The Stopping Place

The Stopping Place Martha has responsibility for the book club and the author visits and dresses like a gypsy That s not a criticism by the way She puts tones and shades together that make you feel you ve been seeing

  • Title: The Stopping Place
  • Author: Helen Slavin
  • ISBN: 9781847391865
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Martha has responsibility for the book club and the author visits, and dresses like a gypsy That s not a criticism, by the way She puts tones and shades together that make you feel you ve been seeing the world in black and white all your life In winter she s velvet and raw silk and wool Have you ever seen raw silk Just the sight of her coming through the door each da Martha has responsibility for the book club and the author visits, and dresses like a gypsy That s not a criticism, by the way She puts tones and shades together that make you feel you ve been seeing the world in black and white all your life In winter she s velvet and raw silk and wool Have you ever seen raw silk Just the sight of her coming through the door each day makes you want to jump up and wave your arms I d love to dress like that Ruby works at the library Shelving, mainly Not in the archive that s Mrs Atkinson s magical white gloved domain, where she stands watch over the historical photos and the special files of the lost boys who went to war Ruby would like to work in the archive of course, but there s only one pair of white gloves and anyway Martha s the one being groomed for greatness Martha of the flamboyant bohemian style and russet toned beauty And the Affairs.Ruby can see the appeal of the Affairs the heat, the danger Ruby sees a lot, loitering there behind Geography 910, enough to worry her Maybe even enough to bring her out of hiding And that could be a problem, because everyone has history especially someone who s trying to lose it.Helen Slavin brought the afterlife to life in her funny, quirky first novel, The Extra Large Medium With The Stopping Place she takes her delicious observational humour into darker and mysterious territory, with the harrowing story of a woman whose past has made her try to become invisible.

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    1. A book set in a library? Oh yes, try and stop me! The rest of the synopsis really caught my eye too. Unusual, thrilling, exciting. A compelling plot with intriguing characters. As it progresses we see the very worst that humanity has to offer. The dark atmospherics ratchet up the tension yet further. Main character Ruby is a loner whose only social interaction is at work and who immerses herself in the past to avoid thinking about the here and now. That changes when she is visited by the police [...]

    2. Has it ever happened to you that you read blurb of some other book and end up requesting some other from netgalley? Well, same thing happen to me.but since I got this from NG, I'll give it a try regardless

    3. The stopping place by Helen slavin.Ruby Robinson drifts through life stacking shelves at the library, quiet, solitary, invisible. Invisibility lends itself to collecting secrets, though, and Ruby has always valued the importance of knowledge. She watches the world go by from her place amongst the shelves. The bored students, the domestic dramas, and her colleague Martha- vivacious, wild, enchanting.Drawn in by Martha’s light, Ruby finds herself watching, observing… which is why she notices [...]

    4. One thing can be said for certain about this book, Ruby, the main character, is not a quitter! Overall, this was a fantastic book that told a very compelling story. There were so many questions that needed answers and as you read along the truth began to emerge. The only thing I can add as a criticism is that the writing was a bit overdone at times. I could read the sentence a few times and still not quite understand what the author was saying. Other than that small negative, the story was uniqu [...]

    5. Ruby is isolated and dissatisfied with her life. Her only real social interaction is at work. However, most of her colleagues at the library have problems of their own, and Ruby likes to detach herself from the others, sitting in the staff room on a chair by the window, looking out across the park opposite. The working environment is a microcosm of society, reflecting many of it's ills, and Ruby appears to want to distance herself from that world. Indeed, given the opportunity, she spends most o [...]

    6. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressStepping out of my comfort zone once again with 'The Stopping Place' by Helen Slavin. Having not read (or heard of) Helen Slavin and her books, I was intrigued to see what awaited me beyond the front cover of 'The Stopping Place'. Seeing as I'm not really one for reading blurbs, I went into this book 'blind' so to speak, my decision based on the cover of the book and the title alone. What peaked my interest at the start of the boo [...]

    7. The setting for The Stopping Place is a library and that sparked my interest. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to set a story. The main character Ruby is definitely unique. We really spend the book trying to figure out why she is the way she is.This was my first Helen Slavin book, it is written in a style I haven’t ever read before and I don’t quite have the best words to describe it. It’s almost lyrical the way it flows. It was a special reading experience for me.As I got furthe [...]

