The Cure

The Cure Savannah Woods vows to never again have anything to do with Micah Reddington after he ruins her best friend s career Yet when Savannah s niece is injured in a serious accident the one man she can t

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  • Title: The Cure
  • Author: Parker J. Cole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Savannah Woods vows to never again have anything to do with Micah Reddington after he ruins her best friend s career Yet, when Savannah s niece is injured in a serious accident, the one man she can t trust is the one she needs Micah can barely contain his satisfaction when he sees Savannah s message pleading for him to come to her side Her disloyalty nearly cost his carSavannah Woods vows to never again have anything to do with Micah Reddington after he ruins her best friend s career Yet, when Savannah s niece is injured in a serious accident, the one man she can t trust is the one she needs Micah can barely contain his satisfaction when he sees Savannah s message pleading for him to come to her side Her disloyalty nearly cost his career and he ll never forgive her for leaving him at the lowest point in his life Despite her efforts to remain aloof, Savannah keeps seeing glimpses of the Micah she once loved behind his cool exterior Micah fights an ongoing battle to not succumb to the sweetness of the woman he once cared for beyond anything else But Savannah and Micah s hearts remain sick with the pangs of betrayal What, if anything, is the cure

    One thought on “The Cure”

    1. This was so good! This is the type of romance I want to read when a book proudly announces that it's a romance! I think the only problem I have with it is a pet peeve of mine . . . the guy on the cover doesn't match his description in the book (and I'm a pretty visual person, so I kept seeing the guy on the cover rather than how he was described!). But I really enjoyed the Christian aspects of it (constantly there, but not preachy or in your face) and the love that made me cry, because that's th [...]

    2. The CureThe Cure is a superb story. It starts off a little slow, but stick with it. The more Nascha's name pops up you start to wonder about her role in Micah and Savannah's life and why her influence had such a devastating effect.I will admit there were times I did not like Savannah. I felt she could not see the truth because she had blinders on when it came to her friend. In fact there were a few times she made me angry. But, Micah was my heart. It was a joy to read about him. Even though he w [...]

    3. This hits the ground running and instantly you're thrown into the deep end with a cocktail of emotions and a mirage of fantastically drawn characters.I think this is the perfect way to engage readers, throw the questions into the mix straight away because the reader will have to read on! I did and it was a very tense and emotive read. Each character has their own voice and purpose in the book and they are engaging and realistic so you have empathy with them which helps you connect with the book. [...]

    4. Ms. Cole's novels are always must-read for me, and the first in her Michigan Sweet Romance series is no exception. The prose is somewhat on the introspective side, but the plot is solid, the story engaging, and the characters complex. Looking forward to the next book!

    5. The first half of the book was really engaging. Then it became repetitive, with the characters dwelling over the same feelings they had in the beginning. None of their issues got resolved for the longest time. Then it was overly romantic. I don't like when the male lead keeps getting burned but coming back (and proposing!). Yes, it is because she is the love of his life. And it is all sweet. But it is not a sensible thing to do and not good for him. Readers would be up in arms if the genders wer [...]

    6. When the story opens in a hospital in Tawas, Michigan, things are looking bleak for the heroine, Savannah “Saavy” Woods and her niece, Liliana whom she has guardianship over. Liliana has suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns from a fire at her daycare.Savannah, a former model, now works as an image consultant. As she waits for her parents to join her at the hospital and her two best friends, she realizes that there is one person she must have by her side to help her and her niece get through thi [...]

    7. The Cure, written by Parker J. Cole, is definitely a sweet romance with just a bit of a mystery.We start off in the story with the main female character, Savannah Woods a former model, in need of her ex-fiance, Dr. Micah Reddington. The problemey have burned their bridges because of Savannah's best friend, Nascha, who died 3 years prior. Micah knew there would come a day when she would come crawling back to him asking for his helpat day has comel to help a little girl.My favorite character is Mi [...]

    8. This book was well written. This is not a genre that I normally read, but it kept me captivated. I read the whole thing in two sittings because I wanted to find out what happened. That shows that it is well written. While I am not into this genre, anyone who is I believe will thoroughly enjoy it! I also love how the author weaved faith throughout the story, and showed how love and romance in it’s purest sense is based upon godly values and a love for God first and foremost. For those who love [...]

