Mister Wrong

Mister Wrong Cora Matthews grew up with the Adams boys twin brothers and best friends who wouldn t let anything come between them except for her One of them became her best friend the other her fianc She always

  • Title: Mister Wrong
  • Author: NicoleWilliams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
  • Format: None
  • Cora Matthews grew up with the Adams boys, twin brothers and best friends who wouldn t let anything come between them except for her One of them became her best friend the other, her fianc.She always knew she d wind up marrying one of them, and Jacob Adams is the epitome of Mister Right At least until he fails to show up for their wedding.As Jacob s best man, and idenCora Matthews grew up with the Adams boys, twin brothers and best friends who wouldn t let anything come between them except for her One of them became her best friend the other, her fianc.She always knew she d wind up marrying one of them, and Jacob Adams is the epitome of Mister Right At least until he fails to show up for their wedding.As Jacob s best man, and identical twin, Matt makes a split second decision that will affect the three of their lives forever he steps in to take his brother s place In front of the altar, exchanging vows with the woman he s secretly been in love with for years.But Cora finds out about the groom swap The morning after the wedding As if realizing she just slept with her fianc s brother isn t disturbing enough, she s forced to confront the feelings for Matt Adams she thought she d buried years ago.Through the course of her real honeymoon with her fake husband, she uncovers truths both Adams brothers were hoping to keep hidden, for opposite reasons One to protect himself, the other to protect her.She married the wrong brother, but what if he s been the right one all along

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    1. 4 Stars!!Nicole Williams delivers a fast-paced, gripping story that I’ve read in one sitting. She does a wonderful job blending the sweetness and sexiness in this story and making you think about what’s wrong and what's right. Despite its premise, I found the story to be compelling, but if you are not a fan of cheating or love triangles, then this is not the book for you. First and foremost, I have to say that I’m not a fan of cheating in my books, so I was really surprised when I ended up [...]

    2. ➦I've only read a handful of romances that explored this whole "identical twin" theme going on in this book. One thing I'm sure of is that this one, by far, is the best I've read out of all of those. ➦The phrase "train wreck" has been used to describe this story by one of the other reviewers, and it's true. It's like watching a train wreck happen and being unable to look away for a second. The story is very angsty and well written, albeit very far-fetched. But that's fiction, so let's just [...]

    3. *****3.5 STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by AuthorCora Matthews was my weakness. My addiction. Everything I wanted and everything I had to let go of.Matt Adams has been in love with Cora Matthews from their early childhood years but he’s unfortunately always been classified as her best friend since his twin brother Jacob quickly snatched up the role as her boyfriend. It’s always been a sore spot for him as he has witnessed Jacob’s lack of respect for Cora over the years and knows in hi [...]

    4. 3.5-4 'Waiting for You' Stars!ARC provided by the author via Ardent Prose PR in exchange for an honest review.I am always excited when it comes to Nicole Williams’ books. I fell in love with her writing last year and I am still blown away by her emotional yet very-sexy love stories. Now it was time for Mister Wrong and, while I very much enjoyed reading it (I stayed super late to finish it!), I have to say it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Still good, in Nicole’s wonderful style, but the [...]

    5. 3.75 stars “Me. Matt Adams. The man who’d loved her for so long, I couldn’t remember a time when I hadn’t. Loving her had become a part of me. The defining part of me.”Mister Wrong starts off with Matt at a wedding, but it’s not his wedding. It’s his twin brother, Jacob’s wedding. Only, Jacob is a no show, and the woman Matt has loved his whole life is about to be jilted at the alter. In a moment of insanity, Matt steps in and pretends to be Jacob at the wedding, but soon is the [...]

    6. 3 StarsMister Wrong is about finding love in the one you least expect. Matt and Cora grew up together. Matt has been in love with Cora since he could remember. And he ends up marrying her. Although he's not supposed to be the one saying I do. That privilege is supposed to be his twin brother, Jacob's. But Jacob didn't show up and thinking he'll stand in his place until he gets there, Matt makes the choice to marry Cora. Problem is, Jacob never shows and Cora doesn't realize who she married. Digg [...]

    7. Well, holy melodrama-llama alert (and I say that in the best way). I mean WOW! That was a dysfunctional mess! I could not stop reading. And I'm sitting here slack jawed with eyes wide open, laughing. Wow. Just wowwwwwww Talk about WILD and CHAOTIC. Mister Wrong NEVER lets up on angst. From the first to the last words, you've boarded a one way train on the crazy town express, and are headed straight to WHAT THE FUCK-VILLE. This story is juicy and salacious, addictive and crazy, and I read it in o [...]

    8. *** 4.33 ***A buddy read with the Abtastic Geishas, because we see a hint of abs on that cover 😀A hint of abs times two, for the two twin brothers who care for the same girl. Matt and Jacob Adams have loved Cora since the day her mom moved into the wealthy family's home as a housekeeper and Cora moved in as well. The kids were all 11 years old and went to the same school, for which the Adams dad provided the funds. Cora was not treated well by most of her classmates, since she was looked upon [...]

