The Cornish Escape

The Cornish Escape Get swept away along the beautiful Cornish coast with two love stories centuries apart in time but entwined at their hearts Victoria Langley s world crumbles when her husband leaves but she knows ex

  • Title: The Cornish Escape
  • Author: Lily Graham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Get swept away along the beautiful Cornish coast with two love stories, centuries apart in time but entwined at their hearts.Victoria Langley s world crumbles when her husband leaves, but she knows exactly where to go to mend her broken heart The rugged shores of Cornwall will be her perfect sanctuary In the quaint, little village of Tregollan, nestled in the sea cliffs,Get swept away along the beautiful Cornish coast with two love stories, centuries apart in time but entwined at their hearts.Victoria Langley s world crumbles when her husband leaves, but she knows exactly where to go to mend her broken heart The rugged shores of Cornwall will be her perfect sanctuary In the quaint, little village of Tregollan, nestled in the sea cliffs, Victoria is drawn to Seafall Cottage, covered in vines and gracefully falling apart Inside she finds a diary full of secrets, from 1905.Victoria is determined to unravel the diary s mystery, but the residents of Tregollan are tight lipped about Tilly Asprey, the cottage s last owner Just as she reaches a dead end, Victoria meets Adam Waters, the lawyer handling the cottage s sale He s handsome, charming, and has a missing piece of the puzzle.Tilly s diary tells a devastating love story that mirrors Victoria s own Can Victoria learn from Tilly s mistakes, and give herself a second chance at love Or is history doomed to repeat itself An unputdownable and gorgeously romantic read about lost love and new beginnings set in the green hills and rocky cliffs of the breath taking Cornish coast Perfect for fans of Phillipa Ashley, Emma Burstall and Liz Fenwick.What everyone s saying about Lily Graham I absolutely loved it from start to finish and really didn t want it to end Everyone must buy a copy of this wonderful sunny read as every page gives you an all over glow The Reading Shed I was hooked and devoured the rest of the book as fast as I could You can almost smell the souvlaki and feel the sand between your toes and the sun on the back of your neck Fabulous Book Fiend I absolutely loved the ending It couldn t have been perfect A brilliant read which I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a good story to read during those long, hopefully sunny, summer days Fiona s Book Reviews A book about love, dreams, second chances, but importantly truth It is such an unpredictable read which will have you captivated by the end of the first chapter The Writing Garnet Five out of five stars this book had it all for me loveable, warm believable characters, a great plot and the Greek ambience was perfect for my rainy Sunday escape Shellyback Books I loved every second of it Rachel s Random Reads

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    1. 5☆ + ReviewThe Cornish Escape, is a book about Mystery, new beginnings, discoveries and intrigue, sadness and romance.I was hooked from the first few pages. It's such a heart warming, feel good story I didn't want it to end.Seafall has so much charm and secrets I needed to uncover the truth. I couldn't put it down. The story is focussed on the present but crosses over to the 1900's to uncover the story and diary entries of Tilly. Victoria is the main character and she stumbles across the encha [...]

    2. An old cottage with hidden family secrets and a newly discovered diary containing the details of star crossed lovers - sign me up!This story starts a bit slow, but evolves into a dual timeline set of two love stories. We have Victoria, a successful biographer, who is going through some life-changing events and stumbles upon a seaside cottage which steals her heart. After she discovers a diary written in code, the story of its past unfolds. I certainly enjoyed the story, the past more than the pr [...]

    3. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipAhh that stunning cover! Makes me want to jump right in, I keep reading these lovely books set in these stunning places and it has me longing desperately for a vacation! Though this is billed as a romance I was pleasantly surprised by the added bonus of a historical mystery and you all know how much I love a good mystery. Victoria has just been betrayed in the worst way by her husband of almost ten years, he’s cheated on her with a younger woman. Si [...]

    4. This book was my first by Lily Graham and was completely different from what I thought it would be, in the best possible way. I was expecting a light and fluffy beach romance but, while there are in fact two romances, what really captivated me was the mystery. There's something very haunting about it in places and I loved the authors writing style. It also somehow convinced me that I absolutely must run away to Cornwall. The Cornish Escape is really two stories in one. The first follows Victoria [...]

    5. 4.5 stars. My anguished howl of “nooooo” as I finished The Cornish Escape, by Lily Graham, was so loud I had to go and check I hadn’t woken my three-year-old who was sleeping in the next room.I simply couldn’t help it – it wasn’t that I didn’t like the ending so much as I wanted the book to carry on and on and on.The description on the front cover “A beautiful summer romance to warm your heart” really doesn’t do it justice because it’s so much more than that.For a start it [...]

