Wilder: The Mountain Man's Babies

Wilder The Mountain Man s Babies The night I meet Stella everything changes Somehow in the course of an evening this sexy city girl not only gets my mountain man c ck but she captures my heart I have to have her But the next day

  • Title: Wilder: The Mountain Man's Babies
  • Author: Frankie Love
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The night I meet Stella, everything changes Somehow in the course of an evening, this sexy city girl not only gets my mountain man c ck, but she captures my heart I have to have her But the next day, it all comes to a crashing halt Literally My life isn t just mine any now I have my brother s babies to think about Our lives were already going in different directThe night I meet Stella, everything changes Somehow in the course of an evening, this sexy city girl not only gets my mountain man c ck, but she captures my heart I have to have her But the next day, it all comes to a crashing halt Literally My life isn t just mine any now I have my brother s babies to think about Our lives were already going in different directions I have to show her this mountain is the place she belongs Darling Reader, This story has true love written all over it It s dirty, sweet, and WILD ER than the last The cast from TIMBER and BUCKED are back in this novella that was written with you in mind Treat yourself, sweetie xo, frankie

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    1. RATING 4.5 STARSWilder: The Mountain Man’s Babies is book #3.7 in The Mountain Man series by Frankie Love. I’ve loved this series from the start but this one was a little different. Maybe a little more emotional with what Wilder has to go through. I loved it just the same.Dean Wilder happily gave up his stressful life as an attorney to live in the mountains of Idaho near his brother, and his friends Buck and Jaxon. They earn their living by building beautiful mountain cabins. His friends and [...]

    2. 3 ONS/INSTA LUV STARSThis story is nothing new honestly and I feel it's been done to death with the pregnant by the one night stand storyline. But the multiples, THAT WAS NEW!But Stella was only worried about her career and Wilder was just about her and the family he hoped to get. He even said it on their first night together, after she tells him that she is on the pill he responds with this, “Because I’d love nothing more to knock you up. To put a baby in you and keep you as my woman.”And [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI liked this short little read. It filled the order of low angst and hot that I wanted. Although it is a standalone, the couples from her previous books are in the story. Having read them, it just enhanced the book, but it wasn't necessary to have read them. I really liked the hero, Wilder. He was great. I felt for him because he was overwhelmed and trying his best. The heroine however was just ok for me. She left a bad taste in my mouth early on. She did get better, but by that time th [...]

    4. This one was just okay for me! I didn't really like the h. The hero was amazing. The one thing I didn't like other than the h was that they are apart for most of the book! Steamy and safe!

    5. "Wilder" The Mountain Man's Babies: The Mountain Man #3.7 is by author Frankie Love.My Rating: 4 StarsWhy do I get so excited when Frankie Love releases a new Mountain Man novella? They are similar in premise and easily predictable. But that doesn't seem to bother me because I soak them up regardless. I know exactly what to expect; a super short cheesy, smutty romance that is both erotic and sweet.Ohn't let me forget about the babies! I love that Frankie's heroes are so OTT, alpha, sexy and dirt [...]

    6. Wham!BAM!Babies Bam! It is a super short novella length story that gets right to the business of making babies lots and lots of babies. So if surprise babies and insta attraction stories are your jam then dive right in!Stella and Wilder would not even need any matches should they get stranded on an island together to survive, their chemistry alone would set half the island on fire. Stella looking for a chance to make herself shine and Wilder being a good grizzly bear alpha man taking care of tho [...]

    7. In-between my serious reads, I enjoyed reading Ms. Love's short, fun, sexy, easy reads. Each of her tales are full with an insta-love with enough bumpy rides to make it very entertaining. She has a way of putting the right balance between steaminess, emotion and love into her stories to make them compelling reads I find addictive. I highly recommend this book (whether you've read the series or not, it's not necessary but I guarantee you'll want to read them all when you're done. ;)

    8. Short story means short review don't want to give away much. The Hero and Heroine have a one night stand leaving a set date for 3 months to see each other again. In those short 3 months, things change the hero was a bachelor living in the mountain only to have lost his brother and sister in law leaving him guardian of his nephews. The heroine ends up getting pregnant but when the hero finds out he knows he will do everything to take care of her. Some bumps along the way but in the end they do li [...]

    9. These are fun short stories that you usually just have to go with to enjoy them. My have to go with in this book was that Stella would have a one night stand with a complete stranger and not use a condom. Not believable at all!I sort of liked the whole not knowing each others names, but picking a date to met in the future. I loved how Wilder got the support he needed when his life changed in a dime and how those same friends showed Stella what she would be in store for if she picked Wilder.

    10. Title: WilderAuthor: Frankie Love4 unexpected stars This is the second novel I read from Frankie Love in The Mountain Men's Babies series, the first being Buck and Rosie's story. While I didn't hate the story, I didn't love it either, leaving me on the fence as to how to phrase my review. I still found some the same problems with Wilder that I did with Buck 0 I had troubles fully connection with the characters and there were times when I thought that the story was rushed, even though I'm aware t [...]

    11. Quick little readI liked it. There wasn’t much time to develop a plot or flesh out the characters or the main action but she did a good job with it anyway. I got the gist quickly like a good situational story from one of my friends. If you’re in between your regular books, then this is a good quickie.

