Cutter Did somebody say baby Macie Rosewood was a firecracker in and out of the bedroom She lived her life according to her own rules and high standards When she caught the attention from one of the most el

  • Title: Cutter
  • Author: Stacy Borel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Did somebody say baby Macie Rosewood was a firecracker, in and out of the bedroom She lived her life according to her own rules and high standards When she caught the attention from one of the most eligible Brooks brothers two years ago, Macie had found real love Dodger Brooks was the sensible brother that played hard and loved even harder When Macie walked into his lDid somebody say baby Macie Rosewood was a firecracker, in and out of the bedroom She lived her life according to her own rules and high standards When she caught the attention from one of the most eligible Brooks brothers two years ago, Macie had found real love Dodger Brooks was the sensible brother that played hard and loved even harder When Macie walked into his life, he found what he d been looking for After fear drove her away, Dodger wasn t one to give up so easily But what happens when sexual tension was too hard to resist, and Macie is left with than just a hangover after her best friend s wedding What lengths are Dodger and Macie willing to go through in order to make a relationship work And what happens when another woman is hell bent on splitting them apart

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    1. OMG lets hope its a Macie and Dodger story or ill dieeee i reallyyy need this and i personally belive i needed this yesterday

    2. What happened to my review? I spent more time on it than I usually do and it just disappeared. Well anyway I did not enjoy reading this book. Basically it comes down to one thing "was hero celibate during separation"? This is the kind of info I need in all books I read for it to be good but even more so with this book. Why? Because Dodger is all about Macie from the first he sees her, wants something serious with her and knows they are going to end up together, so whether or not he is celibate d [...]

    3. Cutter was the third book in the Core Four series by Stacy Borel.We met Dodger Brooks and Macie Rosewood in book one. I loved Dodger from day one. He was gorgeous, funny, confident, strong and all male. Macie was beautiful, sassy, funny, independent and strong willed. They flirted around each other in book one and two, but didn't stick. Up to this point, I liked Macie but didn't get to know her until now. Unfortunately, once we dove into all things Macie, I wasn't a fan. She was too standoffish [...]

    4. LovedI've been waiting for dodger & macies story since book 1. And it was worth the wait. Great story for these two Loved it.

    5. 3.5 starsI've been really enjoying this series; I think the author is a talented writer and a good story teller. That being said, although I liked the story for Cutter, I could not stand the heroine in this book!! Macie drove me crazy!There were multiple times I wanted to leave this book a dnf just because of her, but I was hoping she'd become more tolerable so I stuck it out. She's a spoiled, annoying, bratty bitch! I hated the games she played with Dodger, I hated her shitty attitude that neve [...]

    6. From the moment you meet Dodger and Macie during the first book, you know that when you get their story it is going to be good and Stacey did not disappoint. Dodger and Macie's story was less about finding love and more about knowing what love is and accepting that it can be in your life and not destroy the person that you think you are but instead make you that much better. Macie needed Dodger but wasn't ready to accept it instead she hid behind wall upon wall and came across as a spoiled and u [...]

    7. Cutter is book 3 in the #CoreFour Series and follows Dodger and Macie. I really enjoyed the story and liked we got a little bit more of Camden and Keegan's life as well. Plus there is a little of Turner and some insight into book four with regard to Wrigley's story. Dodger is just a cocky sweetheart who has what it takes to deal with Macie. I love that Dodger is the way he is with Macie but at times I can see where Macie is coming from in wanting independence. He is not perfect but he is honest. [...]

    8. I love this series but was disappointed with Cutter. I found the story of Macie and Dodger to be rushed and it took awhile for Macie to be redeemed (she was a real bitch to Dodger in the beginning)in my eyes, it's not realistic to be angry and indifferent at the begining of an argument, to then go to love and wanting to spend your life together the space of about 5 minutes it seems. This book needs a second round with the editor because of all the grammatical errors and the double words or missi [...]

    9. Shitty characters, shitty conflict, shitty writing, shitty plot, shitty everything. I'm a sucker for pregnancy books so I enjoyed that part, but aside from that, this was a waste of my time.

    10. I was soooo looking forward to this book because Dodger seemed like a very swoonworthy hero.But damn so many things borderline pissed me off. Maybe it's because I have an awful cold and I'm not really the most patient and understanding person right now but OK. Spoiler alert, at some point, h and H get into a big fight about one of H's employees, Dana or something can't bother to remember her name. Keep in mind that h is like eight months pregnant when it happens (it actually happens throughout t [...]

    11. I hate to write bad review but this book was boring and annoying. I mean it's hard to read book about immature 25 years woman who acts like 15 years teenager with tantrums and all.But to start from begining. I was waiting for this book because Macie and Dodger interactions started in first book and I liked Dodger. He was fun and smart. I didn't understand why they constantly broke up and fight ( it didn't get more clear even in this book) and was curious. So back to why I didn't liked this book [...]