    9. The Cure, by Parker J. Cole, is a sweet romance with a wonderful message. Parker J. Cole does it again with a powerful combination of heart-tugging emotions, page-turning plot, and dynamic characters wrapped up with a message that compels spiritual growth. Parker J. Cole is known for her edgy fiction, such as Vengeful Vows. While The Cure isn’t as edgy as some of her other titles, don’t mistake this for your average formulaic romantic tale. Savannah and Micah are multilayer characters that b [...]

    10. Kudos to Parker J. Cole on that cover and the title. This is proof that both are important in grabbing a reader's attention. I wanted to read it because of those two things. In The Cure, Savannah and Micah are reunited because of a tragedy. They battle their past and old feelings. I questioned a lot of the characters actions and non-actions especially since the author did a good job of building them one way. There were a few things that would've made it stronger and more powerful read but being [...]

    11. The Cure is a terrific Christian romance dealing with betrayal and forgiveness. The book is well written with a great plot and believable characters. I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author. That fact in no way influenced this review. If you enjoy good clean romances I recommend this book.

    12. This is a romance of love, betrayal, and second chances.This was a good book, but I felt sorry for Micah and what he had to endure.I was given an advance copy of the book and the opinions expressed are my own.

    13. This was a great story of second chance love! I liked the characters and could feel all the emotions they felt. I also loved Liliana and it was so fabulous that her dialogue was written in the way a three year old would really speak (one of my personal pet peeves is when children in books speak in a way that is much more grown up and mature than their age) so I am thrilled to say that the author did an excellent job of making Liliana's voice authentic and very real! The faith thread in this stor [...]

    14. I'll save most of my thoughts for the official review on the RW site. Just a warning to all people reading this review, if you are looking for a light read, I suggest you look elsewhere.Language: ✩✩✩✩✩. No bad words to report!Abuse: ✩✩✩🟉 (3 1/2 stars). This may be a rather harsh rating, but there is a lot of emotional manipulation, and some mild verbal abuse. Which, to be honest, made me rather angry.Lust: ✩✩✩🟉 (3 1/2 stars). Some sexual references between fiance and [...]

    15. You will have a hard time putting this book down.This was a new author for me. I was asked to review this book, and found that it was already on my kindle, "to read" list. I'm very glad it was. From the very first chapter you are drawn in and it holds your attention until the very end. Most books you can figure out the ending long before the ending comes. Not so with this story. I loved each character. The realistic drama was what held me in awe of this author. It felt so real because of the str [...]

    16. First I'd like to say that I received The Cure thru a Giveaway in exchange for my honest review. I really enjoyed reading this book! I would say its a Christian Romance novel. It was well written with a lot of thought in creating such a great book. It has a great plot and believable characters. This book is about love and second chances. It kept pulling at my heart strings throughout the book. I very happy to have received this book. A must read.

    17. Sublabel --Michigan Sweet Romance sweet is accurate if applying term to romance books that don't have sex scenes, Book deals with couple who are supposed to be deeply in love (obsessively even) but don't talk about their issues.Ending is very unrealistic -- Why would the FBI tell someone about a criminal case that has been over for 3 years.

    18. Wow.I was hooked from the moment she sent a text to the hero and he reacted. Thus is awesome writing about love, motives, mistaken beliefs for good reasons, and healing. The story unravels in surprising ways. The tension, love, and story is excellent! Top of the line. Loved it! The happy ended ended too soon, which the climax could have been drawn out a little more.

    19. For everything there is a timeFilled with heartache and hope, thus book captivates the reader from the first chapter. With twists that make you root for the characters, this book takes you down a oath of honesty vs deceit.

    20. Naive The story started with intense beginnings. It kept me interested. The more I kept reading the more I started to feel how naive and not real it became. I don't want to talk what it was about if someone will want to read it, but at the end it was a waist of time.

    21. At times this couple about tore me up. There's so much mistrust and heartache between them I'm not sure they can ever over come it. Then there is Savannah's niece, after the accident there is more pain for them to endure. I was on pins and needles a lot of the time wondering what was going to happen. The author didn't disappoint me with this story at all. It's a great read!

    22. The CureI enjoyed the book Parker J Cole was very detailed about the events that happened throughout the story. I definitely will be reading more from this Author.

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