Big Bad Daddy

Big Bad Daddy Does the single dad billionaire want to pay me to take care of his daughter s needs or to satisfy his own dark desires AMY LYNN BECK Saying that life has dealt me a lousy hand would be an understateme

  • Title: Big Bad Daddy
  • Author: Tia Siren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Does the single dad billionaire want to pay me to take care of his daughter s needs or to satisfy his own dark desires AMY LYNN BECK Saying that life has dealt me a lousy hand would be an understatement I barely escaped an abusive ex husband, only to end up starting over in a crappy apartment with a crappy job at a convenience store But now I ve been dealt a good han Does the single dad billionaire want to pay me to take care of his daughter s needs or to satisfy his own dark desires AMY LYNN BECK Saying that life has dealt me a lousy hand would be an understatement I barely escaped an abusive ex husband, only to end up starting over in a crappy apartment with a crappy job at a convenience store But now I ve been dealt a good hand for once I m to become the live in nanny to the daughter of Jackson Ritter, the rich, hunky best selling author who can make me blush with his eyes and melt at his touch But the way he looks at me tells me that he wants something , something hot and steamy Something dirty I can t sleep with him I won t Otherwise my ex husband s right I m just a whore who f cks her boss for money But I don t know what to think when Jackson calls me his muse and what do I do when my ex husband threatens any chance I have at happiness JACKSON RITTER My publisher is pressuring me for another best seller, but I haven t written a word since my wife died in a car accident with her lover, my best friend Being a single dad isn t easy either I ve got 2 weeks to hand in a full draft, otherwise I stand to lose everything But I just can t get past this writer s block So hiring a nanny to look after my daughter is my last hope The minute I see her standing at my door, I know that I have to have her She s young, pretty, innocent, utterly delicious I want her in my bed naked, willing, eager, begging for But I m not ready What if I end up giving my heart to the girl who s supposed to be here for my daughter but instead becomes my muse This is a sexy standalone novella with a guaranteed HEA I ve also included several exclusive bonus books for your pleasure, including BIG BAD ROYAL and a sneak peak of BIG BAD TWINS Tia Siren Spoil the bad girl in you.

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    1. **I voluntarily received an Advance Reader Copy of this book**I guess my favorite daddy/babysitter trope is being turned into a big joke now. I've said this before but falling for the babysitter is one of my all time "themes" to read. But lately it seems because everyone is trying to get in on the action it's all going down the drain faster than the authors can put these books out.Amy Lynne & Jackson's relationship can't even be described as anything remotely like a relationship! She's hired [...]

    2. 3 super quick read starsThis was a very quick read. I'd say short story over novellasThe heroine leaves an abusive relationship to nanny for a man who needs help with his young daughter. They fool around, crap hits the fan and she runs away from him.That's about all. It's too short to really feel anything for the characters, but it's an ok read. Nothing stand out, but if you have KU go for it. It has a bunch of other short stories in it as well that I didn't read so they could be worth it for th [...]

    3. 2 Fell Short StarsThis book had potential really did. It started out pretty good. However, poor storyline development made this read fall short. Also, it just veered way off course, with a confusingly abrupt ending.

    4. I loved this book! I devoured it in one sitting and refused to put it down. Amy Lynne has had a tough life and is looking for a fresh start. Her abusive ex has her so petrified that she can’t even go into the local grocery store and to make ends meet, she’s working alone in a shady convenience store. Her friend sends her a lifeline in the form of a job interview and a strong recommendation to her potential new boss.When she nervously arrives for the interview, she is intimidated by Jackson [...]

    5. Amy Lynne and Jackson are two broken adults who are struggling to rebuild their lives. There was so much potential to have characters with depth and layers to them.Then all that possibility is thrown out with the bathwater as the two MC's are reduced to being cheap truckstop-quality amateur porn stars. It makes me rather sad.

    6. I love reading books of Tia but this was as short and quick. Before the story develops further it ends. Amy Lynn a young girl who abused by her ex husband starts as a nanny for a best selling writer Jackson who had his own terrible past. After his wife was killed in a car crash with her lover and best friend of Jackson leaving him behind with his child, he needs help so he finds a nanny.After meeting each other the spark grows, they have sex, Amy is treated by her ex again leaves Jackson and he [...]

    7. this was a great quick spicy read! the characters had such passion between them. it's well written & thoroughly enjoyable!

    8. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. I am loving The Big Bad series Ms Siren has been writing! I think this is the fourth or fifth one I have read and let me tell you they are getting better and better. This one is about single dad Jackson and Amy Lynn a newly divorced woman who was treated bad by her ex the minute the ring was put on her finger. Luckily she was smart and left him as soon as she could. However, she needs a better job than the one she currently has. She made a friend with [...]

