Fast Kill

Fast Kill The past has come back to haunt her Having battled long and hard to put her painful past behind her DEA Special Agent Taylor Kennedy has done everything in her power to make a new life for herself Sh

  • Title: Fast Kill
  • Author: Kaylea Cross
  • ISBN: 9781545296875
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • The past has come back to haunt her Having battled long and hard to put her painful past behind her, DEA Special Agent Taylor Kennedy has done everything in her power to make a new life for herself She never dreamed that same past would suddenly show up on her doorstep one night, or that its reappearance would threaten everything she s built for herself Faced with the uThe past has come back to haunt her Having battled long and hard to put her painful past behind her, DEA Special Agent Taylor Kennedy has done everything in her power to make a new life for herself She never dreamed that same past would suddenly show up on her doorstep one night, or that its reappearance would threaten everything she s built for herself Faced with the unthinkable, she ll have to make the agonizing choice between her trusted childhood friend, and the man who s managed to steal her wary heart And the consequences could be fatal FAST Bravo member Logan Granger knows Taylor was hurt badly by something in her past He never expected to fall for a straight laced, uptight forensic accountant, but Taylor has managed to redefine his definition of sexy, and now he wants to uncover all her secrets Though they re opposites in almost every way, Logan is determined to break through her barriers and show her just how good things can be between them Then their worst nightmare is realized when Taylor becomes the target of the merciless Veneno cartel, and Logan will risk everything to save her including his life.

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    1. DEA Special Agent Taylor Kennedy is a forensic accountant. She's worked long and hard to get where she is. All seems to go well until Dillon shows up. Dillon is a part of the past that she doesn't want to remember. He was her foster brother both in an abusive foster home when they were kids. Dillon stood up for her, kept her safe, and took a lot of beatings rather than see her hurt. She hasn't seen him in many years.But here he is on her porch waiting for her. Dillon is a member of a vicious [...]

    2. Fast Kill is the story of 2 agents with the DEA who are about as opposite as they come. Taylor is quiet, introverted, and enjoys working with numbers in her cubicle. Logan is loud and flirtatious and wants to be in the heart of the action on an op. Despite their differences, Logan and Taylor find they are attracted to each other. Thankfully Logan isn't too shy to make the first move!But, before they can have their first real date, Taylor gets a call from a man she used to know. A man who picked [...]

    3. Opposites do attract in Kaylea Cross's 'Fast Kill' as Taylor Kennedy and Logan Granger - who have only known each other for a short time - are thrown together in a case that inadvertently drags Taylor into a mess. With the return of a childhood friend, Taylor's quiet, introverted life is upended and Logan finds that he'll do anything to help her pick up the pieces, even when it puts him at risk. I do like 'Fast Kill's' storyline, even though I'm still more partial to Cross's military thrillers. [...]

    4. This series hits you center mass!! Loved the journey through this book. It has friendship, betrayal, suspense, guns, knives, murder, you name it. I love that Kaylea has such strong plot lines. The romance builds during the story while twists and turns keep you turning page after page. This book shows you Taylor, the mild-mannered forensic accountant. Unsociable, preferring only a few friends at a time, disliking any large groups. She prefers to be buried in her spreadsheets, unlocking the financ [...]

    5. Taylor Kennedy is a forensic account with the DEA. She was also a foster child that no one knows about, and now her past is coming in contact with her present. Her childhood friend who actually saved her when they were younger is now torn with the people he is working for the cartel and still wanting to protect her. Now though his life is in danger for not taking hers and while he is dealing with his emotions, there is a hit squad now in town to take them both out. Logan Granger who is a member [...]

    6. Talk about your past coming back to haunt you! Taylor decides to defy her past and become a DEA agent determined to not let drugs effect others lives the way they impacted her childhood. She's not a field agent, instead she handles the data analysis portion of investigations.When her former foster brother appears in a picture with a known drug lord her past immediately comes to the surface and threatens everything.There's a great love story that blooms with Logan as well which adds to the story. [...]

    7. Yay! I've found a new series for me. I cannot wait to go back and read book one as well as read the others in this series. This book is emotional and gripping. It's sweet and loving. It has betrayal and loyalty all rolled into one fabulous book with amazing characters. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    8. ARC received for reviewAnother great book by Ms. Cross. Lots of action, suspense, danger, friends and hot bedroom scenes. Previous couples from other series make an appearance. Plus there's hints of who's up next.

    9. Fast Kill is the second title in the DEA Fast series, although I believe it can be read as a standalone, having not read the previous title, I in no way at any time felt lost with the story line. Fast Kill is a story full of action, intrigue, drama and suspense and features the evolving romance of Taylor Kennedy and Logan Granger. This pair are complete opposites, but Ms Cross creates a pair of characters that although very different one quite geeky, and the other a complete alpha they complemen [...]

    10. A gripping, romantic suspense that's a definite must read! The story will capture you right from the start, and hold tight till the very end. With the unique storyline, complex characters that are easy to connect with, humor, an array of emotions, mystery, intense situations, danger, and intriguing twists, you won't be able to put this down till the last word is read. Another fantastic book by Kaylea Cross in this exciting new DEA FAST series! Logan is the newest recruit to the DEA's FAST Bravo [...]

    11. If you are a fan of romantic suspense, FAST Kill will hit you center mass. FAST is the DEA’s version of a specialize tactics unit. This story has suspense, drama, and hot romance. Logan Granger is the newest member of FAST Bravo unit. He joined the DEA straight out of college with the intent to join FAST at the first opportunity. In other words, he is focused on his career and is thrilled to be living the life. Taylor Kennedy is a DEA Special Agent specializing in forensic accounting. She is a [...]

