Refuge for Masterminds

Refuge for Masterminds Lady Jane Moore has a secret A secret that must be kept buried For if anyone discovered the truth her life at Stranje House would crumble And with Napoleon Bonaparte s invasion of England underway e

  • Title: Refuge for Masterminds
  • Author: Kathleen Baldwin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lady Jane Moore has a secret A secret that must be kept buried For if anyone discovered the truth, her life at Stranje House would crumble And with Napoleon Bonaparte s invasion of England underway, everyone at Stranje House is already in danger Mortal danger.Jane knows it She may not be like Tess, who has the advantage of prophetic dreams Nor is she like Sera, who nLady Jane Moore has a secret A secret that must be kept buried For if anyone discovered the truth, her life at Stranje House would crumble And with Napoleon Bonaparte s invasion of England underway, everyone at Stranje House is already in danger Mortal danger.Jane knows it She may not be like Tess, who has the advantage of prophetic dreams Nor is she like Sera, who notices every detail no matter how miniscule and draws conclusions based on the smallest thread of evidence She doesn t possess Maya s ability to soothe the tempers around her with a few well spoken words Neither is she a brilliant scientist like Georgie According to Miss Stranje, Lady Jane Moore is a mastermind.Nonsense Jane doesn t consider herself a mastermind Quite the contrary, she believes herself to be an ordinary young lady It s just that she has a rather excessive bent toward the practical She tends to grasp the facts of a situation quickly, and by so doing, she s able to devise and implement a sensible course of action But that s all there is to it Well, there is the fact that she also organizes the players in her plans with quiet efficiency So much so, that occasionally Lady Jane s friends tease her for being a bit managing.Do they expect her to sit back and do nothing when trouble is brewing Not likely Not when the people she cares about are at risk Call it being a mastermind if you must, it is a trait that comes in rather handy in a world full of spies, sabotage, and double dealing Especially now that Lady Jane and Sera have rooted out the truth There is a traitor at Stranje House.Someone is sneaking information to Lady Daneska and Ghost, Napoleon s spies Jane is determined to find out who it is before the bonds of friendship at Stranje House are ripped apart by suspicions Her desperate hunt for the traitor ensnares Robert Fulton s nephew, Alexander Sinclair, a brash American inventor, in an ambush that puts his life in danger Sinclair may well be the most maddening man in all of Christendom, a wicked tongued rascal with boorish manners, but for some reason, Lady Jane cannot bear the thought of the golden haired genius being harmed.Is Jane enough of a mastermind to save Alexander, her friends at Stranje House, and possibly England itself

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    1. **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs**Note: This is the third book in a series that must be read in order.If you are new to the Stranje House series, check out my review of book one, A School for Unusual Girls HEREand my review of book two, HERE---------------Refuge for Masterminds is the third book in the Stanje House series by Kathleen Baldwin. I absolutely loved, the first book in the series, A School for Unusual Girls, and the second book, Exile for Dreamers. Ea [...]

    2. 4.5 StarsREFUGE FOR MASTERMINDS is a steadily moving historical romance with delightful characters, plenty of danger, and a well plotted story that is sure to engage the reader from beginning to end. Highly recommended to historical romance readers who enjoy the mix of espionage and a boarding school to London setting!I love this series! I particularly loved the banter between Jane and Alexander in this third book. It was so much fun and definitely made me laugh. They were both marvelous charact [...]

    3. As a teacher of middle-school students, I’m always looking for books I can enthusiastically recommend to my students. Particularly, I keep an eye out for books with positive female role models, characters who are quirky and confident and gifted. Kathleen Baldwin’s Refuge for Masterminds gives me not just one girl for my students to look up to, but several. In addition, Emma Stranje, the headmistress of the school for unusual girls, is a teacher who is brilliant and mysterious. Who doesn’t [...]

    4. Of all the Stranj school girls, I think the one I'm most like Jane. I live the way she thinks and the way she scolds Alexander- and the way our loveable American representative teases her. All the romances are sweet, but theirs might be my favorite. It was also nice to see a love interest fibally step forward for Maya- it'll be gun to get both hers and Sera's stories. Though I wonder if I'll enjoy them as much as this one. Can't wait for book four so we can see what happens next in not only thei [...]

    5. 'Refuge for Masterminds' is the third installment in an exciting YA historical fantasy series. It picks up where the last book left off - with our main character, Lady Jane, trying to find a way to tip the war in England's favor. The story is told from Lady Jane's point of view, which gives us a great inside look at her character and all the different aspects of her personality - thoughts, fears, dreams, emotions, desires, etc. - and made her a fantastic main character who was easy to identify w [...]

    6. I loved this book as much as I loved the first two!! This series is perfection and I hope she continues with Maya and Seres stories! Jane is strong in her own way and I love how she is such a great heroine!

    7. Lady Jane Moore is considered a mastermind among her group of friends, all students at Miss Stranje's School for unusual girls. Jane doesn't consider herself a mastermind, merely managing and bossy! She wants to be like her hero, Miss Stranje, and give up everything to save England from Napoleon's evil clutches. Everyone knows there is a traitor at Stranje House and Jane is determined to find out who it is and keep secrets from getting to the villains. Only the girls of Stranje House know of the [...]

    8. Refuge for Masterminds is the latest installment of the School for Unusual Girls series and the best one yet. The hallmark of this series is that each book has a different POV- there are five girls training to be spies in Regency England- and this time the focus is on Jane. Each girl has a unique skill and Jane's strength is her ability to see several steps ahead in any situation- hence the mastermind of the title. Of the five she also seems to be the one that Emma Stranje, the headmistress, is [...]

