A Sky Full of Stars

A Sky Full of Stars The stars are about to align in the newest Shaughnessy brothers romance WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE Brilliant astrophysicist Dr Owen Shaughnessy feels connected to the cosmos than to people He s great with ca

  • Title: A Sky Full of Stars
  • Author: Samantha Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The stars are about to align in the newest Shaughnessy brothers romance WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE Brilliant astrophysicist Dr Owen Shaughnessy feels connected to the cosmos than to people He s great with calculations, but when he leads a team of scientists to study a famous meteor shower, he doesn t factor in his free spirited artist assistant Brooke Matthews.LOVE CAN DThe stars are about to align in the newest Shaughnessy brothers romance WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE Brilliant astrophysicist Dr Owen Shaughnessy feels connected to the cosmos than to people He s great with calculations, but when he leads a team of scientists to study a famous meteor shower, he doesn t factor in his free spirited artist assistant Brooke Matthews.LOVE CAN DAZZLE YOU Polar opposites in personality, the friction between them threatens to derail the project But the beauty and mystery of the night sky draw Owen and Brooke together and she s going to surprise him in ways the stars never could.The Shaughnessy Brothers Series Made for Us Book 1 Love Walks In Book 2 Always My Girl Book 3 This Is Our Song Book 4 A Sky Full of Stars Book 5 Warm, excellent romance Booklist for Love Walks In A classic love storya delight for readers RT Book Reviews for This Is Our Song Flawed yet strong characterswell written and uniquely appealing Booklist for This Is Our Song

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    1. Finally the brainiac, "Clark Kent" brother gets his book! Chase writes fictional characters that pop off the pages and right into your heart with real life circumstances and emotions. Makes me feel like I'm catching up with an old friend with each and every installment in this series.Simply a cute, feel good, contemporary romance that tugs at your heart strings and brings a smile to your face.I received this ARC copy of A Sky Full of Stars from SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca. This is my honest and volun [...]

    2. I’m a lover of romance from the sweet reads to the raunchy, and Samantha Chase does sweet like no other. Never once have I missed a sex scene in one of her books because they are so full and rich that I’m satisfied just knowing they are satisfied. A Sky Full of Stars was an emotional read, because both the hero and heroine have both lost someone in their lives and while the losses were very different they both still felt the loss greatly even after many years. Poignant but with a sense of wo [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. This is my first time to be introduced to the Shaughnessy family and since I haven’t read the previous installments of this series yet, I was a little afraid that I might get overwhelmed with too much information about the things I know nothing about. Like maybe one of the characters will start talking about the things that happened in the last book and I’ll be left feeling like everyone is in the secret except for me. That often times happen with some of the standalone series I [...]

    4. How to Fall in LoveFive Star WinnerI was so pleasantly surprised and absolutely thrilled to receive fifth book, The Shaughnessy Brothers. Written by my all time favourite author, Samantha Chase. This is Dr Owen Shaughnessy tale. This smart intelligent, so not ready for relationships. It is another most emotional wonderful romantic tale. So brilliantly written. Such a fabulous, wonderful story that had to be told.Finally it came a time in Owens Shaughnessy's life when he finally someone of the op [...]

    5. This book was quite honestly one of my most anticipated of the year not because I've been blown away by this series, but because I've been madly in love with Owen Shaughnessy since he appeared in the very first book. And as he made brief appearances in subsequent books, I was so eager for his turn at love. I wasn't disappointed. This was a very sweet book. Owen as a hero is to die for.You don't really need to read the previous books to get this one, although the other couples (his brothers and t [...]

    6. Originally reviewed for buriedunderromance A SKY FULL OF STARS, the fifth installment in the wonderful Shaughnessy Brothers series by Samantha Chase, is a realistic and emotional look at the world of giftedness. One by one, brilliant scientist Dr. Owen Shaughnessy has watched his brothers fall in love and get married. It’s his turn now to find love, but since Owen is more comfortable in the company of a telescope than he is with people, finding love could be a real challenge. Owen has always [...]