    9. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewNicole Williams has once again captured and demanded her reader’s attention as she brings forth a complicated love story like no other in Mister Wrong. Boundaries will be pushed. Moral conscience of right and wrong will be tested. And the lines of family, love, truth, and respect will come into play. As Williams beautifully weaves these elements, she will have readers begging, craving, and wanting more of this fast paced complicated love s [...]

    10. So what's this story about? On the day of Jacob and Coras wedding Jacob doesn't actually turn up, he's know where to be seen. So until he's found his twin brother Matt takes his place. Except know one knows and so it's all on Matt. That's where things pick up and change and how the twists and turns develop. Cora and Matt go on their honeymoon and start their new life, well until Jacob turns up from wherever he is. so this read is about the battle of demons as it were who's right? Who's wrong? Is [...]

    11. August BR with the Abtastic Geishas Short, simple, silly drama fun read. This book is lots of drama, but it's written in a way that's light. It's also not a deep book. Cora, an idiot if there ever was one, is about get married and unbeknownst to her, the groom, Jacob, is a no show. His identical twin brother Matt, fills in for him & marries Cora. Except he doesn't tell her he's not the real groom until much later. Then it's all drama and finding out that people she thought were x weren't act [...]

    12. I'm in war with this book.One minute I loved it the next I hulked out.The story opens to Matt who was (already) establishing his undying love for this girl and how totally wrong she was for his brother.Matt has a twin. His name is Jacob and he's 3 minutes older. He's the favourite in the family.Twin brothers fell in love with Cora who actually moved in Adams' mansion with her mum as a hired help. Mum passed away leaving Cora behind but fortunately for her, Adams took her in and have extended the [...]

    13. A book about marrying the wrong twin brother? This could have been really, really good!Unfortunately, there was just too much drama in this for it to be a win for me. Cora was a terrible leading lady. She had no backbone and was happy to settle for someone who treated her like shit, even when she knew she deserved better. Matt was lovely and sweet and I adored him. His brother was a douche and I don't know why he covered for him for so long. He should have let him crash and burn years ago, then [...]

    14. Talk about a freaking train wreck, geez! Let's recap, shall we?Matt: I love him.Cora: Strong dislike. Few redeeming qualities. Has no reasoning for her decisions and makes things up as she goes.Jacob: Asshat.And the entire story spans what, three days? Four? Those are some intense days for sure but man oh man. I will say, this is certainly addicting though. Like a cat fight on the bachelor. It's just too hard to look away from.

    15. I honestly don’t know how to rate this book. It was very well written; so captivating that despite many of my triggers I couldn’t put it down.I read the blurb, so it’s kind of silly to complain that the heroine slept with both brothers. I had a tiny hope that she didn’t have sex with her bf/fiancée/groom, but she did -> she dated him for 10 years.After she slept with his brother/fake husband/H there was no turning back, no sex with her bf/H’s twin brother.But nevertheless it was ch [...]

    16. 2 *big sigh* starsOK, so clearly I am going to have the unpopular opinion here because there’s a lot of love for this book, and I’m really glad that there is, but sadly, it just did not work for me. I thought the premise sounded fun, and I'm a big fan of Nicole Williams and was curious to see how she would pull it off, but the characters just annoyed me, the book was too short for me to really get invested, and in the end it was a struggle to finish the book.Cora grew up with the Adams twins [...]

    17. ***AVAILABLE NOW - FULL REVIEW***4.5 I Don't Want to be Right CROWNSMy first novel by Nicole Williams is a doozy. There is so much drama, so much angst, so much back and forth, and I am enthralled by all of it.The story centers around Jacob and Matt, who are twins, and Cora, one wedding, and the wrong groom. From the beginning Matt is this self-deprecating man, which isn't a shock as not many people around him seem to value him. Matt, however, shows how kind and compassionate he is, and even tho [...]

    18. 3.5 starsThis one had me equally rivetted and aggravated.Matt steps in and secretly marries his twin brother's fiancee Cora when his no-good bro fails to show up for the wedding. Trouble is, he's long been in love with Cora, but in deference to his bro and Cora's happiness, he has stepped aside.I loved the set up, although it did force me to ignore a few niggling doubts with plausibility, such as whether the bride and the rest of the family would be so easily fooled by the twin swap.The alternat [...]

    19. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!We’re all already used to Nicole’s kind of perfection, and Mister Wrong sure did not disappoint.“So I’d kept my secret for years and watched the girl I loved fall in love with the brother I’d shared a womb with for thirty-eight weeks.”Matt has secretly loved Cora for as long as he can remember but she chose his twin brother, Jacob, to marry. But when Jacob doesn’t show up at his own wedding, Matt can’t stand to see Cora hurting one more time because of his bother [...]