    9. Another amazing Stranje House novel. I've loved this series since I discovered book one and I can't wait to see where it goes next.This book focuses on Lady Jane (who's name always makes me think of Jane Gray, but she's not). Her special talent is that she's a mastermind. Basically she has a mind a bit like Sherlock's, with his ability to see people as players on a board and predict their moves. No, she can't make deductions like he can (that's Sera), but she is razor sharp and an awesome charac [...]

    10. Refuge for Masterminds has so many swoony moments, humor, and a wonderful finale. Jane and Alexander are great leading characters. The story begins with the two of them together, right off the bat.Lady Jane is proper and polished. I love how much like a governess she is, and how she's teased about it. She doesn't trust anyone enough to share her secrets or self doubts.Alexander is a sweet American blundering the rules of Regency England. He's an inventor and his enthusiasm for his work is fantas [...]

    11. I greatly enjoy the premise behind these books, and the strong, spunky girls are quite an interesting lot. The story has lots of adventure and good attention to politics of the Regency period. However, I just don't enjoy it when novels written in the present tense (weren't the first two in past tense?), and it made it really hard to truly get into the story; as such, I noticed a lot more nit-picky grammatical and cultural errors than I might have otherwise (for instance, calling someone a cabbag [...]

    12. Another winner!Can I just say how much I love first person writing??!?!?! It is fascinating, in a series such as this one, to get the "inside scoop" on what is really going on in each of the girls' brains. So much fun. I am really enjoying how each book puts the focus on one of the girls and how they got to be where they are today. The stories are brilliantly interwoven and make each girl shine. Along with the lovely ladies are the swoon-worthy men. Each is unique and perfectly suited for their [...]

    13. Book 3 in The Stranje House series did not disappoint. Lady Jane and Mr. Sinclair are absolutely perfect together!! Looking forward to Book 4!! Lady Daneska must be put in her place!

    14. Okay, it's kind of unfair since the girls are really the main focus of this series, but I must admit that I am in love with all the heroes from Sebastian to Gabriel, Lord Ravencross, to Alexander and I kind of want to read more about these couples.Anyway, I like this book. Jane is kind of funny and calculating and I like how she hates but loves Alexander all at the same time and calls him "her boorish American".This book had a faster pace compared to the other two, I read this in less than a day [...]

    15. I love the Stranje House series. I don't think I like Lady Jane as much as Georgie and Tessa. She is brilliant but a bit of a drama girl. She has this, in her mind, huge dark secret but when it is revealed it ends up not being that big of a deal. I enjoyed the role the Patronesses played in the plot.As usual I love Kathleen Baldwin's afterword. We never know who we are affecting and how.

    16. Can I scream?? YES YES AND YES this is the story I have been waiting for and man I really dont want this series to end! I really love how these books that even though its in a different POV you dont miss anything as the series goes along its way. I really love this way of storytelling. And this one I just couldnt down! I love Lady Jane! Her mind is so amazing and this book in her POV was so GOOD! I will defintly be rereading these again soon! I was so sad that I didnt have time to share much (AN [...]

    17. This is Lady Jane's story. Lady Jane was sent to Stranje house by her older brothers after her parents' deaths. She thinks of herself as plain and average and can't figure out why her friends love her. However, she is being groomed to be a mastermind since she has a strong ability to plan and think three or four steps ahead of everyone. This comes in quite handy since the young ladies of Stranje House and the patronesses of British society are all spies trying to keep Napoleon from conquering En [...]

    18. I love this book about Jane, & Mr. Sinclair is perfect for her! Is Maya or Sera next? Either way, I can't wait!

    19. What a great story! I absolutely love the ladies of Stranje House. Lady Jane and Mr. Sinclair are a perfect match for one another.

    20. Set in 1814 England during the Napoleonic era, Refuge for Masterminds focuses on Lady Jane Moore, one of the five young and gifted women sent to Stranje House, a school for unusual girls. Their families believe these girls are having their “unusualness” knocked out of them when in actual fact their gifts are being used and the girls secretly trained and prepared to become spies. In this third installment of the Stranje House series, it is up to Lady Jane and her sharp mind to find out who is [...]

    21. Where do I start? Well to be perfectly honest, I really didn't think that I would enjoy reading from Jane's perspective, as she seemed perfectly stuck up and pushy. But as I started to read and see her story unfold and read about her secrets, I had a better understanding of her and I absolutely loved her story. Lady Jane has a few secrets. Secrets about her past with her parents, her brothers and a certain Lord. Miss Stranje decides to take the girls to London for a coming out party and Jane is [...]

    22. This is another one of those books where I didn't know it was the third book and not the first one. But with that said I wasn't really lost while reading it. I found myself completely wrapped up in this storyline and characters and it made me want to go back and read the first two books so I could understand all the girls and the Stranje House school where they are being trained in the world of spies and war. I really like all the girls they are each strong in their own way but they love one ano [...]

    23. A Stranje DelightThis series continues to enchant with its well rounded characters, ingenious plotting and its alternative Regency era world building. I loved the idea of the Patronesses of Almacks being colleagues of Miss Strange, the wit that crackles between Jane and Alexander, and the poignancy. and tragedy of Jane' s history. Can't wait for the next one.

    24. This book felt more like a chapter rather than a fleshed out book. The danger felt not nearly as worrisome as the first two, and everything just felt a bit hurried. Otherwise, fun writing, interesting characters and I like how everything is starting to come together into an overall ending.

    25. “Refuge for Masterminds” the third book in the series opens with a spy at Stranje House filtering information back to Lady Daneska and the Ghost and a suspicion that the Mary Isabella, the steamship whose capability the Admiralty is waiting to see demonstrated, will be attacked on the way to London and its inventor Alexander Sinclair murdered. Acting on Lady Jane’s advice Sinclair and his friends devise a scheme to ship the prototype overland, but when headmistress, Miss Emma Stranje also [...]

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