    6. After Victoria’s marriage crumbles, she takes a much needed break and some quiet sanctuary in a small Cornish village called Tregollan.She falls in love with the run-down Seafall cottage near the sea cliffs. Some of the locals are superstitious about the cottage and believe it to be cursed. Victoria is unable to see it that way and decides to buy it, against all logic and common sense. She has to go with her heart.Since the cottage is in such a bad state, she initially rents a houseboat. This [...]

    7. This was utterly fantastic, I just could not put it down. It had me gripped from the very start. I loved the mystery of Seafall Cottage and finding out the real story that belonged to it.I really enjoyed reading the bits from Tillys diary and going back in time. I think this was done perfectly and not to confusing.The character of Victoria is very admirable, the way shes had the heartbreak in her life and how she is so strong and moves on with her life and how she takes a risk and buys and saves [...]

    8. I loved 'A Cornish Christmas' by this author and this book is even better. So lovely and heartwarming and full of characters you want to be your friends. The descriptions are beautiful and I was transported. A beautiful book to escape with, full of heart. Loved it.

    9. 4.5 starsI really loved this book! I was thinking it was a fluffy romance, but it was so much more than I was expecting! Nothing fluffy here. I was pulled into the story of Victoria from the first chapter and loved the second storyline revolving around Tilly from the early 1900s as well. In Victoria we find a woman reeling from things she has discovered about her husband and trying to make sense of what her life will be like in the future without him. She escapes to beautiful Cornwall and finds [...]

    10. I love Lily Graham's books. This story was no exception. I was quickly drawn in the book and loved the two stories jumping eras between Victoria in the modern day and Tilly in the early 1900's through the stories Victoria was deciphering from an old diary found at Seafall Cottage.As I had first read about Victoria in A Cornish Christmas so I thought I'd be more drawn to her sections of the story but actually Lily's unique style of writing sucked me back into the historical tales of Tilly written [...]

    11. **RATING - IF I COULD GIVE IT MORE THAN 5STARS I WOULD!!**There are not enough words in the world to describe how much I love this book!! I sat down after the kids went to bed and told myself that I would read for an hour, and three hours later I was in the same position, completely engrossed in Victoria and Tilly's world, and I knew I wouldn't sleep until I reached the end. In this engaging, emotional story we meet Victoria, a successful biographer, as she faces the fact that her marriage is ov [...]

    12. Originally posted on This Chick ReadsOh this was such an enjoyable book! The Cornish Escape is the second one by Lily Graham that I've read and while I certainly enjoyed her first book, The Summer Escape, I found this one much deeper and layered story. I've been reading a lot of dark and disturbing books lately, so this book was just what I needed. I did have some expectations, however it proved to be much better than anything I've thought it would be.After 9 years of marriage Victoria's happy l [...]

    13. This was a lovely story and I enjoyed every page of it. I have read other books by this author, and this one is written with the same attention to detail and with unexpected layers as the others I have read. Victoria is a woman in crisis, her husband has been cheating on her and she flees to Cornwall. She ends up living on a houseboat and restoring a cottage with an interesting history. I loved the description of the houseboat and the others who also lived on the boats nearby, it sounded like su [...]

    14. This book was sure to be a great read for me- set in Cornwall and a cottage set in the cliffs overlooking its own cove with a mystery thrown in.Victoria escapes her life in London with her husband when he announces that he loves someone else. She falls in love with a ramshackle cottage that has been deserted for over 30 years and has to save it once she hears that they want to pull it down.She soon settles into the coastal life- staying on a gorgeous sounding barge whilst her cottage undergoes a [...]

    15. The Cornish Escape by Lily Graham is a lovely lighthearted read it's a nice bit of mystery thrown in.After her relationship with her husband ends, biographer Victoria Langley runs away to Cornwall. She ends up in a quiet village and while out walking one day finds a run down cottage nestled in the cliffs. Intrigue gets the better of her and she sets off to explore it finding inside it a diary from 1905 written in code and belonging to Tilly Asprey a member of a family the locals are unwilling to [...]

    16. Victoria is having a really bad day: her husband is having an affair with a younger woman, and she just needs to get away. Dashing off to Tregollan, a seaside village in Cornwall, where she hopes the isolation, sea air and gorgeous views will help her to heal and decide on her next move. I could instantly relate to Victoria’s running for the coast – it’s a wonderful place to think and regroup, but on one of her many wanders around the area she comes upon a run-down cottage. Even more surpr [...]

    17. Visit the locations in the novel: Join the Cornish Escape!I would quite like to head to Tregollan and find myself a quiet sanctuary after reading this book.As for the lovely Seafall cottage nestled in the sea cliffs – some say its haunted but that doesn’t put off our heroine. The villagers might not realise what this place really is and it’s going to take Victoria to find it all out.Even before we get to the house and the story behind it, the story floats alone so nicely (sorry) set as it [...]

