The Girl From Ballymor

The Girl From Ballymor What would you sacrifice for your children Ballymor Ireland As famine grips the country Kitty McCarthy is left widowed and alone Fighting to keep her two remaining children alive against all odd

  • Title: The Girl From Ballymor
  • Author: Kathleen McGurl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What would you sacrifice for your children Ballymor, Ireland, 1847As famine grips the country Kitty McCarthy is left widowed and alone Fighting to keep her two remaining children alive against all odds, Kitty must decide how far she will go to save her family.Present dayArriving in Ballymor, Maria is researching her ancestor, Victorian artist Michael McCarthy and his beWhat would you sacrifice for your children Ballymor, Ireland, 1847As famine grips the country Kitty McCarthy is left widowed and alone Fighting to keep her two remaining children alive against all odds, Kitty must decide how far she will go to save her family.Present dayArriving in Ballymor, Maria is researching her ancestor, Victorian artist Michael McCarthy and his beloved mother, the mysterious Kitty who disappeared without a trace Running from her future, it s not only answers about the past that Maria hopes to find in Ireland As her search brings her closer to the truth about Kitty s fate, Maria must make the biggest decision of her life.

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    1. I loved this book. It really hit my heart hard because my great-great grandmother was from County Cork, Ireland where this book was set. I'm not exactly sure when they left Ireland but they came to the US in the 1880s.The story was told in a present/past tense at the same time with characters Kitty, Michael and Maria searching for more in their lives. Just lovely!

    2. In the middle of the potato famine in Ballymor in Ireland Kitty McCarthy is struggling - with the potato crop failing again she is unable to feed her family - her husband was killed in a mining accident and four of her children have already died from starvation - luckily her oldest son Michael is working but Gracie her only other remaining child is weak from lack of food - Kitty is desperate to save her In the present day Maria has arrived in Ballymor to research her ancestor Michael McCarthy a [...]

    3. wonderful read, was hard to put it down and sorry when i finished it. Can't wait for the next Kathleen McGurl book !

    4. This book swept me away to 19th century and modern day Ireland. Heartbreaking in parts with its description of life during the Famine, but beautifully written and I was totally engaged in the characters in both timelines. I particularly loved Kitty for her strength and determination. Highly recommended if you love authentic and well-told historical novels.

    5. Kathleen McGurl is getting better and better with each book. I love the two stories one in the past and one present day and how they always come together in the end. The one in the past is set in County Cork (not far from where I live ) and during the Famine or The Great Hunger as we call it here. Would really recommend this book.

    6. This was a very interesting, and quite sad, story set in the present day and during the Irish potato famine in the mid-1800s.There are alternate chapters between Maria from the present day, who is researching her family history and most specifically Michael McCarthy, and Kitty in the 1840s, Michael's Mother, struggling to keep her family alive.Maria has come to Ireland from the UK on her own, leaving her boyfriend at home. He has just proposed and Maria is thinking about it, but because of her f [...]

    7. I loved this book, very well written. I have read other books about the famine but this one was outstanding in the dual timeline aspect.

    8. I enjoyed Kitty's chapters, but the others I just kinda skimmed through. It wasn't that they were bad, but the dialogue felt stilted and I just didn't want to hear the protagonist's struggle with motherhood and her bad childhood any more.

    9. Heart rendering novel!Having had ancestors that lived through the Irish Famine, I felt a deep compassion for suffering Kitty and her family endured. The way the author melds the present-day story with the past makes for a wonderful read.

    10. GoodThis was a good easy read with a happy every after ending.Sad facts about the Irish famine history, but a nice conclusion to this book.

    11. Motherly loveI loved this book and I will pass it on to my Irish daughter in law. Thankyou for a wonderful book.

    12. A story revolving around the lives of a family caught in the potato famine in Ireland, between 1845 and 1850 and a present day descendant who travels to Ireland to seek information for a book she's writing.I thought the book was well researched and had a good storyline. 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    13. Very goodWhat a story. I loved the characters . My heart went out for Kitty. I'm not a mother but you captured all the feeling of a young mother. The son searching for his mom and the great great great grand daughter looking for answers. I had tears in my eyes as I read your book. Thank you and stay well.