    12. Kaylea Cross needs no introduction and neither do her stories of war torn heroes, their trials and tribulations and their happily ever after. Her latest DEA Fast Series g takes the readers into another team of military heroes as they battle the evil and finds love along the way. Second in the series, “Fast Kill” brings DEA special agent Taylor Kennedy and FAST Bravo agency Logan Granger together again as they battle Kennedy’s past that seems to threaten their future.Kennedy’s shitty and [...]

    13. Taylor and Logan in "Fast Kill" is a great romantic suspense read! This is my first read by Kaylea Cross, and I wonder with all the books I read, how I missed them. A fast paced story full of murder, action and some hot sexy parts, it will keep you turning the pages. The plot lines were detailed and complete and keeps the reader invested, especially in Taylor's story and heartbreak. It was hard to imagine that Taylor could have such a childhood background with Dillon protecting her while growing [...]

    14. This is the second in Kalylea Cross' DEA FAST series. I have not read the first one and had absolutely no problem picking up this second entry. Taylor Kennedy is the very definition of an introverted accountant. Because of her past, Taylor does not trust easily and most often prefers to be on her own, even though she does recognize her life is sometimes lonely. Which totally surprises her how quickly she lets FAST agent Logan Granger into her life. Fortunately, Logan is in her life when a danger [...]

    15. I have read a few books by Kaylea Cross and each one has a fast pace story and enough pages a reader can finish the book in a day or savor it over a few days.The romantic leads are very likable and for once an author lets two opposite people enjoy one another and no t try and change each other. The author allows the characters to understand the need the other has to be who they are and keep their identity while trying to figure out how to love each other. y while falling in love and racing again [...]

    16. **This ARC was given to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**I LOVE Kaylea Cross. She knows how to write action and suspense and she knows how to write romance and steamy love scenes. The combination is always satisfying.That being said, this was an ok read for me, but of course I'm comparing this book to her other novels, which have been fantastic.I liked the complexity of the characters, but the plot was not great. I'm not sure I understand why Taylor was such an important target [...]

    17. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book ,thanks to net galley and publisher for this opportunityAnother great romantic thriller from Kayleigh Cross, this is the second book in the DEA/FAST series. Taylor a forensic accountant and special agent with the DEA is quiet and unassuming with a terrible childhood behind her, and FAST Bravo member Logan Granger an alpha male not afraid of going after what he wants, and that's Taylor. Bring in the real Baddie who was a big part of Taylo [...]

    18. This is book 2 in the DEA FAST series and it features Taylor Kennedy and Logan Granger. It's a fast-paced, action-packed romance with plenty of sexy alpha men running around. Logan was an amazing man and I could read about him all day. Taylor turned out to be a huge surprise for me. And Dillon? There were moments when I thought his guilty conscience would make him do the right thingor not. This author kept me on my toes as far as which way, good or bad, Dillon's character would go.Awesome read! [...]

    19. I was so looking forward to these two guys and how it would go on I was a little bit disapointed that it went so fast that Taylor trusted Logan so fast. First she was really afraid and then it happened so fast that she gave in so fast. That could have taken a bit longer. And we also didn't get to know what happened with her forster father in the end Although I really liked Taylor and Logan

    20. I love the characters of Logan and Taylor. Logan is one tough guy and Taylor though extremely intelligent is a very structured person. They like each other but they don't know that. When Taylor's life is is danger, Logan will do anything to protect and keep her safe. I'm enjoying this spin off from the HRT series and am looking forward to future instalments.

    21. Another great book in an awesome series by an author I love. This novel is filled with drama, action, suspense and romance. I really enjoyed the main characters in this book and the storyline was fast paced and intriguing. I highly recommend this book and the series.The series Bagram Ops and HRT are also amazing!!

    22. Loving this series. The guys are all alpha who are totally devoted to the h from the start. Safety->(view spoiler)[100% safe. No ow/om drama. No talk about past partners other than their both not virgins. The H was married though. They both decided it was for the best. She doesn't cause any drama. She's barely mentioned. And the H only has eyes for the h. (hide spoiler)]

    23. Action, romance. MysteryKaylea Cross is one of the best authors I have read lately. She has combined the brotherhood that is in Special Forces with the DEA Fast Team. This way Taylor's love interest has his back covered during the action scenes. The mystery comes in when you wonder if Taylor's foster brother is going to kill her or not. Great read don't miss it.

    24. Super fantastic!Love Logan and Taylor's story. I especially liked her background and how it entwined with what was going on with Dea investigation. I love the heartpounding drama and suspense Kaylea can write so very very well. I am so looking forward to what comes up with the other team members on Eastons team! Bravo woman another great read! Write On. Davia

    25. 4.5*Kaylea Cross never disappoints. I started this book when I went to bed last night & there are no places to pause & come back to it, so I've finished it in less than a day & stayed up way too late. Taylor's story tore at my heart. I understood her. Great book. Highly recommend.

    26. Another great addition to the seriesLoved Logan and Taylor! Great to have an alpha man fall for a nerdy girl. And a shy introverted girl who learns to love a big strong hero is so swoon worthy! Looking forward to the next book!

    27. Fabulous!As usual Kaylea Cross delivers an awesome fast paced read that I couldn't put down!! The characters in here books come alive page after page and the action is never ending! I thoroughly recommend this book!! I love this author and can hardly wait for her next book!!

    28. Fast Kill (DEA FAST Series Book 2)The new series is as good as the others I have read. Kayĺea Cross knows how to write books I hate to put down. Anyone who hasn't read any of hers are missing a treat.

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