Safety in Blunders

Safety in Blunders Hollywood sweetheart Joey Darling s adventures and mishaps continue in the third book of the charming mystery series set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina My name is Joey Darling and I m a disgrac

  • Title: Safety in Blunders
  • Author: Christy Barritt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hollywood sweetheart Joey Darling s adventures and mishaps continue in the third book of the charming mystery series set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina My name is Joey Darling, and I m a disgrace to imaginary detectives everywhere When actress Joey Darling discovers a mermaid tail with drops of fresh blood on it while hiking in a remote nature preserve, she knows sHollywood sweetheart Joey Darling s adventures and mishaps continue in the third book of the charming mystery series set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina My name is Joey Darling, and I m a disgrace to imaginary detectives everywhere When actress Joey Darling discovers a mermaid tail with drops of fresh blood on it while hiking in a remote nature preserve, she knows something suspicious is going on As details surface, Joey realizes she s dealing with a problem she has encountered one too many times someone desperate for fame who falls victim to a predator With the help of her neighbor Zane Oakley and the opposition of local detective Jackson Sullivan, Joey hunts for answers, unaware of the deadly net in which she s about to entangle herself Joey knows she s a fish out of water when it comes to cracking cases, but can she use her talent acting to help find the missing woman Or will Joey end up swimming with sharks Other books in the Worst Detective Ever series 1 Ready to Fumble 2 Reign of Error 3 Safety in Blunders 4 Join the Flub 5 Blooper Freak coming in October 6 Flaw Abiding Citizen coming in November

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    1. First, the disclaimer. "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own." That done, SAFETY IN BLUNDERS is the third in the Worst Detective Ever series by Christy Barritt but it easily stands alone. Fans will not want to miss Joey's latest misadventures as another case falls in her lap while she's minding her own business at the beauty shop where she works. I had fun trying to figure out who-dun-it and what they did exactly, as nothing was clear except for a missing person, a bl [...]

    2. Wow these books just keep getting better and better and this one had the ending I have been hoping for. I love this series they are so fun! Joey is smarter that everyone thinks and she really has a nack for this stuff. She makes solving a crime so much fun. Even though it is tough I enjoy reading the love triangle between Joey, Jackson and Zane. I am rooting for Jackson. As fun as Zane is I don't get the marriage material vibe yet lol. I love that Jackson more a little softer towards Joey in thi [...]

    3. Christy Barritt gives Joey Darling a stellar performance in this latest Worst Detective Ever.Tension and suspense pull you through the book.Larger the life characters add to the bookYou need to read the entire series to get the full effect.I look forward to the next book in the series.

    4. Christy Barritt does it again. With her latest edition to her Worst Detective Ever mystery series Safety in Blunders, Barritt created a mystery with a high end mermaid's tale with drops of bloods. Again, I am returned to the life and going ons of Joey Darling as she struggles with her depleting bank account and deciding whether she wants to return to her famous life or stay in the shadows in small town USA. Like a cozy mystery, Barritt understands the conventions and requirements to make a myste [...]

    5. I've really enjoyed The Worst Detective Every Mystery Series by Christy Barritt. The third book in the series (out of five, I believe) is a great addition. Sometimes series can run dry, but I'm still very interested in Joey, her potential love life, and the mysteries she gets herself involved in while she's trying to find out where her father disappeared to.Joey does tend to stick her nose in where she shouldn't, but in much of what we are introduced to in this series, her hand is forced. In thi [...]

    6. This is the third installment of The Worst Detective Ever Series by Christy Barritt and I am already looking forward to the fourth. Poor Joey is torn in several different directions all at once. She wants to help a missing girl but she wants to stay out of trouble, she wants to find out more about her missing dad but she doesn't know how to put all the confusing information together, she wants to let her heart heal from her past mistakes, but she's drawn to two completely opposite men for two co [...]

    7. I always enjoy Christy Barritt's books. This time the main character, Joey Darling, continues to get embroiled in a mystery which makes her act like the TV detective, Raven Remington. Her "stalker fan club" makes her get involved. They know something about the disappearance of Joey's father. They give her clues occasionally. Joey has been allowed to ride along with detective Jackson Sullivan. There is a missing girl, Cora Day. Blood was found on Cora's mermaid costume at a photo shoot, making ev [...]

    8. I am loving this series! Each book seems to get better and better! Safety in Blunders is book three in the Worst Detective Ever series, but it can definitely stand alone. There were so many laugh-out-loud moments, but also times when I was on the edge of my seat. And while this book was a bit slower paced than the previous one, I still enjoyed it a great deal and read it as fast as I could. The mystery was superb. I had my suspicions, but I didn't figure it out until the reveal. On the love tria [...]

    9. I wasn't sure if I would like this series, for some reason. After the first 2 chapters of the first book, I was hooked. This 3rd book was really great. I like that I can follow the clues, and try to solve it, but the truth isn't always that obvious. I had a hunch in this one, but nothing to back it. GREAT job of leading us in circles while making it interesting, and providing the answers for it to make sense. The ending gives me hope. I eagerly await "Join the Flub"!

    10. You can't read Safety in Blunders without an occasional smile coming to your face. Joey is quirky, translation, a little odd. But very likable. She is committed to doing the best she can. Christy Barritt is one of my favorite authors. I love that her books are clean and I never have to worry about what I will see as I read.I received a copy of Safety in Blunders from Christy Barritt. The views expressed are my own.

    11. This whole series is just so fun, filled with heart, intriguing, and MORE JOEY DARLING!! Love the mystery, the courage, and how there's no way to figure out how things will go next. And FINALLY there was a kiss from the character I had been waiting for, sooooo looking forward to the next book, can't get enough of Joey :) :) :)

    12. Joey in the middleJoey is torn between Hollywood and Nags Head, Zane and Jackson, being a fictional detective or a real one. She is tormented by past mistakes and that leads her into danger. She feels the need to try and rescue other vulnerable young women and still on the hunt for her father. Somehow she managed to blunder into the truth.

    13. You can read this review on my blog at: cjaneread/2017/03/Story is filled with laugh-out-loud moments along with some nail-biting moments. Joey and Zane stumble across evidence that begins a search for a missing girl. Just when Joey is ready to leave the search to the police, she is contacted by the girl’s boyfriend asking her to find some answers. Her curiosity takes over and she begins a search that puts her in precarious positions at times; however she is beginning to learn that she needs t [...]

    14. Ugh. These books are killing me!!!! I mean seriously. If she was interested in finding out what happened to her dad shouldn't that be the main focus????? I LOVED the ending of this one!!!!! Perfect

    15. What a great mystery story! I appreciated very much the fact that though there was suspense and a mystery, it wasn't gory.

    16. A mermaid tail with some drops of blood is discovered in Nags Head Woods. The woman's boyfriend is the prime suspect but he finds Joey and asks her to find out what really happened. She agrees to help him out because she is concerned for the woman's safety. It makes her think of another young woman who tried to reach out to Joey for help in Hollywood, made some bad choices, and ended up dead. Joey feels guilty over that and doesn't want another person on her conscience. It's time to solve anothe [...]

    17. When actress Joey Darling comes upon what appears to be a crime scene, she must take on the role she knows best acting. Joey pretends to be a mermaid model in order to search for clues for a missing woman. After her own nasty divorce, Joey has sworn off all men. But, she finds very mixed feelings when she seems to be attracted to both her adventure seeking neighbor Zane Oakley and Detective Jackson Sullivan.

    18. Love, love this series and the Character, Joey! This is the 3rd in the series and keeps getting better and better.Joey is a very relatable main character. I received this book as a gift from the author. Thoughts about the book are my own.

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