    14. OK McGurl you have redeemed yourself from the Emerald Comb novel. I loved this one. Wish there had been a different ending for Kitty, but loved the family connections and the overall hope of motherhood. This was so heartbreaking and yet hope and dreams prevailed. What a mother wouldn't do for her child. Kitty is a hero.

    15. Great read!A wonderfully written historical novel which l found difficult to put down. Hoping someday to visit The British lsles as a part of my bucket list, l enjoyed the wonderful description s of the countryside. Well written book.

    16. Kitty finally is reunited with her family in death.A story of betrayal uncovered by a many great granddaughter. Kitty's life revolved with many twists and turns. Maria brings peace to a tragic past brought on in part by the Irish potato famine.

    17. Great book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This story shows the power of love to overcome great adversity, and the strength that can be derived from family. Women of all ages would enjoy this book.

    18. A girl's great-great grandfather left Ireland during the Famine. He became a portraitist. She is studying art history and wants to write a book about him. The story moves back and forth in time from her life to his. Interesting to learn more about the great potato famine that brought so many Irish to the shore of America.

    19. This was one of the very best and thought provoking book I have read as I love Ireland and the IrishThis is one of the very best and thought provoking books about Ireland. I would love to read more books written in a similar vein

    20. In Ballymor, Ireland in 1847, Kitty McCarthy is struggling to keep her family alive due to the potato famine that has already killed all but two of her children. In the present day, Maria has arrived in Ballymor to research the life of her ancestor, the Victorian artist Michael McCarthy. Will she be able to discover the circumstances surrounding his early life and also what became of his beloved mother, Kitty?I have loved all of Kathleen McGurl's previous books and The Daughters of Red Hill Hall [...]

    21. I enjoyed this story by Kathleen McGurl is the first book that I have read of hers, and I will definitely read more. I enjoyed the setting of the 2 time frames and the story being told by/about predominantly 2 persons. I loved the link of the family history. I also enjoyed the conversational style that Ms. McGurl used.The Great Hunger (the Potato Famine) is a time period that I am interested in, but don't know much about. The book was situated in both the current time and the time of the famine [...]

    22. 'The Girl from Ballymor' popped up on my sidebar as a suggested read. I shelved it because I was interested in that period of time in Ireland's history ~ the years of the 'Great Irish Famine.' It was heartbreaking to read about Kitty losing all but one of her children because of starvation. I feel so lucky that nothing so catastrophic has happened in my life & if it were to happen, could I be as strong? When I googled, over a million people died during those years. So horribly sad & trag [...]

    23. Beautiful story accurate descriptions of IrelandA wonderful story about a daughter who felt very unloved by her Mother until she is pregnant herself and looking for her Irish ancestors. She finds the peace and comfort from a young boy she rescued who was lost in the moors and she discovers the love for her unborn baby and an unexpected reunion with her mother. She finds her ancestors and writes her book in great detail about the struggles and hardships the Irish endured during the potato famine [...]

    24. The famineTwo stories blended into one with the final ending amalgamated into one. Historic book with much about the Irish famine and how the people struggled awful.The second story was about The great, great, great grandaughter of Kitty from the Irish famine, and how she found her beautifully written, I was engrossed.

    25. IrelandLand of my ancestors and the setting for this book. I liked that the history of the time period was factual. I learned a lot about the Great Hunger and the results of this disaster. Good read for 15+

    26. Lovely book to read, could not put it down, will be looking out for more to read from Kathleen McGurl. A must to read

    27. Very interesting. Having visited Ireland in 2005 I could easily envision the landscapes and towns described.

    28. Very interesting bookI liked how the author wove the modern day characters story with that of her ancestors and how in discovering her history she came to terms with her own life!

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