    9. I loved this book from Tia Siren! Amy Lynn is working a dead end job, taking online classes for bookkeeping-which she doesn't like-and trying to get her life back on track after the disaster of her ex-husband. Jackson is a single father, floundering and trying to get his new book done before the publisher takes back the advance. With the need for a nanny and a suggestion from Gail-a mutual friend of both Jackson and Amy Lynn-Amy Lynn finds herself working for Jackson taking care of his adorable [...]

    10. Amy Lynne is recovering from a nasty divorce from her abusive ex. When she gets hired to work for author Jackson, they feel the mutual attraction, but Amy Lynne is low on self-esteem and doesn't believe she's truly worthy. She's also a little immature, not having had much in the way of good role models. This was a good insta-lust story that eventually blossomed into an HEA. She and Jackson had great chemistry, and he's such a good guy, just an author who's stuck in a writer's impasse. Good quick [...]

    11. I received this book as a gift at RT's 2017 Booklovers Convention. I loaned it to one of my customers and she brought it back and said I really needed to read it. Well, she was right. It was a great little book. She wanted me to order Tia's other books in print but the only ones available are on line and not available through Baker & Taylor or Ingram. I was so disappointed. My customers do not order on line. I want to thank Tia for gifting this book. I look forward to the day that my custome [...]

    12. Amy & Jackson had both been through such heartache and heartbreaking tragedies. In a way they needed each other and didn't really see it that way. Jackson's daughter Lizzie was a miracle from the start. Jackson and Amy's chemistry was off the charts. I am so glad Amy come to her senses about her ex. He was a mean piece of work. I absolutely loved the ending. The story was very heartfelt, heartbreaking, and full of love and hot scenes at the same time. I volunteered to review an Advanced Read [...]

    13. This story is about saving each other.Amy Lynn being abused and no where to turn is offered a job as a nanny for Jackson Ritter for his 2 year old daughter.There is a connection right away as they help each other succeed with the ghosts of there pasts.Amy gives him inspiration to write again and he gives her heart back and strength to go with it.They complete each other and have a second chance of happiness.

    14. Life afterI felt so many emotions while reading this book. Emotional and physical abuse in a relationship has been so taboo in society. It happens but no one talks about it. The way Tia told this story is amazing. She grasped all the emotions wrapped up in this type of situation and helped people understand what's going thru the victims head and how the see things after. It was wonderful to see how she healed and created a better life for herself.

    15. Not her bestI normally like Tia Siren's books a lot but this was not her best. The story of Jackson and Amy is nicely written but I wish it was longer. Its a bit choppy towards the end and looses what the book was built on and cut short. The other stories in the book I was not impressed with and seemed to be written in a rush and are somewhat all over the place. This is not Tia's best writing.

    16. I loved this book. Older man younger female who had an abusive husband. Jackson is an author but he hasn't wrote anything since his ex left him with their little girl after she died with her lover who just happens to be his best friend. I wont say no more your just going to have to read the book. this is a standalone with a hEA

    17. This book had a good start, it had a good outline, it had a good cover. And to me that was all it had good. Plot vs outcome wasn't a winner. It was just to hushed, needed more time to developed , needed more time to get in the emotions. Sorry to me this fell flat. Reviewed by GypsyBelle* I own a copy of this book*

    18. Another good read from Tia! This one starts out a bit dark and there are abuse triggers, but it grabbed my interest from the first page and I couldn't put it down. Jackson and Amy each have their own demons and both stories pull at the heartstrings. As always with this author, the end left me with a smile and wanting more.

    19. I was liking the book pretty well until the last few chapters. They seemed too convenient for the story. I knew there would have to be a showdown with the h's ex, but I couldn't help but sigh when it happened. I also wish they had known each other longer before they got together, but you can't please everyone.

    20. Dad and nanny romanceWow was I surprised this is a good story. The author is great the story is put together well. The book is well written an a fast read with no slow wasted areas. The story flows nicely an reads well. I recommend this book to my friends and family.

    21. Great bookThis was a good story! I thought it was so sad that Jackson had his wife and best friend cheating and for them to get killed that way! At least he had his daughter! And thank God for the Nanny!

    22. Short and annoying. The heroine personality was all over the place. And the plot was good but poorly develop. Everything happened too fast. Not too credible. And on top, it is only half pf a book. Another one with two different stories attached. Not cool and deeply disappointed.

    23. A sweet, fun story about two people lost who go down a rough road. But help each other in surprising heartfelt ways. I enjoyed reading it. Well written story I couldn't put down. I recommend it. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

    24. As usual Tia Siren has written another book that has a great storyline and well defined characters that just pulls you into the story and doesn't let you go until the very end!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    25. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.This is a different twist to a babysitter story. It well written Amy and Jackson relationship is different from day one. You will in joy story it's sweet but oh so hot. Can they both find love in each other?

    26. Fabulous It was like I was in the story. I loved every bit of it. A great read for all. Short sexy and exotic is all you need.

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