Murder in the Manuscript Room

Murder in the Manuscript Room When a murder desecrates the somber book lined halls of New York City s iconic nd Street Library Raymond Ambler the library s curator of crime fiction has a personal interest in solving the crim

  • Title: Murder in the Manuscript Room
  • Author: Con Lehane
  • ISBN: 9781250069993
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a murder desecrates the somber, book lined halls of New York City s iconic 42nd Street Library, Raymond Ambler, the library s curator of crime fiction, has a personal interest in solving the crime His quest to solve the murder is complicated by personal entanglements involving his friend or perhaps than friend Adele Morgan Not only does Adele s relationship wWhen a murder desecrates the somber, book lined halls of New York City s iconic 42nd Street Library, Raymond Ambler, the library s curator of crime fiction, has a personal interest in solving the crime His quest to solve the murder is complicated by personal entanglements involving his friend or perhaps than friend Adele Morgan Not only does Adele s relationship with the young woman staffer who was murdered get in the way of Ambler s investigation, disturbing for him is Adele s growing interest in a darkly handsome Islamic scholar.Soon the Intelligence Division of the New York Police Department takes over the case from NYPD homicide detective Mike Cosgrove, Ambler s friend and sometimes partner in crime solving Ambler suspects that the murder of the young woman, who d been working at the library under an assumed name and the curious intervention of NYPD s intelligence division are connected The trail of intrigue leads to a seemingly unrelated murder in an upstate prison and a long ago murder of a trade union reformer.No one else sees the connections Ambler is sure are there not an unusual state of affairs for Ambler But with the city s law enforcement establishment determined to stop his investigation, the inquisitive and intrepid librarian faces challenges that may put his very life at risk.

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    1. Perhaps a generous 3.5 starsFirst and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Con Lehane, St. Martin’s Press, and Minotaur Books for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.Returning to the majestic building of the 42 Street Library in New York City, Con Lehane continues the adventures of Crime Fiction librarian Raymond Ambler. In this story, Ambler finds himself in the middle of quite the conundrum. Tasked with preparing a display [...]

    2.  I give this book 4 out of 5 enjoyable stars! When I picked out this title on NetGalley I didn’t realize it was the second one in the series and felt I just missed out on a tad but overall this was an enjoyable read. I thought the characterization in this book was highly entertaining and they dealt with realistic life issues. I loved the idea of the library setting. I love books that are set in libraries or bookshops! This was a complex mystery that was fun to fall into. I also enjoyed how th [...]

    3. A murder! In a library! This one practically screamed my name. Unfortunately I just couldn't get into to, try as I might.

    4. Con Lehane brings back two of my favorite characters in his latest mystery, Murder in the Manuscript Room. Of course, I appreciate Raymond Ambler, the troubled librarian at the iconic 42nd Street Library. But, Brian McNulty, the shrewd bartender at the Library Tavern, is also a favorite. And, Ambler needs McNulty's assistance is this tangled investigation.Raymond Ambler's life is messy. He has an alcoholic ex-wife. His son is in prison for murder. He's fighting for custody of his grandson. And, [...]

    5. I had honestly forgotten reading the first in this series last year when I picked this one up--in fact, I thought it was part of an entirely different series. Ah, wellRaymond Ambler works at the 42nd Street library, hesitates about his younger girlfriend Adele, and doesn't much like her new friend and the library's new hire Leila Stone. Then Leila's body is found in his office, but there's something hinky about the investigation, at least according to Raymond's pal, homicide detective Mike Cosgr [...]

    6. Raymond Ambler, a librarian at the 42nd Street branch of the New York Public Library is curating an exhibit, "A Century-and-a-Half of Murder and Mystery in New York City." Raymond is the archivist for the crime fiction collection at the library. But when another librarian is murdered in Raymond's office, he is again caught up in the investigation. Unfortunately, his police buddy, Mike Cosgrove, is frozen out of the homicide investigation, which has been taken over the NYPD Intelligence Departmen [...]

    7. I was looking forward to reading this book, the main reason is the place where the murder took place - New York Public Library! This is a second book of the "A 42nd Street Library Mystery". I haven't read the first part.The beginning of the story takes place in the 80s, with the murder of Richard Wright, a union representative who uncovered a contract between NY gangs and NYPD officials. An innocent man, Devon, is sent to jail. Years later he contacts his childhood friend, Raymond Ambler, and as [...]

