Rockstar Daddy

Rockstar Daddy Badass rockstar hiding out in his isolated cabin in his hometown before his career blows up biggest clich ever Hot as hell chick who wrecks her car in my ditch Ditto It s New Year s Eve and we re tra

  • Title: Rockstar Daddy
  • Author: Taryn Quinn
  • ISBN: 9781940346465
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Badass rockstar hiding out in his isolated cabin in his hometown before his career blows up biggest clich ever Hot as hell chick who wrecks her car in my ditch Ditto It s New Year s Eve, and we re trapped together in a snowstorm Hot chick is the small town sweetheart, but she s honest and fun in a way I never expected She doesn t know I m a rockstar So I lie to herBadass rockstar hiding out in his isolated cabin in his hometown before his career blows up biggest clich ever Hot as hell chick who wrecks her car in my ditch Ditto It s New Year s Eve, and we re trapped together in a snowstorm Hot chick is the small town sweetheart, but she s honest and fun in a way I never expected She doesn t know I m a rockstar So I lie to her Because she s seeing me for me, not the money or fame We end up naked The night is incredible, the best of my life Until I break her heart I m not good enough for her Not even close But she makes me yearn for everything Now this badass rockstar is going to be a daddy And I need to convince the good girl to be mine.For keeps.

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    1. Sweet and sexy with a dash of rockstar.Kellan is right on the brink of rock stardom and he just wants a few days’ rest, to be himself without the rocker façade, alone, enjoying his beer and cabin in the woods on the outskirts of his hometown, but when an odd yet incredibly sexy damsel in distress crashes her car in ditch in front of his cabin on New Year’s Eve in the middle of a snowstorm they’re forced to spend a night together that will change their lives forever.“She was mouthy and v [...]

    2. Slick's review:4.5 starsThe nor’easter that blew through that part of the United States his week set the tone well for Taryn Quinn’s Rockstar Daddy. An accident lands to seemingly very different people together in the middle of a blizzard, and they found an interesting way to pass the time.Back in the town he grew up with Kellan is taking some much needed down time before he has to meet the obligations of his recording company. His band Wilder Mind is poised to head into the stratosphere and [...]

    3. This was a light and funny rock romance that was sweet with a little sin mixed in. Kellan is on a break from his band that is just beginning to take off. He needed some alone time at his cabin back home in the small town he grew up in over New Year’s Eve. Having the smart mouth, sexy Maggie Kelly put her car in the snow ditch wasn’t in his plans but when its Maggie who lets it known that she is just off from a breakup with longtime boyfriend who cheated on her and would like very much to get [...]

    4. It's the same old story, two stranger that fall in love after the first f***. NO characters development. The family and friend of the two protagonists appear to be flat without a personality, they are just name on paper. The story is utterly cheesy, and the sex scene are repetitive so I kind of skipped them all after a while.The writing style was ok, it was really quick to read- considering that I skipped some boring parts. It's like watching a soap-opera: you plug off your mind and bring on the [...]

    5. **3.5 Stars**That old adage of being at the right place at the right time happens. Well, at least it did for Kellan. After being offered a job with ripper Records as an account representative, he was eventually given his own chance to show his talent and did with the help of his old high school band. Wilder Mind is on the brink of stardom when Kellan decides to take a break over the holidays to escape the stress and returns home, staying at the house he's working on.Maggie, the youngest of the K [...]

    6. Rockstar Daddy is a fun, super steamy, insta-love rockstar romance, perfect for when you are craving a smutty read! I loved the characters of Kellen and Maggie---their banter and chemistry was off-the-charts and it was fun to see them go head-to-head against one another. There was laugh-out-loud humor and lots of hot, sexy time and both balanced each other out to create the perfect story. Lots of secrets abound and keep our couple apart but in the end, insta-love cannot stop these two from findi [...]

    7. Another rockstar to fall in love with. Kellen is your typical bad boy and I fell in love with him in the first chapter. I also loved Maggie. The difference between the two characters was very refreshing. My favorite thing about these two is even though they are completely opposite they compliment each other nicely. Kellen makes Maggie want to be just a little bit naughty and Maggie makes Kellen want to be a better man. The writing is supreme, the story is catchy and entertaining, and the charact [...]

    8. Maggie is an open person, girl just speaks her mind, “why? It’s New Year’s Eve. I want to get my party on.” She licked her lips. “I still have one condom left.” Just like that, my ***k stirred" There are times Maggie doesn't realize she's goading Kellan, "cking cheese off her fingers, she rose and went to my fridge, yanking open the door and bending over to peer inside. I nearly choked on the hunk of bread and cheese I’d just popped in my mouth. Damn. That *** ." I loved this book, [...]

