To Rome, with Love

To Rome with Love Escape to Italy this summer with this fabulously feel good beach read A summer of second chances Just a week before her big day Sarah returns home to find a note from her husband to be the wedding s

  • Title: To Rome, with Love
  • Author: T.A. Williams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Escape to Italy this summer with this fabulously feel good beach read A summer of second chances Just a week before her big day, Sarah returns home to find a note from her husband to be the wedding s off So when her boss decides to send her on an epic cycling trip, from Venice to Rome, it seems like the perfect distraction Although she never expected the distraction toEscape to Italy this summer with this fabulously feel good beach read A summer of second chances Just a week before her big day, Sarah returns home to find a note from her husband to be the wedding s off So when her boss decides to send her on an epic cycling trip, from Venice to Rome, it seems like the perfect distraction Although she never expected the distraction to come in the form of her oh so handsome, but slightly serious, cycling companion, Miles And with still 600 miles of beautiful scenery, mouthwatering food and delicious wine yet to cover, anything could happen Perfect for fans of Zara Stoneley, Mandy Baggot and Caroline Roberts.

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    1. Thank you to Netgalley, Harper Collins uk, and T A Williams for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance reader copy of this book. You can find my review on both and . On from today under Karen Whittard and on under k.e.whittard from publication date. Lovely chick lit, in the beautiful and stunning Rome. This is a little joy of a book. Yes granted predictable but still this book will take you out of the February slump. It has wonderful characte [...]

    2. I'm biased and admit it - I love this author's books and this is certainly not an exception! It is a superbly crafted romance, packed with humour. It still takes the reader through the whole gamut of emotions on Sarah's journey from her husband-to-be's cowardly desertion the day before they were due to be wed, through the glorious Italian countryside cycling with others on a charity 600 mile journey to Rome and romance! The rollercoaster emotional journey is just as dramatic as the scenery they [...]

    3. Pure joy to read, this is without a doubt one of my favourite T. A Williams books of all time. It combines in the perfect ratio, a lot of the elements I love in a book in just one compact parcel. Let's see well there is Italy, a cycling holiday, mouth watering food, romance, chocolate labradors, and some really good characters, which combined make To Rome, With Love a winner in my eyes. Sarah is the space of a couple of weeks goes from her wedding being called off a week before, by a note no les [...]

    4. Heartwarming, winsome, and picturesque!This is a delightful story that takes us on a ride through the beautiful Italian countryside from Venice to Rome complete with majestic scenery, intriguing history, and scrumptious food.The characters are varied and entertaining with a great mix of those who are funny, compassionate and quirky and those who are broody, sexy, and serious.The writing is clear, descriptive and fun. And the plot, although I did find it get a little bogged down with the continuo [...]

    5. Sarah returns home from her hen night to a letter from her Fiance James, saying the wedding is off and he has left. Picking herself up and throwing herself into work at the tourist company, her boss tells her she has to go on a work based charity cycling trip from Venice, to Rome. Her new bosses, brothers Paul and Miles also go along on the trip. Now im not one for cycling and never have been, but this works as we get to see another piece if heaven in Italy.Again with the brilliant writing style [...]

    6. Sarah works for a travel company. After her fiancee calls off their wedding less than a week before the big day she is somewhat relieved when one of her colleagues breaks an ankle and Sarah is asked to lead a two-week, 1,000 kilometre cycling tour of 30 from Venice to Rome for Cancer Research. Just to add to the pressure Sarah finds out that the owner's two sons Paul and Miles (who are expected to take over the firm imminently) will also form part of the party.This was a pleasant travel story as [...]

    7. What a wonderful read. Sarah works for a travel company and changes are in the air. When her wedding is called off she finds herself agreeing to lead a charity cycle ride from Venice to Rome. Apart from the fact that I would hate the physical side to the cycling this sounds like a dream trip. The characters are all really interesting and you can imagine getting to know them better. Lots of little romances are sparked amongst the other travellers. Sarah finds her prospective new boss very attract [...]