    7. Samantha Chase's "A Sky Full of Stars" is a sweet romance between two complete opposites who fall in love-at-first-sight. The Heroine quickly brings out the Hero's inner badass surprising his friends and family alike. Dr. Owen Shaughnessy's the last of his brothers to find his perfect mate. The only person to accept him for who is was his mother, who passed away when he was ten years-old. Owen's convinced no other woman will accept him as he is. Brooke Matthews's a converted "Mean Girl". She was [...]

    8. A Sky Full of Stars is a heartwarming story one man’s courage to believe in himself and the woman who has faith in him and their relationship. Once again, Samantha Chase has written a novel which has exceeded my expectations. Samantha Chase’s flawless descriptive writing style draws the reader into Owen and Brooke’s story. In the first chapter of the novel, Dr. Owen Shaughnessy notices that an attractive woman has walked into his lecture about meteor showers. Owen is surprised when the wom [...]

    9. A Sky Full of Stars by Samantha Chase is another brilliant masterpiece. Once again, this talented writer, has brought me to tears. Her story is full of emeotions that pulled at my heart strings. Sad, hilarious, frustrated and loved. A book that made readers feel something is a book worth reading. A Sky Full of Stars has it all. Inside this latest novel, Samantha Chase features the brainiac brother. Dr. Own Shaughnessy. He's hot, clever, and the sweetest man ever. But little by little, I got to v [...]

    10. During the first couple chapters I was unsure about this, but I really ended up enjoying it. It was a refreshing change to have such a shy and withdrawn hero. It was weird starting with the fifth book in a series as all of the characters from the other books are in this one too. But I do have a weak spot for large families with intriguing dynamics. I'm definitely going to be reading the rest of the books in the series.

    11. Creativity is a trait that continues to draw me to author, Samantha Chase. Never has her understanding of the heart been more obvious than Owen Shaughnessy. I knew A Sky Full of Stars would be special and Ms. Chase did not disappoint. In Owen she dreamed up a unique hero that is as clueless as he is unforgettable. He's book smart but emotionally he's like a baby bird learning to spread his wings. He feels deeply, yet doesn't fully ascertain how to express what he feels. In Brooke, he finds his t [...]

    12. When an introverted but brilliant scientist meets a free spirited former mean girl, can the vastness and beauty of the stars find a way to keep them together?When Owen meets Brooke, she took his breath away but he was a little abrupt with the introductions. A sudden flashback of his younger self meeting beautiful women was a painful wake up call that he really can't be trusted around them. Brooke was fascinated with Owen, he was smart and appears quite shy. But his distrust of her has awakened s [...]

    13. ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 6, 2017The stars are about to align in the newest Shaughnessy brothers romance!WHEN WORLDS COLLIDEBrilliant astrophysicist Dr. Owen Shaughnessy feels more connected to the cosmos than to people. He's great with calculations, but when he leads a team of scientists to study a famous meteor shower, he doesn't factor in his free-spirited artist assistant Brooke Matthews.LOVE CAN DAZZLE YOUPolar opposites in personality, the friction between them threatens to derail [...]

    14. I'm going to make a bold statement. This is my favorite book from Samantha Chase. "One More Kiss" in her newer series is a really close second, but this one has officially wormed its way into first place.As a long time lover of the Shaughnessy Brothers Series, I've been anxiously waiting for Owen to get his story told. And it was so worth the wait. (As a disclaimer, you could read this book and not be familiar with the other books in the series. For maximum enjoyment, I would recommend having re [...]

    15. First off CONGRATULATIONS to the spectacular Samantha Chase on another totally fabulous book in the Shaughnessy “Brothers” series. Yes, Ms. Chase I have a question about this, for which I will ask at the end of the review.This is the story about the “Brainiac” in the Shaughnessy family, Owen. I absolutely LOVED Owen. He is the sibling that I relate to most. No, absolutely not in the brain category, but, in the backwards, painfully shy description. I was ecstatic when Ms. Chase paired him [...]

    16. A Sky Full of Stars by Samantha ChaseWow. There are really no words to describe what I am feeling right now. I mean I love Samantha chase and all her books. I have been waiting forever to read Owen's story. Owen's story was well worth the wait. Samantha Chase went above and beyond my expectations of what Owen's story would be. In A Sky Full of Stars Samantha Chase brings together an self-conscious artist and a shy astrophysicist. In A Sky Full of Stars we finally get to know Owen Shaughnessy. We [...]