    12. This is my first book by this author. I've been eyeing this whole series because I love the idea of each book but after reading the description of this one and seeing that amazing cover (I'm a sucker for babies!!!) I needed to read it! Wilder was HOT! Just like his name states. I really loved how he wanted better things but also the simple things in life. He was a smooth talker and it worked well for what he wanted to achieve. My heart broke for him during the time he loses his brother, it was s [...]

    13. I read some of the other books in this series awhile back and I think I rated them all 5 stars, if your a fan of Insta-ott-love then you'll like these books, although I enjoyed this book for me a couple of things stood out, for one inconsistencies, Wilder's brother and sister in law both die and he becomes the parent to their twins, at this point he says they are 6 months old, but then when he meets up with Stella 3 months later he tells her he has 6 months old twins so they've not aged in the 3 [...]

    14. YES! Frankie Love, oh how I love you!Wilder is everything I have come to expect from one of Frankie's mountain men stories. He's sexy, sweet, alpha, and knows exactly what he wants. This one has all the feels. My heart broke for him and my heart was uplifted when he finally got what he deserved--love.Not just smut, but romance too. Babies everywhere! And getting a peek at the previous mountain men in the series was awesome.Four stars and four wet panties.

    15. DISCLAIMER: I RECEIVED AN E-ARC OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR.Oh my gersh! I love Frankie Love! She has me hooked on mountain men and babies galore! love it so much! I need to get me a copy of Timber so I can read about Jason and Harper

    16. DNF @ 54%. Didn't like that the h was so against his kids. They just didn't suit each other in my opinion. Which sucks because I absolutely love anything Frankie Love. Ha see what I did there? I'm really laughing right now.

    17. **3.5 Mountain Man stars**This is the first book I have read by this author. It is very short novella and reads very quick. The pace is fast. The people are enjoyable to read about. The secondary characters were fun as well.This book is about love at first sight and passion that ignites and leaves both main characters wanting more. Dean Wilder knows what he wants when he sees all his friends happy with their wives and big brood. The Mountain men are remodeling a home for reality tv for their lum [...]

    18. I love this series. Just like the previous books in the series. Wilder is a quick romantic story about two completely different people who make it work. Dean Wilder has become an instant guardian to two small babies after the death of his brother and sister in law. A project for a tv reality show with his friends to build a house in the mountains. He packs up and goes to meet with producers to iron out the details, this is where he meets Stella, a one night stand that is love at first sight. Ste [...]

    19. 3* read.This is a very short and fast paced novella size read although I didn't realize it was a novella when I first picked it up. While it was a short read it was well wrote and there is a lot of depth to the book I just struggled to connect to the characters in such a short amount of time which is a problem I sometimes have with novellas. I don't want to give to much away of the actual plot so I wont say much more except to say that if short quick paced book are your type of read then this is [...]

    20. I loved Wilder and Stella! I could not put the book out, as soon as I saw that it was published I hit the one click button and finished it in a matter of hours. I love Frankie Love's books mostly because they are quick, to the point, and a guilty pleasure. Stella is an interior designer trying to make it on her own without her parents or a man to take care of and Wilder is a mountain man who in a matter of days got his life thrown upside down and when they meet again there are updates on both en [...]

    21. I love Frankie Love's Mountain Man series, and Wilder is a great addition. It might be shorter than the other books, but it gives us enough story for Wilder and Stella to get their romance. This one was a little different from the other books, not so much about the mountain man roughing it away from civilization, but more about Wilder wanting a little of what his brother and buddies have - love, family, and babies. Stella gave him a much needed boost in that direction. A good but teary plot twis [...]

    22. When I saw the silly cover, I was intrigued. The MM books have been average read for me so far; still I decided to try this out.Stella, the daughter of a shipping magnet is trying to find a niche in reality TV.Her one night stand with Wilder leaves her pregnant. On the other hand, Wilder's brother and wife are killed in a car crash and he becomes responsible for their kids.How one man goes from being single to dad of 4 is the story.I did not like Stella at all. Im ok with being career driven but [...]

    23. Things Change in an Instant Even when Love gives me a heroine I don't really like or understand, the character has a strong and consistent voice. And so it is with Stella, who for some reason, simultaneously believes she is inadequate AND that her toots don't stink. Dean seems to transition from "free-wheeling bachelor" to "it could happen" in a blink, which is strange. But the gang shows up to be great, and the heat is nice, as always.

    24. Who would have thought?A chance meeting could turn out as a best case scenario?Stella is trying to be independent, but when she meets Wilder, that all changes.City girl versus mountain man in a impromptu meeting that changes their lives forever.Good quick read, but again, it ended @ 78%. Not a fan of that.

    25. This was another steamy, spicy, and unputdownable read!! I loved every bit of it. It had the feels, it had this couple with their hell of a connection, and I loved every word that I read. It was a quick and fulfilling read and I can't wait to check out more of the series!

    26. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👏Simply fantastic! Loved it! Dean & Stella where amazing in this story. I’m glad we got to hear from all the characters in the first three books. Can’t wait to read the fourth one. 🤗

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