    8. Helen Slavin’s The Stopping Place is a horror novel, at least for women readers. It isn’t terrifying at first. The first part of the novel is unsettling, sure, especially as protagonist Ruby starts to become a vigilante for women who have problems with men who don’t listen to the word “no.” But when the second part, in which Ruby reveals where she came from and why she is so profoundly afraid of men, that The Stopping Place turns into a story so chilling that I had a hard time getting [...]

    9. The Stopping Place' by Helen Slavin was not an easy read though I stuck with it and felt satisfied in the end. From the first page, there is a sense of unease pervading the narrative. We feel that something sad has happened to Ruby in the past,who,when we first meet her, is working as an archivist in the local library. She tries to make herself invisible with her clothes and her manner but is a shrewd observer of her colleagues and tries to support them when their lives unravel. In Part 2 we go [...]

    10. The Stopping Place tells the story of Ruby who works in a library. Ruby is somewhat of a loner who has a checkered past. This is my first Helen Slavin novel and I enjoyed the premise of the story as well as the library characters. This is definitely a read that I would recommend.

    11. Wonderful!Such a great read, laced with dark humour and a twisty turny story, with a background necessary to understand Ruby's predicament.Loved this book!

    12. This book is one of those rarer finds where you’d enjoy reading it the second time rather than first. It also specialises in being unique. My interest in this book sped up after halfway through, when the story was actually on Ruby’s past. Helen Slavin showed us what shaped Ruby’s personality into what it is at the moment. The author’s voice is different to others I’ve read, yet strangely familiar. Some of Ruby’s monologues go exactly how mine does sometimes, especially when I’m emo [...]

    13. c2010. This book started off as a 4 star for me but then moved between 2 or 3 stars. Each chapter in the beginning had a surprising ending and I kept thinking that still waters run deep. I especially loved Ruby's relationship with the bicycle. So many beautifully crafted sentences and so many that rang true. I think that, for me, the "mystery" dragged on a bit too much in the middle of the story - but it could be that I was being too impatient. Recommended as a "something different" kind of read [...]

    14. Ruby is the quiet mouse who works in the local library, usually stacking the shelves. She's unobtrusive and thinks that if she stays under the radar no-one will notice she's there at all. Living alone, she has no outside interests apart from her intermediate Japanese class where she sits at the back hoping the tutor won't question her (she hasn't taken the beginner's class). However there are hints that Ruby is not what she appears to be, and in the second half of the novel the real Ruby is reve [...]

    15. The Stopping Place by Helen Slavin was a surprise from what I expected. Well written and compelling it tells the story of Ruby who works in a library. All we know about Ruby is that she takes foreign language lessons and tries to be invisible. She eavesdrops on her fellow workers and follows them around. We know something happened in the past to Ruby but we are only given the occasional hint. Then Ruby starts working in the archives and discovers a hidden story, this coincides with her actually [...]

    16. I didn't like this book in the beginning but persevered and it redeemed itself slightly. Getting dropped into Ruby's strange,mediocre life that hints at the sinister,then halfway through the book reverting to her earlier,ugly life,then back to the present seemed to leave a thread or two untied at the end.

    17. I really enjoyed this book. It started out to be a pleasant book about the lives of the people working in a small library, and our heroine in particular. But, there was a much darker story hidden within, one which at times terrified me and made me think, well, some people are living this life. This is a book which stays with you long after you've read it.

    18. This was an unusual book superficially about a woman who works in a library and behaves in a strange manner. It was a bit like the Librarians TV show in its extreme quirkiness.But midway it changed entirely and became a thriller. I enjoyed it and certainly was keen to keep reading through to the end.

    19. Reading this for my reading group, enjoyed it and it was a very easy read . However first half was very slow, second much better. Didn't expect the story to be what it was, thought it was going to be a murder story .

    20. Helen Slavin might be one of my favourite authors ever I think. This book t like the others of hers I have read was dark but so engrossing that it kept my attention right to the end. I can't recommend her highly enough. Great storyteller.

    21. This was a bit of a 'meh' book. Not particularly memorable, not particularly interesting, just good at plugging the gap between two pageturners. The front cover asks 'how far would you go to cover your past?' yet, in my opinion, Ruby didn't go particularly far it wasn't great

    22. There were glimmers of brillance in the story within-the-story, but overall it didn't flow as well as it could have.Ruby and the library staff spent too much time crying and weird.

    23. The plot was interesting but in many places it was long and protracted. There were moments where I said out loud 'please move on!'

    24. This is my sister's book - one of her best, I think. I also loved Cross My Heart, but this one, particularly, moved me.

    25. Starting with a tender opinion about the protagonist, it takes you all the way to a different perception.

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