Protecting His Defiant Innocent

Protecting His Defiant Innocent Tempted by her billionaire protector Traveling to a dangerous Caribbean island to continue her late brother s charitable work Francesca Pellegrini finds herself under the protection of security tycoo

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  • Title: Protecting His Defiant Innocent
  • Author: Michelle Smart
  • ISBN: 9780373060870
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tempted by her billionaire protector Traveling to a dangerous Caribbean island to continue her late brother s charitable work, Francesca Pellegrini finds herself under the protection of security tycoon Felipe Lorenzi Independent Francesca is infuriated by his commands, but Felipe s every look invites her to give up her innocence to himWith his body and heart as hardTempted by her billionaire protector Traveling to a dangerous Caribbean island to continue her late brother s charitable work, Francesca Pellegrini finds herself under the protection of security tycoon Felipe Lorenzi Independent Francesca is infuriated by his commands, but Felipe s every look invites her to give up her innocence to himWith his body and heart as hard as stone after his military career, Felipe has no time for Francesca s seductive games Until this captivating young woman entices him beyond all measure, and this lone wolf decides to throw away his strict rules and take her as his own

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    1. It was ok I don't care for bodyguard heroes. For some reason I find them boring. Plus there was some suspense and adventure and I don't care for that either

    2. This is the first book in Michelle's new trilogy Bound To A Billionaire. In these books we are going to meet. Felipe Lorenzi, Matteo Manaserro and Daniele Pellegrini.I have always liked reading Michelle's books, you know what to expect the tall dark handsome hero and the heroine is always strong and independent and doesn't make things easy for the hero.I can't go into great detail because they would be a lot of spoilers and you don't want that. So I will just give a little of the characters.Fran [...]

    3. Received arc from Mills and Boon insiders in return for an honest review, naughtiness3*Utterly lovely read managed to read in one sitting, it had me hooked from page 2, fairly fast paced bur fantastic read.As always I will not give spoilers, though I will say that although this is one of the first books I've read written by Michelle it certainly won't be the last, there was lots going on in the book to keep from putting it down I'm sorry it ended would love to read more about our heroines family [...]

    4. Protecting His Defiant Innocent by Michelle Smart is the first story in a new trilogy about three powerful Billionaires who soon find themselves caught in love affairs with strong and determined women.Francesca Pellegrini is determined to honor her brother’s recent passing by fulfilling one of his philanthropic endeavors – building a hospital on the storm ravaged Caribbean island of Caballeros, where Pieta had died in a helicopter crash. Her brother Daniele and cousin Matteo are equally dete [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review via Netgalley. I do enjoy Michelle Smart's books but this one was a three star beginning with a more satisfying four star conclusion since I found it hard to like the hero and heroine initially. Francesca wants to help a charity close to the heart of her late brother (whose name I found quite distracting as it reminded me of an artwork) but even as a qualified lawyer got the process quite wrong at first. A bit puzzling even if she is [...]

    6. 4.5 RatingWith emotions raw after the loss of her brother, Francesca Pellegrini makes a decision to carry on his charitable work to honour his name and the person he was. However, Francesca is obviously thinking more with her heart than her head and doesn't consider the dangers she could be facing. Therefore her trip and the fate of the project comes with a condition.Felipe, a security tycoon, has strict rules for himself and his team. He doesn't take chances and he doesn't allow relationships w [...]

    7. This is my first time with a bodyguard hero and I loved every minute of it!I thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced action of this book, given the unrest in Caballeros after its natural disaster. The corruption in such a dangerous place set a brilliant foundation for some very gripping scenes, giving us the opportunity to see Felipe in his element. Let's face it, who doesn't love a hero that can protect you!I loved Francesca and Felipe and their chemistry was practically bubbling off the page in my o [...]

    8. Francesca Pellegrini's love for Pieta, her now deceased brother has her following in his footsteps. She sets out to the Caribbean to help Caballeros, an island ravaged by natural disaster. What she hadn't expected however, is to have security tycoon, Felipe Lorenzi protecting her. She doesn't need a bodyguard, unless he's ready to cool the fire he's ignited within her! I'm obsessed with Michelle Smart's books, which by the way are perfect escape reads. Fast-paced, sexy and helluva hot, you just [...]

    9. This is the first in Michelle Smart's new trilogy based upon the Pellegrino family. This book is based upon the youngest sister, the defiant innocent (Francesca) who ants to establish a hospital in a poverty stricken, corrupt and war torn country in the Caribbean. memory of her brother who has just been killed in an accident. Felipe Lorenzo is the protector, brought in to protect Francesca as she negotiates buying land etc. Will Felipe keep her safe and break down his own internal barriers which [...]

    10. Francesca Pellegrini is determined to fulfill her late brother's plans to build a hospital in the hurricane ravaged island of Cabelleros. It matters little to her that the island is exceedingly dangerous. More than just the decimation of the land, but violence involved in getting to the money she represents. And her family is bound and determined that she will be protects.Felipe Lorenzi was a military man until a devastating injury sidelined his career. Now, he gets his adrenaline rush from prot [...]

    11. This particular storyline caught my eye because I've enjoyed other books with the 'mean and moody bodyguard falls for the stubborn but beautiful client' scenario. I couldn't wait!It was clear right from the start that Francesca was a challenging character, I loved how feisty she was but most of all I loved her determination to achieve her late brother's goals. As I continued reading she gained a new set of goals, to seduce Felipe - this was so entertaining and I regularly found myself giggling a [...]

    12. 3.5 stars, good but not exactly my favorite. Mostly because, as always, I was expecting a good drama or at least the plot twist that got my insides all churned. In this book, the drama is pretty good but not enough. Though Felipe is not as mean as I thought he would be, he's a good Hero. Not my first Michelle Smart's book, but definitely not the last because I quite enjoyed her style of writing. Look forward to read more!

    13. 4.5* Always succinct and engaging, Ms Smart delivers another sharp romance that lives up to expectations of the genre as published by HQN. Pacy, convincing, I deducted half a star only because Francesca struck me as 'young' for her age at times, and yet remarkably mature on other occasions. In the end I put it down to the complexity (and intrigue) of her personality.

    14. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a strong Hero and spunky heroine. The tactics h used to seduce Hero was laugh-out moments that I just couldn't put down!

    15. Superb read, with a strong but silent hero, that when you look below the surface is perfect for a at times naive but feisty heroine. Loved it.

    16. I looooove Francesca !!One of the rare HPs where the heroine is doing the chasing first and trying to seduce the Hero

    17. The heroine of this book is a little hard to handle. Francesca is very young and very impetuous and she often acts before she thinks. A lot of it is age and experience, a sheltered lifestyle, and dealing with the grief of her beloved brother’s death. She’s very single minded about getting his memorial hospital built and she has trouble seeing beyond that even at the risk of her own safety. Sparks flying between her and her family mandated bodyguard are the last thing she saw coming.Felipe’ [...]

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