    8. When Sarah comes home after her hen night, she finds a letter instead of her soon-to-be husband. James, her fiancé, is calling off the wedding and has left the apartment. Sarah is devastated and can't believe that the man she's been with for seven years has coldly broken up with her via a letter. Sarah decides to go back to work immediately, but isn't ready to tell everybody what happened yet. When a coworker is not available to do a tour Sarah is the one who takes over. Instead of crying about [...]

    9. I am such a fan of this author, nothing he writes disappoints me, and this book was no different.I know the kind of research he puts into his books so throughout the story I was picturing him on his bike riding through the amazing scenery he describes exceptionally well. The way he paints the picture has me almost seeing everything in my mind. The characterisation is spot on, he has captured the essence of all of them perfectly. The story itself flows so well. We have romance, disaster, and come [...]

    10. Sarah is all ready to get married to the love of her life, the hen night has taken place and she is all set for the big day when she gets a note telling her it is off! Devastated she goes into work with head held high when her boss gives her a lifeline - the person leading the charity bike ride in Italy has dropped out and she is offered the job.So instead of drowning her sorrows at home she is out in the beautiful Italian countryside on a bike and added to that her gorgeous bosses Miles and Pau [...]

    11. Sarah let herself into the apartment quietly as she figured James may have already went to bed. But instead she found a note from James calling off their wedding with only a week left before the wedding was suppose to happen. Sarah and James had known each other since college and had been living together for seven years now. The wedding had been James Idea yet he walked away. Sarah went right back to work she thought it might be better for her to be busy at her job but it wasn’t easy nor was t [...]

    12. Sarah is what I would class as easily likeable whether that is due to the fact she is treated badly at the start is a strong possibility. Romance wise T.A. Williams has managed to create a wonderful balance of friendship and chemistry. Now I will admit it is a slow burner but I guess this makes things all the more realistic.Italy was brought to life before my very eyes with the gorgeous descriptions of food and the stunning scenery. I was definitely craving pasta after reading this book! Even th [...]

    13. I could just swoon all over this book! It was light, fluffy, and sweet! A perfect beach read! It's a finely written, engaging story, that takes you on through every emotion as Sarah is dumped a week before her wedding to falling in love, and cycling from Venice to Italy.Sarah works for a travel company that has an epic upcoming cycling trip that spans from Venice to Rome, and when one of their tour leaders breaks an ankle, Sarah's boss (enter Miles) asks that she goes in her place. What happens [...]

    14. Now as we all should know by now I am a huge fan of Trevor’s books, you can dip in and immediately be transported to an idyllic world. The writing flows and instinctively I feel as though I am enjoying Jackanory (for those of a certain age) it’s comforting and endearing, with luscious descriptions of food, vivid scenery, likeable characters and thankfully the inclusion of the faithful Labradors this time. All of Trevor’s trademarks that ensure a perfect story.Sarah returns home to find a n [...]

    15. To Rome, with love has it all, amazing scenery, likeable characters plus food and destinations to die for. The scene setting was so compelling at times, I could practically feel the heat of the sun on my skin. This would make a perfect summer holiday read.

    16. This book had many aspects I enjoy about T A Williams' books: A beautiful setting, likeable characters and of course a Labrador (in fact two!).

    17. This was a really lovely story by T A Williams. The author not only gave us a wonderful romantic tale with a journey of emotional enlightenment but we were also treated to an epic cycle ride through Italy.Sarah works for one of the top tourist companies in the country, she was due to get married very soon but her no-good fiancé decides to unceremoniously call off the wedding the week before. Sarah is devastated, as you can imagine, but life must go on and she has to step in and help host a char [...]

    18. What a fun book this is! Set in Italy, it follows the fortunes of the members of a charity bike ride - with particular emphasis on Miles & Sarah. It really does have everything - great characters, glorious scenery, which is well described and yummy food! Oh yes - and a dash of tension for the will they? won't they? romance!I always enjoy Trevor's books - one of the authors I discovered after I got my kindle, and always look forward to his next one! Since he is a prolific writer, I never have [...]

    19. This was a good book i enjoyed it but it was just missing a bit of something for me Sarah just got over James a bit quick for me.This is a great read for a lazy weekend.

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