Letters of C. S. Lewis (Edited, with a Memoir, by W. H. Lewis)

Letters of C S Lewis Edited with a Memoir by W H Lewis These are the letters of a joyous man an internationally known scholar of medieval English literature a Christian apologist in the classic sense of the term a novelist a poet and brilliant univer

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  • Title: Letters of C. S. Lewis (Edited, with a Memoir, by W. H. Lewis)
  • Author: C.S. Lewis W.H. Lewis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • These are the letters of a joyous man, an internationally known scholar of medieval English literature, a Christian apologist in the classic sense of the term, a novelist, a poet, and brilliant university teacher Lewis brought to everything he did his brimming humanity He communicate this unique personal quality to thousands of readers around the world, readers for whomThese are the letters of a joyous man, an internationally known scholar of medieval English literature, a Christian apologist in the classic sense of the term, a novelist, a poet, and brilliant university teacher Lewis brought to everything he did his brimming humanity He communicate this unique personal quality to thousands of readers around the world, readers for whom the publication of his letters is bound to be an important occasion.Edited, with a Memoir, by his brother W H Lewis.

    One thought on “Letters of C. S. Lewis (Edited, with a Memoir, by W. H. Lewis)”

    1. I suspect that this wouldn't be enjoyable to anyone who isn't a "hardcore" C.S. Lewis fan. It would likely seem quite dry and uninteresting. However, I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. I find Lewis's style of writing so wonderful. I like that these selections covered basically his whole life - the first half were from before his conversion to Christianity, the latter from after. (He became a Christian around age 30, I think.) The content of the letters does change topically with this transition, but I enjo [...]

    2. This book certainly has a particular audience. For the casual Lewis reader, it's better to read works Lewis published during his lifetime. This collection of letters, at over 500 pages, will only feel like walking through high weeds. But for the avid Lewis reader, this work provides rich insight into the man himself in a way that even the best biographies cannot touch.These are collected letters Lewis wrote to family, friends, teachers, and students spanning from 1916 (at just 17 years old) to 1 [...]

    3. Just a bunch of random letters, with no thread tying them together. Lewis is a genius, so his writing is always valuable to read.

    4. Outside of letters from family and friends, I can't think of anyone whose letters I'd rather read.It's remarkable how well C.S. Lewis wrote, even when he thought he was writing to an audience of one, even when painstakingly corresponding with people he'd never met, who only knew him through his books.This book is a selection of letters beginning when Lewis was a very young man until just weeks before his death. (He died on the same day as President John F. Kennedy and Aldous Huxley.)The letters [...]

    5. I have had this original hardback edition since it was new. My copy is considerably battered with use. As I wrote to my parents in the early 1970s, "We got the Letters of C.S. Lewis some time back, and agree that it’s v. remarkable. Supplements Surprised by Joy, which really stops too long ago. Our only peeve is that Major Lewis, obviously knowing no Greek, did not resort to someone who did." (Quoted in my recently-published spiritual autobiography O Love How Deep.) Much new Lewis material, ep [...]

    6. While perusing the $1 book sale table I came across the wonderful book.I find that reading biographies and autobiographies on one individual is the best way to try and understand their true views and behavior.Nothing can get you deeper into the mind than personal letters, sent and received. In this terrific collection of letters you will see his evolution as a man and an author.Read about his encounter with J.R.R. Tolkien. Lewis' impression and thoughts about that relationship. I understand that [...]

    7. I have read this classic telescopic view into the inner life of C.S. Lewis. In this compilation, put together by Lewis' brother and life-long friend Warnie, after 'Jack's' death, we have the opportunity to read letters that flew back and forth between Lewis and such literary giants as J.R.R. Tolkien. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, being a prolific letter writer myself back when snail mail was in vogue; and have kept it on my favorites book shelf to refer back to time and time again. This is a g [...]

    8. I'm in the first volume which are letters C.S. Lewis wrote while growing up. I find myself envious of Lewis' classic education and wishing I would have had the opportunity to read and discuss the classics in a formal setting at a young age. Lewis' wit, charm, and reasoning are definitely in evidence even as a boy and it's been fun "to watch" him grow through reading his letters home to his father and friends while away at boarding school.

    9. "When I have learned to love God better than my earthly dearest, I still love my earthly dearest better than I do now. Insofar as I learn to love my earthly dearest at the expense of God and instead of God, I shall not love my earthly dearest at all. When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased." (November 8, 1952)

    10. I think it is amazing to be able to see the clear progression of his spirituality and intellectualism, and also to just ponder how amazingly dreadful our educational system has become! Anyway, it gives me a lot to think about.

    11. A short collection of letters ranging in topics from the place of hymns in Church, to prayer, or criticisms of atheism, Anglican canonization, and prayers for the dead. While not amazingly inspiring they do give a view into the mind and faith life of a Christian literary master.

    12. I feel like I know C.S. Lewis after reading this. VERY compelling. Kept me company in a dark time in my life. A dark cold winter time.

    13. Essential for any Lewis fan; it gives some insight into his everyday life and a window onto his relationship with his many correspondents.

    14. This is a really interesting book. It was easy to read as it is only letters, but it gives you a kind of insight to who CS Lewis really was. I enjoyed it a lot.

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