Write Well: A Grammar Guide

Write Well A Grammar Guide Do you want to learn how to write better books blog posts even emails Then you ve stumbled upon the perfect guide In Write Well I outline the tools and techniques you need to truly master grammar i

  • Title: Write Well: A Grammar Guide
  • Author: Rachelle Rea Cobb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Do you want to learn how to write better books, blog posts, even emails Then you ve stumbled upon the perfect guide.In Write Well, I outline the tools and techniques you need to truly master grammar in an un overwhelming way That s right You won t be yawning or weeping as you read these writing rules, just rejoicing that you ve finally found the answer to your prayers.Do you want to learn how to write better books, blog posts, even emails Then you ve stumbled upon the perfect guide.In Write Well, I outline the tools and techniques you need to truly master grammar in an un overwhelming way That s right You won t be yawning or weeping as you read these writing rules, just rejoicing that you ve finally found the answer to your prayers.So, go ahead, become the writer you ve always dreamed of, and catapult yourself to the career you ve always wanted Because once you know how to make your words work for you, the world s your oyster.Hi there, I m Rachelle Rea Cobb and I have history with words I m a grammar geek with a knack for storytelling I help authors traditionally and self published , bloggers, students, and ESL writers polish their pages until their words shine so that they then can sign their own publishing contracts Did I mention I signed my own book deal at age 22 And now I d like to share my expertise with you.Write Well A Grammar Guide is a short ebook designed to walk you through what you need to know so you can get back to the real work actual writing

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    1. Basically what you'd learn in a grade-school or high school English textbook, only more concise. A nice refresher course, if simplistic. I didn't really learn anything new, although then again, I am a grammar police, so . . . ;) Cobb's writing style is casual and engaging, and her list of resources are helpful.

    2. Age Appropriate For: All AgesBest for Ages: 8 and upAs some of you are probably painfully aware, grammar is not my thing. It isn’t that I don’t care, but it seems that every time someone tries to explain the rules, I only become more confused. Seriously? How am I supposed to understand where those silly little commas go? The answer is to buy this little book.This book was so, so, so helpful! I still have a long way to go before I really have a firm grasp on all the principles. However, I fin [...]

    3. This is the very best writing guide for authors and writers that I've come across yet. It's quick, simple, easy, and fun--yes fun, and that's coming from someone who hates grammar and all its rules and regulations with a passion! If you are a writer of any kind--fiction, nonfiction, blogger, journalist, etc this book is simply essential for you. I really can't recommend it highly enough!

    4. I will admit when Rachelle said you could read a guide to grammar in one sitting, I was skeptical. Yep, I read it in one sitting. And I'm not a fast reader, either. It is a quick and basic guide that is good to have on hand when you need to review. I even learned a couple of new things.

    5. Introduction:If you are a writer who has problems with grammar, this is the perfect book for you. Rachelle has lots of great tips given in a funny way that entertains as well as teaches.Clarity: 1/1Everything written was clear and easy to understand. I appreciated the tips she had and the way she presented them.Usability: 1/1I'm usually pretty good with grammar, but I still learned quite a few useful pieces of information.Readability: 1/1The formatting was well done and made it easy to read.Over [...]

    6. This book is short and simple. I read it in one sitting and it provided a lot of useful information. I would have liked some more in-depth examples and a list of when to use certain punctuation, but it was free and worth the read. And the cover is beautiful. You can get this free on , though I don't know for how long. If you're a writer, its worth the read.

    7. This book has been on my TBR shelf since before it came out. I finally got around to reading it. It is a short eBook and super easy to read in one sitting. In some ways, it reminded me of Self-Editing On A Penny: A Comprehensive Guide by Ashlyn Forge, but without quite as much detail or reasoning (and, I have to admit, I really like logical reasoning). Rachelle has a fun style of presenting material. The main thing that stood out to me in reading it was “why a writer should like grammar” mor [...]

    8. This was the best book on grammar I've ever read. It made it easy to understand, and easy to apply to actual writing. I love this authors writing style in fiction and non fiction. I hope I can get this in paperback someday to put with my writing books.

