C.G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters

C G Jung Speaking Interviews and Encounters A collection of journalistic interviews which span Jung s lifetime This book captures his personality and spirit in than accounts of talks and meetings with him They range from transcripts of inter

C.G Jung Speaking C G Jung This is the best book I have read about and by C G Jung because it gives a feel for what it would be like to meet him in person I would put it up there with Memories, Dreams, Reflections for the best sense of what Jung was about. Carl Jung Carl Gustav Jung j German July June was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. Jung s work was influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, and religious studies.Jung Speaking of Jung Interviews with Jungian Analysts Speaking of Jung is a unique podcast created and hosted by Laura London in Chicago It explores the life and work of C.G Jung through in depth discussions with certified Jungian analysts. The Collected Works of C.G Jung Complete For the first time, The Collected Works of C G Jung is now available in a complete digital edition that is full text searchable The Complete Digital Edition includes Vols and Vol , the General Bibliography of C G Jung s Writings. Writing toward Wholeness Lessons Inspired by C.G Jung In focusing on insights and excerpts from C.G Jung s writings, and from many other inspirational writers, Susan M Tiberghien brings together psychology, spirituality, and the arts, offering a way to wholeness. C.G Jung and the Red Book Seminar Reading List Required C G Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, ed Aniela Jaffe revised edition, Pantheon, This is the one book everyone in the group must read again during our seminar even if you have read it many times before. The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead Book Excerpt from The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermones to the Dead, by Stephan A Hoeller Part of a collection on C.G Jung, The Red Book, Gnosticism and Gnostic studies. Abstracts of the Collected Works of C.G Jung cgjungpage The Jung Page provides a wealth of educational resources related to C.G Jung and depth psychology. Carl Gustav Jung Carl Gustav Jung .Juli in Kesswil, Schweiz Juni in Ksnacht Kanton Zrich , meist kurz C G Jung, war ein Schweizer Psychiater und der Begrnder der analytischen Psychologie Depth Positive Psychology of Carl Jung Encyclopedia of Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology Campbell, His influence continues to grow in many areas, such as psychological types, dream work, play therapy, and the role of spirituality and religion Aziz, Johnson, Jung, , .

  • Title: C.G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters
  • Author: C.G. Jung William McGuire R.F.C. Hull
  • ISBN: 9780691018713
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of journalistic interviews which span Jung s lifetime This book captures his personality and spirit in than 50 accounts of talks and meetings with him They range from transcripts of interviews for radio, television, and film to memoirs written by notable personalities.

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    1. Towards the end of this interesting, informative and uneven collection of interactions with C.G. Jung, the subject of the book cheerily explains that his main aim for his 85th birthday was to avoid visitors, particularly "highbrows" who he says have no idea what he's talking about and don't read his books. "I'm not a bit taken in by intellectuals, you know," he says. "After all, I'm one myself."Apart from the continuing issue of whether those who critique Jung's ideas (including some Jungians) h [...]

    2. After having spent much of my late teens indulging in massive Jung reads, I ended it this by reading C.G. Jung Speaking--his interviews. It offered me behind the scenes look at Jung's character as a human being aside from all the deep intellectual material. My favorite part is this:"I received one morning, a poor scrap of paper, really, from a woman who wanted to see me just once in her life. The letter made a very strong impression on me, I am not quite sure why. I invited her to come and she c [...]

    3. ترجمه فارسی کتاب با عنوان (یونگ می گوید- مصاحبه ها و دیدارها) مترجم دکتر سیروس شمیساپیشگفتار طولانی مترجم درباره زندگانی یونگ و ارتباط نظریاتش با عرفان شرقی نقطه قوت کتاب است و خود کتاب شامل تعداد زیادی مصاحبه با یونگ است که بدون ترتیب موضوعی یا هر ارتباطی پشت هم آورده شده اند. [...]

    4. Já jsem překvapen, jak je neustále zdůrazňováno, že je Jung psycholog, když je evidentně nejvíce ze všeho myslitel a filozof v tom pravém významu slova. S Jungem jsem se poprvé setkal, když jsem chodil na rehabilitace na Malvazinkách. Pán ve středních letech (brýle a jen trochu delší vlasy mu dodávaly vzdělané vzezření) tam při cvičení vyprávěl terapeutce, že psychologem 20. století byl Freud, ale že Jung bude psychologem 21. století. Toho pána jsem už nikdy [...]

    5. If you want to learn about analytical psychology, this book is not the place to start. If you know about analytical psychology and want to learn a bit more about Carl Gustav Jung, then this might be interesting. It is, of course, the material fit for public consumption.

    6. Môj vzťah k psychológií ako vede je rozporuplný. A zdá sa tiež, že sú tieto rozpory čoraz menej zmierlivé. Chcela som si preto čítaním tejto knihy osviežiť dielo dôležitého psychológa minulého storočia, ktorý sa snažil o komplexno a neredukoval výklady sociálnej reality na štruktúry a diania v ľudskej schránke a v nej krehko „tancujúcej“ duši.Jung v rozhovoroch pre verejnosť počas viac ako tridsiatich rokov vyzýva k sebareflexií. Nie však ku kontrolovanej [...]

    7. So far this book is great if you want a piece of literature that's essentially a conglomeration of interviews done with the well-known Carl Jung, which is what this is. By reading this I was able to acquire a decent understanding of the psychiatrist, his methods, and even some tidbits of info on self-knowledge, which is probably what he inherited when he studied Alchemy. Being a person that studies the practice as well, I can say this will be a great read, for in every interview you learn someth [...]

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