The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise

The Power of Silence Against the Dictatorship of Noise In a time when there is and noise and technology and materialism continue to exert their hold on us Cardinal Robert Sarah presents a bold book about the strength of silence The world generates so mu

  • Title: The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise
  • Author: Robert Sarah Nicolas Diat
  • ISBN: 9781621641919
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a time when there is and noise, and technology and materialism continue to exert their hold on us, Cardinal Robert Sarah presents a bold book about the strength of silence The world generates so much noise that seeking moments of silence only becomes necessary For Cardinal Sarah, modern man, in repressing the divine, finds himself in a deep dilemma, anIn a time when there is and noise, and technology and materialism continue to exert their hold on us, Cardinal Robert Sarah presents a bold book about the strength of silence The world generates so much noise that seeking moments of silence only becomes necessary For Cardinal Sarah, modern man, in repressing the divine, finds himself in a deep dilemma, an oppressive and anguishing trial The Cardinal recalls that life is a silent relationship between what is most intimate in man and God Silence is indispensable for hearing the music of God prayer arises from silence and returns to silence with ever greater depth.In this long and profound conversation with Nicolas Diat, done within the hallowed walls of silence in the famous Carthusian monastery of La Grande Chartreux in France, the Cardinal proposes the question can those who do not know silence ever attain truth, beauty, love The response is undeniable all that is great and creative is formed by silence God is silence.After the great international success of God or Nothing, translated into fourteen languages, Cardinal Sarah seeks to restore to silence its place of honor and importance Although speech characterizes man, silence is what defines him, because speech acquires sense only in terms of this silence This is the beautiful and significant message of The Power of Silence.In this book, Cardinal Sarah has only one aim, which is summed up in this thought from his book Silence is difficult but it makes a human being able to allow himself to be led by God Silence is born of silence Through God the silent one we can gain access to silence And a human being is unceasingly surprised by the light that bursts forth then Silence is important than any other human work For it expresses God The true revolution comes from silence it leads us toward God and others so as to place ourselves humbly and generously at their service.

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    1. As soon as I heard about this book I wanted to start reading it but had to await publication of the English translation. Cardinal Sarah is one of three prominent prelates today I most admire. He considers himself a disciple of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and dedicated this book to him. I share the Cardinal’s affection for our former pontiff and miss his quiet soothing ways.From the very first page I was swept up in this book. It is a series of reflections on silence, solitude, prayer, and encou [...]

    2. A deeply contemplative book, “The Power of Silence” took me back to a quiet personal retreat I made, at a Cistercian Monastery, many years ago. The subtitle, “Against the Dictatorship of Noise” may strike a chord with many in our current day, as we are perpetually bombarded with media of every description, the often frantic pace of our own lives, and Just. Plain. Noise.The author, Robert Sarah, is a very prominent Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, and writes from a heart obviously f [...]

    3. It can get redundant in places, but pithy enough as to invite pause and reflection. I have thought and said much about silence in the past several years, especially as social media grows in breadth and influence. Becoming a contemplative or even desiring to be one sounds bizarre to many today, but I've often wondered just how much change we could effect in the world should more of us turn away from the noise and seek the Lord more in the silence of our hearts and our homes. Certainly one to rere [...]

    4. This is my first Cardinal Sarah book (I have God or Nothing but haven't read it—sad!). In it, he expounds on a topic that is dear to my heart but had been largely underproclaimed in the modern Church. I am Indonesian, and as an Asian I am culturally accustomed to the orderly alternating cycles of music and silence that is, until modernity blurs all of them! Cardinal Sarah provides a refreshing and comprehensive take on the important subject of silence. He bases his reflections on his personal [...]

    5. Amazing. "It says nothing. It's boring," I was told. Instead, I am set on fire by this book. Yes, the book does go where the conversation goes. Cardinal Sarah quotes scripture, patristics and hagiography (from memory!) to remind us that God is in silence and that only the lover can hear him there. From Mother Teresa: In the silence is Love that we need to borrow in order to love others. Kierkegaard: Noise is a disease. Silence is prayer. Carmel: The desert is the battle place where Job fought. T [...]