    12. So Third book in the series and second book of 2018. I feel like I need to treat myself for this! I'm actually sticking to a yearly plan so far!Anyway, Dodger is the original and first Brooks brother we meet in the series and I expected the book to be more something, just like Bender and Camden. That being said it had more something than Turner and Slider.Dodger and Macie have a history and they're constantly fighting over their love I guess. Macie wanting it to not be real and Dodger wanting it [...]

    13. Enjoyable. Nice to see Dodger and Macy's love story however because it was short it felt like things were moving really fast but i'm putting this down to the fact that they have a long history and we've seen snippets in previous books. I had to knock a star of simply because of 'Dana'. Her role in the book seemed a bit forced and almost like her character was constructed just to create adversity and invoke some sort of drama so that you can see how Macy and Dodger overcome this obstacle and thei [...]

    14. Macie was a real piece of work. Immature, judgemental, nasty, insecure, self obsessed and one of the worst female leads ever. I was really looking forward to this book but it was a complete fail for me. There wasn't much of a story there. Hardly any character development and it lacked any real depth. I fail to see what it was about Macie that Dodger was so attracted to?! Certainly not her wonderful personality! 🙄 The whole Dana part was just weak. I didn't think it was possible at that point [...]

    15. A nice quick read Dodger and Macie have a complicated relationship. They broke up a year ago and haven't really seen each other since. After one drunken night at a wedding, everything changes. When Macie end up pregnant, Dodger is determined to make their relationship work. He has always loved her and now is his chance to prove it. Can they work out their differences for the baby or will other forces tear them apart? I really enjoyed this story. Even though I love my dark read, reading a light, [...]

    16. Really liked the book and story line - wish I would have re read the other books as it's been ages !! A couple things peed me off - she was so needy and bitchy. Not just with dodger but with his mum I think she seemed a little spoilt/ but it didn't stop me from really liking the book and it's the first book since the new year that I've had an interest in reading. Finished about 2am this morning lol

    17. Amazing, Love DodgerMacie and Dodger will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions!! I laughed and cried. Macie is very head strong and lives in her own terms. Dodger is the layed back and sensible one. But there sexual tension is off the charts and after a few to many drinks there left with a lot of life decisions!! You will love every minute of this back and forth love, baby romance :-) can't wait for the next book

    18. CutterI have been waiting on this book! Of all of the Brooks brothers, I've always had a soft spot for Dodger. Macie has always been the firecracker and it was refreshing to see she was never changing. Attitude-wise, at least. Her outlook on life and relationships forced her to consider that Dodger was her forever. And I have to admit even I thought she was overreacting with The Whole Dana fiasco. I absolutely loved this book.

    19. Stacy is one of my favorite authors. There are days I want to drive to her house and cuff her to her computer to get her books faster (don't be afraid, I am kiddingnd of)Macie is a strong, opinionated woman and Dodger is the supportive persistent man who pushes her buttons. Great chemistry!This whole series is just amazing and this book did not disappoint at all. Can't wait for the next one!

    20. No cliffhangerStandalone though part of a larger family seriesTold from Macie's POVEditing issues throughoutI have been waiting for this book for over a year. I have loved each of the books in this series. The only problem is they take forever to come out.I will say of the three this is the only one I remember having so many editing mistakes though. At times it was hard to enjoy the book because I just kept finding mistakes.The good news is, this book is the perfect blend of fun, drama, love and [...]

    21. UghI'm so sad. I've been excited about Dodger since the series started and I just couldn't enjoy this book. Macie was not relatable at all. She spent the whole book whining and treating Dodger like dirt. The fact that they would be in love by the end of the book, was completely unbelievable.

    22. Another amazing book by Stacy BorelI have absolutely LOVED every book in this series, and cannot wait for Wrigley's story!I love the sass of the characters, the romance, the wit, and even the occassional grating. They are passionate and loyal, and truly engaging.Bring on Book 4 ASAP!

    23. I really liked Dodger and have been waiting to read his book since the first one but I don't understand why the author did the second book with a dual point of view but then with this one she went back with just the female point of view I was really wanting to get both sides Still a really good book.

    24. BeautifulI read this book in one sitting. Such a wonderful love story that pulls you in and make you want root for the happily ever after. This is what love is supposed to be like. I love how all of stacys stories intermingled with each other. Can't wait for the next one!

    25. Loved this one! Have a major girl crush on Macie she was amazing her and Dodger were everything. Loved there banter and they are by far my favorite couple in this series. Didn't really care for the other books in this series but I loved this one.

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