Love by Design

Love by Design Two years ago Jeremy Lanzo s life almost fell apart when he fell for his boss and the golden prince of McIntyre Corporation Benjamin McIntyre the Third After being ruthlessly rejected he swore off

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  • Title: Love by Design
  • Author: Sam B. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781682522899
  • Page: 263
  • Format: ebook
  • Two years ago, Jeremy Lanzo s life almost fell apart when he fell for his boss and the golden prince of McIntyre Corporation, Benjamin McIntyre, the Third After being ruthlessly rejected, he swore off the blue eyed blond and did everything in his power never to cross paths with Ben again.Now the two of them have been chosen to lead the company s largest project to date aTwo years ago, Jeremy Lanzo s life almost fell apart when he fell for his boss and the golden prince of McIntyre Corporation, Benjamin McIntyre, the Third After being ruthlessly rejected, he swore off the blue eyed blond and did everything in his power never to cross paths with Ben again.Now the two of them have been chosen to lead the company s largest project to date a lavish hotel in Sydney, Australia Working and residing with Ben is difficult enough, but Ben s continued attempts to make amends and re kindling their broken friendship may prove tempting than either of them can handle.

    One thought on “Love by Design”

    1. Very sexy with a hint of sweetness, Love by Design is a friends to enemies to friends AGAIN and finally (finally!) to lovers story. It took Ben a while to figure out what he wanted. I didn't blame Jeremy for being so standoffish, but Ben was hard to resist. He meant well; he just didn't know how to break free of his controlling, manipulative father. I loved the interactions between the men, and I really liked Addie, Ben's friend. She was an awesome female character, strong and supportive, but no [...]

    2. Second chances+ enemies to lovers! I have LOVED Sam Morgan's A Rookie Move and Slow Burn, and Love by Design was another winner. I loved the writing, the well crafted characters, the banter, the self-sarcasm, and the dialogue. Not a lot happens in the first 50% of the book. It's mostly slow burn with a lot of tension. The second half, though, really makes up for it. A lot of steam, tons of feels, and the right amount of angst and conflict. Favorite quote (which showcases just how evocative the w [...]

    3. 4.25 Stars!I don't understand why this book has such a low average rating. I've really liked all of SBM's books - and this one was no exception. Loved the enemies to lovers vibe. Loved the slow build.Loved the banter. The angst was well done. Nice amount of steam. Definitely a recommended read!

    4. 4 StarsThis was a new to me author, and all in all I think it went pretty well. It started off slow for me, and I didn't initially connect with either of the main characters, so I was a bit worried. But once they started interacting and put some of the past issues to the side, I was able to get more into the story. I think I will read this author again.

    5. Me ha gustado mucho, personajes con muy buena química y una historia dulce y llena de pasión, ¿qué más se le puede pedir?

    6. Excellent as always I've been a fan of Morgan since Slow Burn. I was excited to see this new release and just as I thought,,,it was amazing!!!

    7. Wonderful story, awesome characters. Strong 4 stars. I was super excited when I saw this new release from Sam B. Morgan :)I adore her previous work. This was just as charming, fun and sexy.Love, love, love the guys. Also, loveliest epilogue I've read in a while :)I found some scenes a bit drawn out with repetitive inner monologue. They do dance around each other and if that's something you don't like. You might wanna skip this book. I think it could've been polished a tad more in the first half, [...]

    8. 4.5 starsAnother winner from Sam B. Morgan.I really loved this story and these characters a lot :)Good read!

    9. 4 HeartsI find myself going into every Sam B. Morgan book hoping for the same feels as Rookie Move and I realized that is doing a disservice to this author. I can’t keep comparing every single book to something that I found exceptional. I realize that. With that said, Love by Design is pretty stankin’ good. I really enjoy this author.Ben McIntyre is good at his job. Probably one of the best in his field what he doesn’t need is distraction. And the company would think starting a romance wit [...]