    6. I think this is the most important book on the market right now. Not that its subject matter would ever be untimely, but it is especially timely in our tweet-saturated, attention-dispersed, blinking-light modern world. This is one of those books where I have to stop myself from underlining just about everything. Theologically, it is remarkably astute and instructive. Spiritually, it is as nourishing a read as any book I can remember reading.

    7. One of the paradoxes of talking about silence is how much noise such chattering can produce. It is a prowess, then, to write on silence for over 200 pages without producing noise, sounding self-righteous or vain. This book, however, is written in such a way—humbly and prayerfully—that it opens a space for silence, instead of filling it with words. It's a powerful and necessary book that brings you down to your knees.

    8. I began reading this book with a great desire to like it, and a hope that it may help my spiritual life through a growth of silence. That being said, aside from advice to practice lectio devina, I did not find that this book gave much in terms of recommending ways by which to grow in silence and prayer. My greater discontent, however, was with what I saw as a poor argumentative structure of the text. I think that too often Cardinal Sarah describes an effect as the result of some cause without gi [...]

    9. Really great. Dense and hard to get through, but worth it. Puts a totally different perspective on things, and I love how he doesn't tiptoe around subjects, but respectfully speaks truth clearly.

    10. The last 1/4 of the book (interview with Cardinal Sarah and the Father General of the Carthusian Order) was particularly beautiful. The first 3/4 had some good material, but it often seemed like Cardinal Sarah was being pretty repetitive- many things were either word-for-word repeated or saying the same thing but in slightly different words. Nevertheless, it was certainly filled with helpful insights as I head into a 30 day silent retreat.

    11. In a lot of ways, this book is a product of its time. This book is a response to what has been coined the “New Alarmism”. The book is calling us to holiness, going back to the desert, and a new respect for the liturgy. We are asked to envelope ourselves in silence to find our true nature. The liturgy has changed since Saint John XXIII opened the windows of the Vatican. Vatican II embraced the World but the World did not embrace the Church. What does Cardinal Robert Sarah say in response?: [...]

    12. Very good for spiritual reading as the book is an interview and the paragraphs have numbers so you can pause in reading it. Silence is certainly the focus and this is no casual reading book. Study and silence wasn't emphasized, but he is at the Grand Chartreuse. The last chapter included Dom Dysmas, whose different perspective was refreshing.

    13. I just finished "The Power of Silence" and am still digesting it. (I likely will be for a while.) As such, my review will be short and rather incomplete.It is true that Cardinal Sarah's book speaks about the same subject in different words for over 200 pages. It is not, however, a boring read. In fact, as I was reading I picked up a pencil to underline passages--something I haven't done since college when I needed to do so in order to really get 'into' a book in order to write a paper. I spent m [...]

    14. This was a book that was more like having an extended personal retreat for 4 months. As much as I wanted to devour the book in just a few sittings, the more I had to slow down and take in only a few pages a night. It reminded me a bit of books that contain the sayings of the Desert Fathers. It was definitely a great read, albeit somewhat repetitive. Otherwise it would be a 5-star book.Cardinal Sarah has some amazing insight into Silence and its TRUE place in our world.To be honest, we could all [...]

    15. Silence is the school of humility and the language of God. Cardinal Sarah reflects on these realities and helps reconnect us to the deep spiritual life of the Catholic faith, rooted in silence.

    16. Such a powerful spiritual work calling on the Christian tradition of silence as in Jesus' time in the desert. I'm going to read Sarah's other books as well. VERY valuable and could almost be read as a devotional.

    17. Meditative, mystical, and prayerful. I read it carefully over the span of six months, and honestly, I probably missed a lot. Just had to let a lot go and extract what I could from it. Good book to take to Adoration. What is interesting is, once my eyes were opened to Sarah's message on the importance of silence, I began to see it everywhere it seemed. Although for me this was the first time I had seen such a substantial treatment on the subject of silence, it is by no means a new topic it has be [...]

    18. Having finished Robert Cardinal Sarah’s book “the Power of Silence…” I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in building a clearer pathway to the Lord. His primary point is that God works and communicates in silence, so we must create an environment which will facilitate this communication. He sees today’s society as a wild river of noise and chatter which is flowing around and over us each day. We must find or create small islands of quiet where we can pray and listen with the [...]

