And Never Say Goodbye

And Never Say Goodbye Mallory McShane is a hero in some eyes recovering organs for donor families but she doesn t feel like one Living in an old family farmhouse haunted by memories sitting in a box on a dusty barn floo

  • Title: And Never Say Goodbye
  • Author: Nancy Glynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mallory McShane is a hero in some eyes, recovering organs for donor families, but she doesn t feel like one Living in an old family farmhouse, haunted by memories sitting in a box on a dusty barn floor, and hiding from tornadoes, she s biding her time A promise still unmet from long ago But thoughts of sexy Lawson Gallagher, the man who trained her to be even better thaMallory McShane is a hero in some eyes, recovering organs for donor families, but she doesn t feel like one Living in an old family farmhouse, haunted by memories sitting in a box on a dusty barn floor, and hiding from tornadoes, she s biding her time A promise still unmet from long ago But thoughts of sexy Lawson Gallagher, the man who trained her to be even better than he is, burn her soul, making the promise harder to fulfill A mutual longing builds between the coworkers until there s no stopping themexcept for one thing.Will she honor the promiseor her heart

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    1. I hate not finishing a book that an author has so generously provided to me. But I gave this the "old college try" but it is a DNFI didn't like EITHER of the two main characters. Mallory was way TOO bitchy and hard for me. And Lawson was a conceited jerk that apparently slept with everything AND anything with two legs (thrown in our face ALL the time).Just not my cuppa

    2. Nancy Glynn's latest release is LIVE & she is giving away one print copy (US) and FIVE eCopies (International) Enter now for real life Romance! Click on Banner to enter!Long ago she made a promise out of love and to this very day, it haunts her, frightens her and she has not yet fulfilled it. A talented and empathetic organ donor coordinator, she does the job that would break another with less heart, on a personal basis, she holds a distance between herself and the rest of the hospital, gain [...]

    3. Mallory McShane, “Ice” as they call her, is a surgical coordinator in organ recovery. She’s got a gift for her job and earned her nickname because she’s so good at dealing with the abject horror that sometimes accompanies such a position. Harvesting organs is one thing. Having to speak with the families prior? Negotiating consent to donate? Oy. Lawson “Wolf” Gallagher (geez this place has a lot of nicknames) is another surgical coordinator. He trained Mallory 3 years ago, and now the [...]

    4. Got the ARC in exchange for a honest review. I just finished reading this and can't seem to stop crying! I cried through most of the book but there were some really great moments too. Mallory and Lawson were obviously meant to be together. I loved every minute of this story and I really hope there's more to come! Definitely a five star read.

    5. Yes!Her nickname is, Ice. His is Wolf. She's been married and widowed at a young age. He's never been in love, and is an upfront, don't expect forever from me, kinda guy until he realizes that he's not any more. He wants her! She has something in her past that she's promised to do, and tries to push him away. But in this case, like in real life this wolf mates for life.

    6. My Rating: 4 StarsCheck out my review on my blog: samanthasramble.wordpressAn ARC was provided in return for an honest reviewMy ThoughtsI really enjoyed reading this book! Right from the beginning the writing grabbed my attention and managed to keep it the entire way through the book. The author really had found a good formula for writing this book. I’m quite the scimmer when it comes to lengthy descriptions but with this story Ms Glynn had the perfect balance between dialogue, story and descr [...]

    7. I got this book free for a honest review.This book was fantastic one of the best books I´ve read in a long time, Great story I was unable to stop reading. Would recommend to anyone over the age of 18 yrs old.

    8. And Never Say GoodbyeNancy GlynnReceived from authorMallory made a promise many years ago and out of love, she feels she must keep it. AND NEVER SAY GOODBYE is going to have you reaching for the tissues as you learn Mallory's story. She is an organ donor surgical coordinator and sometimes her job gets to her but she never lets her coworkers know. She was trained by the best of the best, a man called Wolf for his horrible womanizing reputation. She has a tough reputation herself and her coworkers [...]

    9. Mallory is known as 'Ice' in the hospital where she is an organ donor coordinator. Everyone thinks she doesn't have any feelings. She does keep a distance between herself and the other hospital staff but not from the families of the donor clients. She's good at speaking with the families and getting their consent to donate. She is a very loving woman with a promise she made years ago that she had not fulfilled and is tearing her apart. Should she keep it or not?Lawson is a great surgeon with a g [...]

