Spandex and the City

Spandex and the City LOCAL GIRL SWEPT OFF HER FEET Mild mannered publicist Holly Phillips is unlucky in love She s embarrassed beyond belief when the handsome stranger she meets in a bar turns out to be Ultimate Man a sup

  • Title: Spandex and the City
  • Author: Jenny T. Colgan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • LOCAL GIRL SWEPT OFF HER FEET Mild mannered publicist Holly Phillips is unlucky in love She s embarrassed beyond belief when the handsome stranger she meets in a bar turns out to be Ultimate Man a superpowered hero whose rescue attempt finds her hoisted over his shoulder and flashing her knickers in the newspaper the next day But when Holly s fifteen minutes of fameLOCAL GIRL SWEPT OFF HER FEET Mild mannered publicist Holly Phillips is unlucky in love She s embarrassed beyond belief when the handsome stranger she meets in a bar turns out to be Ultimate Man a superpowered hero whose rescue attempt finds her hoisted over his shoulder and flashing her knickers in the newspaper the next day But when Holly s fifteen minutes of fame make her a target for something villainous, she only has one place to turn and finds the man behind the mask holds a lot charm than his crime fighting alter ego Can Holly find love, or is superdating just as complicated as the regular kind

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    1. This was a fun superhero romcom. Some of the humour worked and some of it fell a bit flat but the characters did prove a likeable bunch and the story always had enough about it to hold my attention. Mild-mannered PR girl Holly Phillips is not a fan of her city's resident superhero Ultimate Man. That feeling is only reinforced when he rescues her from a gang of robbers and photos appear of her hoisted over his shoulder and flashing her knickers in the newspaper the next day! To make matters worse [...]

    2. Unlucky in love Holly was forever being pushed by her best friend Gertie to find herself a man. On a night out together, villain Frederick Cecil raided the bar they were in, taking every ones jewels, phones, money, etc. Not wanting her best friends new engagement ring to be taken, Holly stood up to the villain. Unfortunately, not everything went as she had hoped.Dragged out of the bar by Frederick, Holly came face to face with Ultimate Man, the protector of Centerton, Holly’s home town. After [...]

    3. After reading charming Colgan books about a bakery and a book bus did a book about a superhero romance feel a bit different. Well, quite a lot different. But, I was curious. I mean check out this quote from the book:‘Could you please . . . possibly . . . possibly forget we ever met?’I thought of how much I wanted to be a journalist. I thought of what a gigantic scoop this was. I noticed how downcast and miserable he looked.‘You know,’ I said. ‘None of the pictures on the internet of th [...]

    4. Cute romantic comedy with quirky characters. Superhero parody with elements of Superman and Batman specifically. The setting had a Gotham-esque ambiance to add to the overall superhero/vigilante illusion within the narrative.While the story was humorous the plot itself was a little on the obvious side, especially if you have a weakness for superheroes ;)

    5. Don't let the quirky cover and title fool you because this is brilliant and fun and I freaking loved it!!!❤️

    6. DNF.I was liking this, I wasn't loving it then a few editing issues bugged me so I decided to put it down. The first was the fact Holly gets her computer hacked, so Ultimate Man can ask her out (because phones don't work??? IDK) and she goes to his house, wearing her "go-anywhere" black dress, somehow turns her phone off in the process after telling her housemate that if she doesn't hear from her by morning, she could call the police, and is then surprised to return home the next day, having sta [...]

    7. This is so much fun! Colgan mashes up chick-lit/rom-com with all those tales of superheroes and supervillains trying to either destroy or save the world, and pulls it off with panache. Holly, our narrator, is a smart, sassy heroine and if it's tough doing modern dating, imagine how much more complicated it is when the object of your desire dresses in purple spandex, a cape and is always flying off to rescue the cityThis isn't quite as wonderful as Colgan's Resistance is Futile but is still a fun [...]

    8. I liked this book a lot, though not as much as Resistance Is Futile. I think Colgan has stumbled onto a new sub genre and I can't wait to see what's nextFull review will be up on bookmoodreviews

    9. Guys! Who doesn’t know Jenny Colgan and her loveliest chick – lit novels in the world, right? However, there is the other side to Jenny Colgan, the one where she writes about super – heroes, spandex, aliens… Sounds totally bonkers, right, and it is totally bonkers, but bonkers in a positive way! “Spandex and the City” is SO FUNNY, I couldn’t stop giggling and I finished reading it with a big grin on my face. It is a comical, farcical take on superhero stories and a girl caught up b [...]

