A Good Walk Spoiled

A Good Walk Spoiled A company golf tournament has a startling conclusion when Richard Cullis the director of research at a lab which uses animal testing collapses after dinner Murder is suspected but who administered

  • Title: A Good Walk Spoiled
  • Author: J.M. Gregson
  • ISBN: 9780727866660
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A company golf tournament has a startling conclusion when Richard Cullis, the director of research at a lab which uses animal testing, collapses after dinner Murder is suspected, but who administered the poison There are many suspects for Chief Superintendent Lambert and Detective Sergeant Hook to choose from.

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    1. Robert Cullis is director of research and development at the Gloucester Chemical Company. One night he is kidnapped at knife point and threatened with dire consequences if he does not stop testing on animals at the company. Then a few weeks later after a company golf match Robert drops dead. I there a connection between the two events or is the murderer someone closer to Robert?Lambert and Hook have plenty of suspects, from the dead man's wife to his cast off girl friends, not to speak of people [...]

    2. Nothing really to write home about. I listened to the audio book from Audible. The reader, Gareth Armstrong, made this book quite enjoyable for me. Must be the Australian accent, I love it. The story itself needs little explication, but what raised this to 3 as opposed to 2 stars was the relationship between DS Hook and his children. Hook is studying for some promotion exams and his boys made very funny comments about him being too old to study, etc. I laughed out loud at some of the comments. I [...]

    3. This English detective mystery, featuring series characters Chief Superintendent Lambert and Detective Sergeant Hook, revolves around murder at a chemical company's Golf Day (hence the title). The victim is selfish, arrogant and evil, and there are plenty with every reason for wanting him dead. Intimidating CS Lambert and friendly, avuncular DS Hook sift through the suspects and uncover the usual slew of secrets. The only disappointing aspect was the ending: not the identity of the killer, but t [...]

    4. Richard Cullis is director of research and development for a pharmaceutical firm. When he's poisoned after a golf outing, English policemen Lambert and Hook and their team learn that he's a very unpopular man indeed. The people from his department who attended the dinner all had reasons to dislike or even hate him, but only one of them was moved to murder him. A fairly run-of-the-mill police procedural.

    5. A typically English murder mystery. One hated man, drops dead surrounded by a multitude of people hating his guts. the pace of this book was somewhat to slow winded for my taste, it takes half of the book to set up the murder and the suspects. We have a body on page 101 of 216. The the investigation bumbles on and everything is wrapped up in three pages. The only good thing was that there was no Butler involved or he would have been the murderer.

    6. A good read; I liked it. I'm no good at solving these things before the end and with all of the suspects having equal opportunity this one was maybe a little harder to choose. Also, I think the one arrested at the end had a pretty darn good defense but that's where the story ended.

    7. Really a rehash with different names and circumstances of other L&H books. The side, family stories of the protagonists are the most interesting part. The plot is tired.

    8. Yet another plodding Lambert/Hook mystery from J.M. Gregson. Infused, as always, with random references to golf and cricket.

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