    8. (2 1/2). This is an interesting little diversion. A little chaotic, a little unsettling, a little unfolding, a little confounding, often a little confusing, a little intriguing. You get the picture. Lots going on, all centered around our able bodied protagonist, Ray Ambler, who is more than a little presence. It starts and ends at the library, which certainly brings it near and dear to my heart. Strangely contemporary within its very old fashioned structure (the story-not the library) it was mor [...]

    9. I was initially attracted to this book because the story took place in a library, had librarians and the location was New York. The book is a bit slow in the beginning, and has a fairly large number of characters with side stories, so it took awhile to sort everyone out. The beginning was also a bit depressing due to the extremely large number of very dysfunctional families and individuals. The main character is Raymond Ambler a librarian. His son, John, and a good friend were both in jail for m [...]

    10. Raymond Ambler doesn’t want to be involved with murder. He is a librarian, not a cop. But when it hits close to home, he is not only upset, he is driven to help his buddy NYPD Detective Mike Cosgrove work the case. Cosgrove doesn’t always welcome Ambler’s assistance, but the homicide detective realizes quickly that Ambler is invaluable to the investigation since the body was found in his library and he knows all of the suspects.Unfortunately, Cosgrove and other police officials don’t alw [...]

    11. Raymond Ambler, is a grandfather, a librarian who specializes in detective stories and murder and he also investigates where his curiosity leads him.His grandson Johnny is the apple of his eye. Adele, his sort of, kind of lady friend is someone he cares for deeply. He has one good friend who is a cop, Mike Cosgrove and another good friend who is a bartender, McNulty. Each of these people fill his life when he is not absorbed by his work. He loves what he does at the library. And the work collect [...]

    12. I love libraries. I love everything from the atmosphere to the endless exciting possibilities they represent to the unique personality of almost every library whose threshold I've crossed. I even love the smell of libraries.Personally I'm also predisposed to liking mysteries and thrillers, so, a mystery/thriller in a library? Yes, please!This is the second book in the 42nd Street library mystery series. I read the book without having read any of the author's other books. This one didn't suffer i [...]

    13. I received an ARC from NetGalley to read and review. The below is my honest, unbiased opinion. Thank you, Con Lehane, the publisher, and NetGalley, for allowing me to review.When a murder desecrates the somber, book-lined halls of New York City's iconic 42nd Street Library, Raymond Ambler, the library's curator of crime fiction, has a personal interest in solving the crime. His quest to solve the murder is complicated by personal entanglements involving his friend--or perhaps more-than-friend--A [...]

    14. What could be better to wile away the hours of a trip spanning almost the length of Mississippi highway than a good murder mystery? I’d saved Murder in the Manuscript Room by Con Lehane for this occasion. In good crime novel tradition, amateur sleuth Raymond Ambler, who is NYC’s 42nd Street Library’s curator of crime fiction, sets out to solve the murder of a young woman who may or may not have been the person she claimed to be. Multiple suspects turn up, all with questionable motives for [...]

    15. This is the second in a series, the 42nd Street Library Mysteries. Raymond Ambler is a librarian in the crime fiction section of the New York Public Library on 42nd Street in NYC. After so many years working with the mystery books in the collection, Ambler thinks of himself as an amateur detective and likes to help solve mysteries. He was organizing an exhibit of mystery books that took place in NYC over 150 years when an NYPD detective, Mike Cosgrove, brought Paul Higgins, a retired detective, [...]

    16. Manhattan 42nd street crime fiction curator/librarian Raymond Ambler is approached by writer Paul Higgins who wants to donate his papers to the library. Since Higgins served for more than 30 years on the NYPD Intelligence unit before retiring to write thrillers, the cache of material is potentially red-hot. Higgins makes an embargo of some especially sensitive material a condition of the donation but Raymond is particularly interested in finding information related to the murder of union leader [...]

    17. A delightful who-done-it. Lehane further develops the characters we meet in his first book in this series, Murder in the 42nd St. Library. Ambler and Adele have a growing attraction to one another but have complicated histories. Johnny shares his time with his two surprise Grandparents, the wealthy Lisa and the not monied Ambler. Lisa and Ambler develop a working relationship regarding Johnny. Johnny finally meets his biological father. Ambler's detective friend Mike continues to stumble along i [...]