    9. I was actually hesitant to pick this book. Seriously, rocker-baby-mylifesuck-Ineedspace? How cliche could it be? Not to mention, at that moment I was riding a public transport from a very hectic-scheduled work, stuck in the traffic, without proper ventilation, and while elbowing my seatmates as our crawling transport meet some bumps. But then again, against my previous judgment I started to read it. And behold, I stand corrected! I was engrossed with the story and forgot my circumstance. I was b [...]

    10. 3.75 starsABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 5, 2017Badass rockstar hiding out in his isolated cabin in his hometown before his career blows up…biggest cliché ever. Hot as hell chick who wrecks her car in my ditch? Ditto.It’s New Year’s Eve, and we’re trapped together in a snowstorm. Hot chick is the small town sweetheart, but she’s honest and fun in a way I never expected.She doesn’t know I’m a rockstar. So I lie to her. Because she’s seeing me for me, not the money or fame.We [...]

    11. What do you get when you combine one gruff, cynical, but sexy rockstar named Kellan and one sweet criminal justice student, kind of quirky regular girl named Maggie? You get rockstar magic, by the queen of dirty, sexy rockstars - Taryn Quinn! Kellan is in the up and coming band, Wilder Mind, and has decided to buy property in his hometown, Turnbull, NY. There's a blizzard going on, though, and that's why Maggie, local girl who grew up on the fringes of Kellan's life, gets her her car stuck in a [...]

    12. This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review. Since this duo has written so many different books about rock stars, I was curious as to what was going to make this book any different. There were a lot of things that set this book apart. Even though Kellan is an upcoming rock star, this story isn't really set in the Rockstar world. When Kellan first meets Maggie, she doesn't get his interest because of the bundle of clothes she is wearing. When he finally does see what is underneath [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book and chose to review it. I liked this book, Rockstar Daddy Rockstar Daddy like other Taryn Quinn books, is about behind the scenes members of an up and coming rock band. A little vignette into their personal lives and who loves them.This band is Wilder Mind. The main character, Kellan McGuire, the lead singer for the band is taking a few days off at New Year's Eve in his hometown cabin before going back to LA for the release of the band's new single. One minute he i [...]

    14. Maggie Kelly and Kellan McGuire meet on New Years Eve by accident, right after Maggie slides into the ditch in front of Kellan's cabin. Kellan, a brooding, tattooed bad boy just wanted some down time alone away from everyone. Since it didn't look like that was going to happen and he's not a total jerk, he offers to let Maggie stay at his cabin until her vehicle can get towed and she can get a ride into town. Maggie accepts seeing as she has no choice with the snow coming down at a rapid pace.The [...]

    15. This is a good read. I think the story stalled a few times which slowed it down for me but I hung in there. There was no question that I would complete it. First of all this is a safe book for those of you bothered by cheating and infidelity. Our hero and heroine were with no other men or women in the book. The hero had been a man-whore but had decided on a break from sleeping with every random woman who came along. He had been celibate for a short while before meeting the heroine.I have to also [...]

    16. 1st read, I have read by Taryn I prefer cabin Kellan over rock star Kellan I think Maggie "Red" is too too cute love her to pieces she is so funny, quick come back and just so feisty. Some of the comments that Kellan makes in the cable I think are just to egg on Maggie I loved that! So many great scenes there if only it could have lasted forever . that made the book in my humble opinion. great read. Loved it! Check it out! Can't wait to read more from Taryn Quinn aka (aka Taryn Elliott and [...]

    17. This is the first book I have read by Taryn Quinn, but it will not be the last. This book is a fun, sweet, sexy love story. There was a time or two that the pace slowed some but before long it picks back up. Kellan and Maggie seem to be perfect for each other. Maggie has a calming affect on Kellan and he has brought out some of her inner goddess's slutty side. I really enjoyed this book. I can't wait to read the next book.

    18. This is a beginner book for the series. The potential book male leads are introduced and given a brief backstory, we get how their journey starts, and we also get a blooming romance. Can make some snap judgements about 2 particular future couples but not sure how their tales are gonna unwind. plan to read more.

    19. Kellan McGuire just wants a few quiet days over New Years in his cabin away from screaming fans and band responsibilities. When a car comes around a corner to fast, sliding on the icy road into the ditch in front of his house he isn't expecting a woman dressed like a cross between the Abominable snowman and little red riding hood to climb out of it. Things become even more exasperating when she maneuvers herself into his cabin and just magnifies when it turns out she is THE Maggie Kelly, his sma [...]