    20. DNF 62%Concept of the plot was decent but I found the whole storyline frustrating. Cora was a bit like a puppet on a string - I love Jacob, no I think I love Matt, No I think I love Jacob, No really its Matt!Groom Jacob missing in action on his wedding day - drunk and with another woman. That the norm for him. To save face Matt steps in and marries Cora - he has always loved her - they have a honeymoon night and Cora thinks that there is a change in Jacob. He appear more focussed on her than nor [...]

    21. I fist pumped my way through the opening of this book. Right out of the gate, we're swept up in a situation where you know this can not possibly end well, you know you should be rebelling against this kind of deception if you were any sort of decent person. But instead I was completely on board, rooting a character right on as he put on a tux, grabbed the ring, and stood at the alter pretending to be his identical twin brother set to marry the love of both their lives. How something could be so [...]

    22. 1.5 "All sorts of wrong" stars.God. I don't even know where to begin. This was so messed up and wrong and downright icky.I can't even.There was nothing here. How does drivel like this get published?!You know nothing about the characters other than 1) They're twin brother.2) Crazy about the same girl.3) h marries the wrong brother since the other one doesn't show.4) h and the "wrong" H have always been in love but never admitted it. Ugh!5) Our h is a whiny ass bitch that doesn't deserve to breath [...]

    23. MINOR SPOILERSDespite the 3 stars, i did enjoy this one. LOVE the hook. I just found it a little lacking because the entire storyline was based around one thing, and it made the inner-monologue a little skimmable to me.I really liked the hero, he was the goodest guy you could get. Perfect. Utterly romantic and in love with the heroine all his life. The heroine well the fact that she put up with so much s*** from his twin, it really goes against her character, as does (view spoiler)[her stringing [...]

    24. I wanted a hero who was assertive and chased what he wanted. Who Matt wanted was Cora, but yet again, we face a hero who was incapable of owning up to his feelings, steps back and watches his twin brother take the reins. It also suggests that Matt loved Jacob more than Cora. He knew Jacob was unfaithful, yet didn't have the decency to tell Cora. Not only did he let Cora go, he let her start her unassuming happy life with her "husband" without having known the truth. That's common curtesy. He doe [...]

    25. MISTER WRONG was good-easy reading, the kind of book that is effortless to delve into and stay engaged with. It had mild angst with twin brothers Jacob and Matt and Cora, a flippy-floppy woman in the middle. Cora's place between these two men was not new, she'd been conflicted for years regarding her feelings for them both, but she was marrying Jacob. What ensued were car-crash actions on impulse, that led to impossible circumstances."Wait. Hold up. So there was a runaway groom and now a runaway [...]

    26. Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. Selfish. That's all I could think about. I was brimming with anger. I was foaming at the mouth wanting to scream scathing insults. A love triangle that makes you want to shake everyone and then slap them silly. Twin brothers and the girl every guy dreams of. What leads to all this? Lack of communication and being shit scared in following your gut. The female MC, Cora, was another annoying female, so much so that I have decided to create a shelf for all these a [...]

    27. Drama alert! Mister Wrong is kind of a messy, dysfunctional read and that may not sound so promising, but trust me, the story sucks you right in and doesn't let you go until the very end.It's hard to review without giving some things away, though the blurb kind of says everything you need to know. It was a quite unique story and I did like it, but I have to say, the melodramatic tone got old after a while. It felt like things could have gone a whole lot easier for all three of them if they were [...]

    28. 3-3.5 stars!I love Nicole Williamse is one of my favorite authors. That being said Mister Wrong is not one of my faves of hers. I truly believe she can write anything but I am more of a fan of her darker reads like Collared or The Fable of Us. Mister Wrong is a story of twin brothers and how Cora ends up with one while the other secretly pines away for her for many years. I loved Matt (the non fiancé) from the start but didn't love how he deceived her all the way up to the morning following the [...]

    29. ~*~ 4.5 STARS ~*~WOW! What a SEXY and INTENSE read full of angsty goodness! Leave it to the great Nicole Williams to RIP OUT my heart and mend it back together with the amazing finesse of a talented story-teller. This book rode my feelings so hard. It was CRAZY dramatic and beautifully ROMANTIC! There was passion, heat, and heartbreak with every turn of the page. Each chapter brought on a fresh new wave of feels and near the end, my heart-felt like it was going to give out on me. This heart wren [...]

    30. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.Fast paced and highly entertaining, the push and pull between Cora, Matt, and his twin brother Jacob in the midst of betrayal and a dangerous storm was hard to put down. Mister Wrong, by Nicole Williams, is a tale of unrequited love and endless angst as twin brothers war for the affections of Cora, the girl they've both loved in different ways since childhood. Jacob's had Cora since the start, but the attention and love he gives her over the year is [...]

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