    10. There's just something so lovely about picking up a book by Jenny Colgan, you know from the moment you start reading that there will be laughter and fun as well as a few more serious moments. "Spandex and the City" is wonderfully humorous from the opening chapter, poor Holly Phillips finding her chances of a love life aren't helped by having her knickers splashed over the front pages and on social media. Her night starts innocently enough, a much needed night out with her best friend Gertie when [...]

    11. I enjoyed Spandex And The City. As a man in my 60s, I'm not really in its target audience, but a great title and a friend's recommendation persuaded me to try it and I'm glad I did. I thought it was funny, engaging and rather exciting in places.Jenny Colgan (whom I hadn't read before) has produced a comic mash-up of a rom-com and superhero adventure and done it very well. It is narrated in the first person by Holly who works in a dull job in the PR department of the mayor's office in the fiction [...]

    12. Hmmm I don't know what to think of this book. It's so so so SO different from the other books from Jenny Colgan that I have read in the past. So different. And therefore I was disappointed. It was still chicklit but chicklit version spiderman or superman. Yes it was like reading a superman's book but for women ;-) or should I say girls because really this story was way too childish for me. The way it was written was too childish, and the characters as well. But I read the entire book because it [...]

    13. In Spandex and the City, Jenny Colgan has written a genius romantic comedy. I've read countless rom-coms and the format is almost always the same. The woman is clever or ditzy or a bit of both. The guy is tall, dark and handsome. They have everyday problems which impact on their relationship. They work it out in the end and have a happy ever after. Am I complaining? Not at all! But Spandex and the City is a rom-com with a huge difference. Imagine going on a date only to find your date actually w [...]

    14. Reviewed first on Got books, babe?Fantastically funny, flirty and fabulous, Spandex and the City by Jenny T. Colgan was a witty and sassy story that had me hankering after my very own superhero from the moment that Ultimate Man stepped on the scene. Colgan's clever way with words and even cleverer imagination made this an exciting and wholly refreshing book that really stood apart from my usual choice of reads, and I'm rather surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Novels based on superheroes [...]

    15. Thank you Little, Brown Book Group for inviting me to be a part of the blog tour for Jenny Colgan's new novel Spandex and the City. You find out more info about the tour here.When I saw that this was written by Jenny Colgan, my mind immediately conjured up pictures of cakes and other confectionary based on the usual subject matter of Colgan's previous novels. This made me a little hesitant as Spandex and the City is worlds away from Rosie Hopkins and her sweet shop. Yet, Jenny Colgan can do no w [...]

    16. This is what the story of Lois and Superman would be if narrated by Lois Lane. This is the bit where I say I don't like or read chick-lit and then give it lots of stars. I found it fun,funny, quick to read and something where I didn't have to think too hard after a few too many depressed detective stories.Holly is your typical superhero gal that keeps getting kidnapped although she does have a bit more sass that most of them. The hero - Ultimate Man - keeps having to rescue her. I enjoyed the ge [...]

    17. He almost certainly had no idea that the fact that he was rich was as strange to me as the fact that he could lift up a truck with one hand. [loc. 1255]Holly lives in Centerton, an American city, though she grew up in Britain. Centerton has its very own vigilante hero, Ultimate Man, who Holly encounters when she gets caught up in a meticulously-planned robbery conducted by Frederick Cecil and his henchmen. Holly, with typical lack of forethought, stands up to Cecil and ends up rescued by Ultimat [...]

    18. And now for something completely different – well, not completely, exactly, but there’s certainly some extraordinary qualities to Spandex And The City.When I opened the email asking if I’d like to read this book I was hesitant because it’s not totally my sort of thing. I then saw it was written by Jenny Colgan, under the pen name Jenny T Colgan – an author I have enjoyed on more than one occasion – so I thought “why not?”.I’m so pleased I did (and also thinking I should break o [...]

    19. 3.5 starsDon't you hate it when you're of two minds on a book? On the one hand it was a great light read with a quirky fun look at the other side of superhero story. The story of the ordinary person in a city where there is a super hero and the city is filled with criminals. It was also a romance and I do feel like it was the romance which let this book down.I loved the humour. It read as having a wry British humour and it was great. Our MC is so not interested in her BFF trying to push her into [...]