    17. Owen is a rare mixture of intelligence and shyness, and although he lacks self-confidence when it comes to social interactions – especially with beautiful women – he has a certain strength about him that will make women swoon. He’s absolutely adorable in a very masculine kind of way, and I couldn’t love him more.Brooke used to be the mean, popular girl in school, but she’s nothing like that now. Readers don’t get a first-hand glimpse of her past life – it’s mentioned -so there’ [...]

    18. Wahoo the Shaughnessy's are back! A Sky Full of Stars is book 5 in the series. This could be a stand alone but I highly recommend you read the books in order. You'll get better appreciation of the story.Owen Shaughnessy is a brilliant young man. Because of his intelligence his struggles with interacting with others outside of his family. There is a special place in my heart of Owen.Brooke Matthews is the niece of Howard, Owen's mentor. She is an artist that loves to paint the night sky. Howard f [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Each book in this series start with a prologue with the Shaughnessy Brother dealing with their mother's death when they were kids. In A Sky Full of Stars, we see a beautiful scene with six year old Owen and his mum that had me tearing up.I've been looking forward to reading Owen's story since the very first time we met him. Highly intelligent and a successful astrophysicist, Owen is shy, socially awkward and a bit geeky. He [...]

    20. I knew that Owen's book was going to be special and I think it's my favorite by far of all the books. They just keep getting better and better with each one!Owen Shaughnessy has always been the odd man out in the family. Not that they didn't love him, or he wasn't apart of the gang, he's just always been the socially awkward and brainiac of the family. And being the twin of the Rockstar - Riley he's always been the Clark Kent to his Superman.Then Owen meets Brooke Mathews and his world is rocked [...]

    21. I was excited to read this book because it has a shy, introverted, nerdy Hero and I just need a rest from all the Alpha manwhores. I loved Owen, he was sweet and considerate and pretty much the perfect boyfriend. But his character was too much of a dichotomy. He's written as an introverted, insecure man who is so nervous around women that he has panic attacks. But then the author has to backpedal from making him too pathetic so we learn that he's has several serious relationships with women but [...]

    22. This was a delightful read! This is the first time I've read a Samantha Chase novel, but I plan to look into her other books. On the outside, Owen and Brooke couldn't be any more different. Owen is stern, practical, and a nerdy scientist. Brooke is whimsical, hopeful, and an aspiring artist. Opposites attract in a whirlwind romance and the couple finds that they have a lot more in common than they think. There are trials along the way, that I don't want to spoil. I love a nerdy hero and Owen's c [...]

    23. If it's one thing I have learned since hopping on the Samantha Chase train is that this woman can wrote feel good romance like a champ! Every book has me smiling ridiculously wide and my heart is always full!The journey of Owen Shaughnessy and Brooke Matthews was the thing dreams are made of. Polar opposites to the naked eye, but under the surface, both had layers that drew them together perfectly. Brooke gave Owen the opportunity to really grow and own himself. He has always been protected by h [...]

    24. This is the fifth book in the Shaughnessy brothers. Owen has always been more unique that all of his brothers. A scientist who most of the time is in his own world. While being a guest professor in Chicago in walks in his classroom a woman who he couldn't keep his eyes off of. He soon finds out Brooke is the niece of his friend Howard. Brooke is an artist who specializes in painting the sky and stars and wants to go with Owen on his expedition to Grand Canyon. At first Owen is thrown into a tail [...]

    25. This book!! It was fabulous! A sweet, sexy, emotional story about Owen, the genius astrophysicist, and Brooke, mean girl turned artist. The story had everything you could want. I especially liked how each of these characters had to overcome self-doubt in order to find their HEA. And now I'm anxiously awaiting Darcy's story!

    26. This is the first book of this series that I read. Now, I have to go back and read all of them!! Owen is a lovely, complex character who meets his match in Brooke. Their romance is both sweet and filled with sexual tension.

    27. Chase's Shaughnessy Brothers series is uplifting and (mostly) light. I've been reading them out of order, which doesn't seem to make much difference in following the story lines. These books are a lovely end of the day escape!

    28. This book is part of The Shaughnessy Brothers series. It was a very enjoyable read about the romance between an academic and an artist.

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