    20. Oh good gravy!!!! I'm in love with Kellan ( don't tell my husband). This man is allllll man! If his way of lovin' doesn't get your juices flowing, well then, you must be dead. Maggie is my new best friend! To have that one person that can be honest, and to love you through your craziness and even understand accidently adding pressure, that friend would be a God send. The feelings these to have for each other and the way the see their way through it is beautiful (hot too),just (sexy) beautiful! T [...]

    21. I was so thrilled when Taryn Quinn came out with a new rockstar series. Like the others, the guys are sexy and the story was fun to read. Kellen's band was on the verge of making it big, nothing would stand in his way. When he meets Maggie, he is attracted to her but will she get in the way of his dreams? I enjoyed their story as we watched them figure out what is important in like. Huge fan of these authors! Also nothing sweeter than the cover of this book!

    22. Rockstar Daddy is the first in a new series by Taryn Quinn (aka Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn) with the members of Wilder Mind. Kellan McGuire is the lead singer and founder for Wilder Mind. On one of her trips home to Turnbull, Lila Shawcross met Kellan at her parents' apple orchard and offered Kellan a job at Ripper Records as an account rep. He started out as representing artists then he was given the chance to have his own shot at stardom. Kellan called the members of his old high school band [...]

    23. This was an enjoyable standalone novel from the Cari Quinn an Taryn Elliott brain trust writing under their new pen name Taryn Quinn. These two excel at writing rock stars, but if you are looking for the usual music imagery that these authors are excellent at bringing to life, you will be disappointed. Their Lost in Oblivion Series is where you need to go for the amazing concert experiences. This book is not as much about the music as it is about the fairy tale of a knight in shining armor savin [...]

    24. Wilder Rock is off to a great start! Kellan is the lead singer for the band Wilder Rock. He's looking for alone time on New Year's Eve and heads back to his small East Coast hometown and his cabin far away from everyone. Enter Maggie Kelly. She's a sweet little innocent girl (or so we think) that helps anyone and everyone. She's also the baby (22 years old) of a large family filled with overprotective brothers. She's on her way to drop off baked bread to a widow on the snowy New Year's Eve when [...]

    25. Maggie is sassy and sweet, the youngest of six children who is the good girl. Kellan just wants a quiet New Year's Eve back home in his cabin away from LA and his bandmates. Now an accident during a snowstorm has him helping her to safety and his somewhat warm cabin. A few beers, some scraps of food, and another accident happens that they never realized - one that will change their lives forever. New Year's Eve has left Maggie and Kellan with feelings and a connection they can't seem to stop or [...]

    26. Kellan McGuire is the front man for the band Wilder Mind and he is on vacation for New Years at his cabin in upstate New York before the band blows up. Maggie Kelly is a college student studying criminal justice and working two jobs, when she loses control of her car and crashes in Kellan's ditch. She has no idea who he really is and that appeals to him in a major way. Kellan was a jerk and grumpy throughout most of the book. I loved Maggie's spirit and her take charge of her wants however I hat [...]

    27. Talk about a great rockstar romance. And with a baby thrown in. I swear Kellen is one of the hottest dads!! I don't know how you couldn't fall for him, and he sure knows what he is doing in the pleasuring department. Maggie just seems so adorable and has amazing curves. She doesn't want to be known as a good girl.One night of her car sliding into a ditch in front of Kellen's cabin and at first we seem to have hatred from each other, but that soon turns into lust and then love. Kellen didn't want [...]

    28. These ladies never write a bad book. One of the things I LOVE about their books is they are set in the same world, time period, and characters make appearances all over each other's 'stories'. I see there's a review complaining about lack of character development. I totally disagree. Sure, the characters are not fully developed upfront, but that's part of the magic -- action and sex may happen bam!, but the characters reveal themselves over time. Isn't that more like real life? These stories may [...]

    29. I'm a sucker for a great rockstar romance and these ladies are the Hendrix of rocker reads.This is the first book in the Wilder Rock Series, and focuses on Kellan Mcguire, the lead singer in the new up and comimg band Wilder Mind.Kellan has gone home for a weekend of peace and anonymity before things start getting hectic for the band, or so he thinks until Maggie Kelly literally comes crashimg into his life when she ends up in a ditch outside Kellans cabin.Maggie is wary of men since her ex left [...]

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