    10. An ARC was provided in return for an honest reviewI approached this book with an open mind and a positive attitude but probably a little bit with the prejudice that it would be yet another happy end novel to entertain myself at the end of another long day at work. That is probably why I was taken aback while reading, as I found myself entranced by the story, the characters, the mystery that surrounds them. At first I wasn't so much of a fan of Mallory because I wouldn't understand her apparent c [...]

    11. This is a very good heart tugging read one women's past that has a promise that only she knows and she has worked hard to make it she is a dr. in the or and know as the ice dr And then you get the very handsome hunky steamy man dr. that is awesome in the OR and the sack but no emotions no involvement until they meet and really get to know each other loved this story it was great and heart warming did not want to put it down I got this free for an honest review loved it hot sexy steamy and heart [...]

    12. I was asked to review this book by LibrarythingOh my goodness these two characters were meant to be together. I found this such an emotional book to read. I thought this would be an ok book, but how wrong was- I was taken into the story and the characters. There is mystery around the characters too so the reader is reading on to the end to find out what happens next.A great book and an author to look out for.

    13. This is the first book I have read by Nancy Glynn, and I must say I was impressed with the life she was able to bring to each of the characters in her book! There was a hate/love relationship right from the beginning. It didn't take long for the spark to show and the whirlwind of a lustful romance to begin. This is a great romance story, definitely worth purchasing the book so you can revisit it over and over again!

    14. Wonderfully written. Cool characters and great story. I received the book free to read and review. I recommend to all adult book readers.

    15. Could not put this book down until finished. This is book 2 in Nancy Glynn's Town of Destiny seriesd I hope she writes more about this strange little pocket of humanity in Illinois. Some readers may not appreciate the coldness of the female lead character or the manwhore male lead--but this incongruity and the events which draw them closer make the storyline more than just another story. These two well-trained organ coordinators perform a crucial service regardless of what people think of them. [...]

    16. And Never Say Goodbye is a beautifully written novel about second chances. It is the story of Mallory "Ice" McShane and Lawson "Wolf" Gallagher who are both highly skilled surgical coordinators. Years ago Lawson trained Mallory, who has become just as good, if not better than him. Their job is very demanding and requires each of them to give up a lot in their personal lives. Mallory's nickname of "Ice" suits her well, because of her past, she has closed herself off emotionally to any type of rel [...]

    17. Mallory and Lawson work together in organ recovery. It is a very intense and often lonely field. They each have a preconceived notion of the other based on hearsay and rumors among the staff. Lawson, an RN, had trained Mallory and now believes she is every bit as talented as he is. They both go about their jobs differently. He has a deep respect for the loss of a loved one and shows them dignity and care. She often is able to get consent even when it is about to be revoked, with her calming ways [...]

    18. Awesome story! I enjoyed every minute of this read. It follows two surgical coordinators as they fight their growing attraction to each other. But, that as they begin to give into that attraction, McShane has a secret that she is sure will make Gallagher leave. Between the difficult cases, mother nature and their own issues the story will keep you laughing, crying and rooting for these two wonderful characters.I was provided a copy of this book for an honest review.

    19. This was an excellent book! I highly recommend reading. I really enjoyed Nancy's first book in this series "And Never Let Her Go" I gave it 5 stars, and this book was every bit as good, if not better than the first one! I am definitely a Nancy Glynn fan for life!! I can't wait to read her next book/series.

    20. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Mallory McShane has heard the rumours. He colleagues call her ‘Ice’, but she isn’t really a stone-cold woman. She’s a woman dealing with a life-changing promise hanging over her head, one that is starting to mess with her happiness. She hadn’t thought to look at him this way before, but Lawson Gallagher has started to look mighty fine to her. They call him ‘Wolf’, for his actions inside the operating t [...]

    21. This novel is about Mallory "Ice" McShane who is biding her time with a promise unmet. This novel is written & developed with no plot holes. The descriptions were very detailed. The character's were realistic, however not very likeable in my opinion. The premise of this book is very intriguing. It will tug at your heartstrings. It is a quick and easy read but with a bumpy rollarcoaster of emotions. My heart breaks for organ donations donors so this was a emotional read for me. The perfect en [...]

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