Never Swipe a Bully's Bear

Never Swipe a Bully s Bear Pig napped When Roscoe s stuffed pig goes missing he is convinced that Wyatt the class bully is responsible When Roscoe finds out where Wyatt keeps his teddy bear he decides to give that old bully

  • Title: Never Swipe a Bully's Bear
  • Author: Katherine Applegate Brian Biggs
  • ISBN: 9780061148835
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pig napped When Roscoe s stuffed pig goes missing, he is convinced that Wyatt, the class bully, is responsible When Roscoe finds out where Wyatt keeps his teddy bear, he decides to give that old bully a taste of his own medicine That will fix everything Won t it

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    1. My Thoughts – Roscoe Riley is once again in timeout for his bad behavior. In this book his heart wasn’t in the right place though. He was jealous of another boys stuffed animal. Rosco’s went missing and he assumed the other boy took it. When he saw the other boy had a stuffed animal he took his. He figured it was only fair and that maybe the other boy would return his stuffed animal to him.It is never okay to accuse someone of taking something of yours without proof. It is never okay to [...]

    2. first grader secretly takes his stuffed pig to school and it disappears. Roscoe thinks that Wyatt took it so Roscoe takes Wyatt's bear. A bear-napping. Easy chapter book for new readers.

    3. A first grader named Roscoe Riley got himself in time out again but this time it's a totally different story let me tell it to you. Their is a stuffed animal that Roscoe really loves and it's a pig named Hamilton. Every day Roscoe takes Hamilton to school but nobody knows about it except for his two best friends Gus and Emma. One day Roscoe was getting ready for school and he puts Hamilton in his backpack. when Roscoe was at school this kid named Whyat bullies him and says mean things. A little [...]

    4. what? Roscoe swiped wyatt's bear.why? He mistook wyatt for pignapper.Roscoe had a stuffed pig, Hamilton. He loved Hamilton and took him to school, leaving backpack zipper open a little to make him breathe. But he didnot want anyone to see Hamilton.At school, Wyatt, a bully overheard Roscoe talking to Hamilion. That night, Roscoe found Hamilton missing. Roacoe couldnot fall asleep without him.Next day, he tought Wyatt was a pignapper. And Roscoe and Wyatt had a fight about Hamilton. During the fi [...]

    5. This is the second book in the Roscoe Riley Rules series by Katherine Applegate. The story relates how taking retaliation against someone who might have done something to you is not the right answer. It also shows that even children who may make fun of a treasured 'lovey' may have one of their own. I haven't read too many of the books in this series, but we were on a road trip with a six-year-old boy, and this was a terrific story to listen to with him. It was short and entertaining.

    6. Roscoe loves his stuffed pig Hamilton. A lot. He can't sleep without him. Roscoe brings Hamilton to school every day, but leaves him in his backpack to avoid being made fun of. But when Hamilton goes missing, Roscoe is convinced that Wyatt, the class bully is responsible. This leads him to an action that he later regrets.This is a lovely follow-up for the first book of this early chapter book series. Roscoe is a mischievous scamp with whom many readers will identify. Great for the reluctant read [...]

    7. I read this book as part of my quest for easy chapter books featuring boys at the main characters. The story was cute and Roscoe is a kid with quite the personality. My one big beef with this book is that it is almost completely comprised of paragraphs that are only one sentence long. I'm not sure why this is, because having so many ridiculously short paragraphs doesn't allow any of the sentences to stand out, which is kind of the usualy purpose of inserting a few such short paragraphs into a st [...]

    8. The story is so funny and moves so fast, it is hard to read just one chapter at a time. The author has pegged the age groups and their senses of humor. There aren't quite enough illustrations share in reading, but if Roscoe keeps breaking rules, I'm sure we'll catch up.To read our full review, go to The Reading Tub®.

    9. It was funny and succinct. It was a good story, dealing with bullies, standing up for yourself, stealing, and making wrong decisions. It came across very kid friendly without being heavy handed. There was no thumping on the head about who is right and who is wrong. How kids react to each other and situations came across as very real to me. I laughed out loud and some of the things Roscoe said.Cleverly written and ended on a good note.

    10. My son loves this series, and begs me to read it out loud. The illustrations are fun and give just enough hints at the plot. The unfolding plot was a cliff-hanger and yet realist from a 1st grader perspective. The author captures the emotions of a 6 year old. And while no one's as funny as Junie B. Jones, there's enough humor for the early grader.

    11. I thought this book was really funny because Roscoe thought that a bully named Wyatt stole his stuffed pig named Hamilton. And at the end, Roscoe found out that Wyatt didn't steal his stuffed pig. So he made a mistake by stealing Wyatt's stuffed bear. Bad idea. You should read this book to find out why.

    12. Roscoe brings his favorite stuffed animal, a pig named Hamilton, to school one day, then manages to lose him! Bully Wyatt may be to blame, so Roscoe seeks revenge by kidnapping Wyatt’s bear Bobo. A cute book where everything wraps up in the end, and I LOVE Roscoe’s relationship with his older brother.

    13. The 2nd book just confirms that Roscoe Riley is wonderful! In this one, Roscoe's beloved stuffed pig, Hamilton goes missing and Roscoe is pretty sure he knows who did it. I will definitely recommend this book to all of my young friends. And for the record, I still love my stuffed dog, Tuggy and I will until I'm 101.

    14. 2nd book in Roscoe Riley series. Roscoe's stuffed pig, Hamilton, that he brings to school, mysteriously disappears and he believes the class bully, Wyatt, stole it. To get even, Roscoe steals Wyatt's teddy bear. I love Roscoe, he's just too cute.

    15. This is a great first reader. I learned that its ok to talk to your lunch if it is bolonge. That is good to know. As always I loved this book. I think Roscoe is a fun read and great for boys. Grades K+

    16. This book is about Roscoe Riley looses his stuffed animal Hamilton and there is a bully in Roscoe's class named Wyatt. Roscoe thinks that Wyatt pig-naped Hamilton. Because of that Roscoe bear-naped Wyatt's bear Bobo. But did Wyatt really pig-nap Hamilton and what will happen to Roscoe?

    17. A pretty nice book about a first grader who thinks that a bully (in his class,)stole his favorite stuffed pig. So,he plans revenge.The next day he "bear naps"thebully's teddy bear.Opps!Guess I 'm telling you to much!You'll have to read the rest in this book.

    18. I love reading Roscoe books to my elementary students. Kids can relate so well to Roscoe. In this story, Roscoe believes the class bully, Wyatt, has stolen Hamilton his stuffed animal pig. It takes some investigating to find out what really happened to Hamilton and kids love the ending.

    19. I read this book with one of my reading groups at school. My students and I really enjoyed this book. The message is great, and Roscoe is a very likable character. It was easy for them to understand and also had some great vocabulary words that we worked on.

    20. These Roscoe Riley books are the greatest books for my 1st grader, we're going on the second time around. Can't wait for the 3rd book to come out.My son repeats lines from the book and we laugh.

    21. Both little boys breezed through this one. They said they liked the first book a bit better, but that this was still 4.5 stars *Ü*

    22. This book had my boys laughing so hard! It was hilarious, and also a good story for teaching good morals. We love Roscoe Riley and can't wait to read the next book!!!

    23. I just finished this book today with my second grade library class. All but 3 students loved this book. We had some good laughs and talked about making assumptions. We also talked about bullying.

    24. Beginning chapter book. Roscoe loses his stuffed animal and decides to steal the one belonging to the person in class who he suspects stole his.

    25. My son and I just love this series and laugh the whole way through the books. Great for both the parent and the child.

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