in years at their school reunion it’s clear a spark is still there, but are they any good for one another?This is a relatively quick review as I think talking too much about the characters or revealing [...]

    12. Stella and George were childhood friends, then teenage lovers. Never officially together, still always together. Until they're not. It's fifteen years later when Stella, her heart pounding, walks into her school reunion and meets George and wife - also a childhood something I gathered, for the first time since her lover got away.The meeting sets a spark and suddenly Stella is, despite not doing married men, diving head first into an affair and so becomes the chuffed mistress.I read a review of t [...]

    13. I’ve been a fan of Annabel’s books from day one: she’s a great writer. This is her third book and definitely her best yet, she’s really hit her stride – and not just that – she’s gone into a new and much darker direction which I loved.The plot follows a couple who were childhood sweethearts who then meet again at a school reunion. It then transpires that their early relationship was troubled and follows them as they continue their journeys in adult life, with interesting twists and [...]

    14. *Note - This book was supplied to me in its entirety by NetGalley. This does not effect my opinions as all my reviews are honest whether the book was purchased or gifted. The One That Got Away was the first book I'd read by Annabel Kantaria, if her other work is remotely similar I will definitely be reading more in the future. To say I liked this book feels strange, its a VERY odd book, unsettling at times, twisted and slightly dark, yet the story is that intriguing too. Its a good thriller (I t [...]

    15. Utterly compelling and just a little unsettling. I'd worked out what was going to happen well before it actually did, but this didn't detract from the story. Alternate perspectives from both Stella and George build tension and create atmosphere.A rattling good read from an author you can rely on!4* from me.

    16. I'm really not sure about my rating for this book - on the one hand it is written in such a way that it keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next but on the other both the main characters are very unlikeable so you don't feel much sympathy for them, frankly they deserve each other! I'm not sure about the ending, not really the kind I like but I'm not sure what I would have preferred.

    17. A great psychological thriller which had me hooked from the get-go. George and Stella used to date at school and meet again 15 years later at a school reunion. Each chapter written from either George or Stella's perspective. I don't understand the comparisons between Gone Girl this was nothing like it and was good in its own right.

    18. I finished it, it wasn’t awful it wasn’t groundbreaking either. felt far-fetched and unreal. I struggle with weak, confused (gullible) characters, for them to work it has to be really convincing, this wasn’t and I hated the ending, it was too convenient.Oh and I really hated the constant use of the word “princess”!

    19. I really did not like this book: not the characters (all of them seemed thoughtless and mean), not the plot (sad and cruel), not the narration (so many words, so little happening), not the grammar ("they gave x to George and I"). It was too slow paced for my taste, cliché-ridden and, after the first part, just plain obvious. Kept going because I vaguely hoped for a twist that never came.

    20. 🎃📚 Autumn Reads 2017 📚🎃Very enjoyable, full of suspicion and domestic mind-games. The only downside is that it's a little too clear where it's going from early on (without any surprises to mitigate this). But overall, this is still a worthwhile dose of paranoia-in-the-home fiction.

    21. Knocked a star off purely because the ending left me feeling so hopeless and depressed. A great thriller, although it became obvious what was happening about halfway through.

    22. This had me gripped and has only taken me 24 hours to read. It kept me going all the way through but I did feel a little disappointed with the ending.

    23. SurprisingGreat read. Couldn't put it down. Picked the 3rd chapter up late 1 night and had to get to the end.

    24. Read about one third and gave it up. Plot was simplistic, typical story you knew where things were going.

    25. I can’t say I enjoyed The One That Got Away very much. Both Stella and George are unlikeable characters and rather one-dimensional. Stella is manipulative and George is weak, controlled by his need for sex and money. Both are now wealthy and successful.It’s written from both Stella’s and George’s perspectives as they renew their relationship and things take a turn for the worse for one of them. As the story progressed I couldn’t feel much sympathy for either of them. I found it long an [...]

    26. A very easy read, perfect for holidays when you don't want to think too much. A tale of love and deceit all rolled into one. I guessed what the plot line was quite early on, and was hoping for a last minute twist that sadly didn't arrive, but overall I enjoyed the read.

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