    18. Victoria is at a real low point in her life - she has just discovered her husband is cheating on her and so leaves and flees to Tregollan in Cornwall. While out trying to clear her head she comes across an old derelict house, Seafall Cottage, she finds out from locals that it has a bad reputation for being cursed but she doesn't care she has fallen in love with it and decides to buy it for herself.When she finds a diary she is intrigued - especially as it is coded - and determines to find out ab [...]

    19. Well, despite the front cover bearing a distinct resemblance to a hazy Port Isaac/Port Wenn (of Doc Martin fame), this book just really wasn't my thing I'm afraid.It's broken into alternating chapters of Present Day and 1903 onwards, and I have to confess that after the first two chapters set way back when, I just kept skipping through all of them, and read only the present day story.I loathe books broken into bits like this, almost as much as I loathe books with chapters being told by different [...]

    20. This is such a fascinating story. Told over two timelines early 1900’s and present day. A good mix of romance, mystery, tragedy and a little sprinkling of a paranormal/magical theme.I have to say this book came at the perfect time for me because I am soon to move into my own little cottage in the rugged cliffs of Cornwall overlooking the sea so I could identify with so much of this!It is set in a beautiful area, the writing is incredibly descriptive and the lead characters give the reader a se [...]

    21. *Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*After Victoria finds her marriage shattered to pieces, she buys a little cottage in Cornwall. It's a new start, a project and when she finds the diary of a woman called Tilly some mystery is added to the story.Victoria is determined to solve it and tries to find out more about Tilly and her family. On the way she discovers a lot and also meets some new people, one of them being handsome Adam, who is even connected to t [...]

    22. Victoria travels to Cornwall to get over her broken heart. She and her husband have grown apart and he's hurt her badly, so it's time for her to make a fresh start. When Victoria sees the dilapidated Seafall Cottage she feels drawn to it straight away. In the cottage Victoria finds a diary and the story inside makes her curious. The writer, Tilly, went through something devastating and Victoria wants to find out more about the history of the cottage and the life of the woman whose diary she's so [...]

    23. I was looking forward to this release by Lily Graham as I absolutely LOVED A Cornish Christmas. However, I was surprised as this one seemed a little slower to get into.Our lead character Victoria's has gone to Cornwall and made an extremely rash decision and brought herself a derelict house. Following the breakdown of her marriage it appears this is her way of retreating to lick her wounds in private. ‘Seafall Cottage' Has its own secrets though and when she finds some diaries in the house she [...]

    24. What a lovely book. Nice characters. And a throw back to the past related to the house Victoria stumbled on while visiting Cornwall. It was interesting finding out all about the past. this made the book what it is. Really recommend the book to others

    25. Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesA fun and easy read The Cornish Escape will take you to the idyllic world of renovating dilapidated cottages and living on the river. It also delivers some romance and intrigue and some lovely characters with which to explore it all. I whipped through this novel and definitely enjoyed it. However, I preferred my previous Lily Graham read A Cornish Christmas. Victoria’s marriage is over but I didn’t get the impression that she minded all that much, just tha [...]

    26. I was so pleased to have the chance to read this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers. I first met Victoria in ' A Cornish Christmas' and it was lovely to see she now had her own story. There were hints of the other characters within this new book and it always fun to see where characters have got to after the last page of their story has been turned. Victoria's marriage is in shatters and she has decided to take herself to Cornwall to put the pieces of her life back together in some way. [...]

    27. I read a book by this author awhile back, and I liked her style of writing so much that I added her name to a list of authors to look out for. Her descriptions are vivid and she has a way of setting the mood, so I feel as if I am completely immersed in the book. This book is no different. Her style captivates me; however, I am baffled by all the cursing. Is it only within the pages of this book that she has decided to truly let loose with lots of f-words and cursing using the name of Jesus? I do [...]

    28. This is the 2nd book in the series, although it's not necessary to have read the 1st book to enjoy this one. Victoria, a biographer, is having problems with her husband. She trashes off to Cornwall to clear her head and decide what to do. On a walk she finds Seafall Cottage, which stood in the grounds of the Manor House. It's derelict but she can see so much potential there. She also finds a diary, which is written in code, in strange circumstances; this book centers around the diary and alters [...]

    29. Really enjoyed this book although it didn't grip me. It just seemed to edge along,the story told by Tilly was the best part as I felt the 'romance' between Adam and Victoria was not really very believable. I felt the ending was a bit rushed and would have liked more detail as to what really happened but was left guessing a bit.

    30. I like the story going back and forth between early 1900s and present day. I was more interested in the 1900s though. I cared more about Tilly and Fen then Victoria and Adam. I did find the ending a bit abrupt, I didn’t expect it though, I’d been wondering all along why the letters were being left.

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