    9. Attention grammar geeks and grammar haters alike: Write Well is a new writing craft bookshelf necessity. Written in a humorous and conversational tone, this short yet insightful grammar guide will remind you of why mastering grammar is important, how you can use it to better relay your message, and it'll refresh your knowledge of the basic grammar skills you learned (and forgot) in school. Don’t make your editor clean up your overuse of exclamation marks! Apply the grammar tips Rachelle covers [...]

    10. To be honest, I didn't actually realize this book was a grammar book when I downloaded it onto my Kindle all I know was that from so many recommendations I simply had to read it. You see, I never would have been caught reading a grammar book curled up in bed for fun. And I read this in less than 24 hours. It was informative, easy to read, and a great overview of the basics of grammar. :)

    11. This book isn't that much different than what I'm learning in English II, but definitely much more fun and easier to grasp than a high school textbook. As it only takes 20/30 minutes to read, it's definitely worth it!

    12. Write Well: A Grammar Guide is a short, well-written ebook on grammar that will appeal to authors and bloggers alike. If you have been searching online for an ebook on grammar that is easy to understand, this one is for you.Reading this ebook was a great refresher course for me, which covered the use of commas, periods, semi-colons and dashes. The author took the often grueling study of grammar usage and spun it with humor which I enjoyed. It was refreshing.

    13. Write Well: A Grammar Guideby Rachelle Rea CobbIn this short guide, author Rachelle Rea Cobb sets out to teach us the basics of grammar. In an hour’s time, you will learn why grammar is important, when to trust it and when not to, as well as the proper way to use punctuation marks. Many of us will even be introduced to the Known-New rule. Yet above all, we will learn a very important rule of writing; to respect the reader. The goal of this book is to teach the reader the basics of sentence str [...]

    14. Quick Reference on Commas, Dashes, Etc.This is a handy book for those rusty on their commas, dashes, etc. It's an easy read that gives you the information without a lot of rules-it includes examples and a list of transitional phrases.

    15. I loved this book! It was short and well written. It was great to see the usually notorious grammar rules written about in a fun yet concise and educational fashion. I would most definitely recommend this book to writers of all kinds!

    16. A quick but powerful read on Grammar, which was very enjoyable. I definitely recommend this book anyone who either enjoys writing or is studying English.

    17. A fun, enlightening guide for beginning grammar! I love Cobb's clear-cut distinctions between commas, semi-colons, and dashes.

    18. Rachelle's attention to detail combined with her friendly writing voice make Write Well a grammar guide that is actually fun to read! Short and sweet, Write Well will equip you with the knowledge you need in language you can understand. From commas to em dashes, Rachelle doesn't just tell you what they are for--like any good writer, she shows you how to (and how not to) use them.

    19. Looking for a grammar guide that doesn't fill your soul with dread? Look no further! Write Well: A Grammar Guide is a wonderful tool for experienced authors and novice writers alike! Rachelle Rea Cobb seamlessly weaves the rules of grammar and humor together. Add Write Well: A Grammar Guide to the top of your TBR pile!

    20. 4.5 starsIf you’re looking for quick and easy tips to correct and tighten your writing, then this is definitely a book for you to check out. It is a handy tool for writers of any level, from the novice blogger to the experienced, bestselling veteran. Cobb mixes humor with the (sometimes dry) rules of grammar, including the basic items every writer should keep in mind when trying to relate to their reader. Numerous examples and additional resources are included. (I'm an editor, and I think this [...]

    21. This book is exactly what I have been needing to hone my grammar skills without stifling my creativity. Rachelle's straightforward and easy-to-understand style is perfect for my growth as a writer, but I'll also be using it as a tool in homeschooling my children!

    22. Grammar is not my strong suit, so I honestly wasn't sure what I would think of this book. I loved it! Rachelle broke down the most common grammar mistakes into an easy-to-understand format that was far from boring. In fact, I wish the book had been longer, because Rachelle's writing style is that good!

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