    19. "Se le nostre intelligenze non sanno più fermare gli occhi, se non sappiamo più tacere, allora saremo privati del mistero, della sua luce che è al là delle tenebre, della sua bellezza che è oltre ogni bellezza. Senza il mistero, siamo ridotti alla banalità delle cose terrene. Spesso mi chiedo se la tristezza delle società urbane occidentali, in cui dilaga la depressione, il suicidio e il disagio morale, non derivi dalla perdita del senso del mistero. Perdendo la capacità di fare silenzio [...]

    20. A spiritual book that is a conversation between Robert Cardinal Sarah (one of our Church's most recognized, traditional prelates) Nicholas Diat (French journalist), and Dom Dysmas de Lassus (Carthusian monk) at the La Grande Chartreux in the French Alps. An excerpt:Without noise, man is feverish, lost. Noise gives him security, like a drug on which he has become dependent. With its festive appearance, noise is a whirlwind that avoids facing itself. Agitation becomes a tranquilizer, a sedative, a [...]

    21. With Nicolas Diat and with the superior of the Grande Chartreuse, Cardinal Sarah discusses the necessity for silence in this noisy world. First they address the urgent need for silence today as the world seems to become noisier and noisier. Then they discuss the way that God speaks to us in and through silence followed by adressing the mystery and sacredness of silence. Interestingly they address why God apparently remains silent in the face of terrible evil that is visited on the world and fina [...]

    22. This book, like Cardinal Sarah's other book "God or Nothing", is structured as a discussion between the Cardinal & Dom Dysmas de Lassus (Prior of the Grande Chartreuse), with topics provided in the form of questions by Nicholas Diat.Certainly, this book may not be everybody's cup of tea. Some, I suspect, would criticize the seemingly repetitious message, namely to seek God in silence; that God can only be found in the stillness in the of one's heart. Yet, even with a cursory reading, one can [...]

    23. I read a lot of books each year. Unfortunately, most of them blend together and don't have a chance to shine. Every now and then, one book stands out above the rest. In 2015, that was God or Nothing, which was a recorded conversation by Cardinal Robert Sarah and Nicholas Diat. This book was not only a beautiful exposition of faith, but it also introduced me to an important and brilliant man in the Catholic Church, I might never have heard of otherwise. Now, in 2017, there has been a second book [...]

    24. I started reading this book November 4, 2017. I wanted to learn to pray and listen to God. Three days later, without my mentioning this matter and, as it were, out of the blue, I was invited to a place the name of which I had never heard - Manresa House of Retreats, Convent, Louisiana. Only it was late in the year and the waiting list for Group 1, 2018 was long. We both prayed about it, and I continued learning from Cardinal Sarah. As the story goes, quite late in the year and with a trial confl [...]

    25. Robert Cardinal Sarah's premise is that our world in the 21st century is noisy. Even when our phones, televisions, and computers are turned off, the noise continues in our heads. The pressures and ways of the world contribute to an undying cacophony within our very hearts, and the Church is, in some ways, failing to address it. Sarah pleads for the reader to reconsider the tradition of silence in the Church. From Proverbs to Ben Sira to the New Testament, silence and stillness are gifts from God [...]

    26. This is a truly exceptional book.The current fad for mindfulness meditation, fuelled by research showing how positive an effect it can have, is really built on very ancient wisdom: the need to be still and silent, (an interior stillness and silence, of course) in order truly to encounter ourself and the Other.Cardinal Sarah has written a profound, prolonged meditation on a Catholic understanding of Silence and how essential it is if one is to get to know oneself, and to listen to God. He conside [...]

    27. This is an important book that is both aided and hindered by it's Q&A format. Cardinal Sarah, in his brilliance, is able to draw readers into the importance and mystery of silence from many different angles. However, much of what he says is overly-repetitive, which brings down the overall quality of the book in my eyes. I think it is a good start for any Western Christian living in our noisy secular society. I believe that there are more fleshed out theological reasons for "silence" in the E [...]

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