    18. The summary of the book sounded very interesting. Raymond Ambler is the archivist for the crime fiction collection at the 42nd Street branch of the New York Public Library. He also likes to get involved in solving murder crimes. Raymond, unknowingly, gets caught up in a murder of a union representative of truckers from the 1980s when a retired detective turned crime novelist, Paul Higgins, asks to donate his notes and police files he has collected over the years to the library. A couple days aft [...]

    19. Raymond Ambler, the curator of New York City’s 42nd Street Library, teams up with homicide detective Mike Cosgrove to solve the murder of a young woman found murdered in the library. Ambler is convinced the death has connections to seemingly unrelated murders and won’t give up until he helps get justice for the murder victim.This book is the second in this series, but the first I’ve read. I was able to quickly catch-up and enjoy the book even though I missed the first one. The mystery is w [...]

    20. I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and Thomas Dunne Books for Minotaur Books/St. Martin's Publishing Group for free in exchange for an honest review. This book confirmed my secret belief about librarians - they lead exciting lives, fraught with intrigue and danger. At least, the librarians in Murder in the Manuscript Room do. Ray and Adele find themselves mixed up in a tremendously twisty murder investigation after their co-worker, Leila, is found dead in Ray's office. As Ray and Adel [...]

    21. Murder in the Manuscript Room is the second book in A 42nd Street Library Mystery series by Con Lehane. I had not read the first book in the series and found that Murder in the Manuscript Room can easily be read as a stand alone.I love the setting of the 42nd street library in New York City. While I have not been inside yet as I find myself in NYC infrequently, I have seen the outside and was very impressed. Murder in the Manuscript Room is a well written and deeply layered book. There is a lot [...]

    22. Much better plotting than the previous book in this series, which suffered from trying to do too much with too many characters. In fact, the best reason to read the first book is to get to know the main characters and their relationships so that you can easily jump into this book. Lehane knows details--old and new--about lots of NYC neighborhoods, and loves them all. He mentions the long-gone Capulet's on Montague, which I frequented c. 1970 (hamburgers were pretty good), and the main character [...]

    23. After reading Murder in the Manuscript Room I now must find the previous entry in this two book series. How did I miss it? Ray Ambler is the crime fiction curator of the New York City library and is able to see connections that most people would miss. When a library employee is murdered and it is discovered that she is not who she claimed to be, Ambler starts working on making connections between a cold case and some all too current events. I was hooked by the setting and by Ambler himself, a ma [...]

    24. An employee of the New York City’s library is found murdered It seems she is not the person she presented herself to be. Solving the case involves Raymond Ambler, the crime fiction curator at the library, a cast of his friends, family, and acquaintances, as well as the Intelligence Division of the NYPD, the investigation of the murder years ago of a trade union reformer, and perhaps some terrorists. Despite all these characters, the story hangs together and the characters well developed. This [...]

    25. The second in a series and while I love the setting (NY Public Library on 5th Ave) and the characters ( several very interesting librarians), I wish the writer would pay more attention to detail and try to simplify his stories. I think I understand who did it and why but I have to say, the details come together very quickly in the last couple of chapters. Also, I noticed several mistakes in the text which is a little irritating. But, all in all, a fun mystery and a quick read.

    26. Con Lehane's second mystery novel set in the 42nd Street NY Public Library featuring Raymond Ambler, a librarian in the mystery and crime reading room. I hadn't read the first one, but did not feel like I was coming into the middle of something. Pleasant read, probably a lower four, but a topic and setting I enjoyed. Fairly complicated links to the past of NYC's police department, undercover informants, and mob involvement.

    27. - 3 stars ~ I am a mystery/thriller fan and especially drawn to stories that include a book store or a Library ~ I was sure I would enjoy this novel. However, it was on the slow side. I noticed on the genre that dnf is listed as one of the top shelves. I hung in therewell I did do some speed-reading.

    28. i was prepared to fall in love with a new series. what could be better than an iconic library, an intrepid librarian, and a murder? unfortunately, there are far too many sub-stories to make this novel easy to read. i don't read fiction in order to struggle with keeping characters and their stories straight. i'm not certain i will read the next con lehane.

    29. Raymond Ambler is a librarian at the 42nd Street Libraryd also happens to have helped the local police with murder cases. When a body is found in his office, Ambler is once again involved in crime-solving. A little slow to begin, the story gradually caught my interest and was very entertaining.

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