One thought on “The Rescue”

  1. The finale manages to rise above the rest of the series. There are some nice ties to Rogue One with Tarkin, a KX-series security droid, and a few mentions of Krennic. I enjoyed that. The parents are finally rescued and the kids realize how much they've grown as capable, independent individuals. I loved the fungi people, very fun. Hffrr is a great character. And I also loved the flying spore. Such a perfect combination of the children's skills: Milo's biology and Lina's piloting.

  2. These have been great little books, although written for a younger audience I found all of them enjoyable reads. Not sure if this is planned as the last in the series but if it was then it was a fitting climax.

  3. Finally we arrive at the finale of the journey. What most surprised me about it, was how the book series suitable for the youngest had a ROGUE ONE tie in element (the most adult of the movies). The stories ending is satisfying, even when the final confrontation (which makes the book 25% longer then it’s predecessors) is not that engaging.Overall I liked this series very much. It is littered with tie in elements, but does not rely on those.

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