    20. I was first drawn to this novel by the author, I love all Jenny Colgan’s stories but I haven’t read any of her sci-fi romances however, the cover it’s purple so that’s a bonus in my eyes and the synopsis drew me in further.During a night out with her friend Holly get’s caught up in a traumatic event but is rescued in a rather unladylike way by Ultimate Man. Holly works at the Mayor’s Office in the city in the publicity department and her night out is soon all over the media in full t [...]

    21. Well, this was something a little different and so far removed from my usual gritty crime dramas, it was a delight to read something that doesn't take itself too seriously. This was a light romp through the world of a vigilante superhero and his sort of girlfriend Holly. They meet when Ultimate man saves her from the bad guys, slinging her over his shoulder, she becomes famous for more than this as the photo blasted all over the papers depicts her flashing her knickers. After a second encounter, [...]

    22. When I was offered a copy of Spandex and the City to review, I accepted knowing that it didn't look like my usual sort of book. One of the great things about blogging is the chance to read a great variety of books and step outside your comfort zone. So it proved with this book which turned out to be great fun. I soon learnt to take it with a giant pinch of salt!A quirky, funny read, it features Holly Phillips who meets a superhero with the unusual name of Ultimate Man. Those who are au fait with [...]

    23. Chick Lit on a new kind of theme - dating a superhero!I'm really not a big fan of romantic fiction, it all sounds pretty similar. But a novel about a woman who may be dating a superhero? Refreshingly different. Gave it a whirl.Enjoyable fluff really, no deep meaning but a good fun read. Holly accidentally gets caught up in a heist, rescued by her city's superhero (Ultimate Man - yes, a bit of a rubbish name) and they meet again when she unwittingly discovers a secret about him - she starts to se [...]

    24. The publicist Holly Phillips doesn't have a personal life, and the day she decides to take the chance is being saved by Ultimate Man, the saviour from the city. Is this a sign that they have a chance as a couple or dating a superhero is more difficult than a human?I have to say I loved Spandex And The City, we are so used to see the superhero falling in love with the human and that they are happy forever that is refreshing reading that they can argue, have troubles and disappointments too! Becau [...]

    25. Holly Phillips does not think much off the costumed vigilante "Ultimate Man" when his supernatural antics leave her hoisted over his shoulder and flashing her knickers in the newspaper the next day. But her 15 minutes of fame make her a something villainous. The man in the mask holds a lot more charm than his crime fighting alter-ego.Holly narrates this story. A chick-lit-rom-com with superheroes. Who could ask for more? I can't even imagine wanting to date a guy who wears spandex and a cape or [...]

    26. light superhero fun Holly Phillips is single and looking for love, however she doesn't expect that her next moment is going to be flashing her knickers at the press as she's being rescued by Ultimate Man; Centerton's own superhero.  Holly keeps finding herself in trouble and having to be rescued and Ultimate Man finds her attractive, but can he allow himself to love; after all his attraction is keeping her in danger. It's fun, light and from the point of view of a superheroes girlfriend, it po [...]

    27. I was really excited to read this because it's about superheroes and I'm a sucker for superhero novels. But I found that I didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. There were parts where the plot was just plain confusing or difficult to follow. The plot devices and twists were quite predictable, and the hero of the novel wasn't entirely likeable, to be honest. Perhaps my expectations for the book were too high? But eitther way, I don't think I'll give this book another shot in the nea [...]

    28. 3.5* starsFunny in places but a little too much Doctor Who style for me I enjoyed it in places but found some of the outcomes rather far-fetched and the fight scenes passed me by a little. I can see this making an excellent film or TV programme.I like Jenny Colgan's style and am impressed that she has written for Doctor Who. As I was last a Doctor Who fan when I was little, it didn't quite capture my imagination as much as I thought it would.An amusing diversion with a couple of chapters that wi [...]

    29. The premise of this story is an interesting one. PR girl Holly Phillips doesn't think much of Ultimate Man, particularly after his antics leave her a trifle embarrassed.Set in the fictional city of Centerton it is a most amusing story particularly once she finds out the true identity of Ultimate Man. However there is another guy who is trying to create chaos, but he has his reasons too.It certainly made for a highly enjoyable story.

    30. Certainly a different concept for Jenny Colgan's normal café style books purple spandex superheroes! Holly seems like one of her normal style heroines - fairly quiet, hoping for the fairytale ending but she definitely gets more than she bargained for with Ultimate Man and she definitely didn't want her 15 minutes of fame to be showing off her knickers in the press!A light hearted farcical read, but I must admit to preferring the café sagas

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