    10. a well done simple romanceThis is about Jeremy, uptight defensive sharptongued architect/designer, and Ben, golden child super salesman heir to the company throne, charmer. It's a romance, as other Sam B Morgan books, and the story focuses pretty narrowly on the two MCs. They have a history, two years prior to the book, of teetering on the edge of something great.but Ben ran away and Jeremy let it happen. So this isn't a quick romance but a lot of the slow burn happened before this book. This bo [...]

    11. DNF@35%I love Sam B. Morgan, especially the first two books, and I'm sorry that I had to give up at 35%. The reason is that the story is BORING. I don't feel the chemistry. I don't feel the story around the romance. I don't see the reason why Ben pushed Jem away when he already had two experiences with men - so what is this book's conflict? I kept asking myself that. I kept pushing myself, hoping that I'd get to love it but it just didn't work.Usually I love slow burn but I didn't feel the spark [...]

    12. Ben and Jeremy are about to embark on another project in Sydney after having their friendship blow up and ending two years before. Ben is hoping to build a bridge and fix what went wrong, while Jeremy is doing everything in his power to keep Ben out of his heart and life. As the story flows the reader gets both MCs’ perspectives on what happened two years prior, via the alternate POVs, and can sympathize with both characters and how they are feeling and what happened.Ben is an engaging mix as [...]

    13. Benjamin McIntyre is torn between pleasing his very traditional father and being happy in his personal life. For Ben, true happiness can only be found in the arms of Jeremy Lanzo.Love by Design is a charming on and off romance. Ben and Jeremy have a mutual attraction to each other, but both men desperately try to hide their feelings.Ben is bisexual and the vice president in his father’s international commercial construction company. He has an exuberant personality that works well for gaining n [...]

    14. second chance, friends to enemies to lovers. sex and sweetness my favourite combo!I loved both characters, the plot is a bit predictable but I still enjoyed it a lot!

    15. This one was all sorts of adorable, sexy, and lovable. I really enjoyed this one, contrary to some reviews on it that I kept seeing. Will definitely continue to check out Sam B. Morgan's books!

    16. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review:Rating: 2 stars out of 5Ugh, I really wanted to like this story and kept hoping the tone would change and it would pick up, but it never seemed to. Jeremy has pretty much been on his own since he went off to college and has sworn to stay away from Ben as much as possible while Ben is hoping to get their friendship going again. Their connection to each other is strong, but they worry of what others would think could very well be their do [...]

    17. Second chance, an unparalleled successWonderful read. New author to me recommended by a favorite author and a valued gift which I will acknowledge. Storyteller brings the passion and strong characters who find and accept what they want in life and love. What they need. I'm told that it had been some time between books. Looks like Sam got the groove back!

    18. 4.0 starsI'm in emo heaven! This book is all about angst and some serious feels. Oh, and sexy smexy lots of that too!Bottom line: This book is yet another reason that Sam B. Morgan is one of my fave m/m authors. Highly recommend!

    19. Another great one by Sam B. Morgan. Jeremy and Ben were wonderful together. Even after two years apart, the chemistry between them could not be ignored. There were some reservations, yearning on both ends, and some definite sexy times to be had. Throw in a little bit of relationship angst and you have a wonderful story.

    20. 4.5 starsI feel like this is a slow build story, and it probably is, but they had a moment 2 years before until one of them ran. The first 40%+ is spent going over old stuff and continual angst because they both want it but are too scared, but once they get their moment there is no holding back. *sigh*. A little more angst towards the end of the story because daddy Mack gets involved, but I like the way it played out.

    21. 2.5 but rounded up to 3. I don't know why but I found myself getting bored reading this book. I can see why it has good reviews, but something was missing for me. Maybe it's my mood today (exhausted parent) o_0

    22. Purple prose, repeated whining and mutual admiration, pages of sex, and finally the MC grew some balls at 94%!

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