Vertigo: Winter's Edge

Vertigo Winter s Edge A sampler of sorts of various Vertigo comics like Sandman Hellblazer House of Secrets and the Minx all having something to do with winter time Christmas

  • Title: Vertigo: Winter's Edge
  • Author: Sean Phillips Neil Gaiman John Bolton Teddy Kristiansen Peter Milligan Matt Wagner John K. Snyder III Steve Gerber
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • A sampler of sorts of various Vertigo comics like Sandman, Hellblazer, House of Secrets and the Minx all having something to do with winter time Christmas.

    One thought on “Vertigo: Winter's Edge”

    1. These are probably the most fucked up, though immensely redemptive Christmas stories you're ever going to read. They're dark though hopeful, witty yet crass, and profound in their subtle moral deliberations on filial piety. Oh, and what a great cast or writers: Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Jamie Delano, Ed Brubaker, Warren Ellis, Brian Azarello, Brian K. Vaughn, Caitlin R. Kiernan, John Ney Rieber, Steve Garber, Peter Milligan, Dave Gibbons, etc etc. Spanning remarkable stories from [...]

    2. Las fiestas navideñas fueron la excusa para que Vertigo sorprendiera en su momento con este especial, desfile de personajes y autores brindando un puñado de historias con el entonces innovador sello de la casa,siguiendo a una Rain Harper (la joven que protagoniza "House of Secrets") ocupada en conseguir regalos de última hora. Quizás poco amigables para el lector de paso, el experimento encontró la suficiente respuesta entre los asiduos como para retornar instaurando la breve (y extraña) t [...]

    3. So digging through some comics before the big sell-off this summer (hopefully) and one of the things I grabbed were a bunch of Vertigo samplers from back in the day. This one had actual original stories and not just sections torn from the current issues.So this was about 5 years into Vertigo and the bloom was already off the rose for me. What started as a way of consolidating the smartest, best written and most adult DC Universe titles under one banner (which could also then be marked as adult a [...]

    4. An omnibus title featuring seasonal short stories starring characters from all the Vertigo titles. Includes the following: "House of Secrets">> by Steven Seagle & Teddy Kristiansen (the framing story of the issue) is a bit about Rain being back in the House of Secrets for the Christmas season. She enters a door she hasn't seen before and meets the curator of the Gallery where secrets lost in art are hung."The Flowers of Romance">> is a Sandman story starring Desire of The Endless [...]

    5. "Para muestras vbasta un botón" dicen, pero creo que no es el caso. La mayoría de los guionistas reunidos en esta antología son geniales. Lo mismo los dibujantes. Lo mismo los personajes. ¿Qué es lo que falla entonces? El formato. Muy pocos de los autores aquí reunidos se sienten cómodos con las historias cortitas, de seis a ocho páginas, y eso resiente el relato. Los personajes mismos parecen pedir a gritos que les den más espacio para sus barbaridades. Como los tres libros me transmit [...]

    6. An easy read and good introduction to different comix like Sand man, Hellblazer, the Minx, House of Secrets, that you might be interested in checking out. Especially appropriate reading for cat sitting with lonely, needy cats - don't need to concentrate very hard and you can divide your attention. Especially appealing probably to those who appreciate wry sardonic poking of fun (dark humor) at Christmas stuff.

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